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"Just give up puppy, you know you don't stand a chance against me! Aha ha ha ha ha!"

Her cackle filled the air of the dark lands on which our story begins. This was a world that had existed since the very beginning of time, but had never known life, never known light or darkness. This was a world between worlds, a ravaged wasteland that had for many millenium served no other purpose than as a prison for the greatest of evils.

The dark figure continued to laugh maniacally, enjoying the pain of the fallen being before her. His purple, furry head with floppy black ears lay face down in the dried earth. He had the physique of a fit adult man, and was dressed in pure white robes that covered every part of his body but his purple hands. Or rather, his purple paws.

The fallen figure slowly, and painfully raised his head, revealing the face of a dog with ruby-red eyes. The human-like dog stared up at the dark being with a look of moarning. She was like a living shadow, her body flat and tall, and contorted into the form of a witch. She was pitch black, apart from her eyes, which were a similar shade of ruby-red as the dog man. But whereas the dog's eyes held a glow of love and compassion for all, even the monster that had struck him down, the Witch's eyes held only hatred, greed and lust for power.

"I cannot give up!" The Dog said in a strong but gentle voice, forcing himself into a kneeling position as the Witch glared down at him in annoyance "The fate of all worlds rests on my shoulders. I am the guardian of all that is good and just. I can never give up, not while the realm of light still needs me. I can never let you win... dear sister"

The Witch's eyes burned with rage, a horrid purple mouth formed on her sullen face as she spouted:

"Don't call me DEAR!"

The Witch pointed a hand with long, branch like fingers at the Guardian, and from each fingertip she shot a bolt of black lightning. But the Dog-man, in a sudden burst of life and energy, shot to his feet and leaped backwards by ten feet, shooting a beam of pure white light from his palm which struck the Witch straight in the centre of the chest, sending her flying thirty feet and crashing into an already crumbling mountain, which completely collapsed at that moment and fell on top of her.

The dog Guardian took several quick breaths, keeping his guard up for the inevitable counterattack. He knew his sister well, she was far too powerful to be bested by a fallen mountain, it would hardly have left a scratch on her body. The Guardian stared around carefully, before closing his eyes and allowing his other senses to take charge. He sensed the shadow of the Witch speeding towards him from the ground from behind, he immediately flipped around and crashed a glowing yellow fist onto the ground, sending great chunks of earth flying and forcing the witch to surface.

The Witch shot another stream of black lightning at the Guardian, who used his power over light to teleport away from the danger. He reappeared ten feet to his wicked sister's right and launched a barrage of light spheres at her, all of which were blocked by a shield of darkness the Witch set up. With a wicked grin the Witch lowered the shield and cast a beam of darkness from her mouth in the Guardian's direction. The anthro dog set up his own shield of light to block the attack, but no sooner had he lowered it to prepare his next move did the Witch fly at him and send him flying with a powerful punch to the jaw.

The Guardian flew a hundred feet upwards, but recovered in midair and shot another beam of light downwards at his foe, who retaliated with another beam of darkness. The two attacks collided, for a moment they met at one central point between the two deities, with each channeling as much power into their respective beams as possible in an effort to overpower the other. For a moment the Witch seemed to gain the upper hand as her dark beam pushed forward, but the Guardian then thought of all the people he was fighting for. Countless good, honest, kind hearted children of the light, who lived out their peaceful lives on the many worlds that made up his realm, people who were depending on him to defeat this demon, counting on him to spare them from the rule of eternal darkness.

He turned his love for every living soul in the universe into even more power, and finally it looked like his attack was overpowering that of the Witch. Of course she didn't like that, and though it caused her much physical anguish she continued to channel more and more of her vast power into her dark beam. The beams of light and darkness met once more at the central point between the two super beings. Now however, the amount of power channel into the beams was so great that they created a giant orb of energy in the centre, which exploded in a fiery supernova of light and darkness, briefly shrouding the forgotten wasteland in a cloud of dust.

When the dust finally began to settle The Witch and Dog Guardian were revealed to be lying in heaps at the opposite edges of the battlefield. They were both bruised, tired and bloodied from the battle that had so far lasted ten hours. Ten long, grueling hours. But still they stood up, glared at one another and charged forward, their raised fists covered in their respective element, ready to battle on.

