Has a white Rolls Royce passed the gates of St Trinians a small timid looking girl lent forward in the passenger seat and gasped at the welcome sign there was a shrunken head with a knife stuck in it was next to it. The girl's auburn hair was tied in a ponytail that trailed down her neck, her pale complexion was splattered with a line of freckles the crossed over her nose and under her eyes. Her brand new St Trinians school uniform was neatly ironed and clean and perfectly fitted her small frame; her black shoes were so shiny that, if she wanted, she could see her reflection. The girl looked calm and only her bright aqua blue eyes betrayed the fear and nerves she felt.

The small girl in the passenger seat was Alexandra Rose Fritton Harris and the driver was her father Carnaby Fritton, a man she had only seen three times before in her ten years of life. Her first memory of her father was of a strange man arriving at her fourth birthday party and her mum introduced him has her 'daddy' even though Alexandra didn't, and still doesn't, think of Carnaby has her daddy, her second memory was a holiday taken with her mum when she was seven years old and Carnaby had stayed with them for a week before he had to return to his 'important' job, her latest memory of him had happened almost a year ago when Carnaby had come to her mum for help after he had been scammed by his sister and his other daughter Annabelle along with the girls of St Trinians, of course her mum had refused to help him saying if the girls of St Trinians had scammed him then he obviously deserved it, of course she should know being and ex St Trinians head girl.

Alexandra sat in stunned silence until her father slowed the car to a halt outside the gothic looking building.

"Now Alexandra I'm warning you the girls here are monsters" Carnaby droned "They turned your sister against me and humiliated me. I can't think for the life of me why your mother wants you to be schooled here instead of continuing your education at Badminton."

A smirk flitted across Alexandra's face; she knew exactly why her mum had arranged for her to transfer to St Trinians. A little over a month ago Alexandra's grandfather had died, Nathaniel Harris had been head boy of St Trinians male counterpart St Tristan's and his son Henry had been educated there before become the school spiv of St Trinians otherwise known has Flash Harry, and in his will was two trust funds set up for her only grandchild one too look after her for the rest of her life and on to pay for her education but she only got the second if she was educated at St Trinians. Until her Grandfathers death Alexandra education was being paid for by her very rich and slightly stuck up grandmother who would only pay for her to go to Badminton or Cheltenham, and there was no way her mum would've sent her to Cheltenham.

All her life Alexandra had been waiting to go to St Trinians, after all her mother had been they're head girl and her uncle worked there, she had heard so many stories of the school and the daring girls it produced. She'd heard how last year the school had competed in the school challenge so the they could steal and 'find' The Girl with the Pearl Earring and had persuaded her uncle to be a gay art dealer who sold a fake to her father for half a million pounds just so they could save the school from the bank. She'd heard how that years head girl Kelly Jones, who her uncle was slightly in love with, had gone on to be a secret agent for the government and how just last month the girls of St Trinians had exposed Sir Piers Pomfrey for the women hating git that he was whilst also discovering that William Shakespeare was actually a women, and a Fritton, a fact that had given them millions of pounds. The prospect of finally become a St Trinian both excited and terrified Alexandra at the same time. She didn't care that she would come face to face with the half sister she had known about for six years for the first time or that the headmistress, her aunt Camilla Fritton, from all description sounded like the kind of crazy lady who owned a dozen or more cats. She was finally a St Trinian!