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They converged at the front outer gates of the village. It was a clear and cloudless early morning as the four shinobi prepared to be off on their mission. The two girl characters of the team were clearly uneasy at the presence of the two Uchiha, they obviously weren't too fond of the fact that they had to spend quite a sum of time with both Itachi and Shisui. They'd have to get over it though, ha.

The mission was a special one. Everyone was dressed abnormal, abnormal, yet normal. Abnormal,mainly because it was rare to find the ninja dressed in civilian or rather casual attire. Normal, well that's self-explanatory; they wore casual clothing. They didn't even wear their headbands. The reasonings for this were linked to the fact that their S-class mission dealt mainly with gathering intel and stealth. They were heading to the land of water, the nation was infested with scum and missing ninja of all times, the mere implication of someone as valuable as Itachi and Shisui being even remotely close to that area would have everyone on high alert. Be it because the missing ninja feared for their own safety or if they wished to collect some sort of bounty for the heads of the two.

"We're headed towards the land of water, reports state that there has been small Akatsuki activity in that area. We'll activate our henge as soon as we get to the borders of the Island.", the Anbu captain addressed the three other shinobi, not wishing to even bring up the events that transpired earlier, he took off without another word taking to the skies and dashing from tree to tree, the rest followed accordingly. He hoped that the petite pink haired beauty would bring some form of enjoyment to the mission.

She didn't like this at all. It was weird in all actuality, maybe she wasn't used to it. But the quietness was just overwhelming, usually she had Naruto to lighten up the mood and keep her feet from feeling like sand at the sheer boredom, but god damn. Even Shisui, the outspoken fuck was quiet. Sakura glanced towards Ino every so often. They would exchange verbal conversations with just simply expressions of the face.

S-class mission or not, this is going to be so fucking lame.

Sakura had to agree with her inner self.

Suddenly, there was movement above the four man squad. Sakura's emerald green eyes went upwards.

"I count at least ten above us.", Shisui stated, the group still jumping from tree to tree.

"Keep yourselves on the balls of your feet, these guys are amateurs at best!.", everyone nodded at this as a barrage of Kunai darted towards the group. They broke off from their alignment with each other and went separate ways.

She found herself facing off against seven shinobi, of which seemed dirty and unmaintained, all of their headband seemed to be different, but what they all had in common was a small scratch sliced through the middle, signifying their defection from their home village.

"Hm, how interesting...", a brown haired shinobi with a Suna headband dropped onto the large branch Sakura had positioned herself on. "No headbands... Civilian clothing.. Yet you guys are able to reach levels of agility that's usually only associated with shinobi. Hm, you're shinobi alright, and by the pink hair it's safe to assume that you're Sakura Haruno, apprentice of the Godaime.",

She rolled her eyes, of course her pink hair would give away her identity, this is why she needed a henge.

"I see my illustrious reputation proceeds me but sadly, I'm not too familiar with you..", she paused a small smirk on her face. "..or your buddies myself.",

His eyes narrowed. "Of course you haven't, you damn bitch. But, you will.. Believe that.",

Kill the bastard!

His hands began to come together, the man began to preform hand signals. At this she went into full fledge overdrive, not wanting to underestimate the ninja before her too much. Gathering chakra to her pale hands, she ran forward. The man had no time to react or counter as a small fist lodged itself in his gut. The man let out a vomiting cry as blood poured out of his mouth, he fell to the floor with a thud, his life draining within seconds.

The rest of the ninja gazed on stunned, their eyes obviously not expecting such a sudden and lethal attack.

"You have one chance, leave now or face the same fate!", she made sure her ultimatum was heard. What reason did they even have for attacking the group?

Does it matter the reason, they attacked us and we should not be satisfied with nothing less than BLOOD!

"Fuck that, she's one person. No matter how powerful she is, we have the number advantage!",

They were right about one thing. Them having the number advantage and her being powerful, but if they thought they'd just simply walk over and kill her, well..they were sadly and horribly mistake.

Before the ninja could even withdraw their weapons, Sakura had already jumped forward towards the large tree they all were stationed in. With a small chakra enhanced fist the pinket slammed said fist into the tree, causing the trunk of the tree to literally exploded. The forest became filled with a hardened BANG, a small gust of wind and dust bleeding into the sky. She dropped to the forest floor with said attack, as she sensed that the shinobi had begun to flee. The dust stayed stagnant in the air for a certain sum of time before finally clearing up, allowing the girl to survey the damage that.

Kami, we're good.

Her eyes were actually amazed, the scene before her was just spectacular. The bottom half of trunk of the tree was now submerged in the ground, a wad of soil and sediment laying out of place, the grass dug up as the floor was no longer littered in green. The upper half of the trunk now law lowly on another tree a few feet away, pressing the tree in the opposite direction almost bending it.

