Tiger Lover 16: Alright everyone? This took a while, like most of my chapters, but I'm glad it's done. I'm going to keep this one short and save the rest for after, so as always, enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 1, You're In the Mushroom Kingdom, Charlie Brown: Part 3


That was the sound the ancient doors made as the heroes entered the castle. Mario and Luigi were of course the first in, ushering Charlie Brown and Sparky in after them. Snoopy and Woodstock wandered in after them, and after much difficulty Sally managed to force Yoshi through the doors.

Once inside the heroes took the time to get a good look at the entrance hall. The ceiling was a lot higher than it had been in any of the other castles the group had visited thus far, and the décor a lot less inviting. The bricks of the walls were a very dark shade of grey, bordering on black. Several tapestries hung on them, mostly the Banner's displaying Bowser's silhouetted face, though others seemed to depict Koopa kings from generations past. There were no less than six statues scattered around the room, one next to each door on the left and right sides of the hall, and two by the doors directly ahead of the group. The floors were lined with carpets of a blood red colour, and there was little light, mostly coming from candles and torches scattered about bearing red and blue flames. The overall effect of the hall could be described as creepy beyond reason.

Most of the group, including Charlie Brown, were trembling at the eeriness of the hall. Mario and Luigi however were quite used to invading this castle, so it didn't affect them at all. And Sparky, well, it took an awful lot worse than a creepy entrance hall to frighten him.

Mario and Luigi walked forward and looked around, checking every inch of the room for anything out of the ordinary. After being attacked by heartless the duo had a good reason to be cautious this time around. Charlie Brown got a hold of himself long enough to follow them, turning back to Sally, Yoshi, Snoopy and Woodstock and urging them to follow, which they did so after each taking deep breaths to calm down.

"So, where do we go from here?" Charlie Brown asked. Mario turned around to look at him.

"Well, normally we'd-a go for the throne room, that's several rooms and a bridge away from here. Be on guard, this isn't a safe place" Mario explained, in a much sterner voice than was characteristic of him.

Snoopy passed by one of the statues of Bowser. Quickly getting over his nerves, Snoopy changed his facial expressions to match the statue's. The impression was so good it managed to make Woodstock scream and run up into Sally's hair to hide. Sally took offense to this and pushed him out.

The doors at the end of the room suddenly flew open. The heroes jumped in fright and assumed fighting positions. Two koopas walked into the room, holding both doors open. Mario and Charlie Brown gave the duo imploring looks, to which the koopas threw creepy smiles at the heroes.

"Ah, Mario and... erm, greenstache. And friends" The koopa on the right began.

"Greenstache?" Luigi moaned.

"King Bowser has been expecting you folks. Best not to keep him waiting" The koopa on the left continued for his partner. The heroes exchanged worried looks.

"Bowser knows we're here already?" Charlie Brown asked.

"Joe Agate knows we're here already" Sparky corrected his successor "If my sister has taught him enough, then he'll have been able to sense when we arrived through the pipe"

"So does this mean we're walking into another trap?" Sally wondered.

"Most likely. But that's-a never stopped me and Luigi before, and it ain't-a stopping us now" Mario said determinedly.

"You still have a chance to go back Sally" Charlie Brown pointed out hopefully, earning a hopeful nod from Yoshi. Sally folded her arms.

"I'm staying" Sally said firecly. Yoshi sighed. The little dinosaur really wished he could just wait outside, but he wasn't about to leave Sally alone in this situation. For a friend's safety he was willing to face his fears.

With suspicious looks at the two koopas, Charlie Brown and the gang passed through the doors and into a narrow hallway even darker than the entrance hall. As they walked through it, the heroes noticed several paintings lined up along the walls. Most of them of course were of Bowser in impressive, or sometimes goofy poses, even including one of the koopa king doing a headstand. There were also a few paintings of Bowser Jr and various other young koopas that could have been his children. Charlie Brown wondered if he was the only one who thought the eyes of those portraits were watching them go by.

At the end of the hallways the heroes passed through another door, leading them into a room that was completely bare of furniture, but had two rows of enemies lined up on either side. Koopas, goombas, Hammer Bros, Boomerang Bros, Shy Guys, Lakitus, winged koopas, and even a few creatures that only the Mario Brothers and perhaps Sparky had seen before. The guard of enemies bowed and ushered the heroes onwards. Everyone kept up their guard as they walked across this room. Snoopy even took the time to take up a fighting position and throw several false punches, urging the enemies to react. When they just stood still Snoopy gave up and ran up to re-join the pack.

Feeling slightly unnerved by that last encounter, and feeling a strong sense of foreboding, the heroes continued on through several more dark rooms, until they came out onto a large wooden bridge supported by chains.

Charlie Brown walked along the edge of the bridge, looking down to see that there was a huge pit of molten lava about fifty feet below. With a gulp he stepped back so that he was well away from the edge, pulling Snoopy and Woodstock back when they got too close.

"Is it really safe to have pits of lava around his own castle?" Charlie Brown wondered aloud.

"It doesn't normally effect Bowser that badly. At the times when it melts off-a his skin Kamek just revives him as a skeleton, and then later restores his flesh. But I get-a what you're saying, it's menacing, but impractical" Mario said rather off handedly. The Brown siblings blinked a few times and gagged at the mental images forming in their minds.

While it took the Mario brothers and Yoshi mere seconds to get across the bridge, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock all took several minutes, so afraid of suddenly falling off the bridge and into the pit of lava that they took every step painstakingly slowly. When the heroes were finally all present, Mario walked up to the next door and held onto the handle, turning to address each of his teammates.

"Ok, this is it. I'm not going to wait this time, so I'm-a just going to say one thing: Prepare yourselves" Mario said, pushing open the door.

Without a moments hesitation the group stepped into the room. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the throne room turned out to be the most well lit room in the castle thus far. The décor was similar to the entrance hall, with the main differences being that the room was actually twice that size, and of course sported a tall set of stairs at the end leading up to a large throne.

There, high above everything and everyone else in the room, sat the king of Darkland himself. Bowser sat in a regal position, with both of his enormous hands clutching the ends of his throne. As his enemies approached the steps leading up to his glorious seat, the koopa king glowered down at them with a sadistic smile. Mario, Charlie Brown and the others looked up at him. Besides Bowser's throne Joe Agate sat on a smaller seat made out of dark energy, sporting his own matching grin and eating a mushroom, while Doctor Eggman and Thibault stood behind him. Hanging nearby in what looked like an enormous black birdcage were Peppermint Patty and Princess Peach, the former trying to bite her way through the bars after all other forms of attack proved unable to make a dent, while the princess just looked at her with concern for her mentality before spotting Mario and the others down below and eagerly pointing this out to Patty.

After everyone took a moment to gape at the cage Bowser had trapped their friends in, the heroes turned once again to look at the villains. Bowser laughed.

"You're all early" Bowser began in a pleasant, confident tone. Mario and Charlie Brown glared at him "What, did you finally find that short cut that's been right outside the door all these years? And some people call me stupid, honestl-"

"We've come to take-a back the Princess and Charlie Brown's friend Patty!" Mario cut across defiantly "Let them go now or else!"

"Or else?" Joe Agate chuckled, followed by a round of cackling from the villains, which disturbed the heroes as much as it irritated them "Gee, haven't heard that one before. If you want your threats to have any impact, you gotta give us a little more than that" Joe said mockingly to Mario, then inclining his head to face Charlie Brown, at whom he shot a painfully fake smile "So, Brown, how's the hero thing going? You screwed up and let a whole planets worth of people die yet?"

"No, actually things are going reasonably well" Charlie Brown replied grudgingly.

"For now, but it's only a matter of time" Joe replied, taking another bite out of the mushroom he was eating and disintegrating what was left in his hand. Charlie Brown glared at him before turning his gaze worryingly to the cage. Peppermint Patty saw he was looking and waved casually at him.

"Hiya Chuck, good to see you" Peppermint Patty said in a conversational tone, not sounding at all like a person held against their will in a cramped cage unsteadily hanging twenty feet off the ground "You and those guys just kick Agate's butt, we're fine. I think I've almost broken out" She then proceeded to kick the bars with full force. The only thing she achieved from this was causing the cage to rock back and forth in a hap hazardous manner. Patty and the Princess tried to keep on their feet, but quickly collapsed onto one another. Thibault let out a hysterical laugh.

Bowser tapped the ends of his throne thoughtfully, glaring down at each of the heroes and sizing them up. Sparky floated upwards to face the villains, giving stern looks to Joe and Eggman.

"I see you've made a full recovery Joseph. Forgive me, but I'm not happy for you" Sparky said coldly. Joe shrugged and leaned back in his chair.

"Gee, you're one grumpy all-loving guardian" Agate quipped. Sparky ignored it.

"When did you form an alliance with the koopas?" Sparky asked.

"Just last night, actually" Eggman replied "At first we were going to go to the Marvel world to parley with some dictator called Doctor Doom, but then The Witch sensed you and Charlie Brown were here, so Joe decided it was in our best interests to get in your way"

"So I'd be correct to assume this is the first new alliance you've forged?" Sparky asked, keeping his tone stoic, though hoping very much he was right.

"The first of many. We've already planned our next few moves, we're getting everything ready for when we take your realm by force" Joe answered boastfully. Sparky's glare intensified. At least the villains had not progressed any further than they had.

"That shall not come to pass. And you, Bowser" Sparky turned to face the koopa king "I know you are evil, but even one such as yourself has standards. My sister is a diabolical maniac beyond hope of redemption, as much as I've tried. She'll reduce this entire world to ruin in her effort to "Liberate" the inhabitants. Even if she did make good on whatever she promised you, and I'm certain I know, you would be left the king of a dystopian world even worse off than the kingdom you currently rule over. Why would you side with such people?"

Bowser gave Sparky a calculating look and scratched his chin before answering. "'Cause this sounds like it's my best chance to be a winner for once, and I'd be just as stupid as people think I am if I passed that up"

Sparky stared thoughtfully at Bowser for a moment. It seemed the odds of talking the koopa king out of this partnership were slim. He had watched Bowser's every failure from the confines of the Light Palace, he had seen how bitter and desperate he was to succeed again Mario. And as much as Sparky could argue about how corrupt the Dark Empire was, what could he offer Bowser in exchange for siding against them. They were offering Bowser the chance to achieve his greatest dreams and desires, the sorts of things Sparky could never offer him out of morality. No, it seemed the only way out of this one was through violence. Unfortunately.

"Very well then. But mark my words, you'll regret this decision eventually" Sparky informed the koopa king. Bowser watched the spirit descend to where the heroes stood and sneered at his words.

As Sparky floated down he exchanged glances with Charlie Brown and Mario. He nodded at them, and they nodded back in unison.

Mario stepped forward and looked up at the villains.

"Ok then, I'm-a not in favour of needlessly prolonging things, so how's about we-a get to the fighting part already?" The over-alled hero suggested. Joe got up and stretched his arms and legs.

"Big nose has a point, I'm in the mood for some butt-kicking" Joe said casually.

"You'll get your turn. But for now, I promised my children they'd be getting some new playmates..." Bowser got up and put his hands at the sides of his mouth to shout "OH KIDS! PLAY TIME!"

Two doors at either side of the room burst open, and before the heroes could register it, seven new figures charged into the room and surrounded them. On closer inspection they appeared to be Koopa's, though with much more distinct features, notably they all had spiked shells like Bowser and most also sported hair.

Mario and Luigi got into battle positions while Charlie Brown, Sally and the animals just looked at the koopas in confusion.

"Who are-"

"The Koopalings. Bowser's kids" Mario answered Sally "And I'd recommend you be on your guard right now"

One of the koopas leapt forward right in front of the group and gave them a playful smirk. He had large oval shaped blue eyes, five spikes of blue hair growing out of his green head and the back part of his shell was blue, though the front was the same orange and yellow that was typical of the koopalings.

"I'm Larry Koopa, youngest and cutest of the koopalings. I lie and cheat my way to victory, which you're all about to figure out!" The boy introduced himself in a voice that could be described as the children's equivalent to a seedy merchant. With a mocking laugh at the heroes, Larry jumped back into place.

The koopaling to Larry's left stepped forward. He was much more distinct than his little brother, and all of his siblings actually. While most of the koopas clearly had the same complexion as their father, this one had a very dark grey skin tone, including a nearly black spiked shell on his back. His face however was mostly chalk white, with the exception of a rather unique star mark over his left eye. He had a much more rounded head and body shape than his siblings, which served to make him look bulky in comparison, as well as three long black hairs growing out of his the top of his head.

He growled at the heroes before introducing himself in a gravely voice "I'm Morton Koopa Jr. I'm the second youngest and the toughest of us koopalings. I'm rough and tough and ready to squash you all flat! With my trusty hammer I'm a menace, always crushing anything that gets in my way or which I otherwise don't like! And I don't like any of you guys at all, so I'm REALLY going to squash you! I'll squash you right down into the ground, squash you so hard that all your guts'll come squirtin' out! Grose I know, but that's what I'm gonna do! I'll squash, bash, smash, crush, stomp and pound ya! I'll-"

Morton koopa Jr's rant was cut short when the koopaling standing at his side leaned over and bonked him on the head and then kicked him in the shin, causing him to go into another long rant under his breath. The rest of the koopalings sighed in relief at this.

"We really need to get a muzzle for him" The koopaling who had hit Morton quipped. She was clearly the only female among the koopalings, as emphasized by her pink shell, big pink lips, pink bow with white spots and pink high healed boots. Though oddly enough, she was one of only two of the koopalings to actually be bald. The female koopaling also had a babyish face that was the same tan colour as the rest of her body, unlike her brothers. She also sported two large yellow ring-like bracelets and a red beaded necklace.

The female koopaling strolled in front of the heroes and stood before them in a smug, full of herself manner "I'm Wendy O. Koopa, the most lovely and beautiful girl in all of Darkland"

Sally lowered herself down near her brother and snarkily said "I'm guessing koopa's must have a very low standard of beauty" She was promptly struck in the dead centre of her head by one of Wendy's bracelets, which flew back to her afterwards like a boomerang, while the force of the impact caused Sally to collapse off of Yoshi and onto the floor.

"STILL BETTER LOOKING THAN YOU, BLONDY!" Wendy yelled in a shrill and angry voice while her siblings chortled at her actions.

Snoopy and Woodstock helped Sally rise unsteadily to her feet. After shaking off the pain she became enraged and charged forward, having to be restrained from pouncing on her attacker by Charlie Brown.

"Let me at her! Let me at her!" Sally yelled, throwing her fists wildly and sending a death glare at the koopa girl.

"Just-wait-a moment" Charlie Brown gasped, struggling to restrain his volatile sister. Wendy O. Koopa gave Sally a smug smile and turned her back on her, walking back into place in a super-model fashion.

Sally calmed down enough to listen to the next koopaling introduce himself. He was the wildest looking of the koopalings, with palm-tree styled green hair and a green shell. Another individualistic trait of his was that he wore glasses, which combined with the blue in his eyes being separated from his pupils by a circle of white gave his eyes a spiralling appearance. He was the tallest and thinnest of the koopalings, and sported a number of visible fangs. All in all these features served to make him look crazy and demented, an impression bolstered by his crazed laughter before addressing the heroes.

"I'm Larry Koopa, the kookiest koopaling of them all. I'm also the smartest, don't let Ludwig take the credit, I build all the machines around here!" After this brief introduction Larry returned to his original standing position while still laughing maniacally. Charlie Brown was a bit put off by it.

The next koopaling who stepped forward was perhaps the most muscular, which gave him a somewhat "Manly" appearance compared to his siblings, though the fact that his face was pink kinda put that into question. He also wore pink sunglasses that obscured his eyes, and he had a purple shell on his back. The koopaling looked over the heroes and stretched his muscles at them in an effort to look intimidating.

"I'm Roy Koopa, I'm the toughest, meanest and baddest koopaling of them all! Mess with me and you'll get clobbered!" Roy introduced himself, slamming his right fist into his left palm to emphasize.

As Roy got back into place, the sixth koopaling rolled forward. And by that I mean he was riding on an enormous rubber ball, while also juggling several smaller purple balls. The koopaling, who was by far the smallest and sported a rainbow coloured Mohawk, looked happy and carefree in his juggling, laughing childishly as he continued to act like a clown without so much as acknowledging the heroes. Charlie Brown, Sally, Snoopy and Woodstock were all giving him odd looks, while the Mario bros and Yoshi were of course unsurprised. After almost a whole minute of the ball riding koopaling just playing around, the other koopalings began to look annoyed and exchange glances, except for a seemingly amused Iggy.

"Lemmy, you're supposed to introduce yourself!" Larry called to his brother. Lemmy looked over at him, losing concentration on his juggling, which resulted in the three balls bouncing off his head in unison, causing Lemmy to stumble back before falling off the large ball he was riding. The littlest koopaling laid there silently for a moment... then burst out in renewed childish laughter. The other koopalings looked mortified.

"Are we sure we can't get king dad to let us sell him to the circus?" Roy asked his siblings. Wendy shook her head.

"You don't give up on family, he says. Like it or not we're stuck with him" Wendy told him.

"I still argue he'd be a lot happier in the circus" Larry said grouchily.

"We're not selling him, end of story" Wendy said sternly. The other koopalings muttered loudly before Lemmy got back up onto his big rubber ball and rolled back into his original standing position... if you could call it that.

"Hard to believe he's the second oldest" Luigi whispered to Charlie Brown, who noticed that the Koopalings were now all putting on earplugs. He wasn't sure why, until a loud blast of piano music struck his ears. Loud, horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE piano music that barely sounded like music at all. It was worse than Luigi's singing, the sound of it was so bad it reduced all the heroes to their knees, clutching their ears in pain as their ear drugs threatened to bleed. Through the pain of it all, Charlie Brown somehow managed to look up to see who was behind it all. Playing at the vial piano was the last koopaling, with wild blue hair and a wicked face, sporting blue eyebrows, a single buck tooth and a blue spiked shell, the koopaling pounded away tunelessly at the keys of his piano, finishing off by slamming all the notes at once and holding them down for one loud boom. As the heroes panted and spluttered on the floor, the blue haired koopaling tossed the piano aside and laughed maniacally at them.

"And I am Ludwig Von Koopa, the magnificent! Eldest of the Koopalings, heir to the throne of Darkland and the Koopa Troop! My talent for music is rivalled only by my cruelty, as you shall soon find out"

Through sheer force of will, the heroes managed to recover from that bout of horrible piano playing and rise to their feet, though all feeling somewhat unsteady.

