I have had ideas for this story for long. I wrote down a sketch, and now I'm gonna redo it. It pretty much sucks, and it makes TCW characters as weak as hell. At least it was meant to be comedic, but seemed that I failed to achieve comedy. Anyways, this is a cross over between Clone Wars and Vocaloid.


From Vocaloid:

Eria: My OC Vocaloid, she has red hair and blue eyes [imagine a pool of ice]. She has different Japanese and English mascots; which is why there are two Eria: Eria English [often called Eria only] and Eria Jpn. Eria has the ability to use the gun, while her Jpn counterpart can use dual swords.

- Her Appends: all appends have skills at combating.

+ Silent: an Append with quiet, whispery voice. She has the ability to shut sound in a certain area.

+ Dark: an Append with evil, dark voice. She can shut light in a certain area.

+Solid: an Append with strong voice. She can solidify matters and objects.

+ Redeemed: an Append with sharp yet soft voice. She can use telekinesis.

+ Despair: an Append with super heart-broken voice. She can use Clairvoyance.

Tone Rion: the chore person of Vocaloid3 house. She has the ability to use Folia – The Chain.

GUMI Extends:

+ Power: Fighting ability and power enhancement.

VY1 MIZKI: the manager of the Vocaloid3 House. She can open space-time portals, and use Dark and spring magic.

Galaco: an exclusive Vocaloid from the Vocaloid3 House. She has the vision of the pasts, with details of what happened, and can also see pass dimensions.

Yukari, IA, GUMI extends, Oliver, Lui Hibiki, Ring Suzune and Yuma.

From Star wars:

Anakin Skywalker: Of course.

Ahsoka Tano: Of course.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Of course.

Adi Gallia: well, I like her.

Dooku: of course.

More characters coming SOON, if I like to add them.

A TCW crossover with Vocaloid


Chapter 1. A new Fall.

Please note that all Japanese Vocals speak Japanese and understand English. Same goes vice versa.

It was a normal day in Vocaloid3 house. Tone was doing her chores. The GUMI extends were chatting. Yuzuki Yukari and IA had a research in the library. Oliver talked with Lui and Ring. Mizki and Yuma were having a little 'date' privately.

Only Eria had none to do. The two of them…



'What are we doing today?'

'I don't know. We are free.'

'Aren't we going to do something?'

'No, it's best not to get into trouble.'

There was a knock on the door.

'Hello, Eria you're in there?'

Eria popped up. She opened the door to find a pink woman.

'Yes, Mizki, what is it?'

'You should do some rehearsal on Tell your World in case you have nothing to do. I prepared the Recording room. You can go there now.'

'Is it a duet between me and Eria?'

'Yes, of course. Tone is there also, she can edit the equalizer for you. Oh, and GUMI Power is there too, for her own cover of Last Revolver. Be there soon.'

The two Eria exit their room to the Recording Studio. On their way they greeted many members of the House Good Morning. Vocaloid3 has been really stuffed these days. Well, can't be blamed.

'Oh Eria!' A hard voice said at the door of the Studio

'Solid, Silent, Dark, Redeemed, what are you doing here?' Eria JPN asked.

'We are on the chorus. You said we were going to try out the new chords.'

'Right, let's get into position.' Eria said 'Good morning, Tone.'

'Morning Eria, have a good day.' Tone Rion smiled 'Let's see, I'll use the proper equalization for you guys. Yeah, I got it. We can begin. Ready?'

After fifteen minutes all Vocaloids and Appends stood in their position.

'Ok, in three, two, one…' Rion announced 'Now!' she pressed Start.

There was a big 'boom'. And all the Vocaloids inside the Recording Room vanished.

'What happened?' Mizki yelled as she rushed to the Recording Room. All the Vocaloid House's electricity was lost, and it seemingly started from the Recording Room, as said by Despair.

When she came in and called the Vocaloids, the lights came back.

And the Vocaloids were gone.

Eria slowly opened her eyes. She seemed to have been through a certain shock, as her body refused to move up. Well, that was only part of the reason.

'Uhm, guys, guys, guys…' she said 'GUYS!'

All the other Vocaloids there, including Eria JPN, Silent, Solid, Dark, Redeemed, Tone Rion and Gumi Power slowly returned to life.

'Ugh… I can't move…' Tone Rion said, still sounding sleepy.

'Of course you can't move, since Power is on top of you and Solid is on top of all. Also Tone, you are on top of me.' Eria said sarcastically.

'Oh my,'

'Ah, anyways, everyone come help us a little.'

Finally the Vocaloids could stand tall and had a look around.

'Hey, where is this place?' Gumi Power asked 'I don't think this is the Recording Room.'

'No,' Rion said 'definitely not.'

'Where do you think it is, Rion-chan?' Eria JPN asked, concerned.

Bellow them was something they didn't expect to see.

'Holy…' Solid murmured 'Is it the future?'

Below them was a big city with restless lights, and holograms, with tall buildings and even flying vehicles.

'No.' Tone Rion answered 'I am from the future, and it's certainly not like this.'

