I got Writer's Block combined with a bad case of the lazy for TLMC, so I have decided to put up a new story. The first of a series, actually. This one's kinda an, uh, well, an... OCoriginstoryBUT! I plan to make it good. I hope. Depends on your guys' opinions.

This first chapter's just a how-this-started thingamabobby. It's kinda a fantasy/daydream thing I have from time to time. Except the last part, I kinda just threw that part together on the spot. It feels a bit lackluster to me, but it's the best I got for this chapter. I promise the rest'll be better. I think. Heh... just enjoy.

'This is it.' She thought to herself. 'I either do it now or never have the guts for it again.' She opened her front door slowly, silently, carefully. She quickly stepped through the opening and closed the door the same way she had opened it. Once it was closed, she ran down her driveway into the cool late night air and the street. She made sure to get out of sight of her house before stopping to enjoy the moonlight.

The girl in question seemed to be a young teenager. She wore what looked like pajamas, an athletic tank top, a faded tone of magenta, and black soft shorts with a rose printed on the front, a shade of lavender so close to the shirt that she considered them to match. She had black suede boots on, a bit warm for the current weather. She also carried a small bag with a long shoulder string to hold whatever she thought she needed at this given time.

Her brown hair was too short to put in a ponytail, but she had tried her best, creating a half-ponytail style she thought looked rather good on her. Her red glasses were a bit muggy no matter how many times she tried to clean them. Her hazel eyes glanced around as she caught her breath.

"I can't believe I finally got out of the house." She spoke softly to herself, grabbing the butterfly charm on her favorite necklace and breathing in the night air. "Sure is nice out here."

She jogged to the end of her street and a bit further, to a small meadow surrounded by trees. She had seen this meadow from car windows many times, but had never gotten to actually explore it. She grinned as she searched the meadow with her eyes, sighed in contentment, and walked around every inch of the place. In all honesty, the meadow wasn't all that interesting. What made it special to this girl was that she was here, in the moonlight, without a parent metaphorically breathing down her neck, waiting to leave.

She laid down in the grass, watching the stars for a while. She had lost track of time by the time she heard a noise. A small rustling sound coming from the trees at the far end of the meadow.

She picked up her bag and slowly walked toward the noise. When she got there, her mother's worst nightmare (and, as she'd later find out, her wildest dream) came true.

Someone or something jumped out at her from the trees. It knocked her glasses off, leaving her almost blind. All she could see about her attacker now was that it was dark-colored, and there was something red on it. The dark thing lunged at her as she tried to run. It grabbed her necklace, momentarily choking her before it broke off in the thing's hand. She attempted to run again, but the dark thing was too fast for her. She kicked and punched at whatever had a hold of her, but to no avail. It hit her in the back of her head and she passed out.

The thing slung her unconscious form over its shoulder and went back to the trees to retrieve what it had left there. It picked up the fist-sized glowing emerald, raised it above its head and spoke in a deep, throaty voice "Chaos Control!"

Both it and the girl vanished from the meadow and this world.

There you have it! And before you ask, I am NOT a Shadow fangirl. I chose him because he's about the only one who can use Chaos Control fluently. Fluently enough to travel dimensions, I guessed. This will not, and I repeat NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be a ShadowxOC love story. Anything BUT that. This series is Humor and Parody. NOT Romance. Anyway, after you enjoyed that lovely rant, please review anything you may want to tell me. Even if it's "OMG shadows so hot y dont u luv him hes better then sonic!". But I expect you'll be better than that. Well, TatlTails out. PEACE!