'Schroeder would not get along with this kid' Charlie Brown thought to himself.

The rest of the Koopalings calmly removed their earplugs, laughing at the suffering the heroes had just endured. Up above their father and the other villains hadn't been so clever to use earplugs, though the distance had at least minimised most of their sufferings. Bowser, on the other hand, actually seemed to enjoy the performance, as he smiled down at Ludwig and then nudged Eggman's shoulder.

"Pretty good, ain't he?" Bowser said proudly. Eggman sneered.

"It's like listening to road works" Eggman quipped. Bowser turned furiously on him.

"What was that?!" Bowser growled. Eggman sweat dropped, blathering nervously as he tried to correct himself.

"Erm... it's like... Rodwork, a composer from my world. He makes all the best piano symphonies" Eggman told him. Bowser glared at him for a moment before his frown turned into a satisfied smirk.

"Oh. Yeah, figures my son would remind you of him. He's gonna be big someday" Bowser said boastfully, turning his attention back to his kids and enemies below. Eggman wiped the sweat off his brow and sighed, chuckling lightly when he realized he'd fooled the dig dope.

As Charlie Brown and friends shook off the lingering effects of Ludwig's terrible music, one more figure swooped into the room through the back door. Kamek flew over the Koopalings and hovered above them on his broomstick, looking down at the heroes.

"Oh great, you again. Haven't we got enough pests to worry about?" Sally groaned while Yoshi glared at his enemy. Kamek straightened his glasses and held his beak high.

"I'll have you know I'm as displeased to see you knaves again as you are to see me. But no worry, I won't be seeing you for long" Kamek began, looking down at the Koopalings "Ok children, time for a practical lesson in spellcasting. Wands at the ready-"

On Kamek's order the Koopalings pulled out their own wands identical to his, though each had a uniquely coloured jewel at the tip, orange for Larry, red for Morton, purple for Wendy, yellow for Iggy, black for Roy, green for Lemmy and blue for Ludwig. The koopalings pointed their wands at the hero group, all of whom looked concerned.

"Now, aim carefully children, and..."

"When he gives the word Charlie, put up a shield. As thick a shield as you can manage" Mario urgently whispered to Charlie Brown.


All at once the Koopalings shot multiple coloured blasts of magic from their wands, which joined together into one enormous swirl of energy that rocketed towards the heroes. As he had been told Charlie Brown set up an enormous light shield, but for all his effort he couldn't hold back the full force of the blast when it collided, and both the shield and the energy blast exploded against one another, the shockwave of which sent the gang flying in various directions.

Scattered and shaken, the heroes steadily recovered. Mario got to his feet first and ran to regroup with Charlie Brown, only to have his path blocked by Larry Koopa. The youngest koopaling pointed his wand at Mario's face and grinned sinisterly. Mario responded with a determined look while crouching down into a fighting position.

Twenty feet away, Luigi took a little longer to get to his feet. And when he did he was immediately pushed down again via a kick to the back of his head. Turning to face his attacker, Luigi saw Iggy Koopa standing over him, laughing wildly and ready to fight. Luigi glared and flipped himself back into a standing position.

Over with Snoopy and Woodstock, the duo found themselves briefly dazed by their sudden flight. Snoopy recovered first, and when he noticed Woodstock was still seeing stars he picked the little bird up and shook him up and down a few times before dropping him on his feet. Defying logic, this seemed to snap Woodstock back to reality.

"IIII, II III II!" Woodstock chirped in an annoyed tone, not liking being shaken. Snoopy gave him a bemused look.

"Hey, we're under attack by a band of walking talking turtle kids, if you want to complain to anyone, then yell at them" Snoopy said defiantly. Woodstock huffed and turned away. His eyes widened and he let out a shriek before jumping out of the way. Snoopy scratched his head before noticing that Lemmy Koopa was rolling his enormous rubber ball at him at ninety miles an hour. Letting out a yelp, Snoopy only barely managed to avoid becoming road kill as Lemmy Koopa zoomed passed, before coming to a very sudden stop a yard away and flipping the ball around to face Snoopy and Woodstock again.

The duo looked up at Lemmy Koopa, who was looking at them with an expression of childish glee.

"Yay, puppy! I wanna play with the puppy!" He screamed eagerly. Snoopy shuddered in terror.

"Um, sorry kid, but I'm a hunting dog, not a playing dog" Snoopy thought nervously. Woodstock gave him an innocently confused look.


"I know I hate hunting, just shut up" Snoopy whispered irritably.

Of course any hope of a plan Snoopy might have had with that comment was futile, for despite being an anthropomorphic turtle Lemmy could not understand Snoopy. The second oldest koopaling laughed a few times and pulled out a few more purple balls.

"Let's play puppy!" Lemmy yelled, throwing one of the balls at Snoopy and Woodstock. The duo leapt back a few feet, quite fortunate they did, as the ball exploded on contact with the ground and sent them flying back a bit. After shaking off the impact, Snoopy and Woodstock looked on in terror at Lemmy.

"Yikes, there's no way I'm playing fetch with any of those balls" Snoopy quipped. Lemmy Koopa giggled as he rolled forward and began hurling more explosive balls at the poor animals. Snoopy and Woodstock screamed in terror as they frantically avoided the blasts.

Meanwhile, Sally and Yoshi had landed the greatest distance away from the rest of the group, with Yoshi landing on top of Sally. After struggling for a while to pull herself out from under the dinosaur, Sally finally tapped his neck and yelled "Yoshi, please get off of me!"

With a dizzy squeak, Yoshi rolled off of Sally and onto his stomach. Sally took several deep breaths before sitting up, glad she was no longer being squashed. She rubbed her head and tried to think about what to do, when suddenly a yellow ring flew over her head. She saw the ring ricochet off the wall and fly at her again, ducking just in time to avoid a likely decapitation. Yoshi pushed himself to his feet and checked that she was alright, Sally gave him a quick glance before noticing their attacked, Wendy O. Koopa, who was sliding her left bracelet back on.

The female Koopaling gave Sally a mocking look "Aww, did baby fall down?" She asked her in a voice one might use when speaking to an infant. Sally was rightfully ticked.

"Who are you calling a baby, have you seen your face in the mirror lately?!" Sally said spitefully. Wendy raised an eyebrow and shrugged casually.

"I guess you're right. Maybe I'm the cute young one. You strike me more as an old bat anyway" Wendy offered back. Sally's ears were puffing out steam.

"Why you-I'm gonna knock some manners into you!" Sally declared, rolling up her sleeves. Yoshi watched her do this and tried to imitate her, but then realized he didn't have sleeves, which made him feel disappointed.

Wendy sized up her competition, smiling smugly 'This girls clearly as much of a brat as I am, and the dinosaur's hopeless without Mario or Luigi to steer him. This'll be a piece of cake. Wonder if King Dad'll buy me a new tiara or something for killing these two?' She thought to herself. While she was day dreaming Sally took the opportunity to run up to her and attempt to punch her in the face, thinking Wendy wouldn't notice her. She did, and when Sally tried to hit her Wendy sent her flying with a blast from her wand.

Sally landed with a thud, looking dizzily at her attacker.

"You're gonna have to do better than that, blue girl" Wendy said arrogantly. Sally glared at her.

"Alright then, pinky" Sally spat back, getting up and hopping on Yoshi's back. Yoshi stood up tall and yelled his name in a heroic fashion. Wendy let out a relaxed laugh and pointed her wand at the duo, prepared for a battle.

And now let's check in on Charlie Brown. Having took the full blunt of the blast when his shield shattered, it took Charlie Brown the longest to get up. And when he did he found himself surrounded by Ludwig, Roy and Morton Koopa, the former brandishing their wands like guns at him, while Morton held an enormous black hammer, the end of which he was tapping in his palm while giving Charlie Brown a menacing look. Charlie Brown gulped.

"I suppose I'm going to have to fight all three of you by myself now?" Charlie Brown mused.

"Pretty much" Ludwig said, grinning wickedly as his wand glowed dark blue. Charlie Brown sighed heavily.

"When this is over, I'm going to ask Sparky to let me talk with the Ancients about why I have such terrible luck" Charlie Brown complained to himself. A moment later Ludwig and Roy fired magic bolts from their wand at Charlie Brown, who easily dodged the first one while blocking the second with a small light shield, only to be left open to a hammer strike from behind by Morton Koopa Jr, sending him bouncing across the floor. He shook off the attack and saw the three most formidable Koopalings laughing over him. With another sigh Charlie Brown lit up his fists. This was going to be a tough fight.

Up by the throne, Bowser and the other villains watched on in amusement as Kamek hovered up to observe with them.

"Popcorn, my lord?" Kamek asked.

"Lots of it, Kamek" Bowser said greedily, watching Larry and Mario duke it out. Kamek waved his wand and an enormous bag of Popcorn appeared on the arm of the throne, which Bowser quickly munched into.

Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Kamek turn around to see Joe and the others looking at him expectantly. Taking the hint, Kamek magicked-up some more bags of popcorn for each of them. Thibault glared at his.

"What, no butter?" Thibault said rudely. Kamek sighed and grumbled something about ungrateful youths.

Back on the ground, Luigi was attempting to land a hit on Iggy Koopa, who dodged his attacks with almost no difficult, literally prancing around Luigi as the green clad publisher's attacks grew more frantic. Iggy's wild and mocking laughter only served to agitate Luigi further, causing him to steadily pay less attention to what he was doing. Getting tired after a few minutes, Luigi stopped to take a breather. Iggy seized the opportunity to run around Luigi and laugh louder. In a fit of annoyance and rage, Luigi began throwing his fists around wildly, viciously punching the air around him in an effort to beat Iggy silly. An effort wasted because Iggy had leapt of to the side out of reach the moment Luigi let loose, having counted on just this sort of reaction. After a while Luigi dropped to his knees and stopped flailing around, panting heavily. Iggy bent down to look him in the face, smiled sweetly, then pulled his wand out from behind his back and smacked Luigi in the face with it. Luigi rubbed his cheek and looked at Iggy, who proceeded to blast him in the stomach with his wand. Landing ten feet away, Luigi let out a groan and painfully raised his head to see Iggy leap for joy and fire multiple green magic blasts at him. With a fearful yelp, Luigi stumbled to his feet and ran to avoid them.

While Luigi may have been struggling, Snoopy and Woodstock were faring even worse. Not having much fighting skills and lacking power-ups, the beagle an bird could only run, duck and cover as Lemmy Koopa rolled around them, pelting the duo with his colourful bombs.

At the moment the duo were backed into a corner. They threw a fearful look at their tormentor as Lemmy enthusiastically sped towards them. With precision timing, Snoopy grabbed Woodstock and barrel rolled out of the way, leading Lemmy to crash into the wall, scattering a few of his bombs about the place in the process. One of the colourful bombs landed near Snoopy, who stumbled back to avoid it. The beagle blinked his eyes however when the bomb just sat there. Curious, he started to inch closer, only to have the darned orb explode right in his face. Surprisingly, this didn't do much damage apart from singing the fur on his face. It did tell him something though, the bombs seemed to have a delay between landing and exploding, a fact he hadn't caught on in his panic to avoid them.

Placing Woodstock on his feet and watching Lemmy Koopa regain his balance, Snoopy smiled to himself in a manner most crafty. Woodstock took this to mean he had a plan.

With barely a moments notice Lemmy was back to rolling around on his big rubber ball and chanting "Puppy! Puppy!". Rolling around the corner of the room, he set his path directly for Snoopy and Woodstock again, taking out and juggling a few more of his makeshift bombs while he was at it. Snoopy and Woodstock made another timely dodge as he sped past them, as he turned again Lemmy threw a few more bombs at the animals. Snoopy and Woodstock dodged the first three, but then as the forth neared Snoopy jumped up in the air and grabbed it, then right after landing Snoopy jumped up like a basketball player and tossed the ball back at Lemmy. The bomb went off just half a foot away from the immature Koopaling, the force of it sending Lemmy flying off his rubber ball.

Lemmy landed on his behind, his head falling lopsided as he admired the stars floating around his head. When the stars faded away he pouted, and then tried to retreat back to his rubber ball, only to find Snoopy biting into it. Lemmy watched with childish confusion as Snoopy's canines dug into the ball and poked a hole in it, letting all the air out. The rubber ball deflated into a rubber puddle, which Snoopy flipped like a pancake with his foot so that it landed before Lemmy, who's eyes widened in shock. Tears forming in his eyes at the loss of his favourite toy, Lemmy let out a whine and cried like a baby. Snoopy and Woodstock watched on with mixed feelings.

"You know, I'd almost feel bad for the kid... you know, if he hadn't just tried to blow us up" Snoopy noted.

"III IIII" Woodstock agreed.

After a minute long hissy fit, Lemmy dried his eyes and glanced back at Snoopy and Woodstock. With a sniff and a glare, Lemmy pulled out his wand and waved it about. Snoopy and Woodstock let out shocked exclamations and ran at their opponent, only to have the floor beneath them suddenly turn to ice. Slipping around precariously, Snoopy and Woodstock could only struggle as Lemmy slid forward and crashed into them, causing them to flip through the air a few times before landing painfully on the ice. The duo groaned, they both tried to get up, but with the slippery surface beneath them neither could make it off of their stomachs.

As Snoopy and Woodstock struggled, Lemmy retraced the claws on his feet and began skating around the ice rink he'd created throughout a whole fifth of the room, occasionally performing tricks such as jumping into the air and spinning around three times before landing with all the grace of an Olympic skater.

After a few minutes of flopping around like fish, Snoopy and Woodstock managed to get themselves into a standing position. Snoopy looked over the new terrain and hummed to himself. A light bulb lit up above his head, and out from the pockets of his fur Snoopy pulled out a long woollen hat.

"This looks like a job for the world famous skating instructor" Snoopy said to himself. He looked down at Woodstock still struggling to maintain a good grip on the ice, and out of mercy Snoopy picked him up and stored him in his hat.

Lemmy suddenly skid past the duo and poked out his tongue at Snoopy, making silly gestures around his head to add to the insult. Suppressing a growl, Snoopy crouched down and took off after him.

Away from the freshly forged skating ring, Mario was dodging magic blasts left and right. Between every two blasts Mario tried to make a dash for Larry Koopa, but the youngest koopaling kept forcing him back. Narrowing his eyes at the plumber, Larry changed his tactic to charging up energy in his wand and hurling balls of magical blue fire balls. Mario ducked under the first, then did a running jump over the second, sliding across the ground under the third blue fireball and crashing his way through the koopa prince, Larry flipped around a few times before landing on his stomach. Shaking his head, Larry made to get up, only to have Mario grab him by the tail and spin him around. After picking up enough momentum, Mario released Larry and sent him flying smack dab into the wall.

Larry rolled onto the floor, looking to have been knocked out from the impact. Cautiously, Mario approached the downed Koopaling, looking into his face to determine if he was really unconscious. For a few seconds Larry remained perfectly still... then his eyes shot open.


Mario had no time to react before Larry poked him in both eyes. As Mario stumbled back clutching his face, Larry got up and kicked him in the shin, bonked him on the head, then ran around and kicked him in the back simultaneously. As Mario tried to get up Larry kicked him in the face, laughing at the plumbers pain.

Up by the throne, Eggman nodded his head while watching the appalling display.

"I must say my friend, your son is the sneakiest, most devious, dirtiest cheater I've ever seen" Eggman informed the father, who could only nod.

"I know" Bowser said, tears of joy forming in his eyes as he sniffled "I'm-I'm just so proud of him" Bowser wiped the happy tears from his eyes as Eggman patted him gently on the shoulder.

And now lets check in on Sally, Yoshi and Wendy. Their fight so far had been a little more even... but things can change quickly.

Yoshi made to charge at Wendy, who fired a blast of magic from her wand. Propelling himself off the ground with his powerful legs, Yoshi leapt over the blast and right over Wendy. Landing a few feet behind her, Yoshi shot out his tongue and grabbed onto the wand, which Wendy struggled to hold onto. As the reptiles played their tug-of-war, Sally snuck up from behind Wendy and pulled back her fist, intending to punch the koopa girl in the back of the head. Right as she was about to do that however, Wendy pushed her foot backwards and kicked her in the stomach. As Sally stumbled back clutching her abdomen, Wendy pulled at her wand with all her might, then began swinging Yoshi around by his tongue. Quickly getting dizzy, Yoshi lost his grip and went flying across the room, bouncing off the floor several times as he landed.

Wendy O Koopa turned around to face the irritated Sally, giving the girl a smug little grin. Getting angry, Sally aimed another punch to the face, which Wendy easily blocked. Sally threw several more punches, all of which were effortlessly blocked by Wendy, who even had the nerve to look bored as she did so. Sally made to kick her, and Wendy grabbed her foot and tossed her aside. Sliding on her face, Sally made to push herself up, only for Wendy to pin her down with her foot.

"You don't know much about fighting, do you girly?" Wendy said, her voice snarky and snobby "Your moves are all so predictable, you clearly have no idea what you're doing. I've spent my whole childhood fighting people much stronger than you, you don't have a chance. Now why don't you just give up, spare me the effort of throttling you?"

"Why don't you try some moisturiser, you look like a hag!" Sally shot back defiantly, struggling to free herself. Wendy's face turned red as steam shot out of her ears.

"Why you little-alright, now I'll fix you!" Wendy shrieked, aiming her glowing sceptre at the back of Sally's head as the poor girl struggled and squirmed beneath her.

A loud squawking sound echoed. Wendy made a confused expression before receiving a hard head-butt from Yoshi. The magic bolt she had been preparing was knocked off course (Eventually knocking Kamek's hat off) as Wendy herself was sent rolling back a few feet. Wendy shook off the attack and looked back at Sally, whom Yoshi was helping to stand up. Growling lowly and pouting childishly, Wendy looked around for her wand, which she saw had landed a short distance from her. She made to run and grab it, only for Yoshi's tongue to shoot out and trip her up.

"Good boy" Sally said to Yoshi, who chirped happily. Wendy started to get up again, an Sally ran to retrieve the wand before she could. Noticing this, Wendy swung around and hurled one of her bracelets at Sally, which ricochet off her stomach and knocked her down. While Wendy waited for the bracelet to return to her she saw Yoshi charging at her, so she threw the second bracelet at him. Yoshi stopped and ducked under the bracelet, but was knocked on the back of the head as the bracelet stopped in mid-air behind him and began making it's way back to it's owner. Yoshi was pushed to the floor in the process.

