i dont own harry potter or anything to do with the series.

i own some parts in the plotline and the characters

I just want to know if this is a good idea

I want to create a harry potter fanfiction with my oc characters Raven and Jabez

Raven is a Ravenclaw. She is a muggle born. Mother is a teacher, father is an electrician. Raven enters Hogwarts same year as Harry, with the hope of having friends but because of her sister (5th year) she has no friends. Hiding n the library she meets Jabez trying to excape some of his fellow Slytherin's.

Jabez is a Slytherin. Pureblood. Father works in Greengots with the care of the dragons and mother owns her own perfume label. His childhood friends change attitudes as soon as they enter Hogwarts, he still stays friends with them but has many problems fitting in with them.

Overall it's basically what I think the events of the Harry potter series through other students' eyes.

Basically I just need your guy's option on what I should do.

And probably could use a bit of help with spelling and grammar.