A man's voice.

Hey… Ib….

A low, but soft chuckle.

Can you hear me?

Do you remember me…?



A broken cry, exhales and sobs…

Don't… Don't forget me….

Ib shot up in her bed. Her pale hands were clutching at the fabric of her blanket as she panted, her breathing shallow. Crimson red eyes scanned the room. Her clock blinked a bright red. 2:07 AM… A voice. Her dream was still fresh and crisp in her mind. Well, the sounds at least. She couldn't see who she'd been talking to though… It was as if she could see their surroundings, but right where whoever the voice was coming from's figure should've been, there was a blank spot, as if her brain had erased it purposely.

It was weird. Usually she didn't dream. Well, she dreamed for sure, but didn't remember it the moment she woke up.

The voice had been so heart wrenchingly broken. It made her think of shattered glass. Laying together, in a crumpled pile, trying to stay together, but failing miserably. … She was tired. She lay back down, snuggling back into her covers. She'd think about it later. It was far too early to be thinking such deep thoughts.

She closed her eyes. Dreams grasped at her consciousness, tugging and pulling at her sole tether to reality until it came undone…. And dream she did.

The soft voice of a young girl…


Why? Why won't you come visit me?

Quiet cries between words...

I only killed him so we could be together…

Why do you hate me?

Why…. Why…..

Gradually becoming a shriek of agony.



The 'shing' sound of a thin metal item being swung around.

A shallow gasp. Ib awoke again, staring at the ceiling. "M-Mommy…!" she cried out, trembling. It was too much. Far too much. Nightmares…. Her mother was quick to rush in. "Ib? What's the matter?" her voice echoed softly, calming the girl slightly. She sat up hesitantly. "I had a bad dream…" she whispered.

The mother sat beside her on the bed, with a soft creak, she hugged the girl, stroking her hair softly. "Oh, it's okay… I'm here Ib…" she cooed gently. After a few moments of simply cuddling, the mother pulled away and smiled at her daughter. "Go to sleep now, darling, we're going to go to the Guertena exhibit today."

The girl looked at her mother curiously. "Didn't we go there two weeks ago?" The trip seemed weirdly blurry in her mind… Her mother nodded. "Yes, we did, but they're having an event today for the children. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll love it, darling. Time to go to sleep."

"O-Okay…" the girl whispered, and settled back to sleep.

But the voices only seemed to get louder.

The little girls voice, sounding broken and angry…


The mans voice, sounding increasingly heart wrenching….


The voices began to entwine with each other…