"Brian – Brian I am so sorry."

It took Brian Williams several seconds to gather up his thoughts. There had a been an impatient knocker at the door and as soon as he had opened it he was bombarded with apologies.

He met The Doctor's eyes unflinchingly; mind running away from him like a child after her balloon. "What do you mean, Doctor?"

The Doctor looked away, breathing in a deep sigh and then looking back, trying to portray so many emotions and sorrys into one look. "I think you know what I mean," he said quietly. It hurt him to say this; it hurt him to make it more real, more undoable. He, like Brian, would never see Amy and Rory Pond again. He had so many memories with them, so many times and words and moments he wouldn't trade for the universe that everywhere he went he saw little reminders of his two best friends – the two people he let in closer than he had let anyone else in before. The first face he saw with his new eyes would never see him again and he her.

Brian felt the affect of the Time-lord's words gnaw through slowly. It fractured him in a deep way. Little shards falling and large shards crashing through the air until Brian Williams is on the floor, trying to fathom how his Rory and his Amy were gone and lost and probably dead.

He vaguely felt the Doctor try to comfort him. He spoke of how happy the two were now. How maybe, just maybe, they could be the happiest they'd ever been. But Brian wasn't listening to Doctor's empty promises of how they were together, refusing to be separated – no, he was trying to figure out how he had put his trust in someone who begged not to be trusted. And, somehow, still did.

"What do you mean, 'they're together now'? What happened, Doctor?" Brian asked with a muffled and gruff voice that spoke volumes of the intensity of his loss.

The Doctor seemed to smile – it was the type of smile that talked of suppressed bitterness and a naïve sadness. He told Brian about what had happened. Brian sat – having migrated from the floor to the sofa – and listened. He felt hollow yet content in the knowledge that somewhere in time they were still alive. Even if now, in 2012, they had long since past.

i don't know how i will ever be able to love a fictional character again after last night.