Hi, everyone! BrenRome here with another brand-new fanfiction. This one is dedicated to my fanfic buddy, Rurrlock-God of Power since his Birthday's today, and I decided to celebrate with an all-new awesome crossover. If you've read Rurrlock's Cebonite Warriors, you know that in that fanfic, there was a Doctor Who refrence to The Daleks. I had no idea what they were when I read them, so I started watching Dr. Who and began to get engaged in it. So as a thank you to getting me into that, I'm returning the favor with a crossover between Doctor Who and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Animated Series (since like me, Thomas also happens to be a fan of The Toy Story films as well as any PIXAR film). The idea came to me after reading the recent comic crossover between Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation where The Cybermen team-up with The Borg, and I realized a perfect combination to bring Buzz and The Doctor together; by using The Daleks and The Superior Beings (The Bad Guys from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Episode It's a Zoo Out There.)

First off, a couple of things. But before that, as River Song would say; "Spoilers." If you don't know any of this yet, please close eyes, and cover ears or just scroll down past this part, or just click out if you haven't watched the current Doctor Who's Mid-Season finale. Trust me. It's very emotional, and as Matt Smith said in a behind-the-scenes-interview about the episode; "If you don't shed a tear or at least have a lump in your throat by the end of this episode, you're deffinately an alien."

This fanfic is set just before Rory and Amy's final episode that aired here in the US just two days ago called The Angles Take Manhattan, in which The Doctor, Amy, and Rory come to Manhattan where my college is now, and face the wrath of the Weeping Angles with the help of Amy and Rory's daughter/The Doctor's wife, River Song. At the end, however, Rory is zapped back in time by the Angles and Amy decides to go back with him, so he won't die alone. Because of this, the time period the two are locked in has a reinforced time barrier meaning The Doctor can't go back inside and see them again. Thus, The Doctor has lost two of his companions again. Hopefully the upcoming Christmas Episode this year will feature a well-deserving companion for The Doctor, but I will truly miss Amy and Rory.

Point being is that I really wanted to write a story featuring Amy and Rory with The Doctor so the time this story takes place in is set right before their last episode together.

Now, while the Daleks surely need no introduction (short-story; they're basically alien machine/mutated life-forms that want to exterminate all life in the Universe that isn't Dalek,) in case you haven't watched The Buzz Animated Series Episode It's a Zoo Out There, then here's a recap to help you understand The Superior Beings: In this episode, Team Lightyear investigates the disappearance of various senators of alien planets and discover shockingly that neither Zurg nor any of the other main villains are behind this. When Buzz tries to pose as an alien ambassador, Mira, Booster, and XR are captured by the culprits as we learn that the villains are a group referred to as 'The Superior Beings' (they don't really name themselves that, but that's the general term that they use for themselves so for argument's sake, that's what we'll refer to them as,) that are capturing people of different species and putting them in a zoo for the children of The Superior Being's amusement. In the end, Buzz helps his team escape, and The Superior Beings are left trapped in their home. But as we'll see here in the story, that doesn't mean that they forgot about Team Lightyear, nor did Star Command forget about them.

Also, this was originally going to be the follow-up to my Buzz Lightyear/Star Trek TNG crossover, but I decided to do it separately meaning that the Buzz, Woody, and Jessie from The Toy Story world won't be featured in this one. But trust me, this is going to be a wibbily-wobbily-timey-wimey adventure, so let's reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, and get this story started already.

On a final note, I own NOTHING. This is just FANfiction for entertainment purposes only. Please don't sue! Other than that, enjoy!

Pollist Prime...

Pollist Prime was one of the many peaceful planets in the Galactic Alliance. Located in Sector One of the Gamma System, this was a quaint planet, filled with happiness and joy. On the surface, futuristic high-rise buildings seemed to rise to the stars as different alien species and humans walked along a concrete road happily.

But today, that peace would be shattered.

For at that moment, a female green-skinned alien with almost crystal-like eyes looked up and saw a sight that made her scream in fear.

The other people who were with her looked up as well, and screamed at what had appeared in the sky.

Hovering above the once-proud cities of the planet were about a dozen meteorites floating still above the buildings, as millions of big-headed aliens with floating mechanical bodies poured out of there, taking almost whip-like devices, and taking different species with them, lassoing them up with a blue energy stream.

The inhabitants of Pollist Prime knew these creatures as The Superior Beings; a name given to these creatures who had been infamously known for kidnapping senators of different planets almost a year ago before being defeated by Star Command's Team Lightyear.

But there was another group of alien beings joining the Superior Beings One that nobody on the ground recognized.

Along with the asteroids, there were fifteen floating saucers. Flying out of there were robots that seemed to look like pepper-shakers almost, only their bodies were covered in half-cut spheres and they had a giant rod in their head that ended with a white suction cup featuring a small screen. On their front chest was a metal rod that had no suction cup on the end, but rather, a small silo-like device.

That device fired a shot that leveled a building almost a second later.

