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Eight years old, Melody Pond perched on the edge of the Tardis, feet dangling over oblivion with the universe stretching out in every direction. In front of her was a soft, pink star – burning all alone with no planets for company. The Tarids was fuelling her engines, mining a crack in time that arched around its puffed out, dying body for a boost.

"What's up, Pond?" the Doctor appeared behind her. He sat down and tucked himself into the small space between her and the door.

The little girl shrugged, hugging her knees up to her chest. Dirty blond hair fell over her shoulders in a crazy mess.

"How about a story, hmm? You love stories."

Melody perked up a bit, glancing up at her Doctor. "What kind of a story?"

"Oh..." he sighed theatrically, leaning against the door frame. "A good one – full of explorers and timey-wimey stuff."

They were in the ancient past. Though plentiful, the stars around them were either too dim or exceedingly bright – ready to burst open like great big water balloons at any moment and thrust out their stardust into the night. This is when the cracks had first started to appear... From the very beginning the universe was broken.

"See this star?" The Doctor pointed in front of them. There were incredible arches of pink plasma spewing out – arching over and plummeting back down into the corona. "It's getting very old and just like the Tardis, it is starting to run out of fuel. When some stars run out of fuel they swell up really really big – like this one then poof! All of its gas just flies off into space."

Melody was impressed but a little frown crossed her features. "That's sad..."

"No, no, no..." the Doctor insisted. "Not sad. Time is a great big line-y thing with loops in it." Melody was frowning at him again. "Okay – not really but lots of things like stars and civilisations go in cycles. This star will create another one with planets and moons."


"The next star after that will create more planets – with people. And," he perked up. "Did I mention they were really pretty when they go boom?"

The Doctor picked her up and moved her back inside the Tardis. He closed the door and revved the engines for a few minutes, flying her another billion and a half years into the future. When they opened the door again they found themselves amongst the dust of the previous star and in its place, the healthy white glow of its child. Tiny, rocky planets hummed busily around it, some of them worryingly close to crashing into each other.

The Time crack to the right of the star seemed wider – the Tardis's engines replying in kind with a healthy surge of power.

"It's pretty," Melody whispered, smiling again. "Where are we?"

"A very very special place – a lost solar system. No one can find it after the next few cycles well," he amended. "An ancient race once did – Vesparians – but it's just a story. Probably not even true."

"Did the Vesparians die too?" Melody held the Doctor's hand as he led her back to the console.

"No one knows... just like this place, Time sort of – lost them."

The Doctor went back to the door. He looked up at the darkness in the voids between stars and wondered – then closed it.