Sally and Yoshi recovered from their assaults and stared at Wendy, who threw vicious smiles at the both of them as she let loose her bracelets at them again.

"This is just not a good day for me and fighting" Charlie Brown mentally sighed to himself. He was currently on the floor, having fallen victim to one of Ludwig Von Koopa's magic bolts. As the eldest Koopaling laughed arrogantly at his perfect shot, Morton Koopa Jr was making a run for Charlie Brown, leaping up into the air above him and preparing to strike with his hammer. With a gulp, Charlie Brown propelled himself forward with his flying power-another minute and his head would have been crushed like a grape.

Not exactly checking where he was going Charlie Brown ended up banging into the side of the wall, as he tried to get back up from the impact Roy Koopa appeared out of nowhere, picked him up by the legs and bashed him against the wall. The bullying Koopaling repeated the process several times, each strike to the wall becoming increasingly more painful to poor ol' Charlie Brown. Finding it hard to concentrate under the current threshold of pain he was enduring, Charlie Brown lit up his hand as bright as he could, succeeding in blinding Roy long enough for the koopaling to drop him. Charlie Brown wasted no time sending Roy across the room with a light punch. Charlie Brown sighed with relief, but he didn't have much time to relax as Ludwig began spitting fireballs at him.

Setting up a light shield to repel the fireballs, Charlie Brown lit up his fists and began hurling light spheres at Ludwig, who ducked and leapt over them while firing his own magic bolts from his sceptre. Charlie Brown ran to dodge the blasts while keeping up his assault, neither opponent having much luck at hitting each other. But the concentration it cost to keep up the attack did give Morton Koopa a chance to run up from behind and swat Charlie Brown with his hammer.

With an anguished "AUUUGGH!" Charlie Brown was sent crashing into the ceiling. Quickly peeling off, Charlie Brown began falling to the ground, catching himself moments before he hit the ground and floating safely over the floor. Getting up and shaking his head a few times, Charlie Brown looked around for his attackers. Roy Koopa was now charging at him from the front while readying a shoulder tackle, while Morton Koopa Jr was doing the same thing from behind.

Charlie Brown had only a split second to react. If he tried attacking he'd probably only have time to strike one of them away, he'd still be left open to the other brother's attack. He could try setting up a shield, that might work? At the last moment, Charlie Brown decided to fly up out of he way, letting the two muscular koopalings tackle into one another. They both screamed afterwards, clutching their aching shoulders.

"Yowch! Watch where you're going, big mouth!" Roy grumbled, shaking the fist of his uninjured arm at his younger brother. Morton was not pleased.

"It wasn't my fault he flew out of the way, it's his fault! But if it had to be one of us at fault, it would be you, not me! I did what I was supposed to do right, you just got in my way, I'm never wrong! Yes, it was clearly, plainly you that weren't watching what you were doing, I could never be responsible for making such a foolish mistake! And another thing-gah!" Roy began strangling Morton.

"Will you shut up!" Roy growled venomously as he choked his brother.

Up above Charlie Brown watched this scene unfold with a curious look. He was vaguely reminded of Linus and Lucy on a bad day, except Linus was never as deserving of what Roy Koopa was doing to Morton. Noticing that this argument might take some time, Charlie Brown began channelling light energy into his palms, hoping to take them both out in one strike. With the amount of light he'd charged up he might have, if Ludwig Koopa had not suddenly shot a magic bolt right into his palms, causing the attack to blow up in Charlie Brown's face.

Once again Charlie Brown fell to the ground, the resulting thud regaining Roy and Morton's attention. Charlie Brown groaned as Roy began shooting large spiked balls out of his own wand while Morton spat fireballs at him. Setting up a light shield, Charlie Brown began to stumble back under the weight of their attacks.

Back by the throne, Bowser and the other villains were quite enjoying the fight. Thibault in particular took the time to mock each of the heroes' performances and especially took delight in ridiculing Sally. While in their cage Peppermint Patty and Princess Peach watched in worry.

Unable to stand watching her friends get pounded while she could do nothing to help was becoming too much for Peppermint Patty. Grabbing onto the bars, Patty pulled her hardest to try and pull them apart and create gap. Naturally it didn't work.

"I can't believe this. Chuck, Snoopy and Woodstock and even Sally are down there fighting a squad of turtle monsters and I'm stuck in a cage. I should be helping them! Good Grief, why won't these bars break already!" Peppermint Patty yelled, straining herself to the point of exhaustion in her effort to escape. Princess Peach put two comforting hands on her shoulders in an effort to calm her down.

"I know it's frustrating sweetie, but there's no point stressing yourself out like this, it's not going to help anyone, least of all yourself. I would like to help too, but you've just got to have faith. It'll be ok, you'll see" Peach told the tomboy in a soothing voice. Peppermint Patty looked at her and sighed quietly, giving the bars one last kick.

"I guess you're right. Still... if only I had a hairpin or something" Peppermint Patty sighed. Princess Peach blinked at her in confusion.

"A... hairpin?" She questioned. Patty nodded in confirmation, and Peach raised an eyebrow "How would that help?"

"You can pick locks with them, my dad showed me how" Peppermint Patty explained. Peach's face lit up with surprise, which then turned to embarrassment.

"Wow... wish I'd known that years ago" She said to herself. Peppermint Patty watched in confusion as Peach reached into her hair and pulled out a pink hairpin. She held it in front of Peppermint Patty's face, which widened into a smile.

"That'll do" She said. She then grabbed the hairpin and thrust it into the lock.

"This I going way too well" Eggman said, deciding to be the voice of cautious optimism among the villains. Joe Agate chortled at him.

"And that's a bad thing?" He asked.

"It is I you're a villain. Normally when a fight starts off in the bad guy's favour, the heroes suddenly make a comeback half way through and win out" Eggman responded. Thibault let out a laugh.

"Ha, yeah right. You're just saying that to be dramatic, there's no way they can get out of this mess. Right big guy?" Thibault said, referring to Bowser with the last comment. The Koopa king looked seriously down at his battling children and shook his head.

"Actually he's right, that is how it usually happens" Bowser replied. Thibault's eyes widened in surprise and he looked down cautiously at the action.

Back on the floor, Luigi was still avoiding attacks from Iggy Koopa, who was now just randomly shooting magic bolts about the place with no concern for where they struck. Suddenly skidding to a halt and turning around, Luigi decided to risk making a run for the mad koopaling. Iggy's attacks suddenly became much more focused as Luigi approached him. The younger Mario brother ducked, dodged and jumped over magic bolts, reaching Iggy Koopa and giving him a good right hook to the chin, sending him up in the air. Luigi then jumped up and kicked Iggy in the stomach, knocking him hard into the ground. Iggy Koopa rubbed his aching had, opening his eyes to find Luigi standing heroically over him. His mad eyes widened in shock for a second... but then the mischievous joy returned to them.

Leaping back a few feet, Iggy waved his wand about, and next second a creature resembling a large black ball with eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth appeared, with a large chain sticking out it's rear like a tail, the end of which Iggy was holding onto. Luigi's eyes widened. Iggy grinned wickedly at Luigi, Waving at him before letting out a high pitched laugh and pointing at the plumber. The ball creature, called a Chomp-Chomp, barked like a dog and made a mad dash at Luigi, who let loose his trademark terrified scream and ran for it.

The Chomp-Chomp chased Luigi all around the room, barking loudly the whole time as Iggy Koopa laughed like a maniac. Screaming, Luigi continued to run, until he spotted a torch handing from the wall, high enough to be out of the Chomp-Chomp's reach. Powered by adrenalin, Luigi jumped up with all his might, succeeding in grabbing the bottom end of the torch. The Chomp-Chomp came to a stop at the wall, looking up at Luigi and barking loudly. The horrid contraption tried to leap up and snatch him, Luigi tucked himself up out of the way, but the Chomp-Chomp still managed to take a chunk of his overalls, leaving a big gaping hole with his underwear exposed. Turning around to see this, Luigi looked down and saw Iggy roll over with laughter at this humiliating display. The laughter rang in Luigi's ears, his eyes began to spiral and he let out a rage-filled scream.

"Alright, that DOES IT! I have had ENOUGH humiliation for one day!" Luigi yelled. Hanging from one hand by the torch, Luigi used his free hand to reach into his pockets and pull out the bag of power-ups. holding the bag with his teeth, Luigi reached in and pulled out what looked like a blue headed fire flower. The usual sound effects echoed, and Luigi's clothes turned blue and red. As Luigi stuffed the bag of power-ups back into his pocket, the Chomp-Chomp barked again and made another leap for Luigi, who used his free hand to throw a blue sphere into the creature's open mouth. The Chomp-Chomp was suddenly encased in a block of ice. The frozen Chomp-Chomp fell to the floor, shattering into thousands of tiny pieces.

Iggy bounced around the floor as his vicious pet fell apart. He tried to get up, but was struck by another ice ball hurled by Luigi, freezing him. Seizing this momentary advantage, Luigi dropped down and gave the ice-cubed Iggy a good kick into the wall. The ice around Iggy shattered and the kooky Koopaling fell of his face.

It took all the effort Iggy had just to stand after that. His teeth were chattering, his arms were folded and his whole body was shivering. The kid was freezing, made all the worse by the fact that he was cold blooded. Realizing Iggy couldn't attack or dodge him in this state, Luigi punched him in the face, then proceeded to deliver a brutal beat down to his tormentor, ending with him throwing Iggy by his tail into the wall. Falling on his face, Iggy Koopa was down for the count.

Luigi sighed in relief while wiping dust off his hands. He looked around at his struggling comrades, pulled out the power-up bag and took out a mushroom which looked like it's top was made of stone.

"Hey Mario, catch!" Luigi called, tossing the rock mushroom in his brother's direction. Mario, who was currently trying to shake Larry Koopa off his back as the mischievous youngster noogied him, saw the power-up headed his was and jumped up, grabbing the mushroom. Larry was sent flying off his back as the transformation occurred.

Mario stood in his Rock Mario form, which consisted of grey overalls and a cap made out of stone. Larry blinked a few times before gasping. He popped back into his shell and spun his way towards Mario, hoping to dispel the power up before the plumber could use it against him. With a grin, Mario easily jumped over Larry, flipped around and leapt up again, suddenly surrounding his body in a large boulder. Larry in his shell bounced off the wall and sped back in Mario's direction, while the boulder-ized Mario did the same thing. The shell and boulder collided with a sickening crunch. Boulder Mario kept rolling, while Larry was sent flying through the air, landing on his behind. The youngest koopaling shook his head around, he looked dizzy for a moment until Mario suddenly came up from behind and rolled over him, flattening the brat.

Back on the ice rink, Snoopy was using his highly adapted feet to skate around after Lemmy. The actual fighting between them seemed to be put on hold however, as both of their natural senses of showmanship had taken over. So instead of trying to beat the holy hell out of each other, they were now engaged in a skate off.

Lemmy strolled casually along the ice, bending down before leaping up and doing a twirl in mid-air, landing on one foot with his hands outstretched. Snoopy stood back and watched with mild interest. Lemmy skidded to a stop and gestured Snoopy to make a move. Snoopy skated forward, making it to the other side of the rink before making a steady turn. After skating across the edge of the ice for a moment Snoopy moved back towards the centre, leaning back so that his head nearly touched the floor while still maintaining perfect balance. Snoopy then moved back into an upwards position and picked up speed, leaping up and spinning around like a tornado. He was still spinning as he landed, but stopped to take another jump and land on his ears. Then to Lemmy's surprise Snoopy proceeded to skate on his ears, performing several more tricks upside down before leaping back onto his feet, skidding to a halt before taking a bow.

Lemmy's jaw hit the floor, and a fire lit up in is eye. The clownish koopaling did NOT like being upstaged, and you can be sure he was NOT going to let Snoopy get away with being a better skater than him.

Snoopy continued to bow to his invisible audience, not paying any attention at all to reality until Lemmy skated by and tripped him up. Snoopy landed on his nose, the tip of which grew red and swollen. With a wince Snoopy held onto his nose, he looked over at Lemmy and saw the bully laugh at him in an annoying way. A frown forming on his face, Snoopy stormed to his feet, puffed up his chest impressively and made a mad dash at the Koopaling. Lemmy saw Snoopy coming and leapt over him, after landing he shot a fireball in Snoopy's direction. The white beagle changed course and skated around the fireball, speeding off towards Lemmy again. Ducking under a few more fireballs, Snoopy eventually surpassed Lemmy and began skating in circles around him. Lemmy followed Snoopy's progress exactly as Snoopy spun faster and faster around him. His eyes turned to spirals as Lemmy became dizzy, losing his grip on the ice and falling over.

Lemmy tried to get up and keep skating, but found himself unable to move. The spikes of his shell had become stuck in the ice, leaving his trapped.

After struggling for a while, Lemmy began to cry at his awkward predicament. Not far away Snoopy smiled and leapt for joy, continuing to skate peacefully across the ice as Lemmy struggled and squirmed.


Sally ducked once more under Wendy's ricocheting bracelets, then just barely sidestepped out of the way as it bounced off the wall and came darting back her way. Sally sighed with relief, not noticing until it was too late that Wendy O' Koopa had taken the take to sneak up behind her and kick her in the back. Sally rolled onto the floor, while Wendy laughed wickedly and pointed her glowing wand at the downed girl.

Yoshi's tongue suddenly shot forward and grasped onto the wand, pulling back on it so that the gem was facing Wendy's face when it fired the magic bolt. Wendy went flying back a few feet, dropping her wand in the process. She landed not too far from where Yoshi was standing. The cutesy dinosaur stomped him feet impressively and shot his tongue out at Wendy, who grabbed it at the last second and yanked Yoshi forward with it, slugging the dinosaur hard in the face. Yoshi reeled from the attack, and Wendy tossed both her bracelets at him. The bracelets struck Yoshi hard, bouncing off the floor after they hit him to strike him again multiple times. When the bracelets finally returned to Wendy's arms the female Koopaling ran forward and struck Yoshi with a flying kick, following on with a fireball to the gut. The battered Yoshi collapsed on the ground in pain as Wendy stood impressively.

"That'll teach you to keep that slimy tongue 'a yours where it belongs, scaly mutt" Wendy sneered.

Sally had watched on in horror as Wendy delivered this brutal beat down to her dino buddy. Spotting Wendy's fallen wand a few feet in front of her, Sally gained a determined look and struggled forward. Grasping the wand in her right hand, Sally forced herself to her feet and aimed the wand for her enemy.

"Hey, Shell head! Leave my friend alone!" Sally yelled. Wendy, who had been about to give Yoshi a good kick to the stomach, stopped to look at Sally. She put her hands on her hips and laughed derisively.

"Ha, what you gonna do with that, turn me into a frog? You gotta practise before you can do magic girly, no way you can cast a spell on me" Wendy mocked Sally, who clenched her teeth.

"Oh yeah! Well-well-you're a turtle!" Sally said. Her failed attempt at a witty insult earned a round of laughter from Wendy, which put a downtrodden look on Sally's face. She waved the wand a few times in an effort to entice a reaction, but nothing worked. Scowling, Sally waved again and uttered "Um... Abra kadabra?"

To her great surprise the tip of the wand glowed bright purple, and several semi-translucent purple hands shot out of it. Wendy's laughter came to an abrupt halt as the hands formed into fists and began wailing upon her, beating the koopa girl into submission for a full minute before forming together into one big hand and pounding her into the ground.

The giant purple hand sunk back into he wand, the jewel of which glowed brightly for a moment and then went dim. Sally stared in shock and awe at the wand for a moment, then when she had time to comprehend what had just happened she smiled happily. Running over to check on Yoshi, who was starting at her with the same kind of bewilderment, Sally past by Wendy, who's body had sunk into the floor leaving her bruised head sticking out. Through a black eye Wendy looked up at Sally, who bent down and gave her a very self-satisfied grin.

"How did you know the super secret incantation?" Wendy asked weakly. Sally shrugged innocently.

"Simple-I'm smarter than you" Sally boasted, bonking Wendy's head with her own wand. Sally then carelessly tossed the wand across the room and went to check on Yoshi.

And as for Charlie Brown?


"Augh!" Charlie Brown went flying into the wall again as Ludwig Von Koopa set off a chain of explosions. Charlie Brown lifted his face, witnessing Roy send a trio of spiked balls rolling his way. With a groan, Charlie Brown flew over the balls and fired a light beam at Roy, who leapt back and avoided it. Charlie Brown panted a bit, hearing a battle cry from behind him he turned to find Morton Koopa falling towards him, about to strike Charlie Brown down with his hammer. Then out of nowhere, Sparky reappeared and flew right through Morton's head. The shock of this action was enough to make Morton drop his hammer. Morton landed on Charlie Brown, who held him up by the head, spun around and threw him down to earth. Morton bounced off the floor a few times before landing with a thud, looking like he'd really been hurt.

Sparky floated down next to Charlie Brown, who healed from his prior injuries and smiled gratefully at the spirit.

"Thank you. Where have you been?"

"Invisible. Now, I think it might be preferable to end this quickly before things get any more out of hand" Sparky said direly. Charlie Brown grimaced.

"But how? They're slaughtering me?" Charlie Brown groaned. Sparky put an intangible hand through his shoulder.

"First, stop worrying so much. And second, let your instincts fight for you. The Koopalings have an advantage only because they're sneaky and work well together while you focus too much on fighting just one of them at a time. Stop thinking too hard, let your guardian instincts guide you on this one" Sparky explained. After a short silence Charlie Brown nodded and floated down onto the floor, as the three strongest Koopalings surrounded him and jeered.

"Looks like the geek's giving up" Roy said, noticing how Charlie Brown just stood still and watched them. Morton laughed, preparing another one of his long rants before Ludwig slammed his mouth shut and spoke in his stead.

"Well then, let's accommodate the boy by bashing his face into the floor" Ludwig said, laughing evilly. Roy cracked his knuckles and smirked.

"Works for me" He said, taking a few steps towards Charlie Brown. He quickly picked up speed and charged at the guardian, fist held high ready to clobber. Charlie Brown took a deep breath and closed his eyes as the bully neared. Sparky watched closely as Roy brought his fist down and prepared to clobber Charlie Brown. He gritted his ghostly teeth apprehensively... then let out a sigh.