Not too far away from where the giants of light and darkness clashed, but just far enough that most of their attacks could not reach, a man dressed in a red jacket and black trousers spectated the carnage. The man was mostly bald, but had a rather large and impressive moustache beneath his big pink nose, and he wore blue glasses. This man was Doctor Eggman, and he was the cause of this epic battle.

After another of his evil schemes to take over his world was foiled by his pesky enemy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Eggman had been trapped for a period of time in a realm between time and space with a past version of himself. He had been trapped there for what felt like Eons, but now that he was out he realised it had probably only been a few weeks, bickering with his former self over nonsense, until finally he couldn't take any more of the man that would someday become him and wandered off into the endless white depths of the unknown dimension.

Or at least, it had seemed endless.

After much wandering and no sign of a way out of that white space, the not-so-good doctor had been prepared to give up. But then he spotted something that instantly perked his interests, a door. A large black, Oak-Wood door with an old-fashioned handle. Not even bothering to question the likelihood of a door existing in such a place Eggman had gratefully pulled the handle and stepped into... a desecrated wasteland with stormy black skies.

Cursing his luck but deciding it was still better than arguing for eternity with past-Eggman (AKA Dr Robotnik), the mad scientist decided to do a little snooping around, see if there was anything worthwhile to this valley of despair... and boy was there.

Dr Eggman watched the Witch deliver a powerful blast of dark lightning to her light-weilding brother, knocking him down, as he thought about how he had set the abomination of darkness free. He had just been wandering around, keeping a careful eye out for any danger or perhaps some useful abandoned technology. But after another hour of searching he found nothing and was prepared to just wander back towards the door to white-space. But then he saw it...

The Witch's prison had been a glass bottle. A small glass bottle filled with what at first seemed like a swirling black liquid, but was really the Witch's essence. It was placed in the hand of a stone statue of the Guardian the Witch was now fighting. Eggman had not initially seen any value in this object, but then, a booming, hazy, female voice echoed from the bottle. She introduced herself as the Dark Witch, a being of immense dark power who had been sealed away long ago by her foolish brother. The Witch's voice called out for Eggman to uncork the bottle and release her, preaching promises of riches and glory, conquest of all reality and the death of his enemies.

Naturally, considering how most of the supernatural beings he teamed up with had a habit of double crossing him at the last minute, the doctor was hesitant to reach out and free the Witch. For the briefest moment he contemplated just leaving her in her prison, walking away and paying no mind to the voice in his head. But then he realised, what other choice did he have? If he ever wanted to get out of this wasteland, to get back home to his world, then releasing this denizen of darkness was his best, and maybe only option. So he stretched out his arm, pulled the glass bottle down from the statue dog's arm and pulled out the cork...

And a giant mist of darkness spouted out of the bottle, slowly forming the silhouette of the Witch.

The Witch had been positively jolly about being released, cackling madly and casting bolts of dark lightning willy-nilly, smashing mountains and reducing the statue of the Guardian to dust. When she was done with her madness the enormous shadowy Witch lowered herself down to Eggman's level, genuinely thanked him for freeing her from her prison and promised that a new age of darkness was about to begin, and that all worlds would fall under her grasp. Eggman had meekly nodded to everything she said, before working up the bravery to ask her about his reward. The Witch smiled, and promised him that he would soon have the pleasure of defeating his nemesis and that he would have control over the world he originated. Eggman grinned a grin so wicked it matched that of the Witch.

But before the evil one's could take their talk further, a blinding light appeared over where the statue once stood. When it finally subsided they found the Guardian floating above the ground, a mighty aura of light surrounding his body. With a glum look on his face the Guardian greeted his sister, then scolded Eggman for setting her free, telling him he had placed the entire Universe in grave danger. The Witch just laughed, greeted the Guardian as her "Little Brother", he insisted they had been created at exactly the same time and that she must return to her prison, and then the Witch threw a fit and blasted him with lightning.

And so there we were, ten hours later and the battle between the super-powered siblings continued to rage on, and Eggman could see no clear end in sight.

The Witch picked her brother up by the throat with her scaly hand, a look of loathing in her eyes.

"Why don't you just STAY DOWN! You can't beat me, you know you can't!" The Witch spat, raising a fist covered in darkness. But the Guardian shot a beam of light from his eyes directly into the Witch's face, blinding her long enough for the Guardian to wriggle free from her grip and push her back several feet with a light fist.

