*None massacre


*Two years earlier..

Crimson red eyes shot through the pony tailed elite shinobi walked forward, doing a quick survey of the area, and when he detected no threat he retuned his impassive gaze back to his partner.

"The area is clear, their's no one here except us.",

Another pair of blood red eyes appeared behind the first.

"Hmph...so it seems. looks as if Madara's managed to evade us once again. Huh Itachi?",

The younger uchiha deactivated his keka genkai.

The charcoal eyed man who wore a weasel ambu mask turned his head.

"Hm." was all he retorted.

Itachi took in the surroundings again, it was a small building about 3 stories high. The interior consisted of dust and old furniture which probably hadn't been used in years.

Itachi turned to his older cousin, "He's managed to slip past us again.",

Shisui removed his tiger mask, to wipe the sweat off of his face.

"And we're suppose to be the best, Ha, I doubt we'd be able to even land a hit on Madara, let alone assassinate him."

Itachi copied Shisui and removed his mask.

"I doubt Madara's even still alive. Truthfully I believe this whole situation is just a wild goose chase and a waste of our time.",

"If he was then he'd be pretty darn old.", Shisui told his cousin.

Both Uchiha's sighed simultaneously.

"Let's leave this place, it's depressing.",

Itachi nodded at his cousin's words. He watched as shisui performed a few hand signs for the typical teleportation jutsu. Hmph... he'd show Shisui a 'real' jutsu.

"Hold on, Shisui.", Itachi said in his normal sloutchous voice, catching Shisui's hands to prevent him from completing the hand signs.

"Yo?", he replied a bit confused.

Itachi turned away from his cousin.

"This is a perfect time to 'try' out...or show off rather.. my new teleportation jutsu, that I've been perfecting..",

Shisui looked a his cousin with his pretty boy smile.

"New teleportation jutsu? hm...",

Itachi returned his gaze.

"Actually it's a space time technique, pretty simple if you know what I mean.",

"Show me..", was all Shisu replied.

"Hm...just grab onto my shoulder, and you'll feel it.",

Shisui's smile was still prompted on his face.

"Alright, let's see the all mighty Itach Uchiha's space time ninjutsu", the older Uchiha said, grabbing onto his little cousin's shoulder.

Itachi performed the difficult signals within a few seconds, faster then the un-trained eye, and within an instant, the justu was set into motion. The strange but familar tug that Itachi usually felt when he tried out the justu came about causing Itachi to winch a little. The jutsu was still new so he hadn't completely gotten used to the feeling. Soon the darkness of the old and dusty building were no longer visible, but were instead replaced by the nice sunshine of the Godaime Hokage's office, with a few surprised guest as well.

"Damn...Itachi that was fast as HEEELLLLL!" Shisui said a bit surprised at the speed of the justu.

Alone...she was alone...they left her...AGAIN! And yes it was done purposely, and now she was, what you could say... alone. Well if you call having a bunch of friends still hanging around and few associates at the village hospital alone, then yes she was ALONE.

Who is she? Well none other then the pink haired emerald eyed apprentice of the 5th hokage herself.

Sakura Haruno...

Not only was she 'Alone' but she was also furious with the 3 knuckle heads who had decided that it would eb a good idea to leave 'sweet' little Sakura behind.


Sakura slammed her chakra enhanced fists into the floor creating a giant creator in the floor. Grass, dirt and all kinds of objects flew into the air..

Yes this was how Sakura released stress, and anger.

Sakura jumped back making sure none of the small objects made contact with her.

The pink haired Kunoichi landed gracefully a safe distance away.

Sakura wiped some sweat off her face as she starred out upon the now totally decimated training area, there were giant creators everywhere, it was a sight to see.

If you had just met sakura you would never know that she concealed such strength.

"That's enough for now...", The pinket told herself quietly, although she was still furious...

And this wasn't the first time that he 'Team' had left her in the boring village while they went on some S-ranked mission that they deemed to dangerous for her. Like really? In all honesty they were way to protective of her, she was a fucking Jouin for God's sake, what more did they want? Ambu?

Sakura sighed...how was she suppose to prove herself if they constantly abandon her?

The pink hair shinobi grabbed her leather gloves up off the ground, spun around and exited the training area.

"God DAAAAMMMNNN Itachi, you saw how that pink headed girl just tore up the ground...with her bare hands.",

Itachi nodded at his elder cousin. They both sat in a large oak tree just above the now demolished training ground, allowing his right leg to hang and his left to bend in a V shape, while his back rested on the bark of the tree. They had been spying on the obviously infuriated girl for about 30 minutes, they were intrigued. Their original intentions were to just simply spar at the old training area and then call it a day. However a loud BANG which sounded as if an elephant was slamming it's trunk against a large tree.

Shisui and Itachi being the elite shinobis they are immediately reacted, and ended up a far distance from the source. To their surprise they found a bubble gum pink haired Kunoichi, slamming her small, but some how deadly fists into the ground, causing a large amount of dust and parts of the earth's crust to fill the atmosphere.

It was simply fascinating.

"The Hokage's very own apprentice, and the teammate of that little brother of yours. Damn, I'd hate to get her angry.",

Itachi didn't respond, he was too busy taking in the damage. He had underestimated his little brothers teammate all this time, all the times that he'd seen her, he was polite to her and but he never really paid the girl any attention, he always saw the pinky as the weakest of the three. But now...

"The girl didn't detect our chakra signatures.",

Shisui gave his famous dumb smile.

"We're elite shinobi, Itachi, the best in all of konoha, what would you expect."

Itachi inclined his head with shisui's.

"You're too cocky, itoko(Cousin)...", Itachi retorted, with his usual impassive expression.

"Yeah what ever...So what's your mother cooking for dinner tonight?", Shisui stated in an excited voice.

With that being said the two Ambu disappeared in a sharp instant.

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