At the last second Charlie Brown had reached up and grabbed Roy's wrist, holding on so hard that he stopped the muscular Koopaling dead in his tracks. Roy's eyes widened beneath his glasses, he had but a split second to see Charlie Brown open his eyes before the boy picked him up, spun around and threw Roy straight into Morton Koopa. Ludwig watched as his brothers fell into one another, putting on a frown he pointed his wand at Charlie Brown and fired a large blue magic bolt at him. With precision timing, Charlie Brown dodged the blast before disarming Ludwig with a light beam, launching another one at the Koopalings stomach while he was caught off guard, sending him into the pile with his two brothers.

The three Koopalings shook their heads, dazed by those last attacks. Charlie Brown smiled widely at his sudden progress, but forced himself to calm down. He always screwed up when he got too happy.

The Koopalings got back up and dusted themselves off, looking rather grumpy.

"What just happened, we had him on the run" Roy said irritably.

"It appear we've underestimated our bald, round headed opponent, yes we have. It would appear the kid has more fight in him than he let on, he's really quite strong. That means we better not underestimate him, no no, we must fight with everything we've got if we are to defeat this kid, yes sir"

"Morton, for crying out loud, can't you ever speak in short sentences?" Roy asked furiously.

"Talking too much is my trademark, I'd have less personality than junior if I didn't ramble all the time" Morton offered, in what was probably the least amount of words he'd spoken at on time in years. Ludwig rolled his eyes.

"Let's just get back to beating the Guardian up" The eldest boy said. His brothers nodded and charged at Charlie Brown, who stood still and ready, allowing his instincts to guide his every action.

Morton Koopa pulled out his big black hammer and swung it at Charlie Brown, who ducked backwards. Morton took several more swings at Charlie Brown, all of which the boy dodged with dexterity. Quickly growing irritated, Morton began swings about so hard he became a mini tornado. Charlie Brown only had to stand out of the way to avoid it while Morton wore himself out and fell on his behind. Charlie Brown immediately began channelling energy into both of his palms, unleashing it in one large beam that sent Morton crashing into the wall.

Charlie Brown had no time to relax, as next thing he knew Roy ran up from the side and lifted his fists. As he prepared to punch Charlie Brown, the guardian grabbed his fist and lifted him up, slamming Roy into the ground behind him. Roy stubbornly got back up and made to tackle Charlie Brown, who sidestepped out of the way. The bullying Koopa threw several more punches and a few kicks Charlie Brown's way, all of which were blocked. Roy stood back and prepared to shoulder tackle his foe, but Charlie Brown just leapfrogged over the Koopaling. As Roy skidded to a halt, Charlie Brown leapt forward and slugged him in the face. Not taking any chances, Charlie Brown followed up with several more light empowered punches to Roy's face and shell, following up with a strong light kick that threw Roy on his back.

Sensing something coming at him from behind, Charlie Brown flipped around and set up a light shield, blocking a blue fire ball from Ludwig, who followed up with a barrage of magic bolts that Charlie Brown strained himself to block with his shield. Seizing his advantage, Ludwig retreated into his shell and thrust himself forward, smashing through Charlie Brown's light shield and knocking him down. With a mad cackle Ludwig poked out of his shell and threw a punch at Charlie Brown's face. Charlie Brown moved his head to avoid it and kicked Ludwig off of him. Ludwig fired another magic bolt as Charlie Brown got up, but the boy in the zigzag shirt dodged it and flashed a bright light into Ludwig's eyes. The koopa heir covered his burning eyes as he stumbled back, falling victim to a light beam to the stomach. With the last standing Koopaling on the end of his rope, Charlie Brown summoned two light spheres to his hands and tossed them at Ludwig, who managed to withstand the first one but collapsed after the second, too battered to fight. Charlie Brown sighed. A loud war cry from behind caught his attention as Morton Koopa came charging towards him, jumping up and raising his hammer. Charlie Brown sent him flying again with another light beam. When he landed Morton Koopa Jr was struck on the head by his own hammer, finally knocking him out cold.

Looking around at the three fallen Koopalings, Charlie Brown panted and gaped. Even with all the progress he'd made since getting his powers, it still amazed him that he was able to do anything quite like this.

Sparky hovered down and surveyed the area, giving Charlie Brown a kindly smile.

"And that's what happens when you keep calm and give it your best" Sparky said, making Charlie Brown smile.

Back by the throne, Bowser sighed lowly while Joe shrugged.

"Oh well, they gave it their best" Joe said nonchalantly, earning a raised eyebrow from Thibault.

"Why so calm, the kids screwed up. Ain't that a bad thing?" Thibault asked.

"Oh, we knew they were going to lose eventually. The Koopalings were just sent in to wear them out" Eggman explained, gesturing down at the heroes. Thibault looked closely, and saw that the heroes were indeed starting to pant and grow tired. The thought of this brought a smile to his face.

"Well, I guess it's our turn then" Bowser said, standing up and cracking his knuckles, as well as his back "Come on boys, lets give 'em heck!" He added, waving Joe and Eggman after him as he jumped right off the edge of the stairs.

As Mario and the others regrouped at the bottom steps Bowser came crashing down before them, the tremor created by his landing nearly blowing them away. As Mario tried to regain his footing Bowser rushed forward and backhanded him, sending the heroic plumber flying across the room. When he landed Mario's clothes returned to normal, losing the power up he'd gained. With a pained groan Mario looked up to see Bowser grin devilishly and stomp after him.

The other heroes were momentarily in shock from what had just transpired. Before either of them could do anything to help Mario, Joe Agate suddenly swooped down and tackled Charlie Brown out of the way and into a wall. Shaking his head, Charlie Brown looked up to see Joe hovering over him with a smug scowl.

"Time for round two, Brown. And I gotta warn ya, I've got some more practise in while we were waiting for you" Joe boasted. Charlie Brown stared uncertainly up at him before his face formed into a concentrated frown. He lit up his hands and flew upwards, engaging Joe in a fist fight.

Glancing down at the rest of the heroes and sizing them up, Eggman pulled a remote control out of his jacket and pressed the large green button in the middle. A hatch opened up in the ceiling of the room and what looked like a round grey hovercraft floated down. Using various equipment lying around the castle, Eggman had constructed an exact duplicate of his Egg Mobile. With a few upgrades of course.

Hopping into the cockpit of his invention, Dr Eggman left Thibault standing by the throne and hovered down over Luigi, Sally, Yoshi, Snoopy and Woodstock, who watched in uncertainty as Eggman pushed a few buttons and pulled the lever to activate the Egg Mobile's battle mode. Legs sprung out the bottom of the device, a machine gun sprung out of the right side of the vehicle where a hand might be while a rocket launcher grew out the other side. The heroes gaped as Eggman grasped onto the controls and grinned wickedly.

"Oh ho ho ho ho, time for some fun!" Eggman said to himself. He aimed the rocket launcher at Luigi's head and let loose a number of missiles. With a nervous spasm, Luigi grabbed hold of Snoopy and Woodstock and ran to avoid the missiles while Yoshi flipped Sally onto his back and did the same thing. Dr Eggman chortled megalomaniacally as he steered the Egg Walker forward to pursue his targets. As all of this went on Kamek swooped down on his broom, floated over the unconscious bodies of Morton, Roy and Ludwig Von Koopa and shot rainbow coloured energy at them from his wand.

In the far corner of the room, Mario stood up and faced Bowser, who stopped a few feet away from him. The long time enemies exchanged heated glances before Mario spoke up.

"So, it's-a the old "Send in the Koopalings first and-a let them wear us out before fighting us yourself" Routine, huh? I admire the little tykes' spirits, but really, what makes-a you think it's going to work out any better than the last ninety eight times?" Mario questioned, not the least bit intimidated. Bowser breathed heavily and cackled.

"Because this time I've got reassurance" Bowser boasted, gesturing towards the battling Joe and Dr Eggman. Mario was hardly impressed.

"So have I" Mario said confidently, and Bowser laughed harder.

"Ha, yeah, your backup is a thirteen year old failure factory, a bratty half-pint, a hyperactive dog and a two ounce canary. Not what I'd call reassurance" Bowser chortled. Mario looked behind him at his friends scampering around while under attack. He looked Bowser in the face and shrugged.

"I've-a had less likely allies before, and it always works out fine" Mario said calmly. Bowser grinned devilishly and breathed fire from his nostrils.

"Well, I'm still gonna win this time. I'm feeling quite... confident"

Bowser made a run for Mario, who jumped up, bounced off his head and flipped over the koopa king. Bowser spun around and spat a fireball at Mario, who barrel rolled out of the way before leaping up and kicking Bowser in the chin. Bowser took a step back and rubbed his chin as Mario leapt back out of his reach. The flaming haired Koopa glared with the intensity of a forest fire as Mario assumed a fighting stance, ready for a full-on battle.

Up in the air, well above the rest of the fighters, Charlie Brown and Joe Agate were firing off light and dark beams at one another, neither quite landing a hit until Charlie Brown flew forward and grappled Joe.

"How'd you heal so fast?" Charlie Brown asked. Joe struggled a bit before managing to free himself from Charlie Brown's grasp and kicking his enemy in the stomach.

"Same way as you" Joe said plainly, aiming a dark fisted punch for Charlie Brown's head, which he blocked, along with several other strikes. Joe flew back a bit and added "Helps that the Witch was there to help speed up my recovery"

"And Freddie Fabulous, Melody Melody, everyone else you snatched up with you?" Charlie Brown inquired, readying some light spheres.

"Nice and safe in a plane of empty darkness. It was their choice to join me, they brought it on themselves. I never said they'd be living in luxury" Joe said snidely. Charlie Brown tossed two light spheres at him. Joe dodged the first and blocked the second with a dark shield, which he then dropped to fire a dark beam at Charlie Brown, striking the hero in the chest and sending him crashing into the wall. As Charlie Brown pulled himself out Joe flew forward and grabbed him by the throat.

"And don't worry, we're going to take good care of Peppermint Patty. And all your friends once we get a hold of them" He said with a wicked smile, which put a fearful look on Charlie Brown's face as he squirmed. Taking great pleasure in this, Joe leaned in and whispered into Charlie Brown's ear "I'm sure they'll make very obedient heartless..."

Joe had gone too far with that one. In a fit of protective rage, Charlie Brown screamed, summoning forth an aura of light so intense and blinding the force of it sent Joe flying halfway across the room. When Joe stopped he saw Charlie Brown stretching his hands out, then a barrage of white flames spewed out of his palms heading right for Agate.

Face-faulting, Joe summoned a protective sphere of darkness around himself, which was engulfed by the fires of light. The shield could only hold out for ten seconds before the white hot flames burned through, by a miracle he was able to teleport out of the way before being incinerated, receiving only a few minor burns.

Joe took several short breaths, relieved to have gotten out of that one. He was promptly tackled by Charlie Brown, and the two of them became locked in aerial combat.

Back on the ground, Luigi, Snoopy and Woodstock were dodging bullets and rockets from Eggman's Egg walker. Luigi had briefly gained the upper hand at the start of the fight with his ice powers, but a stray bullet to the shoulder had lost him this ability, so right now it was all he could do to avoid Eggman's attacks and hope he ran out of ammo, while also keeping his attentions away from Sally and Yoshi, the latter of whom had taken the former to a safe distance on his urging.

Woodstock was having by far the easiest time staying alive, being only a few inches tall and not much of a threat Eggman's bullets were hitting nowhere near him, though he still had to run from the explosions of the rockets. Speaking of which, there was one heading for him right now.

"III IIII!" Woodstock began to panic, running around in circles as he tried to decide which way was safe to run. The rocket got closer and began to lower down, and Woodstock covered his head, shaking in fear. He would have been doomed if Snoopy had not bravely ran over, picked him up and jumped out of the way. He narrowly avoided the blast range, but the shockwave still sent Snoopy flying across the room.

Luigi watched as Snoopy and Woodstock went flying, wincing as they splat into a wall. He would have gone to check on them, if he hadn't had to duck under a trio of bullets and leapfrog over a missile. All the while Doctor Eggman was laughing in that hammy manner of his, it felt oh so good to be able to blow stuff up again after so long.

As Eggman appeared to focus his attention on Luigi, Yoshi, with Sally riding on his back, managed to sneak up behind the Egg Walker. The two of them looked closely at the robot for anything they could strike at. An exhaust pipe, a battery pack, anything at all that looked like it might be important for keeping the machine running. What looked like a red box right below the cockpit caught Sally's attention, and she eagerly pointed this out to Yoshi. Yoshi put on a determined face and prepared to shoot out his tongue. Then all of a sudden the Egg Walker flipped around.


Yoshi and Sally's eyes widened as Eggman had the Egg Walker deliver a massive kick to the dinosaur. Yoshi and Sally landed in a heap on top of one another, and with Yoshi left momentarily too weak to move they became prime targets. Eggman aimed the machine gun carefully at Yoshi. With a few well aimed shots he could cripple the dinosaur without fatally injuring the girl. That would leave him with just Luigi and those two animals to concern himself with. A sinister smile upon his face, Eggman held the trigger and prepared to fire.

"Oh no you-a don't!" In a reckless but heroic act of bravery, Luigi jumped right onto the machine gun arm and began pulling at it. With his above average strength Luigi easily bent the barrel of the gun so that it faced the side of the Egg Walker. The doctor was so taken by surprise at this development that he accidentally set the gun off, leaving several bullet holes in the side of his own vehicle. As Eggman panicked and tried to sort things out, Luigi jumped up and then ground pounded the base of the gun, snapping it right off of the Egg Walker. The sudden loss of limb caused said contraption to stumble about momentarily, and the machine gun was crushed under the foot of the Egg Walker as Luigi retreated to Sally and Yoshi's side.

Pulling himself together, Eggman surveyed the damage done to his vehicle. Luckily Luigi's attack only left the Egg Walker with minimum damage, though it did leave him with one less weapon to fight with.

"Not a problem. I've still got some tricks up my sleeve" The doctor reassured himself, flipping a few switches. A lazer cannon promptly rose out of the Egg Walker's chest.

"You sure you're alright Sally?" Luigi asked dotingly.

"I'm fine, seriously. You can stop asking" Sally said, for the sixth time in the last two minutes. Yoshi had recovered and was now steadily carrying her on his back again. Luigi sighed in relief and scratched the back of his head.

"Well, good to-a hear it. I'd never be able to-a look your brother in-a the eye again if-a anything happened to you on my watch" Luigi said. Sally suddenly remembered something important.

"Oh yeah, there's this red box with a black face on it on the back of his robot-walking-thingy. If all those movies with robots in them have taught me anything, that's bound to be pretty important" Sally explained urgently. Luigi questioned her wording, but still nodded thoughtfully.

"Could be. I'll look out for that" Luigi said. He felt someone patting him on the shoulder, and turned around to face Snoopy with Woodstock on his head "Oh, hiya Snoopy. When'd you get back?"

Instead of giving an answer (Not like Luigi would understand it), Snoopy pointed to the Egg Walker, which was charging up a lazer to fire at the group. Floating momentarily off the ground in fear, the heroes scattered as Eggman began firing multiple lazer beams their way.


Back up in the cage, Peppermint Patty had finally succeeded in picking the lock. Princess Peach had the girl hold on to her as she leapt down. Peach's dress suddenly spread out and acted as a sort of parachute, slowing down their fall so that they landed safely. Thibault saw this and ran down the steps from the throne to intercept them.

"Wow, I'm not one for dresses, but that's a pretty handy one you've got there" Peppermint Patty complimented as the duo landed "But aren't you afraid of someone looking up at you when you're floating down like that?"

"That's why I wear white shorts underneath" Peach said with a giggle. Peppermint Patty smiled and looked over the battlefield. On one side, Mario was jumping around Bowser, occasionally delivering a kick to the koopa king's face until Bowser threw a fit and caught him mid jump, proceeding to toss Mario into a wall. Mario quickly jumped back up and continued his attack as though almost nothing had happened, though she noticed he did seem slower. Peppermint Patty turned her head upwards to check in on Charlie Brown. Her pal Chuck was currently blocking a barrage of dark spheres from that jerk Agate, who eventually dispensed with this routine and shot forward. Charlie Brown dropped his shield and began trading blows with Joe, who eventually landed a kick to his knee. As Chuck clutched his knee Joe grabbed his head and tossed him about. Peppermint Patty growled at the bully for that one.

Peppermint Patty then looked down at Eggman firing lazer beams all over the place, landing at least one lucky hit to Luigi and knocking him down. She could hear the evil scientist laughing victoriously as he aimed the rocket launcher at the fallen plumber. He was then momentarily distracted as Snoopy began throwing rocks at the side of the Egg Walker, probably fallen rubble from Charlie Brown and Joe's fighting, or from the countless times everyone had been thrown against the walls the past twenty minutes. Woodstock was too weak to throw the rocks so just held some up for Snoopy to grab, though Sally and Yoshi joined in, Sally even stuck out her tongue and yelled insults at the scientist. Peppermint Patty had to give Sally credit for her audacity, but in hindsight it was a pretty stupid thing to do, because now Eggman was aiming more of his attacks at her.

A determined look showed up on Patty's face.

"Alright, that's enough spectating, time to get involved" Peppermint Patty said, rolling up her sleeves and getting ready to march up to the battle field, when Thibault suddenly blocked her path.

"Where do you think you're going, butch?" Thibault said rudely, angering Peppermint Patty.

"Out of my way you little blockhead, I don't have time for you. I have actually important things to worry about" She said in a dangerous voice, trying to push her way through the short bully, but Thibault stood his ground.

"I don't think so, tomboy. You and the royal wench can get back in the cage" Thibault demanded. If he had not already gotten Peppermint Patty riled up, then his insult of Princess Peach certainly did the trick.

"You better apologise for that insult right now, or I'll slug you right back to our world!" Peppermint Patty threatened, raising her fist. Thibault laughed.

"Like you could, I'd just kick your butt. Everyone knows men are stronger than girls. Why do you think most insults about fighting are related to your gender" Thibault spat. Peppermint Patty gave him a bemused look.

"This after I completely demolished you just yesterday?" Peppermint Patty said irritably. Thibault shrugged carelessly.

"You got lucky. I've been working out since then. Now for the last time, get back in your cage or you'll get the back of my hand" Thibault said. He was promptly knocked out in one punch from Patty.

"He was quite rude, wasn't he" Princess Peach said quietly, earning a nod from Patty.

