Title: The Magical Spider-Man

Author: Joshua

Disclaimer: JK Rowling has Harry, and whoever else from the books show up in these plots. I don't own either and I'm not making any money from all this, so don't bother suing me. I'm basing this on equal parts from the book and the movie, the Harry Potter book and movie that is. The book goes into more detail, but some parts of the movie are... better I think. In particular all the scenes involving Luna.

Summary: HP/Spiderman AU Crossover. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Now that he has the power, Harry Potter tries to live up to his responsibility... as Spider-Man.


Death Eats Harry Potter...

He shot out of the fire in an explosion of green flames, only his enhanced agility allowing him to avoid sprawling out on the ground. Fortunately, no one noticed his less than graceful entrance, seeing as the entire building was aflame and blasts of spell-fire were shooting all over the place.

"Ooohh-kaaayy! May not have been a good idea after all!" he said to himself.

Something was shooting at his head! He ducked under it and dodged to the right, and then jumped to the far left, mere instants before flaming debris fell down where he'd been. More something's were shooting at him, but they were coming from behind him!

He jumped again, this time landing on the ceiling, flipping around so his hands and feet could grab purchase. Unfortunately there was also a lot of smoke on the ceiling with him. While it concealed him from view, it also meant he couldn't breathe and it would be lethal to try so. Then he heard a voice through the smoke, coming in the same direction whatever it was he'd been dodging had been coming from.

"Where is it?! What was that?! Do you think they sent in some dark creature?" a man's voice called out.

"I-I-I... I don't know, dear! Hurry! We have to get away!" a woman's voice shouted to the first.

"I can't! Not until the Floo clears!" he shouted back.

Oops. Him arriving when he did stopped the people who lived here from escaping to safety. Well, no time to cry over spilled milk. He had to fix this, maybe even make it so they wouldn't have to escape at all.

He shot out a web line and zipped across the ceiling to an open area that fortunately had clear air. He took a couple deep breaths and then started trying to figure out where exactly he needed to be. Luckily, a werewolf crashed through the window right in front of him. Followed by two more and a squad of Death Eaters just outside that window with wands lighting up the wards outside.

"Bugger!" he yelled and started shooting out web shots as fast as he could pump his arms.

Unfortunately, even the webs with trace amounts of silver in them didn't do much more than annoy the insane beasts. Well that, and get their attention. And maybe a mild rash. Which in hindsight might end up making them even more insane.

"OK, enough with the silver webbing," he said to the growling dark creatures. "Here doggies! Nice doggies! Good doggies!"

They all three howled and charged straight for him.

"Bad DOGGIES! BAD!" he screamed as he ran down an adjacent hall and started jumping from surface to surface. Unfortunately, the werewolves matched him jump for jump, their claws enabling them to cling to the walls and ceilings the same his own powers did for him.

"Gotta lead them away from the family," he said to himself as he came to another hallway intersection. He somehow knew exactly where the innocents he was trying to protect were in relation to him, so he went down the hall that was in the opposite direction.

He used his web lines and zipped the distance when and where he could, but for the most part he was just running flat out between jumping all over the Floor, walls, and ceiling while dodging the howling monsters. He had no plan, no clue about what to do. Luckily, he came across the kitchen, complete with all the silverware for the household. Emphasis on the silver part.

"Din-din!" he couldn't help from shouting out as he overturned a number of the drawers and tables, sending their contents into the air before kicking, punching, and slapping it all towards the snarling beasts. He remembered his Aunt Marge shouting the same thing to get all her dogs running right at her.

Enough of the silverware impaled the creatures that their snarls turned to whimpers of pain. He wasn't about to finish them off though. In all likelihood, they were ordinary people not in control of their actions, and were being forced to do this, rather than enjoy doing it like that Greyback fellow. He waited a few moments, and then made his decision. He kicked them over, made sure the implements were in non-vital places, and then used his silver-laced webs to tie them up, after giving them muzzles of course. Once that chore was done, he started making his way back to the family, who oddly enough were still here. He could sense it.

