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The figure moved me away from the blades, while holding me to them. I heard a sigh.

"I see you've met the General. I am amazed that in your condition you could fight at all, let alone fight someone like the him." That voice it was familiar. It was the man from the carriage.

"Who are you?" The General asked.

"My name matters not, for you will not be alive to ever repeat it."

"You believe you will be able to harm me? You don't look like a fighter but a gentleman. That blade doesn't even look like it belongs in the hands of someone of your wealth." The General scoffed. I could feel vibrations on my back, the man was chuckling.

"Well I can show you that this blade is in the right hands. Are you ready?"


"Oh? That's too bad, may you rest in peace General."

"What are y-" The General's head went falling to the ground.

I was quickly turned around so that I was facing the man. I could hear the sound of the blood gushing out of the body.

"I think you've seen enough blood and death for the day. Shielding you from one such as this will certainly keep some nightmares away."

He bent down so he was at eye level with me and moved my hand away from the wound on my shoulder and placed my arm at my side. I watched as he took a handkerchief from his pocket and cut it to three pieces. He ripped what was left of the sleeves of my dress off. My eyes narrowed at him.

"No need for such dirty things. Having that dirty attire over wounds such as yours will only lead to an infection." He took a water skin from his belt, and poured some over the strips of the handkerchief. He poured what was left on my stomach, neck, and shoulder wound. I flinched as he tied the pieces on my wounds. Once he was done he placed his hand on my shoulder. I winced at the pain it caused. All the adrenalin flowing through my body was gone now. I wanted to cry out and scream at the sudden pain I felt. The pain came in waves, from painful to excruciating and it just continued to get worse. I whimpered, I felt weak for showing my pain but it was too much to bear any longer.

"It appears we will have to get you to a doctor sooner than I expected. Drink this tea for now, it should help with the pain." Why was this man helping me so smuch? He didn't know me, nor I him. He has saved me twice, both times out of kindness. This man easily defeated the General, who seemed inhuman and saved me. Could I trust him? I guess I didn't have a choice, because right now I was completely helpless.

"W-why are you helping me?" I said in between pained breaths. It hurt to speak.

"What kind of gentleman would I be if I let a young woman die?" He sheathed his blade and put the water skin on his belt. He put one arm under my knees and the other on my lower back, picking me up bridal style.

"W-." He cut me off.

"Ah ah ah. No more talking till you've been properly tended to. Now you will need to drink this tea because it will help numb the pain alittle." He adjusted me so that he could carry me with one arm. It must have been hard considering I had two travel bags on me but he carried me as if I was as light as a feather. With his now free hand he grabbed something from his side. I could hear the sound of a buckle, he must be unlatching something from his belt. A water skin filled with that tea no doubt. So he had one filled with water and another with tea

"Make sure to drink as much as you can." He held the tip of it to my mouth. For now I would trust him. I opened my mouth so that I could drink some of the tea. He placed the tip of the water skin in my mouth before tilting it slowly upwards. It tasted nothing like the earthy smell it had. As soon as the liquid touched my tongue I wanted to spit it out. If I had enough energy I most likely would have. It tasted way worse than it smelled. I wanted to gag and throw up. How the hell could anyone drink this!? I tried drinking it as fast as I could so I could be done with it. My throat burned but just needing to hurry and get this foul taste away from my mouth is enough. Hopefully, the effects if the tea would start working soon.

I was happy when he pulled the disgusting liquid away. That was worse than the most bitter of medicines. I truly believe animal feces might have tasted better.

"You drunk more than a cups worth of that tea, so the effects should start working faster than normal. I apologize for the awful taste, I know it is not a pleasant one." He gave a knowing smile. Wait! I could see his smile, that means my sight has returned to normal. Maybe, I should've drunk the tea before leaving the carriage. The pain that was running through my body had become nothing more than a dull ache. I sighed in relief.

"The pain relief is only temporary. If we don't get back before the effects of the tea wear off then you will have to drink more or stay awake during the pain." All good things must come to an end I suppose. I just hoped we got to where ever we were going before the pain came back. I shivered at the idea of drinking more of that tea. This man must of mistook my shiver of disgust as one for being cold for he began to ease out of his jacket.