"I defeated you before, those many eons ago, and I shall do so again to protect the worlds from your influence" The Guardian spouted tiredly. The Witch growled.

"Why did you have to imprison me at all! I've done nothing wrong!" The Witch screamed in her brother's face. The Guardian shook his head, clearly depressed that she wasn't getting it.

"Sister, you abused your powers, you killed many innocent people, turned your own followers into heartless monsters of the shadows. You tried to take over the realm of light, shroud the worlds in darkness and destroy my element, bringing all that the people of the Realm of Light had accomplished to ruin in the process" The Guardian explained. The Witch scoffed.

"SO WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THAT" The Witch snarled. The Guardian shook his head once more, now looking a little nostalgic.

"I remember a time before all of this, when light and darkness were at balance. When the universe was first created by the Ancients, and we were then formed by the purest light, and the greatest darkness respectively. I remember when I would watch over the realm of light, keeping peace, while you would do the same for your Realm of Darkness, keeping your people safe and teaching them to use their powers responsibly. I remember... those oh so wonderful days, when we were close" The Guardian said, his eyes slowly filling with tears, as even the Witch looked a bit remorseful "What happened to you, my sister. Why did you try to take over?"

The Witch sighed heavily, staring down at her brother with a look of authority "Because it was in everyone's best interest. You saw how people across the worlds were fighting, you saw how, in their freedom, they went on to cause harm and suffering among themselves, starting wars and fighting over nonsense. I stripped my people of darkness of free will to help them, as heartless they did only as I commanded them too. They were truly safe, nothing could harm them. I just wanted the entire universe to have that, for every being in existence to be safe from their own recklessness"

"You really think that was the right thing?" The Guardian growled, giving his sister a revolted look "You really think turning all living things into your mindless puppets was helping them?!"

"Oh yeah, puppy! And just what were you doing to help the people of the light, huh?" The Witch spat "You let them turn their societies into dumps, where concepts like murder, rape and crime may exist! You only ever intervened when the worlds were in deepest danger, otherwise you just stood aside in your palace, not even bothering to teach them right! I helped my people solve ALL their problems, why didn't you!?"

The Guardian stared down at the ground remorsefully "I was not meant to interfere with mortal affairs unless strictly necessary. It was the Ancients's plan to allow all living beings to live out their lives as they chose, make their own choices and learn what was right, so that when they died they would join the Ancients in the glorious kingdom of heaven-"

"And those Ancients!" The Witch growled suddenly, her eyes flaming once more "Oh, The Ancients! Those pathetic "God's" As they're called, they were even less helpful than you. They went to all the effort to create the worlds, and then they couldn't even be bothered to safeguard them themselves. And what have they done since? Arceus has been locked away in the hall of origins since time began. Polokus went to sleep after creating his world. Odin is a jerk, and Aslan... well, I respect Aslan more than the other six Ancients, but even he doesn't help his kingdom of Narnia unless he HAS to! Those old hacks don't give a damn about what happens to their creations!"

"That is not true" The Guardian said defensively "The Ancients care very much for the worlds. That is why they ordered me to defeat you, and seal you away when you tried to conquer the realm of light"

"Oh, really? I thought you did that yourself" The Witch said uncaringly. The Guardian sighed deeply.

"Sister, please. Try to understand me. I understand your reasons, despite what others may think I know you are still good, I know you are doing what you believe is right. But it's not... and I need you to realise that. Not because it's what the Ancients would want, not because it's in the best interest of all worlds, but because it's what's best for you yourself. Because... I miss you, my sister" The Guardian's voice broke, and tears streamed down his face. The Witch's glare disappeared, and suddenly she looked saddened, and touched by these words.

"I want you to come back to your senses. I want you to realise that your method for helping the worlds is wrong, and for things to go back the way they were when time started. I just... I just want my sister back"

The Witch's expression softened even further. She looked remorseful, a hint of regret apparent in her eyes. Slowly, gently, she reached out to stroke her brother's head... but then she summoned a blade of darkness and drove it straight into the Guardian's chest, piercing his heart!