"Who-who-who are you?!" the only adult wizard there screamed at him when he burst in on them from the hallway. His wife, a muggleborn witch by all appearances, was behind him, safe-guarding their children. "Wh-what are you?"

"Now is not the time," he growled, not bothering to disguise his voice beyond what the mask did for him, "Why haven't you gotten out already?"

"The Floo stopped working after you came through!" the wizard accused him. "What did you do?"

He considered and then jumped over to the fireplace and examined the still green flames. That was odd, a Floo was only supposed to be temporary, and after delivering its person, it returned to being a normal fire. But somehow... wait a second! He reached down and picked up a small, filament thread from the Floor. As he picked it up, it became clear that it was going into the fire, but somehow not being burned up!

Or... wait, could it be? Maybe it wasn't going into the fire, maybe it was coming from the fire!

He quickly tossed the thread to the wizard and the witch. "Here!" he told them, "Hold on tight, don't let go, and... well, let the magic take you. Trust me! Those wolves won't be down for long and the Death Eaters will be coming in after them! Go!"

The family quickly grabbed hold of the web line, but nothing was happening. Until he kicked the wizard in the rear and sent the lot of them careening headfirst into the green flames. The moment they were gone, the fire returned to normal and then was snuffed out by some kind of ward effect that he guessed did something to the Floo Connection.


He was already moving before the first syllable of the Unforgivable spell could be uttered. The Death Eaters had come in when the noise from the werewolves attacking had subsided and apparently witnessed the family escaping the premises. Beyond that, all they would be able to report later was a shadowed figure leaping and jumping about, dodging rather than blocking their spells, and shooting out ropes of a material to be eventually identified as spider webbing.

There were, as expected, nearly half a dozen masked Death Eaters attacking the place. Unfortunately, not counting the subdued werewolves, he was facing only four of the assigned seven dark wizards, (six man Death Eater squad and their team leader). Which meant he did not know where the leader and two others were at, which could potentially be bad. Very bad.

He stuck to the ceiling as much as he could. Despite them having seen that he'd jumped up onto it several times, not to mention jump down from a place that could only be from above, they still didn't bother looking up most of the time, and when they did, their eyes went right to the corners, or the ceiling that was directly above and in front of them and nowhere else. Thanks to his Danger Sense, he knew exactly who was looking where and if they saw him or not, so despite wearing a vivid blue and red suit with near-glowing white eyes, they rarely saw him long enough to actually shoot him with any of the spells they were casting, most of which had a minimum of three syllables, and thus took one and a half seconds to say and another half a second to be cast at all. Given his Danger Sense's warnings combined with his supernatural reaction speed and agility, a two second window may as well have been a two minute window!

Then they did the best, and stupidest, thing imaginable. They put themselves back to back, practically right below him, and kept their wands pointed outwards from the center. After attaching it to the ceiling, he lowered himself down behind them, holding onto the web line with his hands, while his legs were bent, keeping his feet also on the web line, which helped him to control how far down he went. He waited patiently, but after a full ten second wait of nothing but tense silence, he lost interest in the waiting game and using both web shooters, he silently attached web lines to all four Death Eaters and then retracted back up to the ceiling.

"Ahem," he coughed subtly, making them all jump.

With no more warning than that, he gave a sharp, upward tug on all the web lines and suddenly had the masked terrorists hanging from the ceiling, screaming their masks off. A couple of well aimed, and properly controlled, punches and some excess webbing to cocoon them the rest of the way up, and they were knocked out and tied up with a virtual bow on top.

Which is, of course, when the missing Death Eaters decided to walk in.

"Where are they?" a familiar voice growled at the other two. It was Macnair. He was even carrying his familiar ax, the one he would have used on Buckbeak had he and Hermione not interfered a few years back.

