Hello! Is there anyone out there still waiting for an update? I've just recently read through some old PM's I'd received, which happened to remind me that there were people out there who thoroughly enjoyed my story, and I just up and left it. I'm sorry to any of you out there who I let down through that.

I've decided to finish the story, since there is only one, possibly two, chapters remaining. However, I will also be going back and editing the story as I began writing this at the age of twelve, haven't updated it since just before my sophmore year, and am now entering my senior year next month. I am a big fan of writing stories, even those completely of my own ideas, and my writing in the first half of the story is far from my best ability; even the second half is not my greatest. I'm not entirely proud of all the things written for this story and therefore hope to improve them through my editing.

Also, I've reached over 103k views! That's incredible!

I'm sorry for such a long wait.