"Yeah, he may not be the toughest bully, but he's by far the most obnoxious. I don't know why I ever let him on my baseball team" Peppermint Patty said offhandedly. She glanced over the battle field then back to Peach "Just stay back where it's safe princess, I'm going to see if Chuck and them need my help"

"You really shouldn't Patty, you could get killed" Peach tried to warn the girl, but Patty just shook her head and walked forward.

"Like that's going to stop me. No one who messes with my friends can expect to not mess with me too. I'll be fine" Was all Peppermint Patty said before running off to fight. Princess Peach tried to chase after her, but was forced to leap back to avoid a dark beam crashing into the ground before her. With a regretful sigh Peach retreated to a safe corner.

"Sally, duck!"

Heading Luigi's warning, Sally just managed to avoid a lazer beam to the head. Running out of small chunks to hurl at the Egg Walker she retreated behind an especially large piece of rubble along with Woodstock. But Eggman was not interested in her right now, instead he was aiming for his two actual threats, Luigi and Yoshi.

Yoshi, with Snoopy riding on his back wearing a cow boy hat he'd apparently pulled from thin air, made a run for the Egg Walker, dodging under several lazers and a missile before jumping high into the air, stomping onto the glass dome shielding the mad doctor. The class promptly cracked, and while Eggman managed to shake the dinosaur off, Snoopy jumped off at the last second and, mimicking what he'd seen from Mario and Luigi, performed a ground pound on the glass, smashing right through it and right in front of Eggman. Snoopy held both of his hands up as though he were holding two imaginary guns at Eggman.

"I'm the world famous sheriff, and yer under arrest" Snoopy thought at him. Eggman just looked confused and swiped at the pooch.

"Get off of my controls you crazy hound!" Eggman complained, swinging his fist at Snoopy, who ducked and bit onto his arm. Eggman howled in agony and shook Snoopy around, the beagle let go only to pounce on Eggman, getting into a scuffle with him in the process. As they thought the two of them ended up slamming numerous buttons and switches, causing the lazer cannon and rocket launcher to fire off wildly, and even caused several other weapons like a grenade launcher and a cannon that shot sharp metal spikes to emerge.

Luigi and Yoshi watched on cautiously as the Egg Walker went nuts, occasionally having to dodge the random attacks it was firing off.

"If I weren't-a scared to go near that darn thing right now I'd-a run up to it myself and-a help Snoopy beat the guy up. You think the little scamp stands a chance?" Luigi asked. Yoshi shrugged innocently "Hmm... well, you never know. Hope Snoopy comes out of it alright anyway"

"Ah, ol' Snoop'll be fine. He can take Lucille in a fight, so old Egghead should be a piece of cake" Luigi and Yoshi turned around to see Peppermint Patty standing beside them.

"Oh hey, you're-a free" Luigi said pleasantly, looking over her to see Princess Peach in the distance "How-?"

"Picked the lock" Peppermint Patty explained, looking over at the out of control Egg Walker and then back at Luigi "So, how can I help?"

Luigi and Yoshi looked confused.

"Excuse-a me?" Luigi asked.

"How can I help?" Peppermint Patty asked again. Picking up on his confusion she added "With the fight. What can I do to help out?"

Luigi blinked in surprise "Oh... what? No, I think it would-a be best if you-a stayed with the princess where it's-a safe" Patty shook her head.

"What, and miss out on all the action? No, I want to help and I'm going to help" Peppermint Patty said determinedly. Luigi and Yoshi exchanged worried looks.

"Um, you do realise that this is a dangerous situation and you're-a likely to get killed if you get involved, right? We came all-a this way to rescue you and-a the Princess, it would-a be devastating to Charlie Brown if-a anything happened to you" Luigi tried to sound convincing, but Peppermint Patty was looking anything but convinced.

"Forget it Luigi, it's not going to work" Luigi looked to Sally, who had emerged from her safe zone behind the rubble to address him "Peppermint Patty is the most stubborn person in Birchwood after Lucy, when she wants to do something, no matter how crazy or dangerous or plain old stupid it is, she'll do it, no matter what you tell her. She's a lot tougher than she looks too, she's good at just about everything involving physical activity-she stinks at school though, even my grades are better-but she can handle this. And if you try saying no she'll go ahead and get involved anyway"

Luigi hummed thoughtfully, looking over Peppermint Patty, who was actually smiling in anticipation of getting involved in the fighting. With a defeated sigh, he conceded "Well, ok then. But-a you'll need one of these" Luigi pulled out the bag of power ups, reaching in and pulling out a fire flower that he handed to Peppermint Patty, who stared uncertainly at it until it vanished in her hands and turned her shirt white with red stripes and her shorts all red. She looked herself over with amazement.

"Whoa, how'd you do that?" Peppermint Patty asked ecstatically.

"Power-ups tend to-a change your clothes. That-a fire flower also gives you the power to-a shoot fireballs from your hands" Luigi replied. Looking positively thrilled by the thought of it, Peppermint Patty held out her palm, concentrated hard and generated a baseball sized sphere of flames, letting out an excited exclamation when she did so.

"Wow, this is so cool!" Peppermint Patty cheered, juggling the fireball between her hands "Hey, how come we don't have anything this cool on my world? What a jip!"

Luigi watched with some amusement as Peppermint Patty played around with her new powers like a child being given a new toy for their birthday. An explosion sounding off behind him brought him back to reality, and he turned to see the Egg Walker still spiralling around, though this time all of it's weapons seemed to be firing off in the opposite direction from him and the others. Looking carefully, Luigi spotted what was probably the red box Sally had mentioned to him on the back of the Egg Walker. Luigi knew what he had to do.

"Alright then, who do you want me to blast first?" Luigi was brought out of his thoughts by Peppermint Patty, who was holding fireballs in two hands and looking ready for action. Luigi glanced back at the Egg Walker, sweat dropping as he looked at the eager tomboy.

"Um, well..." Luigi began, still not sure if he should really get her involved. By chance he glanced over to where his brother and Bowser were fighting. Mario ducked under a swipe from Bowser's claws and slid between his legs, grabbing Bowser by the tail and spinning him about before tossing the koopa king into a wall. A light bulb went off above his head.

"Well, I think I-a know how to beat this robot, so why don't you-a go help Mario. Bowser seems to have a weakness to fire... which is odd, because he-a breathes the stuff and-a lives in a castle full of many pits of lava" Luigi mused. Peppermint Patty looked over to Bowser and Mario's position then turned back to Luigi with a salute.

"Aye-aye, chief!" Peppermint Patty said before running off. Luigi blinked.

"Chief?" Luigi said, smiling a little while looking at Yoshi "Nobodies ever called me that before... I like it, it-a makes me feel kinda important"

Yoshi stared blankly at him and pointed to the Egg Walker, which caused Luigi to do a double take as he remembered the task at hand.

"Oh, right. Watch Sally and Woodstock a minute Yoshi, I'm-a going to end this" He said, making his way to the Egg Walker while it's weapons were still firing away from him.

Bowser lifted himself up from the ground and looked back at Mario, who was crouching back into his general fighting position and motioning Bowser forward. With a growl, Bowser ran forth to strike Mario. The heroic plumber leapt over Bowser, who skidded to a halt and turned around, breathing fire at Mario. Mario barrel rolled to the left out of the way, but was still struck by a tail swipe from Bowser. After getting up, Mario dodged several more swipes from Bowser's claws and leapt back to a safe distance.

"You're a touch guy Bowser, I'll-a give you that" Mario said, jumping over another tail swipe "After all these years, and despite all the people I've-a fought, you're-a still arguably the toughest enemy I ever had. I won't lie, I actually admire your-a persistence" He dodged to the left to avoid a fire ball "It's actually one of-a the things I enjoy most about life, fighting you. Luigi would rather have a permanent vacation, but me? I honestly would-a get bored in a fortnight" Mario ducked under a punch "As much as we hate each other, I think we both-a have a great deal of respect for one another. We-a can't live without fighting each other. So I don't care that you kidnapped the princess, or-a Charlie Brown's friend. I'm glad you did, we've-a had so much fun on the way"

Mario dodged several more strikes from the Koopa king before punching him in the jaw, then leaping up and landing on his head, kicking off and jumping behind him. Bowser turned around as Mario continued his speech, now looking far more serious.

"But what does concern me is-a teaming up with these-a new bad guys. You know what they're-a going to do to the universe. I know you're not that evil. You're-a mean, spiteful, prone to anger and grouchy, but you're-a anything but pure evil at heart. You're just moderately evil. So why... why help these people turn-a the universe into a wasteland?" Mario asked earnestly. Bowser stood still for a moment, staring silently at Mario while contemplating his answer. He sighed heavily.

"Mario, how long have we been enemies?" Bowser asked plainly. Mario took a while to think of an answer.

"Almost twenty nine years maybe? I dunno, I-a lost count" Mario replied unsurely.

"And in all these years we've been fighting each other, how much have I accomplished?" Bowser asked. Mario shifted awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.

"Uhh, well... you, um... there was that one time when... ummmm? But you did-oh, no, that was Cackletta. But there was that time you... oh no, that was-a me. Uhhhhhh... I-a don't know" Mario sighed.

"Exactly" Bowser said, quite miserably "After all these years of fighting, you're the most respected, beloved guy on the planet, hailed in every corner of the world, and even in space. You're the most famous guy who ever lived. But me? Am I famous? Yes... for being a joke!"

"You know, back before we first met, the Koopa empire was well respected for their ruthlessness and strong leadership. It didn't matter that our kingdom was a dump, we proved ourselves fearsome warriors, we were known across the world as a deadly force that no one in their right minds would dare to cross. So when I took the crown, my goal was to take that to the next level" Bowser began pacing around Mario, the two of them maintaining eye contact the whole time "I wanted to prove myself the greatest Koopa King of all time, by conquering all the other kingdoms, making Darkland the capital of the world!

"I could have started my campaign in many other kingdoms, I could have went to war with the Bean Kingdom or Grass Land. You know why I went with the Mushroom Kingdom instead? Well, it wasn't the biggest kingdom, but it wasn't the smallest, and while it's army was weak the kingdom still had a lot of resources we could use to further our conquest. It was a simple enough plan, and I thought it would work. We were the Koopas, the most powerful army in the known world, going up against a kingdom of cowardly Toads. Even if my long term goal of world domination didn't work out, if I could still conquer this and a few other kingdoms, it would still be a huge win for my empire. We'd be ruling more land than we'd had in centuries, our people would have better places to live than in some dark dead plains and haunted castles, and I'd be leaving my heirs in a position where they could continue my work, until the whole world bowed to the Koopas. I would leave behind a legacy as the greatest Koopa who ever lived..."

Bowser came to a stop, glaring intensely at Mario "... And then you showed up" He breathed heavily "After kidnapping the princess and her whole court, I practically had the Mushroom Kingdom in my hand. Then all of a sudden you showed up and started running and jumping your way through my army. At first I thought you were a nuisance, but then you didn't just hand my entire army their shells, but you even beat me in battle and sent us packing! I couldn't believe it! My grand attempt at taking over a kingdom was foiled-by a plumber!

"At first I tried to shrug it off-ok, so things didn't work out the first time around, that's fine. I just needed time to rethink my strategy, that's all. I took some time to rally my army, and set out to conquer several other kingdoms instead. Sending my kids out to lead my forces, we actually hit the jackpot and conquered SEVEN whole kingdoms. I was on top of the world, with seven kingdoms under my belt, surely the rest of the world would soon fall too. Then what happens? You show up and save the day again! And again, and again, and AGAIN! for the next few years, no matter what I tried, you always somehow managed to beat me. And with every defeat, my empire lost more and more respect. Where once I was feared, I became the subject of ridicule and crude jokes. Now instead of the most feared army in the world, the koopas are a cautionary tale for villains everywhere!"

Bowser took a deep breath and began panting heavily, trying very hard to contain his rage. He narrowed his eyes at Mario and groaned with jealousy.

"You-you've really benefitted from humiliating me. Like I said, the whole world knows who you are, and they love you. Worship you, even. You'll be remembered for all time as the greatest hero who ever lived, the guy who rose up from obscurity to save the world time and time again. That's your legacy. Mine? My legacy is being the guy you beat up to gain that fame. History won't remember me as a great king, but as a second rate loser who failed at everything he ever tried and got his ass handed to him every single time he fought the great and perfect Mario. It doesn't matter that I put up a good fight, it doesn't matter that I never gave up and always did my best. People don't care about that stuff. All people will think about is what a failure I was. If I never beat you, then the only thing I'll be remembered as is the guy who always lost to Mario, and the king who turned the Koopas into a laughing stock. It's a good thing my father isn't alive to see what I've become, he'd be ashamed of me"

Bowser almost collapsed onto his knees in frustration when he was finished. He looked at the ground, his face filled with sorrow and regret, the effect was so upsetting that Mario couldn't help but feel a deep sympathy for his enemy. Despite all the horrible things he'd done, it was impossible not to feel sorry for Bowser at that moment for how just plain sad he looked.

With what looked like a great deal of difficulty, Bowser lifted his head back up to look at Mario and say "It hurts, Mario. It really hurts. The only comfort is, deep down, I kinda liked fighting with you. For all the grief I go through every time I lose to you, it gives me purpose... after losing to you so many times, I became more and more determined to beat you, and I learned a lot. I'm a lot stronger and smarter than I was before, and I've learned a lot more about leadership and conquest, skills I could use to really take over if I ever did beat you. You're right, I do respect you. Heck, on a good day I even kinda like you. I mean, who couldn't. For a squat middle aged plumber you're a worthy opponent and the ultimate nice guy, it's impossible not to like you to so extent. It's probably the only thing keeping me sane through all this failure"

"But now I'm sick of it!" Bowser breathed a great deal of fire as he screamed this, Mario had to duck to save his face "A guy can only put up with so much, and I'm not getting any younger. I'm a koopa, we live long lives, but the only reason I'm alive after all the times you've pummelled me, burned me, thrown me into bombs and pits of lava and everything is because Kamek keeps healing me. And he's pushing two hundred, he's not gonna be around for more than another decade or two. And you ain't no koopa, eventually something's gonna kill you, and if it's not me... then I really don't see the point in going on. I mean, yeah, without you around, taking over the world would be a piece of cake. But it would all feel so hollow if I never beat you. We've been at it too long now for me to just move on with my life, as things stand taking over the world means nothing if I didn't defeat you to do it.

"And THAT'S why I'm teaming up with these people" Bowser growled "I've seen what they can do, and it might just work... more than anything else I've done, teaming up with this Dark Empire sounds like my best, and maybe last real chance to get what I want. And if it means I get a real shot at beating you, I'm willing to do anything to get it"

Mario glared accusingly at Bowser "Even helping an insane goddess of darkness lobotomise the entire universe and shroud everything in eternal darkness?!"

"I live in darkness already, that doesn't bother me. And hey, half the world's out there are so full of crap with the way people act that turning them into shadows is probably being merciful" Bowser shrugged nonchalantly, earning a half disgusted, half disappointed shake of the head from Mario "And anyway, I have a few plans to work my way around it. Part of my terms for working with these people is that the koopas and other races living in Darkland get to stay the way they are, as well as Princess Peach. I'll even let you stay human... you'll be locked up for he rest of your life in my dungeon and kept as a trophy and a living monument to how I finally beat you, but hey, you'll still be alive. Can't argue with that, right. I'll have everything my heart desires, and above all, I'll have a legacy. I'll be remembered as the king who helped to conquer not just the world, but the entire UNIVERSE! I'll be the king who's persistence and determination allowed the koopas to finally take their place as the rulers of the Mushroom World! And if everyone else has to get turned into heartless to accomplish that, so be it"

Mario stared wistfully at Bowser for a while after this speech. But he remained determined, he wasn't going to give up so quickly.

"I understand you want to-a think about the future, Bowser. But if the Dark Empire gets away with-a what they're doing, the universe won't have a future. Is your legacy worth that?!" Mario spat, catching Bowser off guard with his accusing tone "Come on Bowser, you're not-never have been that heartless! There are-a better ways of making a good name for-a yourself and-a your kingdom than enslaving the universe! End this Bowser, let us drive these creeps out of-a your castle and out of-a our world"

Bowser snorted at Mario "Are you really that stupid that you're asking me to not join forces with the Dark Empire" He asked. He was not prepared for Mario's answer.

"I'm-a asking you to-a help us stop them" Mario said sincerely. Bowser did a double take and threw him a questionable look "We've-a teamed up against bigger foes before, let's-a do it again! Put aside our differences for a little while so we can all-a save the universe together! Help us now, and when we succeed at-a stopping the empire-and we will, deep down you know we will-we can-a go back to the way things are. And you can-a be remembered, not as the king who helped plot the universe's downfall, but as the king who-a put his own selfish desires aside and gave his aid when it really mattered. The king who, despite all the evil things he'd done, was still noble enough to do the right thing. Who like any good ruler, proved his dedication to his country and his world by saving it from tyranny. That can be your legacy!"

Mario extended the hand of friendship to Bowser, who looked down at it with a contemplative expression, then looked Mario in the eye. Mario smiled "What do you say?"

For what felt like hours, there was silence. The look on the koopa king's face was almost impossible for most people to distinguish any expression from, but Mario knew Bowser well enough to know there was much thought going through his head. Eventually Bowser let out a sigh.

"I'd say thanks, but no thanks"

Mario didn't even have time to register what had been said before Bowser delivered a nose breaking punch to his face. Mario groaned on the ground and tried to get up, and then screamed in agony as Bowser pinned him down hard with his foot.

"That was your argument? Honestly, I'd been expecting better" Bowser said, shaking his head as Mario squirmed below him "I don't want to be remembered as a good guy, I want to be remembered as the guy who got the job done! Maybe I'm not as evil as I'd like people to think, but I'm also not as good as you're telling yourself I am. After twenty eight years I'd think you'd know better"

Mario grabbed hold of the sides of Bowser foot and began pushing it off, having some success until Bowser forced his foot back down and pinned him again.

"I don't care what happens to the rest of the universe, alright. It's not my problem, my concerns are myself, my family and my kingdom. Nothing else matters right now except beating you and securing koopa domination. So I'm sorry to disappoint, but nothing you say will convince me to turn the Dark Empire down. Now, hold still and let me finally have my long awaited, well deserved moment of triumph!" Bowser held Mario down carefully and raised his fist. Mario struggled desperately to get free, while his enemy smiled wickedly as he prepared to strike. Mario closed his eyes and braced for impact...


