She grabbed his collar with both hands. "No," she said before she pressed her lips against his.

When his tongue slipped into her mouth she moaned. He tasted delicious. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lost herself in their kiss. Then he took her by her hips and pulled her against him, his erection now poking into her stomach. His hands started caressing her ass, her thighs. She hooked one leg over his hip, as he bend his knees. Her skirt hitched up around her hips.

His lips left her mouth and he peppered kisses on her throat.

"You want me to stop now?" he asked. He sounded as calm as always. It drove her insane.

Thanks to the changed angle, his erection pressed against her mound. She was already dripping wet and he asked if he should stop?

"Don't you dare!" she rasped and moved her hands into his thick hair, directing his mouth back to hers. She ground her pelvis against his and he groaned into her mouth.

In a rush he grabbed her ass and lifted her up, finally losing some of his cool.

She crossed her legs behind his back, pulling him even closer. This was delicious torture and he wore too many clothes. She wore too many clothes. There were just too many layers of clothes between their bodies. If he would rip apart her underwear now, she wouldn't even complain as long as he'd finally take her already.

Somehow Nico maneuvered them to the kitchen-table without bumping against anything and sat her down there. His hands wandered from her ass over her thighs. Her dress was hitched up around her waist by now and his hands on her naked legs made her shiver.

He broke the kiss and Dani took the opportunity to nipple at his chin, then she worked her way to his throat. His stumble felt rough under her lips. Her hands shifted to his collar. She eagerly unbuttoned the first button, when he tried to take a step back, but she locked her legs tight around his hips.

"Don't dare to stop," she whispered into his ear before she gently bit his earlobe.

"I wasn't going to." He chuckled and bucked his hips against hers, making her groan. "I just want to put your table-decorations to safety before I'll continue." He nodded at the blue glass-vase with flowers that Dani knew was standing behind here. "I need space," he said, running his hands over her naked legs again.

Dani drew her head back, so she could look into his eyes. "The vase was a gift from Jeanette before she moved to Spain," she said. "I really like it."

"I know." Smiling he cupped her face in one hand and gave her a quick kiss, before he drew away again and stepped out of her embrace.

This man was unbelievable. Her brain was in some sexual haze and he could still worry about her decorations. Unbelievable. At one hand she wondered what it would take for him to lose control and on the other hand she was touched that he was so considerate.

While Nico put the vase on the kitchen counter, Dani pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on one of the chairs next to her. When Nico turned around and saw her, he paused.

"I wanted to do something useful too, so …" Dani shrugged and blushed.

Nico stared at her and she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Nico swallowed, then cleared his throat. "Don't hide, please," he said and his gaze wandered over her body, "you look beautiful."

She smiled. "You should catch up."

When Nico started to unbutton his shirt, she shook her head, reaching for him with both arms. "Let me!"

He walked into her embrace with a smirk and kissed her. His hands caressed her sides, brushing the outsides of her breasts. Gosh, this man was taking it awfully slow. Not that she didn't like it, but she wanted so much more. She wanted to feel his hands on her naked breasts, between her legs. She wanted to touch his skin. Her fingers were shaking as she unbuttoned his shirt.

They broke the kiss to get him out of his shirt together. Rather pleased with herself Dani ran her hands over his naked chest.

"You had fantasies about my blazer?" Nico asked.

Dani fumbled on his belt. "You always wear one, it drove me insane."

"So you wanted me to take it off."


"And now?"

"Now I want you naked," Dani said then made a sound of victory as the belt opened under her hands. She glanced at his face. He had the same look on his face he always had when he knew he just won an argument against her. So smug. She pulled down the zipper.

When she reached inside his pants and cupped his cock through his boxers, he groaned.

Dani licked her lips. "I should do that every time you give me that smug look," she mused and ran her hand over his length.


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