She had to agree with inner, more than she'd liked to. She definitely was good, a smile fell on her features at the devastation.

I know, how could anyone possibly underestimate me?

Well, there is the pink hair, your short height, and innocent looking features.

Suddenly, there was movement in the wind, it was barley detectable, there was a figure behind her. The girl swirled around on the balls of her feet in a swift motion, as she withdrew a hidden Kunai from her clothing intending to bring it down on the poor person behind her. The man's hand grabbed her hand, preventing the girl from inflicting any damage, as she fell forward landing on the man. She sensed who he was way before she placed her eyes on bis face, she gulped. The pinket gazed down at the man, as her face flared with hear and her emerald eyes widen, as realization flooded within her.


"A little too aggressive there, Sakura.",

There was something about the way he said her name that made her feel like jel-o.

"Itachi-san!", she screeched as she gazed down at the position they were currently in. She lay on Uchiha-heir, with her weapon dangerously close to his face, but his hand successfully hindering her from moving any forward. If she were embarrassed beforehand, then now that was a complete understatement. "I'm terrible sorry, uhh.. ", she stopped.. Was he smiling?

Maybe we should just cut the bastard, he did kind of deny having anything to do with the incident.

She brought herself from his persona, gathering herself to her feet, so did Itachi.

"They ran off when they saw the explosion, there were about 25 in total.", began the Anbu captain. "I see this was your doing..",

She bit her lip, in an unusual gesture of shyness.

"Impressive..", she stood blank.


Itachi Uchiha, just gave you a compliment.. Again. Two rare occurances happening within the span of a week and all you can do is stand there like a retarded puppy?

She ignored her other internal alter ego.

"..you're perfect for a mission such as this.", She almost grunted at his words, he gazed at her skeptical at this.

"My team thinks otherwise.", Something clicked in Itachi's eyes, something she couldn't quite pin point.

"Kakashi, my foolish brother and Naruto?",

"Yes.", she answered.

"How so?",

She swallowed at his question, the thought of them leaving her and not understanding that she wasn't the useless fangirl that she once was. Sakura sighed.

"Look, Itachi-san..", she began before said Anbu Captain corrected her. "Itachi.",

"...Itachi..Another time, alright? You and I aren't on the bests of terms, anyway.", she gave him a stern look, she hadn't forgotten about his denial and the trouble he and his cousin caused.

A noise emanated from the man, it took The cherry blossom a moment to realize but he seemed to be chuckling. Itachi was chuckling!

"Fair enough.", his charcoal eyes went to the sky. "We should be regrouping with the others now, Sakura.",

She nodded, feeling odd all of a sudden, this mainly due to the way he had said her name. God the way he said her name made the girl shiver. And you know what made it worse? He was doing this on purpose, and she knew it!

He took off to the branches, leaving the girl behind. She felt like cursing at him, basically telling him off. Albeit, there didn't exactly seem to be absolute reason why. When it came to him, what the fuck was wrong with her.

You're in denial.

She felt her inner begin to babble again about nonsense.

Denial, how so?

You're denying the fact that you may or may not like the beautiful piece of Uchiha.

I don't there's not question to it, he's an asshole really.

Have you ever wondered why you've been able to detect the man, no matter his position?

She began blocking her inner self from speaking completely ending the conversation at will. She didn't want to hear the bullshit right now, she wasn't in the bests of moods.

Deciding that she had spent enough time in her thoughts, the girl took off.

They had entered the land of water an hour ago, activating their henge immediately afterwards. His henge replaced his black hair and eyes with brown respectively, and more of a spiky edge, he changed little else about his physical appearance. Shisui's henge didn't change his hair color or the texture, but he did however change his facial structure, his jawline was less defined and his nose was more triangular. Ino, traded her long blond hair for a shorter black that barley touched her shoulders, her eyes were a nice Carmel. Sakura now, definitely changed the deep pink of her hair, exchanging this with brown. Her green almost glowing eyes, were a deep blue.

"So, I get to spend majority of my time with this beautiful female besides me?!", Shisui exclaimed going as far as to grabbing Ino, and wrapping his arms around her waist. He smiled deeply while doing so. Ino kept her arms crossed when he did this. The captain nodded signaling, yes.

"It's part of the mission, don't think I'm interested in you or anything.", she shot at him.

"Ha, you seemed pretty interested the other night.", Shisui received a slap at this.

"And you bastards lied.", The Uchiha heir ignored the girls protests and obvious anger from the other night. It wasn't going to lie, he had made these arrangements so they'd work in his favor. He was very interested in Sakura and this certain storm of circumstances is very convenient.