"They must have gotten out the Floo, there ain't no other way out of here," the masked goon on the left remarked. They were talking about the family, not their bound and unconscious compatriots, he realized.

"Find them! And get the others to help you, lazy bums! I'm going to find the damn wolves. If they've run off, it'll be more than just their hides on the spit!" Macnair growled and stomped off. The moment he was around the corner, the two remaining Death Eaters were assaulted by a shadowy figure, moving in blurs of red and blue color. A few well-placed punches and a kick thrown in for good measure had them knocked out. Add a bit of webbing and they'd joined their fellows on the ceiling.

He briefly considered going after Macnair, but a tingle up his spine reminded him of the other assaults being perpetrated this night. He jumped over to the fireplace, grabbed the powder from the mantle and called out the next address even as the flames, which had been restored after defeating the other Death Eaters, turned green. Knowing what to expect this time, he kept his eyes open and watched for an open 'grate' as he spun about through "Floo Space" and when one became available, he shot out his strongest, most elastic web line and let it continue to extend once he'd felt it connect.

Shortly, he came tumbling out of his destination, but unlike before, there was no firefight going on. The room was dark, save the glow of the green flames. He disconnected the web line, sticking it to the Floor in front of the fireplace he'd just come from and then jumped up to the ceiling, trusting his senses to find the potential victims of the Death Eater attack.

After a few moments of extended silence, he deduced that the attack, if it was indeed eminent, had yet to start. Whoever lived here, in all likelihood was still asleep. He briefly considered moving on to one of the other locations, but after glancing back at the Floo, he decided to find an alternative method of getting there. Better to leave the family a way out if they ended up needing it.

Back at Malfoy Manor, not that our hero knew it at the time, Goyle Sr. was marshaling his forces to attack his appointed Floo Address, being the last to be deployed. Unfortunately, and he couldn't figure out why, every time they tried to get through, nothing happened. If one were to compare the Floo System with a phone network, they would be getting a "busy signal" indicating that the Floo they were trying to reach was already actively connected to another Floo and could not be interrupted. Seeing as they did not know that, Goyle rather foolishly went through an entire month of the Malfoys' Floo Powder rations, before Narcissa Malfoy finally stopped him and explained what was likely happening.

In the meantime, our intrepid hero had finally found his alternate route to the next target of the forces of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Turns out they were right next door.

Making his way to the roof, he quickly got himself oriented and recognized another team of Death Eaters just down the street, assaulting the wards of the building there. Anchoring a couple web lines to a pair of sturdy looking gargoyles, he stepped back until the lines were tight, and then leaned back just another bit more before letting go. He slingshot high into the sky, but also down the street at a higher speed than he could just web swing it. Unfortunately, it wasn't fast enough, as the wards fell just when he was at the height of his arc.

To make matters even worse, he saw that he would both overshoot his target, and miss it by several meters. Then he remembered an event from only a couple weeks ago, one he hadn't been able to easily replicate since, but nevertheless it was something he was willing to try. Putting his arms and legs flush to his sides, he felt a slight tug in his suit and quickly extended both arms and legs fully out to catch the wind, filament-thin webs held between them catching the wind and allowing him to BASE jump the rest of the way to his target.

Partly just because he could, but mostly to get the lay of the land, he did a flyby, circling all around the residence to see what he was about to be dealing with. Just under a dozen masked Death Eaters were in groups of two or three all around the place. With them, they had another four more werewolves, leashed with what were probably enchanted silver collars. Flyby done, he landed on the highest point of the house, which just so happened to be the chimney.

Diving in, he was somewhat grateful the fire had been banked for the night, managing to catch himself with a couple of web lines, allowing him to slow his fall, albeit still inverted. Poking his head out of the fire place, he was glad to see that all was quiet. For the moment at least.

Flipping out and landing in a three-point stance, he kept his senses wide open. Nothing.

