I was bored so I wrote this one-shot

hope you like it


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Katie's POV

Percy gave his speech then ran off with Annabeth.

I stood there for a moment. This was it. Time to fight the Titans.I turned to the Demeter cabin.

"Okay it's time to fight..." I stared but stopped.

A couple of feet away the Stoll brothers were giving their cabin their speech.

"Just don't die." Connor said.

"Before we go of and get killed I want to do something I promised that I would do before I died. " Travis said.

Connor smirked," Do it man."

Travis walked over to us. What was he doing? He walked pass everyone and came to me.

He grabbed me and dipped me all romantic style then kissed me.

I was too shocked to do anything. The Hermes cabin started wolf-wisling and the Aphrodite cabin 'awwwed'.

Travis polled away and smirked.

Then he walked back to his cabin mates like nothing happened.

Why did I like that? I thought.

Then I gave my speech.


I was fighting of some hellhound when one of them got me.

It clawed my arm leaving a three-inch gash. I fell to the ground.

Then hellhound charged ready to finish me off when all of a sudden it exploded into dust.

When the dust cleared Travis stood there with his crestal bronze sword in hand.

"Are you okay? "Travis asked as he nelt beside me.

"No" I managed to get out.

He picked me up bridle style and carried me to were the Apollo campers were healing everyone.

Travis went up to Will Solace. "Here she needs help." Travis said.

He handed me over to Will and left.


While Will healed me I thought about Travis.

He kissed me then saved me.

I just couldn't get my head around it.

"He likes you." Will said as if he was reading my mind.

"What? "I asked.

"Travis likes you." Will said.

Travis likes me...

...and I like him.


When I was all healed up I went looking for Travis.

He was being healed becausehe had nasty gashes lining his chest and brushes on his arms.

"Travis?" I asked when I got to him.

"Yeah." He crocked out.

"Do you like me?" I asked.

"What?" Travis looked surprised.

"Do you like me?" I asked again.

"Uh...Yes." He admitted.

"Well good." I said.

"Wh -" He said but I stopped him with a kiss.

"I like you to." I said and smilde at his shocked face.

"You do?" He asked.

I nodded my head.

He smiled, "If we live this you'll be my girlfriend right? "

"Let see if we live."


We fought and We won.

And I got a boyfriend.

Just a thing I came up with while I was bored

hope you enjoyed it