"I am sorry too brother... sorry it has to be this way" The Witch said, her own voice cracking, but she prevented herself from crying "I never wanted us to fight like this, I always thought we'd be together in safeguarding the worlds for all eternity... but the way things were, and I know they still are... I know I'm right, I know by taking over the worlds, ruling over it's people with an iron fist, that I can make everything alright. I know I can make the worlds a better place for everyone. That is why I must kill you. I know no matter what I say, we will never see eye to eye again. I know you will always oppose me, and I can't allow that, for everyone's sake you cannot be allowed to stop me. I still love you as my brother, I'm just doing this for your own good"

The Guardian breathed quickly, unable to even recoil in pain as blood trickled from his chest where the dark blade was still lodged. With one last saddened look up at his sister, he smiled and said "And I will do what I believe is for your own good"

Before the Witch even had time to register those words the Guardian raised his hand and blinded her with a flash of light from his palm, which covered the entire dark plains in it's brightness. With the last of his strength and his life force depleting, the Guardian of Light pulled the wicked blade out of his chest, summoned a portal to the realm of light and leapt into it. The light subsided the moment he had vanished, the Witch looked around frantically for her brother, and let out an ear splitting scream of frustration when she realized he had successfully escaped.

"No. No! NO! No, no, NO, NO, NO!" The Witch screamed, demolishing any remaining mountainside in the valley with her dark lightning. The Witch seethed as Dr Eggman cautiously drew closer.

"I hardly see reason for being so upset, oh dark one" Eggman said as respectfully as he could "No being could survive such an injury as you have just inflicted on that Guardian, surely he will soon die and-"

"I know that you ignorant swine!" The Witch roared at the evil scientist, who backed away and covered his face defensively. The Witch took a moment to calm down before elaborating.

"Of course my brother is going to die, I could see in his eyes that his life was coming to a close, and that he'll never reach the Hall Of Origin in time for the Ancients to heal him. But he was not suppose to escape before I could finish killing him! It does not matter if his physical form dies, his power will survive in the form of a great light and find a new host, while my brother's spirit will remain to teach the new guardian of light to use his powers. It's a safety measure the Ancients devised when they created us, if one of us died in battle a new guardian would take our place. That's why they had to seal me away, and not simply kill me. And it is why my brother had to die here, so that I could seal away his power and his spirit, trap them forever in the farthest reaches of the Realm Of Darkness, so that no one could ever oppose me. Now that he's escaped back into his realm his light will seek out the person with the kindest, noblest, most light filled heart in the universe, and they will become the new guardian! This puts my entire plan in jeopardy!" The Witch explained furiously.

"Hmm... I see" Eggman hummed, frowning thoughtfully "Is there any way we can track down your brother's power in time to seal it away?"

The Witch sighed heavily "No. I cannot enter the realm of light, during my previous attempts to take over my brother and I cast spells on one another, so that our spirits could not enter the other's Realm. I can remain safe and untouched once I return in my realm, but I cannot enter my brother's realm to capture him or do battle with his successor... but there is some hope, you"

"Me?" Dr Eggman wondered for a second, before it dawned on him "I can enter the Realm of Light though, because my world is a part of it. I can track down the new Guardian and defeat them-" Eggman was cut off by the Witch's wild, humorless laughter.

"Of course you won't defeat them. I have seen into your heart, all of your memories... you are a mortal man who relies on machines to do his bidding. You cannot defeat the new Guardian" The Witch said coldly, but then a wicked smile crept up her sunken face "But you're right on the first point, you CAN enter the realm of light. You CAN track down the new Guardian. But we'll need someone else to defeat him. Someone... who can wield this..."

And the Witch plunged her hand into her own chest, pulling out an orb of swirling darkness.

"Only my spirit and physical form are forbidden from entering the Realm Of Light, my own power is not, if it is free from my body. Take this orb, it contains half of my dark energy. I will remain in contact with you from my dark realms, when you find someone in the Realm Of Light who has a suitably evil heart, give him my powers. We shall then instruct this chosen warrior of darkness to hunt down the new guardian, defeat him or her, and then drag them into the Realm Of Darkness, where I will personally do away with them. Permanently. And then at last we shall be free to conquer all" The Witch explain, her confidence shining through her glowing ruby eyes as she handed the orb of her of darkness to Eggman, who accepted it into his arms with a look of both uncertainty and a hint of jealousy.

