A Family Reunion

Hello again everyone well here it is my second story and sequel to the first I hope you like it if you haven't read my first one its called Year Anniversary if you want to give in a shot, so you may begin to read :) x


It was September 10th on a Monday morning Emily and Derek had driven to the school before heading to work to drop of Keeley who didn't want to take the bus on the first day back to school because she was moved to a new class which meant new class mates and most likely bullies which she hated Emily and Derek was called in to collect Keeley before summer vacation because Keeley was try to stop some school bully from picking on a 5 year old she was sent home for trying to stop it which Emily and Derek didn't understand but they were glad that she was moved to a new class so that Keeley could start fresh. Keeley was now 7 and was looking more like Emily so Derek said but Emily thought she looks more like Derek but they both drew the line at she looks like both Emily and Derek, they all exited the car so they could see Keeley into the school grounds before Emily and Derek headed to the BAU.

"Will you pick me up too?" Keeley questions her parents,

"Of course baby." Emily promises hoping that she can and a case doesn't come up,

"You just get the teachers to ring us if anything happens ok princess" Derek tells her kissing her on the forehead.

"Ok Daddy" Keeley said looking up to him,

"You have to go baby or you'll be late" Emily says trying to get her through the school doors,

"Do I have to go to school I don't like it," Keeley tells them looking down to her boots,

"I know you don't baby but you've got to go everyone does" Emily says,

"I know but Uncle Spencer can teach me stuff he's really really brainy." Keeley tells them putting her pink bag onto her shoulder,

"Uncle Spencer's needed at the BAU princess and you need to learn in school you'll be fine" Derek say putting his arm around her little shoulders and giving them a little squeeze for comfort,

"I know but Uncle spencers like a teacher can't he come a teach in school for a little bit and make sure the bullies don't bully me." Keeley said trying her puppy dog eyes on her parents,

"No baby we need Uncle Spencer but come of you go we'll be here to pick you up ok" Emily tells her trying not to make her be late,

"Ok" Keeley says looking back down to her boots,

"Love you princess see you after school ok" Derek says kissing her on the forehead once again,

"Love you too Daddy" Keeley says waving to him as her gets back in the car ready to leave, "Love you Mommy" she tells her mother,

"I love you too baby" Emily says giving her a kiss on the forehead also and watches as Keeley walks to the steps and turns around and waves at her and Derek she and Derek also wave back then watches as she walks inside the school with other kids rushing up towards the doors as they hear the bell go off.

"Do you think she'll be ok" Emily asks Derek jumping back into the car.

"I'm sure she be fine Princess" Derek assures her as he pulls out of his parking spare and heads to the BAU,

"I hope so, and you really need to get a new nickname for me or Keeley because you can't keep calling us both princess its confusing" Emily smiles at Derek,

"Alright princess ill keep that in mind" Derek laughs, and keeps driving to head to work.


He had been watch them for about two and a half years and it was finally time he couldn't wait the day before Keeley turned 5 he claimed his two new victims and he kept them for as long a s he could which was about 3 months he gave the water and food to keep their strength up so he'd have longer time and have some fun while waiting for his main targets but when they eventually died he kept calm and just watched Emily and her family, Keeley had just turn seven, six days ago which was the age he' been waiting for he didn't want to wait till she was 8 it would have killed him so he planned that sometime this week he would finally make an amazing family reunion with Emily and Keeley he was so excited but he had to plan it out if he was going to over power to FBI agents which he had done most of the years he'd been watching them but needed to make sure it was the best plan he could come up with, he pulled out of his parking space and headed away from Keeley's school and went straight home to plan his wonderful reunion.


Keeley had been in school for gone an hour already and she hated it already all she wanted to do was go home with her Mommy and Daddy and never come back she liked learning and her teacher she was really good at Art, Math and Sports but she just hated the atmosphere she couldn't wait till her mommy and daddy picked her up. Jack and Henry also was in the same school as her but she didn't want to bother them with her problems so she'd just watch them from a near by tree she would sit under. When the school bell rang for recess Keeley didn't really want to go out she did want a break from class but she was sad that she might be alone she got out to the yard and looked around to see if she could see Henry or Jack she spotted Jack playing a soccer on the green grass at the end of the playground she didn't go up to him though she just walked over to her usual spot under the tree and decided to doodle on a pad from her bag and just watch everyone else and Jack play. She was along for a few minutes when some older girls came up to her there was about 3 of them Keeley reckoned they were about a year above her once they got to Keeley she look up towards them and smiled trying to be kind not wanting to cause any trouble but she could tell from their eyes and little smirk that they wasn't going to ask her to play.

"Hello" Keeley said to the 3 girls standing around hoping that she can get on the good side,

"Hey kid what you drawing" the one girl in the middle asks,

"Nothing I'm drawing what ever pops into my mind" Keeley says gathering her crayons and pad and stands up to walk away,

"Where you going were talking to you" the girl in the middle says putting her hand out to stop Keeley from going any further,

"I...I'm just goi..." Keeley didn't get to finish her as the one girl with blonde hair on the right side of the middle girl pushes Keeley to the floor she just laid their watching as most of the kids from the playground gather round to watch,

"Aww look little baby drew a horse" the blonde says taking the pad out of Keeley's bag and taking a look and laughs while everyone joins in,


"Hey look jack somethings happening over there let's go and see" one of Jacks friends say pointing to the big crowd,

"What's happening Ben" Jacks asks walking over to Ben,

"I don't know come on let's find out" Ben says and Jack and Ben start running over to the big crowd.