Getting to his feet, he started searching for the family that lived here. As luck would have it, one of the children happened to need a drink of water and was heading to her parents' room so they could get it for her. Staying in the shadows and making no noise, he followed her and her father to the kitchen, jumping up to the darkened ceiling whenever he was about to be caught. Right as the girl was being sent back to bed; however, his Danger Sense went crazy!

Moments later, the windows nearest them crashed inward, snarling werewolves surging into the house. The little girl screamed, and her father was little better, but at least he picked the girl up and then ran with her. Before the closest werewolf could reach for them, a web shot physically knocked its claws away, and another shortly after snapped its jaw closed. The other werewolves quickly got similar treatments.

The dark creatures merely ripped the webbing away, but by that time the father and daughter had managed to get away. Roaring in rage, they initially made to go after the helpless family, but he wouldn't let them forget him so easily. Using his webs to pull himself closer to them faster than they could react, he tackled the lead werewolf from behind, slamming it face first into the Floor before jumping up and using his webs to 'pull' him back towards the ground that much faster, and making his kick to the werewolf's back that much harder when he landed.

Whimpering now, the werewolf tried to get to its feet, but he acted quicker than it could. He did an overhead drop kick to its head, and then reversed it with a heel kick to the chin, knocking it up and back. He flipped up in mid-air, kicked the wolf in the chest, knocking it back to the wall, and before he could even begin to fall back to the Floor, he shot out two more web lines and used them to pull him back toward the wolf for another debilitating kick. Something cracked, but unfortunately it was only the wall the wolf had landed in. A silver-laced web net later, and that was one down three to go.

All three werewolves tackled him together in a massive pile-up, tearing at him with their claws, and snapping at him with their teeth. It was only due to his enhanced strength and quick reflexes that kept him from getting bitten, but at the cost of getting loads of scratches all over him. As resistant to spell-fire as his suit was, it was just as vulnerable as everything else to a werewolf's claws.

Shooting out a web line, he pulled himself from the 'dog pile' and then immediately turned around and swung back at them, feet extended. His kick landed, knocking them all back and away. Just as he was about to continue their tussle, however, a scream pierced the night. Coming from the direction of the parents' bedroom.

"Bloody hell!" he cursed and shot a few dozen silver-laced web nets over the werewolves and then immediately started making his way down the halls to where the Death Eater victims were undoubtedly being attacked, swinging where he could, but mostly crawling and jumping along the walls and ceiling.

He managed to swing through the double doors of the bedroom just in the nick of time to see the Death Eaters from outside pointing their wands at the cowering family, the father and mother holding their children between them. One of the dark wizards had already cast a spell, and he knew he didn't have much time, despite it looking like the magic and everything else was moving in slow motion.

Moving between the family and the oncoming spell bolt, he was already unleashing a huge amount of webbing, weaving it in his hands, back and forth. A heartbeat later, in the space of time it took the spell to be cast and it taking effect, he had completed his web shield and only just braced himself for the impact as it hit. Thankfully it wasn't one of the Unforgivables, otherwise he was sure that he wouldn't have made it in time. With the exception of the Death Curse, the other two take instant effect and as the title suggests, there is no blocking them.

The shield crumbled in his hands, but thankfully the magic in the spell had expired, telling him that it had been a pretty powerful curse, and not something that could affect Acromantula silk... beyond destroying it that is. Standing tall between the Death Eaters and their potential victims, he said nothing and trusted his Danger Sense to warn him if one of the masked dark wizards before him were going to try anything.

"Who are you?" snarled the one in the middle of the group before him.

He kept his mouth shut, not trusting that they couldn't somehow recognize him by his voice or his way of speaking. Clenching his fists, he prepared for what was coming.

"Avad—AAH!" the same Death Eater screamed as a web shot simultaneously blinded his mask and knocked his wand from his hand. In the following moment, the other Death Eaters were similarly blinded and disarmed. Moments after that, they were all splattered either to the Floor, ceiling, or wall in a variety of web nets, and then it was just him and the family.