Mario's eyes popped back open swiftly. A pair of fireballs had been thrown right into Bowser's face. Covering his eyes and growling in pain and confused anger, Bowser backed away, allowing Mario to catch his breath and jump back onto his feet. Mario looked behind himself to meet his rescuer, spotting Peppermint Patty holding two more fireballs in her hands. She grinned.

"Hiya, I'm Peppermint Patty, and I'm here to help you. Sorry it took me so long to get here, the floor between us was made of ice for some reason and I had to walk around it" Patty explained, pointing towards the ice rink Lemmy had created earlier. She glanced down at the fire balls in her hands and awkwardly added "Of course, now that I think about it, it probably would've been easier to just melt my way through it. Oh well, live and learn, right?"

Mario blinked a few times, but then smiled at her. Not the sort of back-up he'd been expecting, but he wasn't one to judge.

"It's-a nice to meet you Patty" Mario greeted. He heard a groan from behind him and turned around.

Bowser was wiping his eyes, his face only slightly burned from the fire balls. He glanced down at Mario and Peppermint Patty, who stood in fighting positions. He looked confused.

"That was you that attacked me? Not very fitting behaviour of a princess" Bowser commented. He was immediately struck in the face by two more fireballs.

"I'm no princess!" Peppermint Patty yelled. Bowser rubbed his face and growled, but before he could make a move he was pelted with a whole barrage of fireballs from the ticked off tomboy, each one perfectly pitched to strike at a tender spot. Bowser covered himself and stood back, too surprised by Patty's audacity he wasn't sure how to react. Mario stared at Peppermint Patty for a moment, impressed by her quick mastery of her new fire powers. Seizing the opportunity she'd opened up Mario ran forth, running up Bowser's back and performing a ground pound on his head, being careful to avoid the horns. Bowser let out a muffled scream of pain and nearly toppled over.

A scowl appeared on Bowser's face and he made to swat Mario off, but Mario spared him the trouble and flipped off his head, landing behind him. Bowser turned around and made to grab him, only for Mario to slide between his legs. Bowser made to get up, only to receive a swift uppercut from Peppermint Patty. Of course she wasn't strong enough to hurt him, but she added a fireball to the punch, which burnt his lower jaw. As Bowser rubbed his burns Peppermint Patty followed up by launching a fireball into his shell-covered belly. Bowser inched back and clutched his stomach, glaring a death glare at Patty and raising his fist to slap her... then lowering it, looking awkward. After a moment's hesitation he motioned like he was going to grab her, but stopped halfway through, looking even more awkward. He sighed lowly.

"Aw, who am I kidding, I can't fight you. For one thing you're a girl, and second you're just a kid. I could probably overlook the first one, but I'd feel like a monster hitting a kid" Bowser complained. Peppermint Patty huffed.

"Now that's just discrimination" Peppermint Patty complained.

"Actually, it's more like me having standards. Even us villains gotta have them, otherwise we're just plain evil" Bowser said reasonably. Peppermint Patty shrugged, pausing for a moment to ponder the absurdity of having this discussion with a ten foot turtle monster.

"Oh well, I guess it just makes it easier for me then" Peppermint Patty added, forming two large fireballs... then Bowser grabbed her arms and held her up by them, grinning smugly.

"I said I can't fight you, I didn't say I couldn't throw you back in your cage or something" Bowser told her. Peppermint Patty groaned as Bowser grinned in self satisfaction, which was wiped clean off his face as he was suddenly yanked backwards, dropping Patty in the process. From behind Mario had grabbed Bowser by the tail, dragging him to a safe distance to swing him around and throw him face first into the wall. Mario and Patty grinned at each another, looking over to see Bowser shake off his crash and push himself up. Nodding to one another, Mario charged towards his foe while Peppermint Patty prepared more fireballs.

Up in the air Charlie Brown and Joe Agate were still exchanging punches and kicks. Charlie Brown shot a light beam for Joe's face, which the dark boy ducked under and prepared to wallop his face. Charlie Brown grabbed his fist and aimed for Joe's throat, which Joe blocked with his free arm before kicking Charlie Brown several feet away with a swift dark kick. The two enemies prepared to fire more beams at one another when Charlie Brown noticed a random missile heading straight for them. With a shocked exclamation Charlie Brown surrounded himself with a light shield. Joe noticed the oncoming threat just in time to summon his own dark shield. The smoke produced from the blast obscured the two of them for a moment, when it cleared Charlie Brown looked down to find the source of the missile, the still out of control Egg Walker. He thought for a moment about flying down to pull the plug on it, but a dark sphere to the chest sent him crashing into the floor on the other side of the room.

Inside the Egg Walker, Snoopy was putting up a hell of a fight against Doctor Eggman. He was using his talent for fantasising to his advantage. Right now he was wrapping his body around the bad Doctor's neck like a snake, narrating in his mind as he did so.

"Here's the mighty Boa Constrictor, wrapping his body around his prey. Using it's mighty coils, the Constrictor squeezes the life out of it's hapless victim"

Doctor Eggman's face turned an ugly shade of purple as Snoopy effectively squeezed the life out of him. He tried to pull the beagle off, but Snoopy was far too into the moment to let go. Desperately in need of air, Eggman began banging his fist against Snoopy's head. He succeeded in forcing Snoopy to uncoil. Taking a deep, gasping breath, Eggman grabbed Snoopy by the throat and held him up, glaring at him under his glasses. Snoopy bit his wrist, Eggman released him as he swung his hand about, yelping furiously. He became more agitated as Snoopy jumped onto the side of his head and began banging his nose against the bald centre of his skull.

"Here's the woodpecker, doing as his name implies and pecking against the tree to make his nest within" Snoopy narrated, banging harder. Eggman continued to thrash about the whole time, banging more buttons and causing more of his weapons to be unintentionally fired in the process.

Weapons which fired almost directly upon Luigi.

Ducking under a trio of lazers and jumping out of the way of an exploding missile, Luigi finally managed to reach the Egg Walker, latching onto it's side. Holding on tight to avoid being thrown off as the mechanized walker swung about wildly, Luigi climbed across and reached the red box, which he noticed had several wires running from the sides. Had to be for something then. Unable to reach into his pockets for a power up due to the strain he was under trying to hold onto the Egg Walker, Luigi reached out one hand and grabbed onto the box. He scrunched up his face, remembering everything those two jellyfish woman from the Bean Bean Kingdom had taught him and channelling lightning into his palm. The electricity he produced was absorbed into the red box, which began steaming before short circuiting and causing a small explosion, which burnt Luigi's hand of course.

The effect was almost immediate. As the red box on it's back blew a fuse, the Egg Walker came to a sudden stop, standing unsteadily on one foot for a moment before collapsing onto it's side. Inside the Egg Walker, Dr Eggman and Snoopy groaned in pain, getting up and rubbing their heads.

"What... what just happened?" Eggman wondered. Snoopy's head swung about dizzily for a moment before he shook it off, jumped onto Eggman's head and propelled himself out of the cockpit, meeting Luigi outside.

The green clad plumber patted Snoopy on the head in congratulation "Good boy. Sure was lucky I just conveniently remembered I could shoot lightning from my hands at that moment, wasn't it?"

Noticing the battle seemed to be over, Sally, Woodstock and Yoshi came out from their hiding place and ran over to re-join their friends, overlooking the wreckage as they drew near. Sally whistled impressively.

"Not bad. Not bad at all" Sally complimented. There was a sudden crashing sound as Dr Eggman tore his way out of his toppled creation, carrying a pair of red guns he'd removed from a compartment within the Walker and aiming them at the heroes, an exasperated frown on his face.

"Alright, so maybe my Egg Walker 2.0 wasn't up to scratch, but I'm not going to be beaten that easily. I'm the worlds greatest super genius after now. Now put your hands in the air or I'll open fire" Eggman threatened. Instead of complying Yoshi shot out his tongue and yanked the right gun out of Eggman's hand, making him stumble forward as Luigi jumped up and kicked him in the face. Eggman went flying back into the Egg Walker, dropping the other gun as he was knocked down, not quite unconscious but too weak to stand. Luigi sighed in relief.

"And that's the end of that" Luigi said, wiping his hands impressively as the rest of his little group smiled pleasantly... then gaped in horror as Luigi was struck down from behind by twin blasts of magical energy.

With a painful splutter, Luigi looked up to see Ludwig and Roy Koopa standing nearby, laughing wickedly as they pointed their wands at him. Luigi stared in shock.

"Wha-wait, weren't you both just unconscious?" Luigi spluttered. Ludwig pointed over to where Lemmy Koopa had fallen earlier. Kamek was currently lifting him out of the ice and healing any injuries he had. Lemmy smiled and waved at the magikoopa before dancing off across the slowly melting ice rink. Luigi sighed.

"Typical" The plumber muttered, being struck once more in the stomach by one of Ludwig's magic bolts. The eldest Koopaling laughed maniacally as he charged at Luigi, while Roy began attacking the others, who took off in a run.

"Hold still, dang it!"

Bowser's roars became all the more impatient as Mario and Peppermint Patty nimbly avoided every one of his attacks, all the while landing their own hits. Bowser swung his claws at Mario, he jumped onto and ran up his arm to deliver a kick to the koopa's face, jumping off afterwards. Bowser then tried to swat the oncoming Peppermint Patty away with a tail swipe, she leapt over it and launched a fireball right into his face as he span round. While Bowser stumbled back Mario leapt up again and prepared to stomp Bowser in the face. This time the koopa king had a bit more luck and grabbed the plumbers foot, smashing him against the ground twice before hurling him up into the air. With a nasty smile, Bowser then looked down and spat several oversized fireballs at Peppermint Patty, who barrel rolled out of the way. Unfortunately she tripped up and landed on her face, leaving her open for Bowser to raise his fist and aim an attack at her. She was spared when Mario suddenly landed on Bowser's head and began punching his face.

Bowser stumbled about as he tried to pull Mario down. Peppermint Patty recovered and began forming an especially large fireball between both hands. Bowser finally managed to grab Mario, holding him in front of his face by the scruff of his neck. Mario waved sheepishly as the Koopa king raised his fist to sock him... only to have a super sized fireball thrown by Peppermint Patty strike him in the face. Mario landed on the ground as Bowser stumbled back, that last hit leaving him kinda woozy. Mario ran back a few feet and charged forward once more, landing a flying kick to Bowser's head. After wobbling a bit, Bowser fell to the floor, seemingly losing consciousness.

Mario and Peppermint Patty waited a moment to see that Bowser was truly beaten before exchanging a high five. Peppermint Patty was promptly struck down by a golden ring hitting her in the back. Mario jumped back in shock as Peppermint Patty fell to the floor, her clothes returning to normal. He looked over to see Wendy, Iggy and Morton Koopa Jr standing together, grinning maliciously and striking villainous poses. Mario put on a serious face as Peppermint Patty looked herself over, surprised at the return of her normal colourings. She tried to generate a fireball, but found herself unable. Mario helped her up as the thee Koopalings charged forward with raised wands. Mario sighed, preparing himself for a tough fight.

While all this went on, Charlie Brown had actually managed to overpower Joe Agate for the moment. After dodging a few dark spheres, Charlie Brown landed an uppercut to Joe's chin, then sent him crashing into the ground with a strong light beam. As Joe tried to get up, Charlie Brown swooped down and delivered blow after blow to the dark warrior, leaving Joe battered and struggling to recover. Charlie Brown just gave his enemy a stern look.

"I've had enough, we're going to finish this now Joe. Give up" Charlie Brown said in what he thought was a threatening tone. Joe glowered at him, before spotting something over Charlie Brown's shoulder that made him chuckle. Charlie Brown frowned curiously, then felt a sharp pain in his back that brought him to his knees. With a cough, Charlie Brown looked over his shoulder to see Larry Koopa, who had just hit him with a magic bolt, and Lemmy Koopa riding atop his rubber ball, which he had evidently re-inflated. Charlie Brown gaped at the Koopalings before muttering a single "Good grief" The youngest Koopaling and the most immature Koopaling laughed in unison as Larry shot a magical blue flame at Charlie Brown, who set up a light shield to block it. Before he could make another move Charlie Brown was kicked in the back by Joe Agate, sending him flying forward. Charlie Brown was then run over as Lemmy sped over him with his rubber ball, an act which proved surprisingly painful.

Peeling himself off the ground, Charlie Brown weakly looked around to see his three opponents ganging up on him. With a gulp, Charlie Brown realized he just might be in trouble.

"Duck Snoopy!"

Heeding Sally's warning call, Snoopy ducked to avoid a magic bolt from Ludwig's wand, but still feel victim to a punch in the face from the kooky haired koopa. Ludwig laughed spitefully at the beagles pain. Then suddenly he felt a tap on his foot, he looked down to see Woodstock kicking him repeatedly, trying to defend his friend. With a devious smile, Ludwig snatched up the tiny bird and held him up to his face. Woodstock struggled to break free as Ludwig opened his mouth wide, clearly with the intention to devour Woodstock. The poor bird cried out in fright as Ludwig brought him into his open mouth. Ludwig bit down... only to bite his own teeth. Covering his mouth and muffling in pain at his now broken fangs, Ludwig saw Sally standing in front of him, having snatched Woodstock out of his hands.

Sally glared at the Koopa boy, poking him in both eyes "Now where do you get off, picking on a small little bird, you bully!" She then proceeded to kick Ludwig in the shin. The eldest Koopaling hopped around in pain for a minute, uttering a few good swears before regaining his footing and glowering at Sally.

"Why you little-" Steam shooting out of his nostrils, Ludwig raised his wand and prepared to strike Sally when Yoshi's tongue suddenly shot forward and pulled Sally out of the way to safety. Yoshi wagged his fingers at Sally and made a few serious squeaky sounds.

"Yoshi's right Sally, it's not smart trying to pick a fight with someone more powerful than you when you have no fighting experience" Luigi said, in the middle of grappling with Roy Koopa. The pink faced Koopaling managed to overpower Luigi and held him to the floor, pulling one hand free and punching the plumber in the face. Feeling the blood dripping out of his nose, Luigi used his feet to trip Roy up, rolling on top of the Koopaling Luigi made to headbutt him, leaving Roy dizzy enough for Luigi to get up, throw the Koopaling into his incoming older brother and breath a sigh of relief.

"Boy, I'm-a getting tired" Luigi said as his small group re-joined him. Snoopy pulled a tissue out of the depths of his fur and handed it to Luigi, who took it appreciatively and began wiping the blood from his nose "Seriously though, I think I'm-a starting to get-a worn out. I'm not sure how much longer I can-a keep this up"

"Well you have to keep fighting, these kids are going to kill us otherwise!" Sally said insistently.

"I know, I know" Luigi said dizzily. He looked up to see Roy and Ludwig charging at them again. This time Snoopy slapped on his flying ace helmet and barged forward, actually managing to tackle his way through the Koopaling and leaving them to fall flat on their faces.

Over by the wreckage of the Egg Walker Mk 2, Kamek had just gotten through healing Doctor Eggman, who was on his feet and dusting himself off at the moment.

"Thank you my friend. My own servants could learn a lot from you" Eggman told the old magikoopa, who gave a polite bow.

"You flatter me. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No, no, I'll be fine. Just go do whatever needs to be done" Eggman replied, surveying the fighting. Charlie Brown was backed up into a corner by his three opponents, Mario was fighting both Morton and Iggy Koopa at once while Peppermint Patty was trying, and failing to match up to Wendy 'O Koopa. While straightening his glasses, Eggman couldn't help but give a confident smile.

"You never know, we keep this up and the bad guys just might win for once" The scientist muttered. Kamek flew off to see where else he was needed while Eggman looked around for one of his fallen guns.

Peppermint Patty was pushed to the ground. Wendy Koopa stood over her, one hand on her hip and the smuggest look possible on her face.

"Boy lady, you stink at fighting" Wendy mocked, laughing a few times before snidely adding "I guess it's only to be expected. My friend Pom Pom says you ugly chicks are always the worst fighters"

Gritting her teeth, Peppermint Patty snarked "In that case, you must be a complete wimp!"

Her face turning red with anger, Wendy made to punch Peppermint Patty. She was able to grab her fist, but was unable to stop Wendy from slapping her in the face with her other hand. Falling on her back, Peppermint Patty was left vulnerable to a barrage of kicks from the koopa girl.

"Lousy... stupid... mousy... retch!" Wendy spat between kicks. Recoiling in pain, Patty managed to roll out of the way from the next attack. Getting up quickly, Patty rammed into Wendy, pushing the Koopaling down and engaging in a savage cat fight.

Mario meanwhile was ducking, jumping and all around dodging a storm of attacks from his two opponents. Morton attacked him with his hammer, while Iggy fired magic bolts wildly from his staff, not even checking where he was aiming. Indeed, a few of his attacks even hit Morton instead of Mario, earning the crazy Koopaling a death glare or two from his big mouthed brother. Leaping back out of the way, Mario avoided another swing from Morton's hammer before rushing forward to deliver a double kick to Morton's chest, sending the burly Koopaling falling back. Picking up Morton's heavy black hammer, Mario saw Iggy charging at him to defend his brother, and took this as the perfect opportunity to smack Iggy in the face with the hammer. Iggy went flying back twenty feet, it was obvious from the way he landed that the kid was out of it.

Mario smirked victoriously... until he saw Kamek hover down over Iggy and begin to heal him. Mario's eyes narrowed. Koopalings he and the others could handle normally, but if Kamek kept healing all the villains then there was no chance he and his friends would be able to win. Mario realized he would have to knock Kamek out-and fast.

Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Mario was surprised as the hammer was yanked out of his hand. Turning around he found himself face to face with a stern faced Morton Koopa.

"This is mine I believe" He said, referring to the hammer, which he then raised in preparation to smash Mario into the ground.

"Yipe!" Mario uttered, jumping back just in time to avoid becoming a pancake. Kicking Morton in the face, Mario began running towards Kamek, only to see that the magikoopa was already flying high into the air on his broomstick, far away from Mario's reach. Iggy Koopa got up from where he had fallen, laughing as he was already healed. Mario frowned and punched the air. Dang it, he had to figure out a way to bring Kamek back down to earth. But how? How?

"Ow! Hey, let go of my hair you scaly rat!"

Mario turned to see Peppermint Patty pinned down by Wendy, who was pulling on her hair.

"I'll stop pulling once I get a few good tears out of you! Cry for me girl, cry!" Wendy shouted, pulling ever harder. Mario huffed, utterly disgusted as he ran forward and kicked Wendy in the face, detaching her from Peppermint Patty. Wendy rubbed her swollen cheek and glared up at Mario, who glared back.

