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Chapter 2:

My eyes snapped open as soon as they were able...

An unfamiliar room covered in Velvet was the first sight that greeted my silver gaze, once I was sure that there were no immediate threat was in my vicinity, I let the tears that had been trying to escape since the realization of what Elizabeth had done fall.

It wasn't fair, hadn't everything I had done enough? why was fate so cruel as to rob me the purpose that I have found after my long journey? Couldn't I have slept knowing that the world was safe and all those who had supported and accepted me were happy?

There was no need for her to sacrifice herself, I was already content in the seal with the knowledge that I have protected them but it seemed that Fate wasn't done with him just yet, as Elizabeth had told him that it was time for him to go on his journey once again.

'I wonder what would I find in the end this time? Will it be the answer to my life like the last? or will it be the end?' He idly thought as he forced himself to be composed'

"I need to get myself together" I mumbled to myself as I now inspected the Velvet room that I had been occupying for the last 10 minutes.

I steadied myself as I tried to regain my bearings, it seems Elizabeth was right when she told me that my body was not yet fully rested, though as I was inspecting the damages done to my body, I felt the clink of an item inside my pocket, quickly drawing it out, I found Elizabeth's last gift.

It's familiar weight a comforting presence in my hand as I remembered all my memories inside the Velvet room but before I got lost in them, I shook my head and pocketed the key as I inspected the room I have found myself in.

I would have thought that it was a normal room, if not for two major reasons. The first one was that it was covered in Velvet from the ceiling to the floor, even its furnishing was covered in the same color, though he could have dismissed this for a person's obsession with the color, he couldn't dismissed the numerous familiar-looking weapons displayed neatly in the side of the room, accompanied by piles of money in the table near it.

As I inspected the weapons closely, I knew that it was mine. The weapons were the ones I bought from Officer Kurosawa and the others were from Tartarus or the rewards that came from Elizabeth herself.

There were other items that were neatly assembled, but I already knew all of them. Everything that I had in my possession before I became the seal had somehow made it's way to Elizabeth's hands. A fact that did not surprise me given her personality.

What did surprise me was that in the corner of the room, a podium was standing, though that itself was of no importance, what did gain my attention was the brown book that was resting on it.

A very familiar book that I had seen Elizabeth holding, as I came near it, I immediately noticed the 'Minato Arisato' inscribed under what looked like the Star of David.

Running my hand on the inscriptions slowly. I noticed a small note that said "This book contains all the facets of your soul, Please make good use of it Minato-sama." was written in Elizabeth's elegant script.

Opening it, I saw all of the persona's I had recorded though at some parts of the book , a blank space in the shape of a card reminded me that I haven't completed the compendium, though I wasn't bothered by it , after all having 100 plus personas were more than enough for me, though I was still without a way to summon my personas as I didn't see my evoker, at least I didn't feel that vulnerable since I could at least augment my body with my persona abilities.

Feeling reassured that I was not without my possessions or my personas, I now tried to think about my situation.

I had no idea where I am, though I knew that at least two years has passed since I became the seal.

Even though I badly wanted to get out of the room and find some answers, I repressed the urge as I recalled the attendant of the Velvet's room warning of not getting out of the room till my body was fully rested.

Presumably, he was in dangerous territory as Elizabeth would have not warn me if it wasn't the case, though I was pretty sure that wherever I was, it wasn't in some shady part of some town since Elizabeth probably knew that I was more than capable of protecting myself from common thugs, which lead to one logical conclusion as there was only one thing that could hurt a persona-user that was as powerful as him... Shadows.

But that was also a bit off, after all hadn't the Dark Hour disappear?, where would the shadows come if not for Tartarus?

"Ugh, all of this thinking will get me nowhere..." I mumbled loudly to the room as I collapsed to the Velvet bed 'Too many questions and barely any answers'

All he knew was that two years had passed since his sealing, and that he was currently in a room that eerily reminded him of the Velvet Room along with all his personas and his weapons bar his evoker. He also knew that his body was not yet fully recovered as evidence to the soreness as well as the sharp pains he felt every time he moved though thankfully, his muscles hadn't atrophied or else he was truly fucked

Shaking his head from that depressing line of thoughts, he sighed as he fell to sleep...

Note: Just clarifying, Minato is not really in the Velvet room where Personas are fused, he is merely in a room that looked like it

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