"You must be cold. Winter is approaching soon and your... clothes are not suited for the weather." He wrapped his jacket around me not listening to any protest I could muster up.

"But won't you be cold?" I asked while trying to shift in his arm. Still couldn't move.

"I rather it be I then you. Besides, what you are wearing doesn't really cover anything. It is not appropriate for a girl such as yourself to be wearing such clothing." His voice sounded a little like he was scolding me. Oh I'm sorry that having to escape and fight for my life today left my clothes barley recognizable. Next time I'll just stop and change clothes while I can. I looked at him slightly irritated. He had brown eyes and hair. His eyes were soft behind the black glasses he wore. He certainly didn't look like a fighter. He wore a white long sleeve dress shirt under a gray button up vest. My eyes traveled down to his pants. His pants were black the bottoms were inside a set of gray boots trimmed with fur. His coat, the one he let me wear was black and went down to below his knees. He looked to be a man of wealth.

"We should be to the carriage soon." I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't notice how fast he had been walking. It almost seemed as if he was in a light jog. True to his words I could see the carriage not to far away. I could see another man tending to the horses as we approached. The man had silver hair and his eyes were slitted giving him a fox like appearance. He must be Gin. I noticed I still did not know the man's name that saved me.

"What is your name?" I asked as I looked up at him. He looked down at me with a kind smile.

"We will have plenty of time making each others aquintence once you are better. Now no more talking." He said with kindness to his words. I sighed. I could see Gin hurriedly making his way towards us. He was carrying something.

"Oh dear what happened to you?" He asked. Was he talking to me? I looked at him with questioning eyes. As he walked closer I noticed he was waiting on my answer. I tried speaking but before I could say anything the man carrying me explained.

"Then it is good you are alive now but we must hurry to treat your wounds." He held out his arm which was carrying a large white shirt. Was that for me?

"Go get a rag and some water and put it in the carriage Gin." Gin had ran back to towards the carriage and pulled out a bucket and rag. He then went off into another direction. I was confused. We started walking again towards the carriage. Once we got in he set me on the seat opposite of him. He took the bags off me and set them down next to me. I felt like a helpless child because I couldn't move and everything had to be done for me.

"There is a river not to far from here, so he went to go get water. We need to clean you of all the dirt and blood on your body so your wounds don't get infected." He said as he pulled out a book. He said it so casually like it was an everyday occurrence for him. I couldn't move so that meant he was going to have to do it. Which meant he would see me naked. Then again he kinda already did, because what was left of my clothes were just shreds and barely covered my chest and private area. Yet I still didn't feel comfortable being completely undressed in front of him. It was inappropriate.

My mother always told me to never show my nude body to any man except my husband. This man certainly wasn't my husband. But I didn't want to risk infection either, so I would have to get rid of my discomfort. He didn't seem like one to be a pervert so I would be fine.

"Are you okay? You seem a little troubled." He asked worried. Why did he care to help me so much? I just couldn't accept the fact he was being gentlemanly. Not even they would go as far as to search for you and save you all out of the kindness of their heart. What was his ulterior motive? There was nothing I could give him.

"It's nothing. I am fine." I lied. Hopefully he wouldn't press the issue any farther.

"If something is wrong please do not hesitate to tell me. I may be able and would like to help you." I looked into his bespectacled eyes and could see no deceit. He honestly wanted to help me. Why did he have to be so kind? Now I felt guilty for ever doubting him. Maybe there was truly still some good people in the world.

"It's just that you have been so kind to me, have saved my life twice, and even went out of your way to find me after I ran away. Yet I have been distrustful of you ever since I woke up." I admitted while looking away from him. I didn't want to look him in the eyes as I said this. My eyes widened when I felt the tip of his fingers raise my chin up lightly so that I was looking at him. His fingers were cold. He smiled a kind smile once more as he looked me in the eyes.

"Your reaction is perfectly normal. It means your parents raised you correctly. Genuine kindness with no strings attached is so hard to come by now. I would have truly done the same thing. So please don't feel bad." Damn, him and his kindness. This only made me feel worse. I was indebted to him now. Why did he have to be so kind and fatherly.