Without turning to face them, he said to them, "Call the Aurors, and then get out of here. Go somewhere safe. Hogwarts, St. Mungo's, the Ministry, or even just a friend's house. I'll go with you. There are werewolves in the house."

"Who-who-who...?" the father kept trying to ask, but he didn't give him a chance to ask properly.

Then again, neither did the werewolves that came charging into the bedroom.

Thanks solely to his Danger Sense, he was already reacting by the time the dark creatures made themselves known, having jumped up, shot a web line and swung with full force against the first one's body, knocking it back into the others and all of them into the hall. He rotated his wrists a bit more than usual before creating a silver-laced web wall in the doorway. At the very least, the magic that gave the werewolves their weakness to silver should keep them from tearing it apart too easily. He hoped.

"No time for questions, we need to get you out of here and to some place safe!" he shouted and kicked open the window to the balcony. "If I get you to your fireplace, do you know some place you can go?"

The father was still mumbling and stuttering his questions, so the mother took it upon herself to slap some sense into him. The father took a moment, and then turned to face their masked savior and nodded his head, saying, "I can get the fire stoked and ready in moments. I know the Floo Address for the Ministry Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I... can you really get us to a fireplace?"

"Kids first, then your wife, then you!" he ordered, webbing the kids and sticking them to his back before anybody could say a word. "Hold on tight kids!" he shouted as they leaped off the balcony, only for him to snap out his left hand, and then swing back down to the Floor below on the web line. A couple of quick web shots took care of the window by knocking it open. Luckily the windows were the kind that opened inwards and didn't have any kind of bar blocking the open space.

Once there, he swung and jumped his way to the kitchen, which thankfully had its own 'enlarged' fireplace for Floo travel. Unfortunately, the fire had been banked earlier in the evening. "Get the fire going," he ordered the children, "while I go get your mum and dad, all right?" He didn't wait to see if they agreed, already moving for the outside and the second Floor balcony.

He managed to get back outside, but not at a point with easy access to the same balcony, so he had to swing up and around the building for a bit, until he found the correct balcony. The moment he did, he arrested his momentum with another web line, putting him above and outside the second Floor door. Snapping out both wrists, he fastened two more web lines on either side of said door and used his enhanced strength to dive right in to the bedroom. Both witch and wizard had their wands out, and the web wall was starting to look a little thin.

"Next!" he called.

"Take me!" the father cried out, "I'm the only one that can get the Floo going, I said!"

Harry reinforced the web wall, which was holding up really well, and then grabbed the wizard by the back of his neck, and said with a soft growl, "If you insist." At the same time he grabbed the witch and put her in a fireman's cradle and then jumped out the window. Rather than use his web lines, however, he just jumped and landed on the ground, bending his knees to help absorb the impact.

As it would have been rather dangerous to jump while holding another person by the neck, what he'd actually done was toss the man into the air once they were outside the building and after he was on the ground, used his webs to catch him and pull him safely back to the ground. The guy was still screaming his head off by the time they reached the kitchen.

"You know, if you want the werewolves to know that you're no longer in the bedroom and now here, feel free to go on screaming," he glibly told the man after setting him down next to his family. The wizard quieted down real quick after that.

A couple minutes of hasty wand work later, the fire was burning green and they were all going to the Ministry to report the attack and look for safety. Well, all of them except for their mysterious savior that is.

He jumped out the window the moment that the family were safely away and went to take care of the werewolves. Only to come face to face with a sickly yellow spell bolt before he'd cleared the windowsill. The force of it threw him back into the house, not that he could do much about it as he was an unbearable amount of pain at the moment!

"AAARRRGGHHH!" he screamed as he convulsed on the ground for a few seconds.

Compared to Voldemort's, this Cruciatus curse was absolutely pathetic. But it was still the Cruciatus curse! Thankfully, it fell away after a relatively short time.

