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"Well, I hope i remembered right, that Miharu likes cats..."Yoite though to himslef. Kenny was gone, but Yoite had never really expected her to stay, she never really existed, he made herup up because no one real existed for me... "Miharu, i can't wait to see you..."

When Yoite had first come back yo the living world, he was moment, Kenny had been holding his hand and leading him forwards. The next he was on the roof of Banten High, Miharu's school. When Yoite first where he was, he grew hopeful "Maybe Miharu's here?" But then he realized, it was almost sundown, there wouldn't be anyone here at this hour.

Yoite considered his options, he could try to go to Miharu tonight, that was what he really wanted to do. Or he could find a place in the school to sleep, and look for Miharu tomorrow. In his condition before he died would never have been able to make it to Miharu's house without help. And who knew what a cat's endurance levels were like, but what Yoite wanted more then anything right now was to see Miharu's face... "Baka" he chided himself, "it's only one night, you can wait" he thought reluctantly.

Yoite walked down the stairs and into Miharu's classroom. (He knew what room it was because he noticed it on Miharu's school I.D.)
When Yoite ha first padded into the classroom, he had thought all the desks were the same, then he saw a forgotten blue jacket laying on the seat of a chair near the window.
Yoite walked to the chair and leapt up on to it. "I hope Miharu isn't cold without this" Yoite thought as he curled up and fell asleep.

Though Miharu had forgotten his jacket, he wasn't to cold. Since he had already finished his homework, and Thobari wouldn't ever let any of them do anything before homework, Raimei and Gau only got to exchange greetings with Miharu. Miharu didn't exactly mind, he was tired, and his mind was swimming with memories of Yoite. The fact that he was because of that would only worry them.

Hanabusa checked on him about an hour later. Miharu was sitting against a porch post, fast asleep, with album clutched to his chest. Hana smiled, "I suppose I have to call his grandmother and her Miharu's staying here tonight" she said to herself.
"We'll move move him later, he looks happy sleeping there." Hana thought, smiling again as as she saw which album he was holding. "Raimei" she called softly, as to not wake Miharu. "Can you bring me a blanket?"

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