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Ian ran his hands across Lola's head. Although he did not necessarily want animals on his couch he could not say no to the puppy as they both patiently waited on Alyssa to finish setting up Lola a place to stay.

Given the fact that Ian and Alyssa would be leaving early in the morning they did not have a lot of time to plan everything out. Ian had taken Alyssa to her apartment to pack. After much debating they decided that Alyssa would sleep on Ian's couch (he had agreed but he was not really going to make the girl sleep on the couch he was much too chivalrous for that) and Lola would crash at his place too. On the way to the place they would board the helicopter Alyssa and Ian would drop Lola off at her parents' house.

Alyssa clapped her hands in victory, "And I'm done."

The noise drew Lola's attention to Alyssa and the dog abandoned Ian for her toys and bed. Alyssa took her place and although Ian was not petting her she was practically as close and Ian thought he wouldn't mind running his hands along her.

"I think you may... Spoil that dog." Ian smirked a bit.

"Nonsense, Ian. I just love her and I want her to know that." Alyssa giggled.

"If you say so. Either way it's getting pretty late so you know where the bedroom is you might want to get some sleep... I'll be uh here if you need me."

"That's not what we agreed on!" Alyssa's eyes went wide.

"Did you really think I was going to let you sleep on the couch?"

Alyssa sort of knew he would not let her do it. She had fallen asleep on his couch once and he had carried her to his bed. Either way she was going to pout about it, "Well that's what you said."

Ian sighed, "You're not sleeping on the couch. So what's it going to take to get you in there peacefully?" Ian pointed towards his bedroom.

Alyssa looked at him and then in the direction his finger was pointed towards, contemplating her next move. She crossed her arms over her chest, "I'm not going. Especially not peacefully."

Ian nodded and stood up. Alyssa was almost sure she had actually won, but with a little effort he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, "DR. MALCOLM!"

Ian chuckled, "You didn't think it was going to be uh... That easy did you?"

"Ugh... Yes!"

Ian walked until he reached his bed and gently tossed her onto the bed. As he was about to turn away Alyssa finally retaliated. She wrapped her legs around his and pulled him down. She meant to roll out of the way before he landed on her, but she didn't quite make it.

As quickly as possible he adjusted himself so he could continue to loom over her, but not have any weight on her. Alyssa just giggled and turned a bright red when she registered their situation, "Heh heh I guess I just don't know my own strength."

"Oh so this wasn't uh.. Your intention?" His eyebrow lowered a bit in suspicion.

"Of course not, Dr. Malcolm." Alyssa tried to look as innocent as possible, biting the edge of her bottom of her lip.

His gaze shifted down to her lips. He imagined them to be soft against his, but that was just a theory. He'd love to experiment and he was pretty sure she would not mind.

He was going to go for it. He bent his head down closing the gap between them.

Alyssa did not waste any time letting the man know she approved. She kissed him back and her legs snaked back around him.

It only took moments before the couple was breathless and had to break the contact, "So you didn't plan that at all?"

Alyssa grinned brightly, "Oh no, Dr. Malcolm that was all you."

"I thought we already had a discussion about you calling me Dr. Malcolm." Ian's voice was oddly authoritative. He made the move to reconnect their mouths when the phone on his nightstand went off.

With a sigh of annoyance he rolled off of Alyssa and answered the burden, "What?... Yeah, yeah I know... I'll uh be there on time..."

Ian slammed the phone back down and looked at Alyssa, "For the uh... Record. I'm not a big fan of John Hammond either."