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Spoiler: Set after 2x11 "All the King's Horses". Inspired by Dani's comment about the man she loves and the man she's dangerously attracted to.

A/N: I'm going without a plan and without a beta. Okay, I have a plan, but it's a really rough one. It's more like a "Dani and Nico hook up then stuff happens and they transition from great sex to a relationship with great sex"-kind of plan. This is just for kicks. I hope you enjoy!
(Also I'm in love with the new Spell/Grammar-check of this side. It's brilliant!)


"I'm in deep, Jeanette. I have sexual fantasies about him taking of his blazer. His blazer!" Dani said. She was skyping with Jeanette, sitting in her kitchen with her laptop in front of her on the kitchen-bar and a glass of red wine next to it.

"That's weird but whatever turns you on," came Jeanette's voice from the laptop.

"That's the problem." Dani sighed. "He turns me on. Whenever he's close all I can think of is how badly I want him to take me. Seriously, if he'd suggested to have sex in his car I wouldn't even hesitate. He could be like, 'Want to have sex in my car?' and I'd be like, 'Yes, please!' How did I turn into a hormonal teenager?" Luckily her own teenagers were out of the house. Lindsey was still on her saving-the-world-vacation and Ray-Jay was with his father tonight, so Jeanette and she could speak freely.

"I think," Jeanette said and flipped her hair back, "you should trust your instincts on that. I think you should strip him down, ravish him and then tell me all the details."

Dani grinned. "You're just saying that because your pregnancy hormones make you horny."

"True." Smiling Jeanette ran her hands over her swollen stomach. "Still good advice. I bet he smells good. Does he smell good?"

He smelled fantastic! "Sleeping with Nico is a bad idea," Dani said. It would complicate everything.

"But you want to."

"I really, really want to."

"Tell Jeanette, you call her back," said a dark, raspy voice behind her. A voice Dani recognized in seconds. Oh shit!

"Is that Nico?" Jeanette asked.

With one swift movement Dani turned around while shutting her laptop with one hand. From the corner of her eyes she saw Jeanette leaning into the video-frame.

"I want details!" Jeanette managed to get out before the laptop closed completely.

Nico stood in the doorway between floor and kitchen, smirking at her.

Dani jumped from her bar stool. "Do we need to have conversation about breaking and entering again?" she asked, trying to play it cool. Maybe she was lucky and he hadn't heard what she had said.

"I knocked, nobody answered and your back door wasn't locked. I took that as an invitation," Nico replied quietly. He didn't seem ashamed. He didn't even seem uncomfortable. And then he took his blazer off. Slowly. At the same time his gaze wandered from her eyes to her shoulders over the floral printed dress she was wearing to her legs and her bare feet, then back to her eyes. He looked very pleased with what he saw. Dani decided that she would wear dresses more often from now on. They were just so much easier to get out of the way than jeans. He could just push the skirt up over her hips and –

This wasn't good. Dani's mouth went dry. He folded the blazer over his arm, his black shirt stretched over his biceps. Damn it, he was sexy. This wasn't good at all.

She cleared her throat. "W-what are you doing here?" she managed to ask.

Nico walked towards her. She didn't even notice that she moved backwards until the edge of the kitchen-bar poked into her back. Nico stopped right in front of her, still that smug grin on his face. He smelled fantastic. She'd better come up with reasons not to fuck him in her kitchen or this could end badly. And by badly she meant naked and sweaty and satisfying – This wasn't helping.

As he put his blazer on the stool she had sat on just moments before, he leaned into her private space. He put his other hand on the bar. She was trapped between his arms.

"Nico …" Unable to resist him, she ran her hands up his arms. The fabric of his shirt felt soft, expensive. She wanted to feel his skin underneath her fingers.

He bent down. Her knees almost gave out from under her when his mouth closed around her earlobe. He sucked on it gently and let it go again.

"You smell good too," he whispered in her ear.

Dani groaned. "You heard that?"


"I also said that sleeping with you would be a bad idea."

He started kissing along-line her chin, getting closer to her mouth with every kiss. "Want." Kiss. "Me." Kiss. "To stop?" His lips hovered above hers, not quite touching her yet.


Want me to continue? This is my second attempt of writing something M-rated and I'm still feeling a bit insecure about my writing skills, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on this thus far. Hot or not?