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Harry Potter/Merlin crossover

Warning: Abuse in beginning,

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Harry Potter and the Will of Magic: Prologue

It was dark in the house known as No. 4 Privet Drive, but it was not quiet. For within the walls of what appeared to be an ordinary home a large man was bringing his down again and again on a small child who appeared to be 3 years of age with messy black hair and dull green eyes and bones sticking out of his arms and legs from the beating, blood pooling beneath his body.

At the moment he let out a whimper, the fat man paused, and glared at the small boy, "Oh, so you want to cry now, do you? Well, you aren't human, so you don't get to cry!" And thus resumed the onslaught. Bruises upon bruises dotted the boy's body and it was only a matter of time before he died at the hands of his uncaring caretaker.

But all was not lost for the boy, for it was right before the fatal blow was struck that he asked softly, "Someone please save me!" and then he was surrounded by a barrier of blue that stopped the meaty fist in its tracks. But it did not deter him as he attempted to break the protection all while yelling out, "You little freak! You think this will stop you from getting what you're due? Not bleeding likely! I will beat the unnaturalness out of you if its the last thing I do!"

Of course, this only strengthened the resolve of whatever created the wall and then, in a blinding flash of light, it was gone, and so was the boy, leaving Vernon Dursley screamed his rage to the heavens at the boy getting away. Of course, what he didn't count on was one of his neighbors hearing him yell and promptly called the police, who appeared half-an-hour later breaking the door down and coming onto the sight of Vernon attempting to burn everything the boy owned in the fireplace and a pool of blood on the floor along with a ring of ashes left behind by the child's savior.

They promptly arrested the monster-in-human-skin and dragged the man's horse-faced wife from her bed and arrested her too as an accomplice and took the boy to an institute known as St. Brutus' Center for Incurably Criminal Boys after he attempted to bite an officer when he told the kid he couldn't take all his toys with him. And so it was that No. 4 Privet Drive stood empty and the wards that protected those within fell with nothing sustaining it any longer.

Albus Dumbledore, who had long since stopped watching the monitors he had set up on the boy because he needed him to be just right for when he would swoop in 7 years later and save him from his monstrous relatives, not that it would matter now, as Magic herself, an entity far beyond the old wizard's understanding, would make sure that her greatest champion had the keys he needed to bring the world to its knees and have all know that she reigned supreme, and that it was past the time for hiding, and now time for all to know her power.

And as the family was taken away, all the gadgets and gizmos in the office of Hogwarts' Headmaster shattered, making a mess of the room and waking the slumbering Phoenix named Fawkes, who promptly burst into flames and disappeared, his destination unknown to all but two.

1200 years ago, in the year 743 A.D., a young woman was walking through the courtyard of a famous castle when a burst of blue light startled her from her thoughts. When the light faded, a young boy was revealed with blood pouring from his wounds. Her eyes widened in horror and she screamed, "Gaius!"

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