"I'm normally against hitting ladies. But they again, you're-a anything but a lady, aren't-a you" Mario said, punching Wendy in the face and knocking her down. Noticing the rings on her hands, a lit bulb lit up above Mario's head as he pulled them off. He looked over at Peppermint Patty, who was as bruise as he was "How you doing?"

"Could be better" Patty said, wiping blood off her lips. She saw Mario's worried expression and said "I can still fight"

"Not without a power-up you-a can't. Listen Patty, I admire spirit more than-a anyone, but this is a war zone we're-a in. You're not going to last another-a ten minutes out here in your condition. So either ask-a Luigi for a new power-up, or go guard the princess. Got it" Mario said with utmost authority. Peppermint Patty nodded, considering his commands fair.

"Ok, thanks again" Patty said, running off. Mario watched her leave with much concern. He should have gone with her, but he had work to do. Everyone's lives depended on it. Kicking Wendy down one more time as she tried to get up and attack him, Mario ran to a spot where he could get a good aim at Kamek. Wielding Wendy's twin bracelets, Mario spun around and launched the golden rings into the air. One of the rings sliced it's way through Kamek's broomstick, while the other struck the aging magikoopa dead in the face. Mario ran forward to intercept the Magikoopa as he fell. Dropping his broom, Kamek managed to regain his balance just before he hit the ground and floated upwards, only to be tackled to the ground as Mario jumped into him and pinned him down. Kamek struggled and glared at Mario.

"So, you want to pick a fight with me Mario? Well, I-"

Mario didn't give him time to talk, he just punched Kamek in the face. Then again, and again and again and once more for good measure. Mario punched Kamek in the face a total of ten times, not stopping until he was satisfied that the magikoopa was unconscious. Breathing a heavy sigh, Mario picked up Kamek's wand and threw it across the room, dusting his hands off.

"Well, that-a takes care of one problem..." Mario commented. He then let out a painful exclamation as a green magic bolt shot forward and struck him in the back. Rolling forward, Mario groaned on the floor before sitting up to see Iggy and Morton Koopa standing over him, with Wendy 'O Koopa joining them after retrieving her bracelets. Mario blinked at them, wearily he looked around the room, seeing Charlie Brown get pounded by Joe Agate, Lemmy and Larry Koopa, Luigi and the rest of the gang struggling against Ludwig and Roy, Eggman pulling a weird looking ray gun out of the fallen egg walker and Bowser rising steadily to his feet.

"...And only-a ten more to go" Mario sighed weakly. Wendy and her brothers made way for their father marched forward.

"Stay clear kids" Bowser instructed his three children, glaring down at Mario with a fire in is eye, a renewed determination to succeed. Bowser growled lowly "He's mine"

Charlie Brown shot Lemmy Koopa off of his rubber ball with a light beam, sending the ball bouncing away in the process. Quickly loosing interest in the fight, Lemmy Koopa got up and ran after his favourite play thing. Charlie Brown watched him run off, unknowingly leaving himself vulnerable to a tackle from Larry Koopa. The young Koopaling bonked Charlie Brown on the head several times with his wand before Charlie Brown managed to shake him off and blast the kid away with a light beam. Charlie Brown's moment of peace was short, as Joe flew in an tackled him to the floor, dealing a barrage of dark fisted punches to the poor boy's face. Struggling through the pain, Charlie Brown managed to kick Joe off of him and shot a beam of light at him, but the evil boy turned into a shadow and sunk back into the darkness before any of the light could hurt him. Charlie Brown looked around the area, while the darkness surrounds him, and coating his fists with light. Joe's chuckle echoed, but Charlie Brown couldn't see him.

"'Ole Failure Face can't even save a bunch of walking mushrooms. What makes you think you could be The universe's hero?" Charlie Brown looked around as two shadowy hands shot out of the ground and grabbed at his feet! Charlie Brown blasted them to cause them to dissipitate, but then two more hands came at his head! Charlie blasted those away, but MORE and MORE hands appeared. Getting tired, Charlie Brown was grabbed and shaken around by a multitude of shadow hands. Joe then rose up above the boy, his entire body changed into a dark figure. With Charlie Brown in hand(s), he proceeded to try and pull him apart. The screaming Charlie Brown gritted his teeth in-between yells, desperate for a move to ward off shadow Joe.

"GGRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He screamed, clenching his fists as Joe's white grin was the only light showing from his darkened body. Charlie Brown's fists glowed, Joe's grin drooped as a blinding flash of light was shone directly into his eyes. Charlie Brown dropped down, Joe Agate too shocked to stop him, and rolled away from the darkness. Panting on the ground, Charlie Brown used this moment's safety to catch his breath. He would need it if he was going to stay alive much longer.

The King of the Koopas laughed heartily as he whacked Mario around with his tail. The red plumber managed to somehow grab hold of his tail and grin. "Same as always Bowser..." he said before he began to try and spin him around. However, Dr Eggman came up from behind and zapped Mario in the back with an electricity producing ray gun. Fried to the bone, Mario fell to his knees and let go of Bowser. The King Koopa then grabbed Mario by his legs and began spinning him around.


Mario, due to the combination of spinning and the irony of the situation, began to get a little sick in the stomach...

Meanwhile, Peppermint Patty had managed to regroup with Luigi, who was rummaging through the power-up sack. She shook him about. "Luigi, I need more of those power flowers! The powers you gave me ran out!" She panicked, "HURRY! Chuck and Mario need help!"

While dizzy, Luigi could still rummage through the bag... just to find nothing. "Uuuh-oooh...we're-a fresh out! In fact, I'm-a pretty much out of everything" Peppermint Patty went wide-eyed and took a quick glance back at the villains pounding on her friends.

"C'mon, Luigi! You gottta have SOMETHING!" She pleaded to him, desperate for anything, "A boulder suit, an Ice flower, A hammer, a barrel, a plunger to bash over their heads?" Luigi looked up and gave her a glance of "Stereotype much?", causing her to chuckle sheepishly while he continued looking.

"A-HA!" Luigi pulled out a red polka-dotted dingy yellow mushroom with eyes and a white stem that was bigger than most other mushrooms. "This was-a me and Mario's secret weapon. And this is the perfect time to use it. This mushroom turns anyone into a giant, as-a one poor Toad village witnessed. I just have to eat this and it'll change the tide of this ba-WAAAH!"

During his schpiel, Roy Koopa appeared and rammed into Luigi, knocking his mushroom out of his hands.

"OOOH MAMMA MIAAA!" Luigi exclaimed as he rolled across the floor. He blinked as he noticed the mushroom inching across the floor. Panicking, Luigi pushed himself onto his knees "Somebody-grab that mushroom!"

Luigi quickly wished he had just said nothing, because as soon as he shouted out, everyone in the room stopped what they were doing to look at the yellow mushroom. While the heroes only looked confused, the Koopalings all gained wicked smiles.

Roy grinned as he saw the mushroom, slamming his staff into Luigi's head before running after the mystical fungi. Peppermint Patty saw him coming and held out her foot to trip him up. She was about to go after the mushroom when Wendy Koopa pushed her to the ground. The Koopa girl was about to run after the mushroom herself before Peppermint Patty leaned forward and grabbed Wendy's tail, causing her to fall on her face.

Mario, in spite of his dizziness, saw the mushroom inch closer towards Bowser, who was too busy spinning Mario about t notice. Knowing he couldn't let Bowser or the Koopalings get the mushroom, the red plumber managed to free one of his legs and kick Bowser's hand, making him lose the grip he had on Mario's leg. Mario fell a few feet away from Bowser, he got up to go get the mushroom...but had double vision from the rapid spinning. Poor Mario was seeing THREE mushrooms as he stumbled about.

"Oooooh..." he groaned...before settling on an ultimatum. "Eeny Meeny Miney-YOU!" He declared before jumping on top of a mushroom...only to find out it was fake. Shaking his head and holding down the bile, Mario looked over to see Ludwig von Koopa about to munch the mushroom and gain its powers. But at the last second Charlie Brown managed to shoot it away from afar. The light Guardian swooped down... only for Agate to travel as a shadow to the mushroom. Joe grabbed it (before Luigi could dive for it) and looked over it.

"Hmm, a mushroom huh? What does it do?" Joe asked the nearest Koopaling.

"It grows you to the size of a house" Ludwig replied, cackling at the thought. Joe Agate smirked, intrigued by the thought as he casually held Charlie Brown and Luigi back with a dark shield.

"A nasty 'ole mushroom is all I need to turn giant? Heh, ain't this fun storytelling?" Agate floated down and prepared to eat the Mushroom. Suddenly he felt tap on his shoulder, he turned around, only for Peppermint Patty to slug him a mean one across the face! The darkness master fell like a light, his eyes blinking in confusion, as the tomboy stood over him.

"Doesn't feel good, huh Agate, you slimeball?" She declared, cracking her knuckles. Mario called out to Peppermint Patty, saying "WATCH OUT! Get the mushroom!" She turned around to see Larry Koopa chasing the mushroom. The tough girl started to run to Larry, who noticed her out of the corner of his eye. He looked a tad worried that this juggernaut is coming at him.

"Uh-Oh..." Were his last words before she tackled him football style, laying him out flat. A pained moan escaping his lips,Larry raised a finger declaring "I'm alriiight..." before Bowser, Eggman, and the Koopalings trampled him in their chase for the mushroom.

"GET THAT MUSHROOM!" Bowser roared as he chased after that rogue mushroom. Charlie Brown, Sparky, Peppermint Patty, Mario, Snoopy, Woodstock and Luigi regrouped to go after the mushroom before the villains could get it. The team run all around the throne room, climbing over rubble and scrap from Eggman's Egg Walker while the murshroom tends to itself, sliding around without a care. Suddenly, Benny Hill music could be heard. Snoopy stopped for a moment to ponder this, before noticing Iggy standing to the side of him eagerly balancing a radio on his head, clicking his fingers to the tune. With a shrug, Snoopy decided to just go with it and continued the chase.

The Benny Hill chase music played as the two sides ran after both the mushroom and each other. Luigi had the mushroom and ran offscreen...then Ludwig von Koopa ran onscreen with the mushroom with Peppermint Patty chasing him off the screen. Wendy Koopa then ran in, carrying the mushroom while blowing kisses to Charlie Brown. The mushroom came back onscreen with a wide eyed and panicky Luigi, who was running from a wide jawed, ready to snap Morton Koopa. After Luigi ran offscreen, Snoopy ran onscreen from the same side as him, being chased by Dr Eggman. Snoopy suddenly skidded to a halt, jumping up and banging his nose against Eggman's head, prompting the doctor to run screaming off the screen with Snoopy in pursuit. Mario ran onscreen with the mushroom alongside Bowser. Both of them stopped, not aware of the fact they were running side by side. Mario and Bowser look around and sigh a breath of relief before shaking hands. Right as they opened their eyes, Mario and Bowser growled at the sight of one another and got into a fight cloud that caused the mushroom to fly into the air. Sparky, floating in the air, went to grab it...and it passed right through him.

"Oh, right...curse this ethereal body..." he lamented.

The mushroom fell to the ground as the music came to a close and continued to move, until Yoshi picked it up with his tongue and threw it to Sally.

"I GOT IT!" She excitedly yelled, gaining the attention of the nearby villains. Her big smile then turned into an immediate look of shock and fear as The Koopalings all ran towards her. "YIPE!" She yelped, jumping up on the back of Yoshi. The green dinosaur yelped as he did his best to haul tail. The Koopalings went in pursuit, shooting magic blasts at the pair, and it seemed Yoshi wasn't able to shake them.

Charlie Brown jumped up, "SALLY!" He yelled, only to be tripped up by Joe Agate's shadow hands. Mario and Luigi ran forward to help, only for Bowser to jump forward and sit on the pair of them. The plumbers squirmed beneath the enormous Koopa king, Luigi looked up to see Sally being chased around

"MAMMA MIA! They're-a going to be Koopa soup if somebody doesn't do anything!" Luigi yelled out. Mario tried his best to push Bowser off, but his weakened state from all the fighting left him unable to do much of anything. Peppermint Patty tried to rush to Sally's aid, only for Eggman to pick her up and hold her back.

"Now, now my dear, no need for you to put yourself in the line of fire" The evil doctor said in a parental voice as Peppermint Patty struggled to get free. Seeing that they were the only ones unbound, Snoopy and Woodstock puffed up their chests heroically and marched forward to confront the Koopalings. As they neared Roy Koopa turned his head and growled viciously at them. Jumping in shock, Snoopy and Woodstock backed away slowly. It seemed Sally and Yoshi were on their own.

The younger Brown sibling, trying to duck and dodge the seemingly infinite amount of blasts being hurled at her, was in a state of panic. She held tightly onto Yoshi while the Koopalings ran after her. Suddenly, Morton Koopa appeared before them and headbutted Yoshi in the face, knocking Sally off his back. Lemmy Koopa then landed his ball on Yoshi to keep him pinned down. Yoshi let out a pained "YOSHI!" while Iggy, Morton, Roy, Ludwig, Wendy, and Larry surrounded the girl.

"Hand over the mushroom, girl..." Roy said, readying his wand. Sally began to sweat bullets as she looked around to see no one to help. Realizing she had no other options, Sally then opened her mouth really wide...

...and swallowed the mushroom whole. The entire room went wide eyed as Sally blinked a few times, not sure what she should expect to happen. Suddenly, her body began to rumble, and next thing she knew Sally began to grow, and grow, and GROW until she was high enough to touch the ceiling.

"Ooooooh my..." Luigi said as Mario looked on in shock. Bowser's jaw dropped along with Eggman's. Snoopy whistled impressively as Woodstock rubbed his eyes to determine if what he was seeing was real. The Koopalings all looked up at giant Sally, frozen in fear. The girl looked at herself, smirking widely.

The Koopalings wasted no time hightailing it out of there!

"Next time you want something, call Bowser Jr.!" Larry exclaimed to his dad as all seven Koopalings ran out the door into the hallway.

Bowser watched as his kids left. Looking back to Sally he was met with her giant fist, punching him into a wall. Bowser just about managed to peel himself off before losing consciousness. Eggman tried to make a run for it, but Sally grabbed the scientist and threw him into another wall, knocking him out too. Kamek suddenly walked back onto the scene, rubbing his sore head and clearly having only just recovered from his previous beating. "So... what did I miss?" Kamek asked. He then noticed Sally's giant hand next to him, and the magikoopa was instantly flicked across the room, knocking him out again.

Joe Agate looked on in fear as giant Sally made her way towards him. Too stubborn to go down without a fight, Agate covered his hands in darkness and fired two dark beams at her face. First looking terrified, Sally quickly began to giggle.

"Hey, that tickles" Sally chuckled. Joe gaped at Sally, hurling several ineffective dark spheres at her as Sally reached down and grabbed him. He was not pleased.

"Get offa me, ya broad!" He yelled, "YOU'LL REGRET IT!"

Sally took offense to his words.

"I am not BROAD! I am pleasantly THIN!" She exclaimed before throwing Joe into the air and PUNTING HIM. Joe could be heard screaming as he went crashing through the roof, disappearing into the distance. The heroes and Peach all looked on, very shocked...but very pleased. Peppermint Patty crossed her arms and smiled.

"Now that was a punt! You could learn a thing or two from 'er, Chuck." She smarmily suggested with a toothy grin in Chuck's face. Charlie Brown just groaned. "Good Grief, Peppermint Patty, not now..."

Sally looked around and enjoyed the view from her height. "Y'know...I really could get used to this! My Sweet Baboo would love me as a giant!" But as she said this, Sally began to quickly shrink down to normal size. Once again surveying her now normal surroundings at her regular height, Sally frowned and clenched her fists, just letting out a frustrated, "Rats!"

Mario dusted himself off and said to Sally, "Giant mushroom powers are only-a temporary. Sorry, Sally." However Sally just continued to frown.

Everyone grouped back up and just checked to see if everything was okay. Sparky thought that things had turned out pretty well. The princess was saved, Peppermint Patty was found, they beat The Koopa Family and Eggman, Joe Agate was out of the wa-


The heroes all twirled around to see Joe Agate, who had landed on the ground a few feet away from them, leaving a big hole in the wall he'd crashed in through. By the look of it, it seemed Sally had kicked him right around the world and back. After processing this, the heroes got into fighting stances, guarding the unpowered women. Joe coughed a few times and painfully raised his head, finding himself surrounded by the heroes. At first he looked nervous... but then a cocky smile spread across his face.

"The Witch gets what the Witch wants..." he said before pulling out a small device with a button. As everyone looked on apprehensively Joe pressed the button, which caused a rumbling in the room, and indeed the whole castle that made everyone tumble about. No one knew what was happening until a hatch opened up in the centre of the throne room, and a large black sphere rose up. There was a timer strapped to the front of the sphere counting down from sixty in glowing red numbers. Joe smiled fiendishly, and Sparky's eyes widen in horror.

"Everyone..." he said, voice trembling, "Run... we have NO TIME. No questions. Just everyone get out of here!"

Mario nodded and looked to Luigi. "Did you-a pack the escape plan?" His brother nodded and pulled out two feathers.

"I-a always come prepared, brother!" The green brother said as he grabbed a feather and activated the power, giving him a yellow cape. Peppermint Patty blinked, she was about to ask why he hadn't brought those up when they were all getting pounded wen Mario grabbed the other feather, gaining his own cape, and holding onto Princess Peach.

"Let's-a GOOO!" He exclaimed before getting a running start and flying out of the hole Sally had earlier made in the roof. Luigi took hold of Snoopy and Woodstock and flew off after his brother. With Sally on his back, Yoshi shot out his tongue and held onto Luigi's foot, hitching a ride with him, giving Luigi a bit of trouble flying in the process. Charlie Brown nodded to Peppermint Patty and flew out while carrying her. Joe Agate watched weakly as they all left, too injured to stop them. Managing a weak, mean grin, Joe Agate fell to the floor and passed out.

The heroes landed outside the boundaries of the castle moments later. Hearing a loud BOOM from behind them, the group turned back to find that a dark dome had surrounded the castle. They all watched in awe as the darkness swirled and flowed around the castle before beginning to contract. When the darkness faded, the castle was gone. The group looked on in shock as Sparky, who flew right after them, held his head low and sighed.

Charlie Brown spoke up, still in shock, "Wha-Wha-What was that?..."

