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Alyssa smiled as she listened to Ian go on and on about what they were going to do once they had gotten off of this god forsaken island. The current idea Ian had was to get a good burger and then go see a movie.

Alyssa had tried to talk some sense into the man, but call it drugs or optimism, he was not having any of it. "Ian, you do know the first thing you're going to have to do is go to the hospital."

He grumbled, "I don't need a hospital. I'm already a doctor, and I say I'm uh... Fine. Umm perfectly healthy in fact."

She giggled and ran her fingers through his hair, which was wet with sweat. "You're very silly."

"Mmhmm it's part of...part of my charm." Ian had moved his hand to the hem of her tank top, which was not as white as it had been starting out their adventure. He tugged on it slightly, so that she would know he wanted her to lean down.

Alyssa did not need much convincing to oblige. As soon as the girl was in reach, Ian connected their mouths in a kiss.

John Hammond clearing his throat was what broke the two's intimate embrace. The lights were back on. The lights were back on, which meant the phones were back on. The phones being back on meant that they could call someone. And being able to call someone meant that Ian and Alyssa could go home.

Ian let out a huge sigh of relief. He knew that in movies everything worked itself out, but this was not a movie. This was his life and his everything. Oddly enough not one ounce of that will to live was residing in him. He could not have cared less if he made it off of that island, and he most certainly would have died trying to get Alyssa off.

"We're gonna go home." Alyssa's eyes were glassy, and tears threatened to spill at any moment.

"Were you uhh in doubt?"

Alyssa nodded her head, "Of course."

Ian smiled at ger. He could definitely understand where she was coming from. When he confessed that he was in love with her, he was scared of dying (not that any of it was untrue). When she ran off (twice) he was scared that she was going to be hurt, and that would have killed him. But all of those thoughts did not seem to really matter anymore, "You know uh... I umm, I love you."

Alyssa bent down and kissed him, "Yeah I know and I love you too."

Alyssa hated to admit it, but looking out of the window of the helicopter the island looked beautiful. The scene was almost breath taking. She had just spent the worst days of her life in that hell hole filled with monsters created by scientists trying to play God. But the island was pretty.

She honestly did not really care about Jurassic Park anymore. Ian was stable and going to get medical treatment and then they were going to return home, and everything was going to be back to perfect. She might not ever be able to go on an amusement ride again, but it would be okay. Everything was going to be okay.

She never really liked roller coasters anyways.