Keeley watches as she lays on the floor still staring at the girls pulling her things from her pink backpack laughing and throwing them on the ground Keeley starts to gather her things into her arms and tears welling in her eyes as she looks back up to the 3 girls.

Jack makes his way to the front of the crowd and see's Keeley he runs up to her and picks her up from the floor.

"Keeley are you ok?" Jack asked looking to see if there were any marks, Keeley just nods to Jack and he turns around to face the girls while standing in front of Keeley,

"What do you think your doing picking on someone younger than you" Jack shouts with rage,

"And who are you?" The girl in the middle asks,

"I'm her cousin so I'd leave right now if I was you before I do some bullying myself" Jack continues shouting moving closer to the girls,

"Alright were leaving" the blonde says and everyone including the crowd gathered starts moving away, "catc'ha later Keeley the blonde says walking off,

"Don't count on it" Jack shouts back at the blonde and turns to face Keeley again, "are you sure your ok Key Jack repeats.

"Yeah I'm ok" Keeley sniffs and starts picking her things up from the floor and Jack helps,

"Come on Key let's go tell someone about them girls!" Jack says putting Keeley's pad into her bag and starts walking towards the school building as the bell rings,

"No Jack its ok ill tell my teacher, go to class or you will be late!" Keeley says,

"No I want to make sure you get to class ok Key" Jack says as they walk up the steps,

"I will I promise go Jack ill see you later" Keeley says stopping by Jacks class,

"Alright make sure you tel Aunt Emily Uncle Derek though ok and ill meet you by here for lunch and you can stay with me" Jack tells her,

"Ok Jack ill see you at lunch... Bye Jack and thank you" Keeley says giving him a big hug,

"I'm always here if you need me Key so is Henry so come find one of us if your alone ok... See you later" Jack says returning the hug and walking into the class room,

"I promise bye" Keeley says and walks off to her class. Keeley got back to class when she got there she went straight to her desk not wanting to tell her teacher about what happened on the playground she didn't want to seem like a baby so she just got on with her work. When lunch came she met Jack like he said and they ate lunch together, after lunch they went back to class Keeley waited for the school bell to ring cause she really wanted to go home hating this horrible place when the bell finally rang she quickly gathered the things she needed and put them into her backpack and put the rest into her desk she then ran out the class door and to the main doors ready to go home she got outside and waited for her parents 10 minutes gone they still hadn't shown up she hoped that they didn't have a case but then she finally seen her father's black car pull up by the school she practically sprinted over to the doors and jumped in and done her seat belt up.

"Hey princess how was school" Derek said looking to the back seat,

"It was ok Daddy, where's Mommy? Keeley asks also not wanting to say what had happened today but curious to know where her mother was,

"She had to go work princess but she'll be home soon what do you want to do for the rest of the day" Derek asks smiling,

"Can we go home please, I just want to go home" Keeley says looking towards her Dad with pleading eyes,

"Sure Angel... What's happened?" Derek asks concerned,

"Can I tell you when we get home?" Keeley says looking out the window,

"Alright princess let's go home then" Derek says and drives of. When they get home Derek decides to not ask Keeley straight away but puts so pasta on for dinner Keeley went straight up to her room and stayed there till food was ready they finished eating and Keeley went back up to her room while Derek cleaned the kitchen up when he was done with the kitchen it was 7pm so he locked the door and walked up the stairs he got undressed and chucked a pair of pyjama bottoms on but decided not to wear a top because it was to hot he then walked down to Keeley's room and knocked the door once he had a reply he walked in to find Keeley with red puffy eyes sitting on her bed.

"Aww princess what wrong" Derek asks walking over to her and sitting on her bed,

"Everyone at school hates me except Jack and Henry" Keeley let's him know and begins to cry again against Derek's chest and hugging him tightly.

"What's happened princess" Derek asks giving her a loving hug back and stroking her hair,

"It was recess and I was drawing and 3 girls cane up to me and then starting pulling things out of my bag and pushed me on the ground." Keeley says to her father and cry's a little more,

"Did you tell you teacher Key?" Derek questions,

"No I was too scared and didn't want to look like a baby" Keeley tells him looking up to Derek while wiping tears away,

"Princess you have to tell someone otherwise it will continue" Derek says also wiping another tear that fell with his thumb,

"I know Jack helped me and told the girls to go away and they did and he said to tell my teacher but I didn't want to" Keeley tells her Dad,

"Alright princess I'm glad Jack helped you ill give him a call tomorrow and ill sort things out ok" Derek says stroking her hair again,

"Ok Daddy" Keeley says hugging him again,

"Come on then princess its been a long day for both of us time for bed" Derek tells Keeley kissing her on the forehead,

"Daddy..." Keeley says,

"Yeah princess" Derek reply's,

"Can I sleep with you in yours and mommy's bed tonight please" Keeley asks,

"Of course you can princess come on" Derek says picking her up and walking to his bedroom and they both get into bed and have an early night, Keeley says goodnight and falls asleep cuddling up to her Dad awaiting the next day to come.

To Be Continued...

Well there you have it the first chapter of my sequel I hope it was ok and yes don't worry there will be quite a lot of drama going on in this one and I have a feeling it will be longer. I hope you enjoyed it please stay tuned BY THE WAY I DID SKIP A FEW YEARS I DIDNT WANT IT TO DRAG ON HOPE YOU DONT MIND ;) PLEASE REVIEW.

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