"Not that I doubt you my dear, but this plan of yours sounds very flawed. First of all, if this is only half of your power and the new Guardian will have all of your brother's power, how can we be sure our warrior will succeed?" Eggman questioned, the Witch nodded in agreement, surprising the doctor.

"I know what you mean. I am hoping whoever is chosen will be a weakling who does not know how to make use of this power. I wish for you to find someone who is a skilled warrior to accept my power, and then we will give him a quick practise session so he will know how to wield the darkness effectively in battle. If it turns out the new Light Guardian is a match for him, or even stronger, I shall give more of my power to our dark warrior so that he may slay the Light Guardian. I'm not saying this plan will work, but it's the best we can hope for on such short notice. Regardless of whether we slay the new Light Guardian we shall still go ahead with my plans" The Witch replied.

"And, what exactly is your plan?" Dr Eggman asked, raising an eyebrow. The Witch smirked at him.

"To recruit the strongest, most evil weilders of darkness from every world in the Realm of Light, like yourself, and form a mighty army with which to crush any remaining resistance in that realm, and then destroy the core of light within each world, shrouding the entire Realm Of Light in eternal DARKNESS. You will play a crucial role in this plan, Ivo, and rest assured, once we have succeeded you, as one of my generals, shall have complete control over your own world" The Witch explained in a crafty voice. Eggman grinned widely, likeing every word she said.

"I like your style, my wicked friend. I shall be happy to help you" Eggman said with a curt bow, though he thought to himself 'And maybe afterwards I'll find a way to usurp you, and rule all the worlds myself. Heh, heh, heh'

"So we are agreed. You shall set forth momentarily, just as soon as I may determine which world my brother's power has set course to" The Witch finished dramatically. With her new plan set forth, The Witch looked to the skies. Beyond the seemingly endless black clouds, she saw just the tiniest shred of light, the remains of an ancient sun, about to burn out.

"You were smart to escape with your power brother, but know this" The Witch said to herself, reaching out her hand so it looked like she was holding the teeny spark of a sun between two of her fingers "No matter who you choose as the next Guardian, no matter what steps you take to defeat me, in the end... darkness shall prevail" And she closed the gap between her fingers. At that exact same moment, the sun completely burnt out, shrouding the twilight realm in pitch darkness.

In a far away world there was a small town called Birchwood. A pleasant little town where you hardly saw the adults, but the children were always out playing and enjoying their lives, happy and carefree. Well, most of them were happy, right now one thirteen year old boy was very depressed.

Charlie Brown walked away from the baseball field on which the team he managed had just lost their tenth game in a row this season. He walked further and further away from the field until he came to rest in the park, sitting down underneath a small oak tree. He sighed sadly as he thought about the rotten day he had been having.

He had started the day by falling out of bed, then he fell down the stairs and hit his head against a table with a lamp that fell on him, then while he was eating breakfast he fell out of his chair at the table and hit his head against a fallen saucepan. After this he had cut his thumb opening a can of dog food for his pet beagle Snoopy, who hadn't the time to show any gratitude for his owner's action because he was busy living out his daydream of being a World War I flying ace.

After that lousy start to the day Charlie Brown had nearly been hit by a car while he was walking down the street with his friend Linus and sister Sally, but he still got a face full of muddy water as the car drove over a puddle. When the three of them arrived at school Charlie Brown's teacher surprised him with a pop quiz, for which he couldn't answer a single question because he had been home sick for a week and hadn't had a chance to catch up on everything his class had been learning in preparation for this pop quiz. When lunch rolled around everyone in school cut in front of Charlie Brown in the line for lunch, and in the end all he had to eat was spinach and lima beans. Then for the last lesson before school was out, the class had a surprise oral test! Charlie Brown ended up making a fool out of himself when he couldn't think of an answer to the questions and just kept stammering. Even the teacher laughed at him.

Since school ended early that day Charlie Brown had arranged for his baseball team to have it's next game straight after the last lesson, for which all of his friends yelled at him in annoyance. And of course the game went terribly, Charlie Brown couldn't strike anyone out, his outfielders failed to catch and often didn't even notice a single ball that came their way, and when it was time for his team to bat, no one managed to make a hit. The opposing team, lead by Charlie's friend Peppermint Patty, won by a landslide. And while Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown's other friends on her team congratulated him on having the bravery to take them on despite the obvious outcome, Brown's own team threw a fit over the loss, and ignoring their own shortcomings they all blamed him for his team's failure and chastisised him for it. Lucy, Violet and Patty (Not Peppermint Patty) Especially complained, even going so far as to recite their infamous "Failure Face" Song afterwards so he got the message. So with all his friends angry at him Charlie Brown left the baseball field with a heavy heart.