Sparky turned to Charlie Brown, "A Dark Witch specialty. A bomb that suck up the surrounding domains into her own dark realm." He said, shaking his head, "She used them many a time during the previous war...I assume she's going to use them again for this one..."

The round-headed hero slumps down onto his behind and sat there with a dumbfounded expression, not quite believing everything that had just happened. All around him his friends, family and pet all sat down, needing a moment to calm down after what they had just been through. Our heroes were battered, bruised, emotionally drained and sore all over. But they were alive. And all things considered, they were victorious.

"Well, glad that's over" Peppermint Patty sighed, pulling off her sandals to give her feet a rest. Next to her Charlie Brown began looking around at his friends, he should have been relieved that they'd all made it out alive. But in spite of everything, there was still an outstanding problem that was nagging in his mind. Mario's next comment just served to highlight it.

"Well, looks like Bowser and the Koopas are a lost cause" Mario said, staring wistfully towards the area where Bowser's castle once stood. In turn everyone else turned to face it aswell, except Charlie Brown, who drooped his head and stared miserably at the floor. True, they'd saved the day. But now the Dark Empire had a whole army of turtle monsters at their side. They'd accomplished relatively little here, for all their effort they had done little if nothing to halt the progression of the Dark Witch's plans, and with Bowser and his castle sucked into the Realm of Darkness there was no hope of convincing him to turn the Empire down now.

Charlie Brown heaved a heavy sigh of defeat "Typical luck" He muttered, gaining the attention of his group "After all that we failed to make any real difference. Bowser's working for the Dark Witch, which give them a lot more power and influence. All that fighting and we didn't even make a dent in their plans. It figures..."

Mario and Luigi stared sympathetically at their mopey friend and Yoshi cooed sadly. Getting up and patting Charlie Brown's shoulder, Mario put on a warm smile and said "Oh come on Charlie, it's-a not that bad" Charlie Brown gave him an odd look, to which Mario continued "Sure, we didn't stop 'em today, but so what? We'll get plenty of-a chances. The important thing is, the Princess and Peppermint Patty are rescued, and we can all-a go home and say we-a did out best. And hey, you're still coming out of this thing better off. You've-a got me and-a Luigi and Yoshi and the whole Mushroom kingdom backing you guys up now. Together we can-a do anything!"

"Here, here!" Luigi cheered as Yoshi chirruped excitedly. Charlie Brown stared wide eyed at them, then smiled slightly, admiring their spirit. Maybe he should try and look on the bright side. Hey, they were all in one piece after all, that alone was reason to celebrate.

With a warm smile, Princess Peach stood back up and addressed everyone. "Well, what a day this has been. Once again Bowser came back with a new evil plan. And once again, Mario and Luigi saved the day! And this time with a little help." She looked at Charlie Brown, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock and a proud looking, WWI Flying Ace hat wearing Snoopy and smiled. "I want to say thank you to everyone here. My dearest gratitude for the heroes of another realm helping The Mario Brothers" Princess Peach then leaned down and kissed Charlie Brown's head. 'Ole Charlie Brown's face went completely red as he chuckled nervously.

Sally then raised her voice. "So what do we do now? We beat Barney the Koopasaur and his Doopalings!" She said, not fully getting their names down "So what comes next?"

Peach turned to Sally and raised a finger while winking to her. "Oh... I have a pretty good suggestion"

Later on that day, our heroes were sat at the extremely long mahogany table within the dining hall of the Mushroom Castle. Amazingly, Toad, Toadsworth and the repair crew had manage to completely rebuild the castle brick by brick in the time Mario, Charlie Brown and friends had been gone. You'd never have guessed that it had been half torn to pieces just this morning.

At the centre of the dining table sat an extremely large white cake with pink frosting, with candied statues of every one of Peach's rescuers topping the mouth watering marvel of pastry.

Sitting in between her brother and Mario, with Yoshi curled up by her feet underneath the table, Sally stared blankly at the piece of cake on her plate as all around her friends munched away at their own slices.

"So, let me get this straight" She began towards Mario and Luigi "Every other day you two make your way through a whole bunch of kingdoms, fighting turtles, walking mushrooms, and all kinds of weird monsters along the way. You conquer a bunch of castles and risk your life dodging through countless booby traps, including jumping over pits of lava, and storm a castle ruled by an evil fire breathing Koopa, and in the end, this is all you get. Cake to eat?"

"Yep, that's all" Mario replied between bites of his own slice of cake. Sally stared blankly at him for a moment before her face lit up.

"Good deal" She said, happily munching into her cake. She reached for two more pieces, lowering one below the table. Yoshi shot his tongue out and pulled the cake slice into his mouth, licking his lips and looking quite satisfied afterwards.

Around the table, the rest of our heroes ate happily. Luigi was chatting eagerly with Peppermint Patty about the various adventures the group had gotten into on the way to Darkland, he was so eager to talk about his exploits in particular to someone who didn't know what a coward he could be that he ended up choking on a piece of cake that he'd absentmindedly stuffed into his mouth mid-speech, requiring Toad and Toadsworth to run up and give him the Heimlich manuver. Snoopy meanwhile was sitting right in the middle of the table, happily throwing slices of cake into his open mouth as his belly grew bigger with every one he ate. Woodstock rolled his eyes and muttered a joke about Snoopy's weight before pecking into his own slice of cake.

Charlie Brown wiped his mouth clean after finishing his first helping of cake, glancing across the table to see Wario and Waluigi gratuitously stuffing themselves, hogging almost all the other snacks the Toad's had earlier set out around the table. Charlie Brown stared curiously at them for while before looking to Mario.

"Why are they here again?" He asked. Mario swallowed the cake he was eating to answer.

"The Toads were-a getting tired of chasing them out of-a the pantry, so the princess decided to just invite them in for-a dinner" Mario said, watching Wario dunk a whole bowl of some foreign dip into his mouth. He shook his head.

Charlie Brown looked down at the half-eaten piece of cake on his plate, fiddling with it with his fork. He jumped after feeling a pat on his back.

"Still scare easy, dont'cha?" Peppermint Patty chuckled. Charlie Brown smiled weakly and turned around to face her "Funny how we haven't had a chance to talk yet, huh Chuck? Well, from the way Luigi puts it, you guys sure had quite a lot of fun today. Next time you're bringing me along, alright"

"I don't think that's... um, never mind, you can come" Charlie Brown hastily added. He was going to say it wasn't such a good idea. However, she'd fared pretty good against Bowser. And hey, she was Peppermint Patty, the girl who ran through life with blinders on. He was about as likely to convince her to stay out of trouble as he was to become best friends with Joe Agate.

Peppermint Patty's eternally cheerful smile lightened Charlie Brown's mood a bit as she continued "So, you got Sally and me here, what about the others?"

"Huh" Charlie Brown blinked, for a moment he'd almost forgotten about his other friends. He felt a great sense of guilt wash over himself, what was he doing here eating cake and watching his friends laugh and chat while the rest of his group was scattered around the universe? Patty was still looking at him, so he felt he had to respond "Oh, uh, they're on other worlds. We know where they are, just not... where they are"

Charlie Brown cursed his stupid wording as Peppermint Patty looked at him funny.

"You're sounding a bit like me or Sally" Patty noted.

"I mean, we know what world's they're on, but finding exactly where they are is a lot harder" Charlie Brown quickly corrected himself.

"Oh. Bummer" Peppermint Patty noted, quickly cheering up "But no worry, we'll find them sooner or later"

"You sound so confident" Charlie Brown said, sounding more worrisome than he'd intended to.

"Are you still doubting yourself? Well stop already, just think for a moment Chuck, these last three days alone you've learned to control your powers, beaten the holy heck out of a super powered jerkass, travelled to another world, fought through a whole army of monsters and rescued me, Sally and even a princess! Trust me Chuck, you're a good guardian" Peppermint Patty sternly pointed out to her friend "And don't worry about everyone else. You've got me helping you track them down now, not to mention Mario and Luigi and all the rest of us. We'll find our friends and beat Agate easy now that we're all together"

Charlie Brown stared dumbfounded at Peppermint Patty for a moment before smiling widely. One of the things he admired about Peppermint Patty was her unwavering confidence, and in this case it was contagious.

"You know something, Patty? I think you might be right" Charlie Brown said. Peppermint Patty laughed.

"Of course I'm right Chuck, when am I wrong?" Peppermint Patty said boastfully.

"The time the teacher asked you what the twenty-first state was, and you said it was Switzerland" Charlie Brown offered. Peppermint Patty gaped at him, and Charlie Brown himself was also caught off guard by his unusually enthusiastic joke making. And then they both burst out laughing at the thought of it.

Smiling and giggling to herself over how much fun everyone seemed to be having, Princess Peach turned to face Sparky, who was floating to the side of her.

"So, is there anything else I should know?" Peach asked, having just spent the last twenty minutes being given a recap on what was going on in the universe. Sparky shook his head.

"I believe I've told you all the necessary information. Now, Mario and Luigi have agreed to help us fight against the Dark Empire, but that alone isn't enough. The times ahead will be difficult, for this kingdom and for the universe. I cannot stress that enough, dear princess. Effective immediately, actions must be taken to ensure the Mushroom Kingdom is protected, and ready to fight in this war" Sparky explain, earning a nod from the princess.

"I've already informed Toadsworth to assemble the royal army, we'll have every able Toad fighting for the Realm of Light. I'm sending out a call to arms to all of our allied kingdoms aswell, and thanks to Mario we have a lot of allies" Princess Peach informed the spirit.

"All well and good" Sparky said with an approving nod "A good start, but we have a long way to go. Bowser's alliance with the Dark Empire worries me though... we need to act quickly, lest they gain the upper hand"

"Don't worry, everything will be alright" Princess Peach replied. Sparky smiled, admiring her optimism.

Wario gulped down several cups of wine between his oversized helpings of cake, loudly and obnoxiously demanding the Toads waiting on him for more. He looked across the table to Mario, who had just been talking to him.

"So, let me get this straight. You guys are-a fighting a war of universal proportions, against an evil giant Witch and an army of-a monsters made outta darkness... and you want-a me and Waluigi's help fighting it?" Wario questioned.

"That's right" Mario said with a nod. Wario and Waluigi exchanged suspicious looks and glared at Mario.

"What's-a in it for us?" Waluigi asked. Mario shrugged sheepishly.

"A sense of-a pride knowing you're-a helping to save the universe?" Mario suggested.

"Pass" Wario said, munching into a chicken wing. Mario frowned at him and tried to think of a good argument.

"Oh well, too bad" Sally spoke up. Mario turned to her, and even Wario and Waluigi listened in to what she had to say "Guess they're not interested in traveling to interesting worlds full of wonders never before seen by the likes of us. I guess we'll just have to keep whatever wonderful treasures we find on the way all to ourselves"

At the word treasures the Wario brothers instantly perked up. Looking at each other, the brothers exchanged excited glances and Waluigi had to work very hard to hold in a loud squee. Managing to compose himself, Wario turned to face Mario.

"On-a second thought, count us in. If-a the universe needs us, it's-a only right that we-a help" Wario said nobly. He quickly dropped the honourable façade to exchange an excited high five with Waluigi, and the duo began dancing about in a ridiculous manner.

Mario turned to Sally with an impressed smirk.

"Sly. Very sly" He complimented. Sally smiled.

"What can I say, I'm very good at heckling" Sally said, examining her fingernails. Mario raised an eyebrow.

"I think-a you mean haggling" Mario corrected, and Sally rolled her eyes. Their attention, along with everyone else along the dining table, was caught when Princess Peach began tapping a glass of red juice with her spoon. Satisfied with the reaction, the Princess began to speak.

"I propose a toast, to the brave heroes who rescued me" Peach announced, raising her glass. Smiles all around, the others raised their glasses in unison as Peach called out "To Mario and Luigi, our kingdom's finest heroes. To Charlie Brown, the noble Guardian. To Snoopy and Woodstock, his lovable pets. To Sally, brave and headstrong. To Yoshi, the noblest of steeds. And to Peppermint Patty, our new honorary princess"

"I'm never going to live that down, am I?" Peppermint Patty whispered, though more playfully than irritated.

"To all of you, I owe my thanks, the entire Mushroom Kingdom owes you thanks. May you triumph over the forces of darkness, and may we all be friends forever!"

"Here, here!" Snoopy called, clapping loudly as he took the first sip of his drink, followed by everyone else.

Sparky smiled as he looked down on everyone. So far so good. They'd recovered two of Charlie Brown's friends, gotten two of the universes greatest heroes to join their side, along with Wario and Waluigi, and they could now look towards uniting the armies of the Mushroom World to defend against invasions from the heartless or Bowser's forces. True, this was only the beginning of their work. But it was a very good one as far as he was concerned.

"So, you lost?"

Within the Realm of Darkness, in the space where once there was nothing but infinite blackness, Bowser's castle now stood dimly in place, lit only by the torches across it's various rooms. Within the crumbling throne room of the castle, the Dark Witch floated around, glancing down at her high ranking servants, Joe Agate, Doctor Eggman, Bowser and Thibault, who was just there because he considered himself important enough. The Koopalings had been sent back to their rooms by their father, in case they fell victim to the Witches wrath. Though such a fear appeared unfounded, as the Witch seemed quite calm and collected considering they had completely failed to accomplish much of anything during their visit to the Mushroom World. This actually served to unnerve the others a lot more than if she had been shouting at them.

"Unfortunately yes, my lady" Eggman bowed solemnly. The Dark Witch sighed heavily, leaning over and placing a hand again the stairway. Her servants watched hesitantly as she did so.

"Wait, aren't you going to scream at us for screwing up like you did before?" Thibault suddenly spoke up, earning an elbow to his stomach courteousy of Joe.

"Oh no, I'm in a much more collected mood this time around" The Witch replied, floating down and hovering between the villains like mist "True, we didn't kill Charlie Brown, and we retained no hostages. But at least this time you actually did a few things right. You got the koopas to fight for us, that gives us a more substantial army, one we can send back and forth between worlds in the Realm of Light freely as they are it's natural inhabitants. My dear heartless can only break through the barriers into the realm in small numbers, but with the koopas we're free to attack as much as we want. Plus, you brought back this nice comfy castle for us all to live in. Not bad, not bad at all"

The villains exchanged hopeful looks, relieved they weren't going to get zapped by lightning or anything.

"War is never won in a day, my friends. There are going to be plenty more setbacks, but as long as we keep moving forward and follow through with our plans and strategies, we're sure to triumph eventually. For now let's just look at the positive outcomes of this little endeavour and prepare for future conquests" The Witch said. She stopped suddenly when she noticed the grouchy look on Bowser's face "Something wrong dear?"

Bowser looked at her with a stern face, puffing smoke from his nostrils in a disgruntled way.

"You people promised me that if I agreed to work with you, you'd help me beat Mario. I fought side by side with your minions here, and I still lost" Bowser said plainly. The Witch stroked his shoulder.

"A minor setback, my reptilian friend. The heroes got the better of us this time, but that's fine. The universe wasn't made in a day-it took about seven, I believe. Just have a bit of patience, sooner or later Mario will fall, and it will be by your hand" The Witch said. Bowser looked at the scaly, shadowy hand on his shoulder and huffed.

"Yeah, well, patience ain't never been my strong suit" Bowser replied. The Witch smiled a sickening smile and leaned in right up to his face.

"Tough" She said simply, pulling away and floating once more about the room. Bowser stared after her for a moment then looked away, shoulders crossed.

A moment later Kamek entered the room through the main doors, making his presence known through a loud cough.

"The Koopalings aren't taking their evening nap, sire. Oh, and those children you presented me with, my lady, they've been taken to suitable accommodations" Kamek informed them. The Witch looked pleased.

"Well good. I was getting tired of those brats complaining that they didn't have any beds to sleep in. We must find a use for them sooner or later" The Witch mused. She looked down at Dr Eggman and Joe.

"Well, get some rest for a moment. As soon as you're able Ivo I wish for you to depart for your world" She informed her first servant.

"My world?" Eggman wondered.

"Of course, I want you to gather up as much of your equipment from as many of your surviving bases as possible. We'll probably have need of it. Take Bowser with you, in case you run into the military making a raid or anything" The Witch informed him.

"Hardly necessary, my security systems would take care of any threats" Eggman boasted. The Witch shrugged.

"Better to be safe than sorry. As for you Joseph, I want you to go to Mobius as well. Not with Ivo and Bowser though, I want you to track down the doctor's arch rival, the super fast hedgehog called Sonic. You know, before the heroes can recruit him. I sense one of Charlie Brown's friends has ended up there, so the young Guardian won't be too long before going there"

"So, you want me to kill this Sonic guy, and if possible find whichever of Charlie Brown's friends is there I'm guessing. Sounds easy enough" Joe said arrogantly. The Witch shook her head, smiling all the while.

"Oh, I don't want you to kill him" She said, her smile growing wider and far more wicked as Joe looked up at her questioningly "No... I have a much more sinister plan for him"

Tiger Lover 16: Well, I must say I'm glad that's finally over and done with. This here was another chapter that took forever to write, and I must say... the results are mixed again. I dunno, after all the build up I just thought this chapter would turn out fabulous when I started writing, but it feels like I only did a good job. I dunno, I'm always critical of my own work, mostly because I'm always worried about what other people will think of it. Hopefully you all enjoyed it, I certainly had fun writing it for the most part. Ok, now onto the trivia:

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-Speaking of which, I wanted Bowser to come across as a loving father here. Yeah, he sends his kids out to do battle, but he still really adores them and cheers them on. I imagine that Bowser is a good father, as good as a villain raising his kids to be villains can be anyway. I thought this would add depth to his character, which is a magor goal of my writing of him. More on that later.

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-One of the things I wanted to do with this chapter is try to explore how Mario and Bowser feel about their hero/villain relationship, which lead to that unfortunately mostly one sided speech describing Bowser's backstory and wish to establish a legacy for himself. A lot of that came from the fact that I wished to make Bowser a more three dimensional character than he's usually seen. I mean, one of the things I love about Bowser is how persistent he is, but after all the times he's failed I'd imagine it's taking a toll on him by now. I wanted to fully justify his reasons for working with the dark empire, because in the games when threats of this magnitude show up he often actually teams up with Mario, if only so he can have the pleasure of beating Mario and taking over himself. He's a selfish character, but not a pure evil person, I wanted to explain that. I'm not sure how well I did, please let me know in your reviews what you think of Bowser's portrayal here.

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