"Caroline," her name slid from his lips like a prayer.

"What?" she snapped at him still desperately fighting against the attraction she felt for him.

"Love now's not a time to be snippy," he hissed at her.

"Sorry I don't have another opening until tomorrow," she glared.

"Caroline I'm leaving town," he said bluntly. Her heart slid into her throat and her stomach flip-flopped into a free fall. What? "My offer to show you the world still stands Caroline, but I can't wait for you any longer."

"I-I," Caroline paused, he looked so earnest and kind. He looked incapable of killing people even though she knew very well it was a habit of his. Then a smirk appeared across his face, it seemed to say 'victory' every piece of her that she had allowed to crack flew back up with reinforced steele. "I don't care where you go! I don't care who you take! All I care about is that you stay the hell away from me."

And it was done. In the span of time it took to flip a coin her life had changed. Klaus's face hardened for just a fraction of a second before he nodded curtly and sped off.

Caroline was left standing in her doorway, door still open, staring at the place he used to be. She felt herself slowly close the door and she nodded as she walked back to her room. It was what she had wanted, closure. She wanted him gone and now she knew that he finally understood that she simply didn't want him. She sat down on her bed and picked up her brush from her nightstand. She absentmindedly pulled the bristles through her blonde curls.

A Klaus free life, a smile blossomed across her face. No more random death, no more jealous boyfriends, no more dying parents, no more pictures, no more gifts, no more dresses. She felt the smile break free and take over her features. She set her brush down and decided to tell Elena and Bonnie and Stefan and Damon and whoever else would listen. She heard something fall and scoffed at her clumsiness. She reached down and picked up the blue velvet case her bracelet was in.

No more bracelets.

Her smile began to fade as she ran her thumb over the velvet. She dared to open the case and peak inside at the magnificent piece of jewelry inside. It was still just as breath taking as the first time she set eyes on it. She swallowed as she remembered the butterflies that had erupted in her stomach at the thought of a gift from him.

Caroline found herself running her thumb across the diamonds as she thought of him. In reality he was really the first guy to take a liking to her first. He didn't fawn over Elena or become distracted by the easy girls like Vicki. He was willing to take a chance on her and wait for her. She wasn't used to that, suddenly her heart swelled and she realized with absolute certainty that she didn't want to suppress her attraction anymore. She wanted to embrace it and tend to it, to bask in it.

The bracelet fell from her hands and she ran outside to her car. She cursed as she ran back in for her keys. Once at her car again she realized she had now forgotten her purse. She screamed a very unlady like word and decided to run to his house instead.

It was alarming how easily she found his home, how right it felt heading there. She knocked frantically and by the second time was already screaming his name. No one answered and she looked for any signs of them. She decided to be bold and threw the doors open. Seeing no one come to stop her she ran throughout the house becoming more and more depressed as she found no signs of anyone.

A cackle caught her ear and she sped to the location of the sound. She saw a fire burning and several papers thrown over it. She grabbed them quickly and stomped them out with her shoe. She saw dozens of sketches of her. They were so breathtaking and so well done that she stared for several minutes before the truth hit her. He was gone.

She bit her lip and clutched the drawings to her chest. The house was empty. Klaus was gone.