Already Off To A Bad Start

A few smeet years later.

A small Irken was sleeping under his blankets on his bed. There was slight snoring emiting from him.

Then a very irritating sound interupted the beautiful silence in the room. An alarm clock on the bedside table was flashing 6:00am repeativly.

The Irken in the bed snapped up from his sheets, glared over at his clock and threw it across the room causing it to smash in pieces against the wall.

The Irken sighed and flopped back on his bed, a smile on his face looking relaxed and happy.

Someone started knocking on his door.

'' Zim honey? '' A female voice, who belonged to Miyuki, was trying to wake up his son. '' You better get dressed and ready or you'll be late for your first day of school '' She reported.

Zim made a long groan in annoyance.

He lifted himself from bed and walked tiredly to his closet and opened it. The closet contained several of the same outfits. Every Irken had to wear one.

He grabbed an outfit and putted it on. He walked out of his room and into a hallway.

He entered the kitchen and sat down at the table. He crossed his arms on the table and layed his head in them with his eyes drooped.

Miyuki placed a plate of syrup covered waffels infront of him. Zim took a sniff at them and gagged.

'' Spork didn't cook them this time '' Said Miyuki.

'' Oh '' Zim said. He started eating them.

Spork walked into the kitchen and sat infront of Zim, watching him eat.

Zim felt like their was a pair of eyes on him. He looked up and saw his dad just staring at him.

'' Sooo...'' Started his dad.

'' So what? '' Zim said.

'' excited for your first day of school? '' He asked.

'' Hmm...not really. By the way mom describe it, it sounds like dooky '' Zim said, shrugging his shoulders.

Spork chuckled. '' Nooo its much more worse then dookie, its like, prison '' He said.

Zim had a shocked expression. '' What!? '' He exclaimed. '' I'm going to prison!? ''

'' No no no! I said it was LIKE prison '' Spork clarified.

'' Whats the difference!? ''

'' Ummm...'' Spork hesitated. '' Well. The school gives you food everyday and the prison only gives you it once a week ''

Zim narrowed an eye. '' How good is the food compared to prison? '' He asked.

'' Well, uumm. Your just gonna have to find that out for yourself '' He said.

Zim looked at his mother with pleading eyes. '' I really have to go? '' He asked. She looked back at him.

'' Yeees you really have to go, its an Irken law. You need to learn alot of things before you can be out on your own when you get older '' She informed.

'' But I already know everything for I am ZIM! '' He yelled standing on top of the table with his arms held high.

'' Zim honey, how many times do I have to tel you to not stand on the table? '' Miyuki asked.

'' Sorry mother '' Zim said, getting off of the table and sitting back on his seat.

Spork checked the time on the clock on the wall. '' Well you better get going or the school bus will leave without ya '' He noted.

'' Fine whatever '' Zim said. He picked up his new bookbag that was red with the black Irken symbol and left the house.

He walked down the side walk for a while and spotted the stop sign, where other irkens were standing around it waiting to be picked up.

He stood a little ways away from them.

One of the Irkens looked up and noticed him.

She had dark blue eyes and curly antenna, she was wearing the same Irken uniform but it was dark blue like her eyes.

She studied his height.

'' Hey Tak '' She nodded at her friend beside her.

Tak looked back at her. '' What? ''

'' See that Irken over there? '' She asked. Still looking at him.

Tak looked at the irken her friend was looking at. '' Yeah, what about him? '' She asked.

'' Thats the tallest's son '' She said.

Taks eyes widened. '' Are you kidding me? He's so short! ''

Her friend giggled like a preppy human cheerleader. '' I know right? He's such a pipsqueak! '' The two female Irkens started laughing, making jokes.

Zim heard the laughing. His right eye twitched. He turned his head towards the ones who were laughing and started walking towards them and asked..

'' What are you two filfy females laughing about? '' He snapped. They stopped laughing and stared at him.

Tak narrowed her eyes. '' None of your business '' She retorted.

Zim gasped. '' Not my business? not my business!? EVERYTHING is ZIMS business! Cause I am ZIM! '' He yelled raising his clenched fists in the air.

They both narrowed an eye at him.

'' Zim? '' The blue eyed Irken said. '' Thats your name? '' She asked.

'' Yes! Zim is me! I am Zim! And such an amazing name it is that your names put you in shame cause they suck! '' He snapped at them pointing a finger in Taks face.

She slapped his hand away '' Your an idiot '' She replied. Zim just stood there with a stumped look on his face.

A long and wide irken aircraft came and stopped in front of the stop sign, floating only a few inches from the ground.

A door opened and the Irkens piled on and took their seats.

Zim was still outside, pondering what just happened. '' Pfft. She's jealous '' He said.

He was just about to climb on untill the door snapped closed and flew away quickly.

'' HEY! '' Zim yelled after the bus. '' COME BACK TO ZIIIIIM! ''

The bus was soon out of sight. Zim looked ahead in the direction where the school was located. He checked his watch on his right arm and saw that he only had 10 minutes to get there. He narrowed his eyes in determination.

'' Challenge accepted '' He whispered to himself.