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Yoite didn't know weather it was the sun, excitement or the strangeness of his new body that woke him that morning. He had a suspicion that it was a mix of all three. Yoite yawned, stretched and sleepily watched the sunrise from his perch on Miharu's jacket. Once the sun had fully risen Yoite sat, and on an impulse, started to groom himself. only then did he realize for he had been to tired last night to notice. The ever present pain wasn't there, Yoite's energy levels were still very limited, but the pain in his heart and lungs... his limbs too! the pain was gone!
"If the day's getting started off so well, I almost want to run all the way to Miharu right now!" thought Yoite. No matter how good it sounded though, Yoite decided to just wait...

Hanabusa woke Miharu around 7:30 for school, Thobari had moved him to a futon in the guest room before he and Hana had gone to sleep. Miharu had held Yoite's album all night as he slept.
"Mmm... Wha... Oh, Hana, hello..." said Miharu sleepily.
"Good morning Miharu, breakfast is in the kitchen. You'd better get up and eat soon, it's a longer walk from here to school then it is from your grandmother's house." Hana said with a motherly smile.

As Hana left the room, Miharu slowly sat up and stretched. Then he got up and changed, he hadn't brought any clothes since he hadn't planned on staying the night. But Kumohira-sensei and Hana kept a few clothes for there frequent visitors.

After had finished dressing, he was wearing the usual school uniform, he started out the door, then stopped and retrieved the photo album to take with him to breakfast. He didn't want to forget to put it in his backpack, Miharu wasn't going to visit Hana and Kumohira-sensei after school today.

As he walked into the kitchen Miharu saw his sensei, who had really bad bedhead but you could hardly tell. Sensei was pacing around the room backwards, struggling with an unruly necktie. When Hana saw him doing this, she laughed and put down the stack of dish towels she had just finished folding."Dear, how about you let me do that for you." she said, tying it for him.
"Thanks" Thobari said, kissing the top of Hana's head. Then the two of them seemed to just notice Miharu sitting in one of the chairs at the small table that had breakfast laid out on it. The two lovers broke apart quickly, Thobari turning bright red.
An awkward silence followed, broken by Hana's "Let's eat! You two'll have to go soon."

After breakfast, Miharu and Thobari left, with Hana hugging both of them tight. It was an odd silence as the two of them walked to the school together, actually, it was always an odd silence when they walked to school together. Ever since Miharu learned his sensei had loved his mother, Asahi. It wasn't a unfriendly or strained silence, it was just odd. But what did you expect when they were to very odd people with a very odd silence?

Yoite got incredibly excited when he heard the first early comers talking and putting things in the lockers. Then he realized, animals weren't allowed in the school, he had to hide! Yoite reluctantly jumped off Miharu's jacket and too the floor. Since Miharu's desk was was near the wall, Yoite found it kind of comfortable curled up up in the corner that the wide desk leg and the wall made together.
"Miharu..." Yoite thought with a cat smile.

As Miharu sat down at his desk, while Thobari-sensei wrote kanji on the chalk board, Miharu felt something brush against his ankle. He jumped and quickly moved his feet away from the wall. He looked under the desk, class hadn't officially started yet, and small cat looking at him cutely. The cat was sleek and obsidian black, it had beautiful cobalt blue eyes. Miharu felt himself become strangely happy at the sight of the small black cat. As he rubbed the cat's ears, he felt an odd amount of protectiveness and love for the beautiful creature. True, Miharu had always been a cat person, but his feelings for this little cat were different. They were almost exactly the same as the feelings he'd had for Yoite. Miharu felt somewhat guilty, how could he feel the same about anyone, yet alone a cat? How could he feel the same love and trust, now that the person who had broken through his apathy was gone?
"Yoite, this cat won't replace you. Nothing will, ever..." if Yoite could of heard that thought he would've ether laughed at the irony of the statement, or embraced the younger boy tightly (if he could've, it was impossible now he was a cat.) for caring about him so much. Miharu really had made him more social and warmer, Yoite wouldn't have even considered hugging anyone before, not even Miharu at first...

Almost half way through the language class, the teacher was so spacey that it took him that long, Thobari noticed that Miharu was petting a cat under the desk. Pets weren't allowed in the school, but Thobari was so soft he couldn't find it in him to call Miharu out on it. The middle-schooler looked happier then he had in weeks, Thobari had been worried that Miharu would go back to his apathy after he lost that precious person. If this small cat was cheering Miharu up, then it could stay...

Raimei had also noticed the black cat that was getting all of Miharu's attention, she was at Kouichi old desk, which was directly behind Miharu's. The reason was that she had asked her sensei earlier on in the semester "There are rumors going around that we're going to get a transfer student, I know they aren't true, but I don't think
I could bare some one replacing him." That had earned her a sad smile and a gentle, awkward hug from Thobari.
"He would've been happy to hear you say that."

Raimei shook herself out oh memory lane, these past few weeks had been hard for her, it wouldn't do any good to go relieving them.
"Well, at least Miharu's smiling"

"I think grandma would be okay with it if I brought him home with me..." Miharu thought hopefully.
"I wonder if you have have a home..." Miharu thought out loud, half asking the cat half talking to himself.
"Meow!" said the cat, shaking his beautiful head from side to side.
School had already let out, and Miharu had been forced to help clean the gym, so there was no one left inside the school except Miharu. As soon as the middle-schooler had finished sweeping, which he hated doing anyway, he had basically run to the class room to see if the cat was still there.

"Yoite, wait, why did I just... Kitty, would you like to come home with me?" hearing that Yoite lept into Miharu's arms, completely trusting that Miharu would catch him. It startled Miharu quite a bit, but he still caught the strangely important cat in his arms. Then an impulse took over Miharu, he held the cat close to his heart, like trying to press it straight into his heart, like he would never let go
"Let's go home..." Miharu said softly, stuffing his jacket into his backpack and swinging it onto his shoulders, the cat settled on top of Miharu's warm arms

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