Charlie Brown sighed again as he thought about it. He'd had plenty of bad days before, his life was full of failure and disappointment, but he hadn't had a day this horrible for a long time. The only time in his life he could remember feeling this bad was after he'd lost the national spelling bee and didn't go to school for a week because he was so depressed.

Charlie Brown had always tried to stay positive. Even when life kicked him down he always got back up, he always tried his best and was determined to succeed at something. He was sure that if he just kept trying, something good would happen to him. Throughout this entire day, despite all the trouble he had had he was sure something would go right, he had been certain his team would win that ball game, even though they had never one before while he was leading them. But no, this day had just gone on to be the worst day he'd had in years. He sighed again.

Just why was life so unfair to him? Charlie Brown had been lying awake in bed for years asking himself that question, but every time he asked that a voice just came to him and said "Sorry kid, that's not my department" Or "Your problems are too big for us to handle" Or something of that nature. Charlie Brown knew he was a good person, he was always there for people when they needed help, he was a caring big brother and a loyal pet owner, he did whatever his friends asked, even though he screwed everything up. And despite how his friends often treated him unfairly, he never spoke badly to them, he still considered every one of his friends dear to him. But no matter how much good he tried to do, nothing good seemed to happen to him in return.

He'd had small victories, sure. There was the time he beat Joe Agate at marbles and one back the marbles he'd taken from Rerun, who showed him a lot of respect afterwards. He'd won those baseball games against Royanne Hobb's team... but she had let him hit the winning home runs, so that didn't fairly count. And yeah, there was that race he'd won that one time, but the prize was tickets for free haircuts, and his hair was so short and blond he was practically bald, why would he need a haircut?

Charlie Brown's dad told him that everyone went through a time in there life where nothing seemed to go right for them. He said that everyone would have times where life just kicked them around, and people just wouldn't seem to care. But mr Brown also said that you had to pull yourself up, keep trying and eventually, something would go right. If you just kept trying, things WOULD get better, and life would start going your way. And to that Charlie Brown thought... just why wasn't that happening to him?

Charlie Brown stared sadly towards the sky. Night was slowly rolling by and several stars had appeared. One star that caught Charlie Brown's eye was far brighter than the others, and seemed to be moving... a shooting star!

Charlie Brown put his hands together and made a wish. He wished that life would get better for him. He wished that people would treat him with a little more respect, and that his friends would look to his as a real leader figure. He wished that, just once, he wouldn't be the goat. Just once, he wished he could be the hero...

And that's when Charlie Brown realised that the star was moving much faster than your average shooting star. And the way it was moving it looked like it was heading... directly towards him!

"Oh good grief!" Charlie Brown exclaimed, shooting to his feet. He thought about running, but the star, if it was a star, was falling so fast that he didn't know if he could avoid it. So he just stood there in fear as the blinding ball of light crashed down upon him!

And at that moment, Charlie Brown's wish came true... just not in the way he had wanted it too...

