A Smeets Birth

A purple sad face suddenly turned happy and red. A metal claw emerged and griped the red happy face and drew the birth incubater from its place. Another claw emerged from the left and griped the end of the incubater, and both claws broke the incubater and glass, green liquid, and a small body fell from its place, connecting to the cold metal floors.
The glass shattered against the hard floor, and the liquid made a splashing sound, and the small body created a small little flop as it met the floor.
A pointed metal appendage emerged behind the body and sent an electrical shock, and attaching a small pink and grey pod, know as a pak, to the beings back, causing the small body to stand immedietly, with its small antenna's standing up on end and wide, shiny red eyes snapped open.
The being was lime green, had tiny hands with two claws, and had tiny feet with two claws on each foot.
A robotic voice sounded out of nowhere in the room, addressing the small being, know as a smeet. Or Irken.
'' Welcome to life, irken child, report for duty. '' Responded the voice.
The smeet sprung up in the air and hugged a robotic arm and responded in a small squeaky voice.
'' I love you cold unfeeling robot arm. '' Responded the smeet all the while smiling with a small tooth sticking from its mouth.
The arm swung the smeet back and forth, trying to throw off the smeet from its self.
The smeet's little hands gripped tightly on the arm, scared out of its dear life. But the arm just kept on swinging it back and forth until the smeet couldn't hold on any longer and was flung across the room and its back connected with a hard metal wall, cause the smeet to make little pianed grunt, and it slid towards the floor and landed on its bare bottom, staring at the arm, feeling hurt and scared tears brimmed in his eyes, making them shake and look glossy. Its lip was shaking and pouting trying hard not to cry, but it couldn't hold it and wailed loudly.
It sobbed, shaking uncontrollably. It pulled its legs up towards its chest and wrapped its little arms around them, hiding his face between his curled legs and his chest.
A metal, creaking noise came from the other side of the room, causing light to pour all through the room, and two black boots entered the room...