I could hear a swishing sound not to far away. Gin was back with the water. As the door to the carriage opened Gin walked in carrying a bucket of water, a rag, some bandages, and a small container. Gin had set the objects down next to the gentleman.

"Thank you Gin."

"Sir, given the situation we need to get to the doctors as soon as possible but that would make a for a very unpleasant drive. You may not be able to tend to her wounds as smoothly. Would you like for me to keep a steady pace while you treat her wounds and then go full speed once you are done?" Gin asked concerned.

"No we need to get there as soon as possible. So keep going at full speed." He said as he grabbed the container and the bandages.

"Yes Sir." Gin quickly left and with hurried footsteps mounted his seat above the horses. Now that I could see, I took the opportunity to look at the inside of the carriage. Everything was neat and clean. On the right which was his side sat a table that held a tea set. The cushioning of the seats were a tan color. As far as my eyes could see without moving my head I looked down at the the seat I sat in. The only thing out of place, that took away from the beauty and coziness of the carriage was the dried blood on the seat.

It was my blood. I could also see fresh blood as well. It would take one hell of a laundress to clean the seats out. I looked forward and saw the man taking the cap off the little container. It contained a white cream probably ointment. He rubbed the ointment over the bandages and dipped the rag in the bucket of water. It wouldn't be long before he was done. I steadied my racing heart. I was nervous because I've only had a female doctor. It was going to be fine, I repeatedly told myself.

I felt a hand on the top of head. I didn't even notice when he had moved next to me.

"Can you move?" He asked looking at me with questioning. I tried moving parts of my body but sadly nothing moved.

"No." I said. He sighed, as he rolled up his sleeves.

"I'm going to remove my jacket now. Are you ready? I know you may be uncomfortable. I will try to finish as quickly as possible." I could feel his hands on the collar of the jacket. I guess he was waiting for my approval.

"Y-," I couldn't finish my reply as I heard the sound of a whip cracking and the neigh of the horses. The carriage sped off and the momentum sent me forward. I would have hit face first into the other side of the carriage had it not been for his grip tightening on the jacket. He pulled me back into the seat.

"Thank you." I said.

"The ride from this point will only get worse. I believe you are ready, correct?" I shook my head yes. He eased the jacket off my shoulders easily. His eyes widened slightly. My wounds must have been worse than I thought.

"I didn't believe they were this bad." He removed the rest of my torn clothes. He also removed the stripes of the handkerchief which was now soaked red from my shoulder,neck, and stomach. He cleaned me quickly. Every once in awhile we would hit sharp turns causing me to move in that direction. He would catch me before he resumed his cleaning. Once he was done he wrapped the bandages around my body. He grabbed the white shirt and dressed me in it. It was big on me so it went past my knees. I looked inside the bucket of water and looked in disgust at the deep dark red coloration of it.

I looked at the man who was cleaning up the mess.

"You should be fine until we get to the doctors. Your wounds were more severe than I thought. I counted 200 wounds by a sword. The ointment will help with the bleeding and any inflamation." He moved to the other side of the carriage.

"Thank you, may I know your name?" I wanted to know his name. He has saved me twice yet I didn't know the name of my saviour.

"Sosuke Aizen, and may I have the pleasure of knowing yours?" He smiled and bowed dramatically. I don't know why but I smiled. Maybe his was infectious.

"Yoruichi Shihoin." I said.

"Well Ms. Shihoin it is a pleasure," My eyes widened as I felt an excruciating pain throughout my body. My face contorted into one of pain. How long had it been since I drunk the tea? The pain was returning. I whimpered.

"The effects of the tea must be wearing off." Sosuke said. I heard the neigh of the horses once more before the carriage stopped. I could feel as he picked me up. He opened the door to the carriage and I could see the scenery had changes dramatically. We were near a lake. The smell of the water was strong. Ahead of us was a medium sized home. It was fast approaching, which meant Sosuke was running.

That was good because the pain was becoming too much to bear. Gin was running ahead of us now. He had made it to the porch way before we did. I could hear him pound on the door a few times before he stopped. We were on the porch now yet the door still didn't open. The pain had intensified and I was slowly leaving and coming back into consciousness. I could hear hurried footsteps and saw the door finally open, yet all I saw before everything went dark was a white sleeve.


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