Hellos peoples! My first legitimate Fan fiction! I know I included an OC I'm sorry, but there's a reason! Kenny's name/basic character was created by my friend; she was the one who wrote the first paragraph. Her basic character however, was a Person that I dreamt about right after watching Nabari no Ou for the first time. Well, enjoy! :D

Yoite opened his eyes, "I'm… I'm alive!" he thought. He stared around at his surroundings, he recognized this place. He was standing on a hill, close to a cheery little church by the sea. This place, standing here, it was almost to perfect.
Yoite's knees buckled, and he fell to the ground. "Kenny..." he said softly. Kenny was the younger sister he had made up to distract himself before he had met Miharu, to while away the hours his gather had locked him in that basement.
"Am I dead? I must be dead. If I am dead... Miharu... If only..."
"If I'm dead then I can't see Miharu... But Kenny... If I'm dead, let me see you, please!" Yoite cried, sounding desperate. Then a gentle, warm hand rested on his shoulder, a sweet hand like Miharu's. "You're not dead, Yoite! Neither of us is!" Yoite looked up at the kind face of a girl around 13. Though with her strawberry blond hair and baby face, she looked 10. "Kenny" exclaimed Yoite happily, standing up and hugging the girl. She hugged him back saying, "When you die by kira, you don't exactly die… Since your time was cut short, Kira users can go back! You can go back Yoite! But we can't… We won't go back as humans."
Yoite pulled away "we won't go back as humans, what do you mean?"
"We'll go back as animals, any animal you like, but…" said Kenny, her face falling a little as she said the lady word.
"What do you mean by "but…?" What's wrong Kenny?" The hopeful smile that Yoite had worn a couple moments ago fading slightly. "Well, you'll keep all your memories from your time with the Kira, but as animals you can't talk. You'll still have the consciousness of a human, but…" She trailed off again at the end if her sentence.
"Kenny, just tell me! What is it?" Yoite was getting irritated, why couldn't she just tell him what it was? "Well, if you're an animal, and you've got no way to talk to the humans... You may not be recognized… It might be more pain not to be recognized then to just move on"
Yoite thought of Miharu, it would certainly be painful if he didn't recognize him… But just then all you wanted to do was just see Miharu.
"Kenny, c-could you take me back to the real world? Please?"
"Alright Yoite, let's go."

Miharu was sitting on Hanabusa's and Kumohira sensei's back porch. It was early spring, about three weeks after everything happened. After they had lost Kouichi and Shijima, after the Shinribansho was erased, after Miharu had retrieved yoite's existence

The house was lacking in its loud crowd, Hana was there, but she wasn't one of the loud ones. Thobari and Raimei were teaching the nindo club, and gau was helping in any way he could. They had invited him of course, but as per usual he declined.

Miharu was bent over a large book, a photo album. He was putting pictures in the album, all of them of a boy who looked a little older then Miharu. Some of the pictures had Miharu in them as well, the two boys were all smile in those, and they looked kind of similar, as if they were similar.

Yukimi had helped him gather the collection of photos, some of them Miharu already had. Yukimi, being a writer/photographer, he had taken quite a few pictures of Yoite, they had also contacted Tsukasa, the younger brother had managed to selvedge some pictures of his Onii.

Miharu looked at the pictures and smiled sadly, and sighed.

He missed Yoite…

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