I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK ON TLMC! So I'm attempting to continue this instead. I even researched the SA2 cutscenes today, so my mind is freshened somewhat. I'm also hyped up on caramel, Dr. Pepper and music from my new Skillet CD at the moment. Prepare for Parody (insert Troll Grin and evil laughter.)

But be warned, I haven't actually played Sonic Adventure 2. I only have cutscenes and my own sick, twisted imagination to work off of. So if I get something wrong, it was out of ignorance. I'm not even messing with the actual plot at all until near the end.

But who wants to hear me blab about my own ignorance? Please, enjoy the chapter. It's in no one's POV!

It seemed like only minutes before the trio reached Prison Island. Amy looked around the hangar they stopped at in bewilderment. "How could we possibly have gotten here so fast?!"

Kalia's eyes widened. "I think we just traveled at the speed of plot!"

Bangs had a similar reaction. "Really?" She recieved a nod.

"AWESOME!" The two shouted and high fived each other.

Amy rolled her eyes. "You both are so immatu-SONIC!" The poor, obsessed fangirl ran up to and glomped who she believed to be her lover.

I think we all know what happened next.

So, to spare you from seeing something you've seen before, or the author because this was the one scene she couldn't find on YouTube, let's not pay attention to that bit. Let's head to the real stars of this fanfic.

As soon as Amy proved she has serious eye problems, Kalia said "Oh,crud!", grabbed Bangs' wrist, and dragged her inside the building before anyone could see them.

"Would you mind telling me what that was all about?" Bangs asked testily once Kalia had released her grip.

"That's a cutscene going on out there!" Was the reply. "What if this is the actual footage or whatever that they're gonna use for the game? We're not supposed to be in the game! I'm already freaked out enough being here at all! But even more importantly, Tails is coming in this cutscene. He cannot spot you until atleast after him and Sonic close down Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park, or my entire canon will blow up in my face!"

"Uh huh." Bangs nodded, pretending she knew what this chick was getting at.

Kalia rolled her eyes. "Just follow me if I tell you it's a cutscene, and don't meet Tails yet."

"Oh-kay, then." Bangs looked around. "Sooo, whadda we do now?"

Kaila paced the hallway they were in. "If I'm right, Amy should be coming in in a few minutes-"

Suddenly, the two could hear talking coming from the hallway next to them. "Hide!" Bangs yelped.

The two of them managed to get into a ceiling vent before two G.U.N. agents walked past, chatting about lunch or something. Kalia made sure to get a good look at them as they passed.

After a few minutes, they heard clunking footsteps coming up the hallway. Tails, in his mech Tornado Transformer thingy, clunked past, trying to find Sonic most likely.

After that passed, the two deemed it safe enough to drop down from the vent. Just in time, too, because Amy ran right into them, causing all three of them to tangle up in a noisy, squirming heap of girl.

Once they were all relievedly seperated, Amy gave the other two what for. And I can't believe I just typed that. "What's with you two, leaving me behind like that?! I was ambushed by Eggman! If it weren't for Tails, I don't know what he would've done!"

Bangs glared at a wincing Kalia. "Well, someone dragged me in here blathering about cutscenes and not being spotted or something. I didn't know Eggman'd show up."

Now both her and Amy were glaring at Kalia, who held her hands up in defense. "Hey, I really would've loved to help you. But I'm not going to mess up the space-time continuum for something that got fixed on its own. That's Silver's job."

Amy just gave her a look, then shook her head and said "Whatever. So, do either of you know where Sonic is?"

Both the others shook their heads. Then Kalia got a lightbulb face. "But I think I know how to find out. Watch this."

She closed her eyes, and within a second a G.U.N. agent stood in front of Bangs and Amy, who understandably gasped. Within another second, Kalia was back. "I just do that, drag you two around like prisoners, get the key to Sonic's cell by saying you need to be locked up with him, then ditch the whole charade and get to the cell through the vents." She ended the speil by putting her hands on her hips and smiling.

Bangs and Amy looked at each other, then the former said "That's never going to work."


"I can't believe that worked!" Bangs yell-whispered as she crawled through the vent, behind Amy and in front of Kalia.

"Neither can I!" Kalia replied.

Bangs and Amy both stopped and turned to her, screeching "What?!"

"Heh, nothing." The group continued crawling.

This went on for a few minutes before Kalia piped up again. "Hey, Amy. If anyone asks how you saved Sonic, could you not mention us?"

"Why not?"

"Same reason we-"

"You. I was forced."

"Fine, I ditched you earlier."

Amy 'hmmm'ed, then looked down. "Hey, I see Sonic!"

She was handed the key card, kicked in the vent and jumped down.

Sonic was definitely surprised. "Amy?!"

"Shh! Keep your voice down." Amy whispered, then smiled. "Have no fear, Amy Rose is here!"

Still flabbergasted, Sonic asked "How did you get in here?"

Up in the vent, Kalia muttered "Please stick to the script, please stick to the script..." under her breath.

"Well, if you must know," Amy stalled. "I caught a ride with Tails."

Kalia breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm not breaking the space-time continuum. Yet."

Bangs shushed her, and they went back to listening to Sonic and Amy's conversation.

"If I let you go, will you marry me?"


"Aww, I thought I had you that time." Amy unlocked the door anyway. The two still in the vent began crawling away as Sonic and Amy escaped a different way.

"If I remember correctly," Kalia spoke out rather calmly. "We should get out of here, like, now-ish. The building's gonna blow soon."

"WHAT?!" Bangs spoke out rather not calmly. "Then let's get out, pronto!"


"Oh my Chaos. That was AWESOME!" Kalia shouted as she and Bangs watched the explosion's aftereffects from afar.

"I know! I feel sorry for anyone who had to miss that." Bangs replied. "Cuz that was just epic."

Kalia quickly found a way to change the subject. "Whoa, it's almost sunset." And she was right. It was that point of day where the sky hasn't turned pretty colors yet, but it will any minute.

"Wow, that day passed quickly." Bangs paused for a minute to look at the sky, then said "Hey, do you have any place to stay?"

"Noperino. Just dropped in this morning, and immediately got sucked into this mad plot-slash-video-game-slash-dream-come-true."

"Okaaay. Well do you wanna stay with me for now?"

"Sure." The two turned to go, then Kalia paused. "That was a completely boring way to end that conversation."

"Well, whaddaya wanna do about it?"

"Hmmm..." She took a thoughtful pose. A few seconds later, a light bulb actually appeared over her head. She glanced at it in surprise for an instant, then shrugged and said "When in doubt, dance out!"

Bangs started expertly breakdancing away, followed by Kalia doing a mix of the moonwalk and the Running Man. They both posed and said "Peace!" before laughing and walking away.

Howazzat for a Parody chapter? As I type this, it's almost 2 AM, I stopped the Skillet music a while ago, and I'm trying to come up with a way to say I couldn't remember important dialogue for Sonic and Amy's scene, so I need to research and fix it tomorrow. Oh, look, I just told you. (3. Fixed it right before I posted it.

Anyway, that's kinda how SA2 is gonna go. Kalia (I actually started typing me. I'm pathetic.) freaking out over not messing up the plot. That's SA2's shtick. Just SA2, though. I've got too many plans to not get involved with the rest of 'em.

I need sleep now. TatlTails out. PEACE!