'Well,' Dark said, her voice crept upon all people there 'This is another dimension. Uhm I think I had seen this on TV sometimes, the show with people fighting with colorful blades.'

'Wow that is even real?' Solid unintentionally cut the other Append 'Their blades have colors; how decorative!'

'It's the Dimensions, Solid. This dimension might be unreal to us, and ours could be unreal to them.' Dark pointed out.

'Anyways, we have accidentally been here.' Eria said 'So, what do we do to get back to ours?'

Every of them shrugged.

Of course, they weren't granted the ability to connect dimensions. Only Mizki [oh why Mizki?] and her supposedly boyfriend, Yuma may open the gates. Though Tone could open gate to the future, she could not connecting dimensions.

'I think that Mizki would know and would try to go and get us out.' Eria JPN pointed out.

'But there are thousands of dimensions. How could Mizki possible know which one to come?' Gumi Power stated.

That's a problem.

'Galaco can track us; it's a matter of time.' Eria said 'But speaking of which, you know where it is.'

'I don't remember the name of this movie, but it shows people fighting with colorful blades, as I said.' Dark hinted.

'Is that a show for children?' Solid asked 'Because colorful things fit a child.'

Eria hopped up to see it clearer.

'It's not English, the holograms' language.' She pointed out 'Can this be Coruscant?'

Ahsoka Tano stretched herself. She had been reading for so long and the time couldn't get worse. She felt like doing something out there when suddenly she sensed some strange aura from the outside area.

'What is this weird aura? It's not the Force.' [Like hell it would be]

She walked out, greeted Madame Nu and met her master outside.

'Oh Ahsoka, I have been looking for you. Have you sensed some weird aura… ?'

'Thank you Master, I of course sensed it.' Ahsoka cut him.

'Oh, I wonder what it is.'

'Well,' Ahsoka said 'Time to find out.' She walked out of the temple 'I can go myself Master. Don't worry, I'll check it out.'

Then she jumped off.

'But where the hell is Coruscant?'

That was the main question for most of the Vocals.

'Ah!' Solid said 'isn't it the City in that movie we watched last night, Power?'

'Oh… Attack of the Clones?' Power questioned 'yeah right, so we are in the world of Star Wars.'

'Just what is Star Wars anyways?' Tone asked.

'It's a very famous Movie series and entertainment franchise, and it expanded many different subjects. It's one of the most famous universe ever existed.' Eria said like a machine.

'You don't seem to like it.'

'I do some, I don't most.' She replied simply.

Eria JPN just smiled happily

'So, I believe we can go out for a walk?'

'This will be bad.' Eria murmured 'don't all you guys think…'

But all of the other Vocals ran off.

'Oh no, I don't want to see what happens when two worlds collide.'

Swiftly, Ahsoka had already been outside the busy city. She now felt the aura reaching the city. If they dared doing something harmful, it would never pass her eyes.

She at the moment felt a fast force coming forward her, so fast that she couldn't react to dodge.

'Ouch.' That person, whoever she was, said out loud. Behind her, another person with her same look sighed.

'Eria, please try not to use Sonic Speed around a busy town. You crashed into a few stalls around here.'

'Oh my God, I'm so sorry Eria-san… that was accidental... are you ok miss?' the other said in a language she had never heard before, yet she thought it was an apology.

Ahsoka slightly groaned, still she smiled

'I'm… ok… try being careful next time.' She paused 'Who are you guys by the way?'

'Oh my you are Ahsoka Tano.' The second Eria person said. Ahsoka didn't have time to say her surprise loudly as Master Adi Gallia came.

'Padawan Tano, what is it? Oh, you are…'

The 'Eria-san' twitched an eyebrow

'Don't tell me people here know about Vocaloid.'

'We do.' Adi Gallia answered simply 'How can you be here?'

Eria was thankful for it

'Ah, it's a mistake while we are recording.' She said 'Story's not so long…'

As she finished, all the others came along and slightly busted Adi up, and the Jedi Master said

'So… you must stay here until the other Vocaloids can come and pick you up.'

'Yes, Master Jedi. I believe it would be soon.' Eria said

'Oh, in that case, you can pay the Temple a visit. We would not mind.' Gallia said before walking away 'I'll be meeting you there. Padawan Tano, please take care of our accidental visitor.'

'Ok, nice to meet you, I am Ahsoka Tano, Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. Shall we go?'

Eria JPN said happily

'Sure Tano-san, of course.'

Ahsoka raised an eyebrow in confuse

'Uhm, what are you saying?'

'She said sure, of course, Tano.' The second Eria replied 'She can understand you, just don't speak your language. I'll explain this later. Hey Tone, Power, Solid, Dark, let's go.'

Suddenly as if remembered something, Eria turned around

'Hey guys… where are Silent and Redeemed?'

END of CHAP 1.

Well… the idea of adding OC is bad. And to even make the OC the main character is bad, bad, bad. However since only Miku managed to get enough appends and I don't like her much, so yeah, I created OC.

Erm, I don't know why I came up with the Append called Redeemed. It should have been named something else.

This is my first try, and I know this story is silly.