A Family Reunion

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Questions Await

Derek paced back a forth his daughters hospital room furious that Harry had hung up on him he hated the fact that Emily was in pain all he wanted was his hole family back together the way it was before, Derek then forcefully punched the wall the anger of not being able to find this son of a bitch that has Emily, he leaned against the wall taking a few deep breaths he knew Emily would kill him for punching the wall but if it meant her being with him instead I Harry then he take every chance he had. He knew his daughter needs him right now so he pushes away his anger for when he gets his hands on Harry. He takes on last deep breathe before kicking his self up from the wall and and taking a step into the to where his daughter and Garcia was.

He walked into the hospital room to find Keeley peacefully asleep in Garcia's arms Derek knowing she hasn't had a lot of sleep the past few days he saw Garcia look up from Keeley noticing his presents.

"Hey who contacted you Derek?" Penelope asks curious to fin out more of Emily's whereabouts.

"I tell you later Garcia I don't want Keeley to be around." Derek replies and see Garcia no her head to agree.


Later that day Keeley had been discharged from the hospital after having the all clear Derek and Garcia had taken her straight back to the BAU knowing one if the team had to do a cognitive interview to see what Keeley remembered about where she was being held Derek didn't particularly want to do it but if he had to he would gladly do so.

"Hey Derek I know that it's pretty hard for you right now so me and JJ decided we'd do the cognitive interview... An do worry I won't push her into anything." Rossi lets Derek know.

"Thanks man I know you'll look after her I trust you guys" Derek said holding onto a still very sleepy Keeley.

"Just let us know when she's ready." Rossi replies not pushing him into telling Keeley to answer some questions.

"Yeah sure thing I'm just gunna take her to the couch in my office and let her lay down for a while."

"Ok Morgan I'm going to pop up and see if Reid and Hotch has found anything. Rossi finishes giving Derek a friendly pat on the back and Derek simply nods in return.

Derek walks up to his office door quietly opening it trying not to wake Keeley he than walks I've and places Keeley carefully on the couch and covers her with his FBI jacket to make sure she's warm then takes a seat on his desk and keeps and eye in her for a while trying to gather his thoughts.


"Daddy... Daddy wake up" Keeley said carefully tugging at her fathers top.

"Mmm... Hey princess you ok." Derek asks not noticing that he had fell asleep looking at his watch he notices that he must had nodded off about 20 minutes ago he slowing peels his self from the chair he crashed in and picks his little girl up.

"Yeah Daddy I'm k. Is Mommy home yet? Keeley wonders really wanting to see her.

"No baby she not home yet but me and the team are going to find her I promise." Derek replies.

"Ok Daddy..." Keeley says a little said that her Mommy isn't home. "I know you'll find her Daddy you and the team is the bestest"

"Thanks princess" Derek suddenly got distracted by the ringing of his phone he took a look at the caller ID and noticed it was his mother.

"Hey ma" Derek greets the best he can.

"Hey baby... Why didn't you tell me about Emily and Keeley?" Fran Morgan asks.

"How did you find out ma?"

"We'll you didn't tell me Derek... I heard about it on the news... What's going on baby? Fran asks worried for her family

"Damn it... Keeley and Emily were taken by Emily's father not that I'd call him that... And Keeley's fine he let her go.

"Ok baby I won't be long I'm getting on the plane now love you!" Fran hangs up before her son can argue knowing what he's lik

Morgan puts the phone back in his pocket and tightens his grip a little that's holding Keeley.

"You wanna see grandma princess" Derek's asks giving Keeley a little smile.

"Yeah grandma France I wanna see her Daddy where is she?" Keeley asks excited about seeing her grandma

"She's on the plane here now princess she won't be long, but we gotta go see aunt JJ and uncle Rossi first ok.

"Ok Daddy"

"There going to ask you a few questions baby ok about mommy and the bad man, you don't have to answer straight away you can take you time and remember he won't hurt you anymore ok princess." Derek tells Keeley know she or himself isn't going to like it.

"Ok daddy I'm scared though!" Keeley said on the verge of tears.

"I know baby but ill be waiting right out side the room for you. Mommy will be so proud of you baby and it'll help us find her." Derek replied so desperately wanting to break down in tears but he's determined to stay strong for Keeley's sake.

They walk into the bullpen to find Rossi and JJ patiently waiting to talk to Keeley Derek gives them a nod to let them know that Keeley is ready to talk to them and Derek continues to walk towards the interrogation room with Keeley in his arms.

Once they arrive in the room they stop before going into the next room where they'll be asking questions. "Hey princess aunt JJ and Uncle Rossi's here you going to be a brave girl and talk to them for me." Derek asks.

"Yes Daddy I wants to do it for Mommy" Keeley returns holding her arms out towards Rossi for him to grab her.

"Don't worry Derek we got her" JJ says and walks into the interrogation room with Rossi right behind.

Derek watches as JJ closes the door behind Rossi and JJ takes one side of the table and Rossi sits on the other side with Keeley sitting in his lap, at first to keep his daughter calm JJ and Rossi just asks happy questions before the serious ones begin so Morgan waits patiently for the the questions he dreads.

To Be Continued...

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