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The future belongs to those who believe

In the beauty of the dreams

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Clove's POV

Katniss and I wake up early to start decorating our room. We haven't let either of us see what either of us have. We agreed not to do that last night. I have a bunch of boxes on my side of my room, and so does Katniss. I start to unpack the biggest box. After I cut open the top I stop.

"Wait, shouldn't we put the duct tape down first?" I ask her. She stops cutting and nods. I take out the roll I got.

"Oh, I need a ladder." I say.

"Why?" Katniss asks pulling of a tab.

"Uh, I'm not tall enough to reach to the ceiling, duh!" I reply.

"Yeah me either. You should call up your sky scraper of a boyfriend." She says as she starts to go over the door.

"Yeah I will call him." I say whipping out my phone. I go to the recent calls and find Cato's name. I tap it and put the phone up to my ear. He answers after the 3rd ring.

"Hey Clover."

"Hey Catie. Hey can I ask you a favor."

"Yeah what do you need?"

"Can you come over to my dorm? I need some help with the duct tape. Neither Katniss nor I can reach the ceiling. Yeah we both know I'm very short. I mean Katniss is like 5 foot 7 or 8, but heh, I'm like 5 foot 2 so, yeah." I ramble.

"Yeah I'll be there soon." He replies.

"Thanks!" I exclaim.

"No problem." He says then hangs up.

"He will be here soon he says." I say to Katniss who is now starting on the ground. I get mine to and start on the other side of the room. I go around the window, and then come down from what I judge the middle of the room to be. Katniss and I meet in the middle and now we both the sit on our beds waiting for Cato to get here. We hear a knock. I get up to answer the door. It is Cato, of course.

"Hey thanks for coming."

"Oh yeah. Any time." He says. "Now, the duct tape please." he sticks out his hand for the roll in my hand. I hand it to him and he pulls off tab and lifts his hands up to the ceiling. His arms are bent, they aren't straight. He unrolls the tape the whole way to the door from the other side. He cuts of when he gets to the end.

"Thanks Catie!" I say giving him a half-hug.

"Yup." He says.

"You can leave, or you can stay and help." Katniss offers.

"No I was with Peet earlier; I told him I would be back soon, so I gotta run." He says giving me a kiss and heading out the door.

We continue to decorate our room. My side is still looking a bit bland because I haven't got much up yet, but it I will look very flamboyant when I'm done. I read the instructions for items I need to put together, and how to hand certain things up. When I get down the more details of stuff I start to get a bit more meticulous about how things re placed. I bought a bunch of different types of paper. I have plenty of different types of boxes for them. I have a 10x20 box where I out all my blank standard sized paper in, the same sized box for colored paper, and another for lined, and yet another for same sized construction paper. I have a short, almost flat box that I have my long white paper in. I have a square shaped one that is fairly tall that I put my colored construction paper in. I put them in so I can see all the colors without digging through a giant pile. I have a wide but short box for my white poster board, and another one similar to my colored long construction paper for my colored poster board, except more rectangular. I have a box for 100 colored pencils. It is shaped like a cube. It has 100 little holes in the bottom so I can stick the colored pencils in so I can see what color they are. I sick them sharp side up, and put them in color coded according to the rainbow (some for the colored paper, and boards) (see the beginning wasn't the hard to understand. You were probably like, oh this isn't that hard to understand, then you would get to this part about the paper and pencils and stuff and go whaaaaa?! What is going on? If you can't all the way figure out what everything means you can skip this part. It isn't really that important) I do the same with crayons, chalk, and pens. I have a kind of smallish box that holds my paints. They aren't as fancy as I've heard Peeta's are, but they are what I have. Plus I don't need fancy ones. I have a book self I bought just for these boxes. (Did I say they were all see-through? Well they are) I put the flat ones on top of each other on the bottom shelf on the ground, and the smaller ones on the top. The book self isn't tall enough to where I can't reach the top self. I made sure of the thing wouldn't be too much taller than me when I got it. I start to set up my bed now. The sheet that goes around the bed is yellow, and my sheet that goes over the bed is orange. The bed skirt is orange and yellow stripes. The comforter is orange with yellow random sized polka dots on it. There are 8 pillows. 2 I am only going to use though. The first two in the back are orange then the next two are yellow, the next two are orange, then one in the middle of the ones behind is yellow, then a weird cylinder shaped neck pillow that no one ever uses, is orange. I set my bed up all pretty. I fix the sheets and comforter so there are no wrinkles in them. I plop down on my bean bag.(you start to read now, it isn't as confusing here) I watch Katniss finish up with her stuff. Hebe looks nice. It has a zebra comforter and gray and, muted green pillows. She only has four on her bed. Her side of the room is more grown up and mature. I am the probably the one of the most mature in our group, but my favorite colors are going to be present in my room. And not just all little pops of color, like full on like I have it. I have some things that are neutral, like my book shelf, and boxes. Some of the bins I have around the room for trash, clothes, and a little mail box are colored though. Katniss has her bow and arrows in a case on a stand against the wall. That reminds me of my knives. I get up and grab my knives from under my bed. I take all of them and set them in an extra flat box. One like the ones used for the standard sized pieces of paper. I have different sizes. I have four that hare small that I put in my hair, when I put it up, and then I have some medium sized ones that go on my forearms. I only wear those ones when it is winter and I have on a long sleeve shirt though. I have two that are a small amount bigger that strap around my thighs. I don't use these ones almost ever. I only use them when I wear dresses or skirts. I almost never wear them. I only wear them if I'm forced. I have a lot more that I haven't even token out of my bag yet. I had a bag with just my knives in it. I decide not to take those ones out. I leave the box open on my bed while I polish them.

"Seriously Clove. Polishing your knives. I'm surprised you didn't bring them all." Katniss says sitting on the other side of my bed.

"Oh, I did. I just don't want to take them all out. I want to keep some hidden if needed for certain circumstances. "I say with a sly smile. Katniss laughs. I join her. When I finish polishing my knives I propose we go get some food to eat.

"Yeah, all that work made me hungry. Let's go." Katniss says getting up. I follow her out, and we start to make our way to the food court thingy area.

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