Tiger Lover 16: And that's a wrap folks! I must admit I loved writing this chapter, everything just came to me so clearly and it was a lot of fun to write. Ok, here's a few details. The Witch and the dog Guardian are two concepts I originally came up with as a little kid when I was playing with my toys. The Witch was the bad guy who all the heroes had to battle and stop from taking over the world, and the Guardian advised and aided the heroes in their battle against evil. Somehow I managed to adapt the idea of my childhood games into a feasible story, making the Witch and the Guardian brother and sister, coming up with a complex backstory for them, making them a LOT more believable, and making this story a mega crossover. It's less childish than it sounds, don't worry. You all read the preview, this story's gonna be dark, but it'll also have plenty of light hearted and cartoony moments and humour. And romance, there'll be all kinds of romance, I know how ya'll love that. And character interactions and development will come to play a big part in the story. And while characters from all sorts of franchises will be featured in this story, Charlie Brown will lead them all, and the Peanuts gang will all play main 's why this is a Peanuts-X-overs crossover. Some characers from different series will play bigger roles than others, but I'm hoping everyone has some time in the spotlight, and there'll be lots of twists and great story's. Mainly most chapters will be part of a wider story arc, but we'll get a few stand alone chapters that're just random stories about the characters interacting and a few funny stories, but there'll always be a plot going on. I know I've been known to take forever to update anything and I'm sorry for that, but I have a semi-solution. From now on, the only stories I'm writing are this one, "It's the Philosopher's Stone, Charlie Brown" And it's sequels, and "You're Amazing, Charlie Brown". I have plenty of other ideas, along with writers block they're the reason I've taken so long to make an update (Along with my obsessive reading of The P-Nuts Protectors by Toonwriter, you should read that by the way). But I've set up a forum, which you should all check out if you're interested, where I will post all my story ideas for Peanuts from now on as challenges, anyone interested in the ideas I put there on that forum should contact me and write it either themselves or as a co-authored project, with me in an advisory and editorial role while the interested author would do the actual writing. Other authors can post their own Peanuts challenges as well. I haven't posted any challenges so far, but that's because I haven't been very available this weekend. I'll get to that soon. I will, however, write the opening arcs for two stories, a Peanuts-X-men crossover and a Peanuts-Jackie Chan Adventures crossover, because I've put so much thought into the opening arcs, but I won't post them until I've written the opening arcs entirely, and I don't have a schedule for writing them, they'll be put up for adoption straight away. Hopefully this should all allow me to update faster. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the list of series, be they of video games, cartoons, anime, film or whatever that I will be using in this crossover:

Peanuts (Main series)



Powerpuff Girls*

Spiderman, plus wider Marvel universe*

Ed Edd n Eddy*

Crash Bandicoot*

Harry Potter*


Dragon Ball Z*


Spyro the Dragon (Mix of original series with elements of the Legend series, probably no reference to Skylanders, though that might be features as an alternate universe)


Chronicles of Narnia

Kung Fu Panda

Jackie Chan Adventures*

Phineas and Ferb

Xiaolin Showdown

Kim Possible*

Code Lyoko

*The ones with stars next to them will be featured as part of the long first main story arc.

Below are also a few optional series who's characters I may use in this story. This is going to be a big story though, and I don't want to just stuff it full of too many characters. I might use all of them, knowing me I just might, but if I do decide to go with any of these series they will probably take a while to be featured, and I will first have to work out an appropriate way to insert the characters and their universe into the plot:

Star Wars

Spongebob Squarepants




Ratchet and Clank

Viva Pinata

Kingdom Hearts

Ben 10

The Fairly Odd Parents


The Incredibles

How To Train Your Dragon (Movie, not the book)

American Dragon: Jake Long

Lilo and Stitch

Tiger Lover 16: If either of those optional series you're REALLY interested in seeing used in this story, tell me in a review or a PM to my other account Tiger Lover 16 SPARE ACCOUNT (This account doesn't accept PM's, long story, sorry) I probably will use these series in the story, I just don't have any concrete plans for any of them now, except perhaps for Ratchet and Clank, they're most likely to appear in the story. If there's another show, video game, film or film series or whatever other franchise you would like me to include in this story just ask, if I like it I'll seriously, honestly consider using it in this story. But let me just say right now, no one ask me to use Twilight by Stephanie Meyer in this story. I HATE THOSE BOOKS AND FILMS BEYOND ALL REASON! I apologise to any Twilight fans I may have upset with that comment, it's just my personal opinion. I promise you this will be an awesome story, just be patient with me. I plan to update as frequently as I can, and I promise you now, I WILL finish this and all my other Peanuts crossover stories. Ok, I think I'll leave it at that now. Just as a final note, I'd like to apologise for how harshly I treated Charlie Brown in that last scene. I wanted to kick myself for treating him so badly, but there's a very important reason for why I wrote that scene as I did. more will be explained next chapter, and hopefully the other characters will make up for how they mistreated Charlie Brown here. Oh, and yes, Charlie Brown and the magority of his friends are thirteen, Sally and Linus are twelve and Snoopy and Woodstock... well, God only knows. Oh, and Joe Agate's the second main villain after the Witch. Have a nice day, please review.