"Oh that hurt," he groaned, trying to make his body respond properly.

"Who the bloody hell do you think you are?" a muffled voice came from the window.

He didn't bother answering; shaking his head to clear the remaining cobwebs and regain his focus. Getting up, he did his best to ignore the pain shooting throughout his entire body. His Danger Sense gave only a moment's warning.

"Ah, ah, ah," the voice taunted, "Don't bother. Crucio!"

He flexed his whole body and jumped up to the ceiling, narrowly missing the dark curse. Snapping out his wrists, he caught the Death Eater's wand with a web line and yanked hard. The wand went flying, the masked Death Eater crying out with rage at his loss, before ordering his three buddies, "KILL IT!"

From that point on, he no longer had a chance to counter attack as they all were firing curses without end, most of them not bothering to shout the curses out loud. As such, he had to rely almost entirely on his Danger Sense to successfully dodge all of the spell bolts and the other more dangerous effects. Due to his inexperience, however, he was less than one hundred percent successful. Thankfully, the truly lethal curses and hexes set off a bigger ping for his Danger Sense, letting him know he had to dodge those!

Leaping and jumping all over the place, both inside and outside, he shot web shots as often as he could, and even unleashed some unique webbing effects of his own, when he could afford to that is. For the most part, however, he just focused on staying alive and not getting killed. It only got worse when the first Death Eater got his wand back and joined the fray.

Seeing that he was seriously outnumbered, and possibly out-matched, however unlikely that was, he decided that discretion was the better part of valor as the case may be. Shooting a line out the nearest open window, he zipped along it as fast as he could toward freedom. Unfortunately, it wasn't fast enough.

A wave of force from one Death Eater's wand knocked him off target and into the wall rather than the open window. He didn't have time to lick his wounds, so he immediately got back to his feet and was up and running... up the wall.

"What the...?!" one of them cried out.

Once he was in the corner between the ceiling and the wall, he spun, shot out two lines of his most elastic webbing, and pulled, before letting go with his feet. He flew through the air faster than any of their spells and was in their midst before they could do anything. Rather than web them up or even knock them all out with kicks and punches, instead he did the next best thing.

He snapped every one of their wands in the blink of an eye. And then he went for the window again.

Good thing too, he figured as at that moment one of the werewolves from earlier made its way into the room and by its snarling roar, it was not happy. Seeing his good deed for the night was done, he decided to forgo the last address as he knew he would be of little good once he got there. IF he got there! (As luck would have it, fortunately that last address was the one that Goyle Sr. had been assigned and was even now still blocked by his web trick while in the Floo Network)

He swung back to the last house he'd been in with an open Floo connection and used it to get back to Hogsmeade. If he'd stayed around for even a minute longer, he might have seen the first of the Aurors Apparating in to check on the reports of attacks at various homes in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the Death Eaters saw them coming and managed to corral the werewolves, those that weren't still webbed up that is, and use Portkeys to get away in time.

After sneaking out of the home he'd used the Floo of, he web swung his way back up to Hogwarts castle and then to Gryffindor Tower. He only had to use two spare web cartridges to make the trip this time. Wall crawling up to the outside window of the Sixth Year boys dorm, he silently opened the window, checked with his Danger Sense to make sure the coast was clear, and then slipped inside the dark bedroom. Taking off the red mask, he took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh.

He knew he'd be hurting in the morning. Hell, he was hurting now, but that didn't matter. What did matter was that he had saved lives tonight. Not by doing nothing, not by sitting and let the impossible happen to him, but by going out and actually making a difference and using what he could do to help people. Taking off his costume, he quickly jumped up to the ceiling and hid it in the hiding place only he could reach, before allowing gravity to affect him once more and falling into the warm, soft, bouncy goodness that was his four-poster bed.

Harry Potter sighed one last time as he allowed the sleep of heroes to take him.

To Be Continued...