As people began to get picked off, the woman who first noticed the chaos turned to see a green-and-white shuttlecraft land right next to her. Almost a second later, the craft door opened up revealing a human in a white-green-and-purple spacesuit driving.

"Madam!" He declared, "Get in!"

The woman did as she was instructed, and a minute later, the ship wad off.

"Sir..." The woman introduced.

"Keneth Raschke, Ma'am." The Space Ranger introduced.

"Mister Raschke," The woman corrected, "What's happening? Why are the Superior Beings attacking like this? I'm fully aware that the Superior Beings kidnapped people in plain sight, but why a full-out attack like this? They were never this ruthless. Nor did they usually go for showing themselves imminently to the entire public like this."

"I don't know, Ma'am," Kenneth admitted, pulling up an image on the screen between their seats, "But it looks like the Superior Beings are not alone. Look."

He pointed at a picture of the new alien ally of the Superior Beings.

"Those aren't the Superior Being." He pointed out.

He leaned back in his chair and sighed, looking at the other rescue ships from Star Command trying to get away. Some managed to get to Warp Speed, but most weren't lucky as they were pulled back by the Superior Beings beams.

"We're going to need Team Lightyear." Kenneth declared.


Another Universe, Washington DC, The White House, 1942...

"So what in God's name is going on in there, Farein?" President Roosevelt asked, as he wheeled his Wheelchair over to the Oval Office rooms

Farein, Roosevelt's Chief-of-Security in The White House, sighed, as he repeated the call he had gotten.

"About a few minutes ago," Farien explained, "Winston Churchill called and said that there was a breach in security here in the White House. He demanded you be brought to the Oval Office imminently, so that the situation could be better explained."

Finally, the two reached the door to the Oval Office, and opened it revealing a shocking sight.

Parked right in front of the fireplace in the Oval Office was a big wooden box with a weird lamp-like device on top. There were two doors on the box with windows on each side, and above which there was a sign that read 'Police Box' in white text over a black rectangle.

Compounding the startling appearance of this device were some sudden guests that looked as out of place as the box was. There was a man with short spikey hair and a long nose wearing a black-vest-like clothing over an orange shirt with black pants, sitting on one of FDR's couches. Next to him was a red-headed woman with a similar vest worn over a red shirt with a black skirt and boots.

But perhaps the weirdest sight was the man who was sitting in a chair in front of FDR's desk. He was a man with a brown jacket worn over a pink shirt, with suspenders. Around his neck, he wore a red bow tie, and his hair was slicked forward a bit.

"Ah," The man in the bow tie declared in a thick British accent, getting up and moving over to The President, "Mr. Roosevelt. Pleasure to meet you. Winston sends his regards, by the way."

"What in the world is going on here?!" FDR demanded.

"Must be the breach that Churchill meant." Farien declared, taking his pistol out, "I'll deal with it, sir."

"We'll see who's breached here." The man shot back turning to FDR, "Sir; if you want to save your country, and I'm guessing you do, I'd suggest you listen closely."

"Who are you?" Farien asked annoyed.

"I'm the Doctor." The man in the bow tie introduced.

"DOCTOR WHO?!" Farien questioned angrily.

"Just 'The Doctor.'" The Doctor told him, his voice turning more serious, "Although I have one other alias that might ring a bell. 'Time Lord.'"

At the sound of that, Farien froze, his skin turning pale, as he stared at The Doctor in fear while sweating bullets.

"No..." He gasped, "You...you're all dead."

"Mmm... not quite." The Doctor corrected, "I got better as you can see. I got a bow tie. Bow ties are cool. And so are fezzes. But here's the coolest thing I'm going to do. I'm going to give you one chance: Run. Run and don't stop running."

"NO!" Farien declared, slapping Roosevelt in the face, sending him to the ground, "I'm through pretending to take orders from ANYONE!"

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory watched in amazement and horror as the man suddenly went through a bizarre metamorphosis. A lump in the back of his head suddenly formed until it became a cylinder, made from his skin. Two additional pairs of hands ripped through his suit, and his shoes began to swell up until they tore off his feet revealing that he was hoofed. Finally, his eyes closed and when he opened them again, they were revealed to be milky white.

"I am beyond ALL of you now!" The being that was Farien declared, "And you shall all die screaming!"

"Doctor..." Amy said worried, "He's getting bigger!"

"Don't they all?" The Doctor asked, sarcastically, taking out a light-blue crystal, while holding his sonic screwdriver behind the crystal and pointing both items towards the growing alien.

"Now then;" The Doctor declared, holding the crystal out at the alien who started to scream, wildly, "What we have here was sent by your old security guards. What were their names again? The Atraxi? The Shadow People? No, something more like The Lozanariks. Back to prison with you!"

Farien withered and screamed as a blue stream of energy blasted out of the crystal, restraining the alien. He let out a high-pitched scream as the energy pulled him inside the crystal completely.

Once Farien was in, The Doctor smiled triumphantly.

"There we go." He smiled, "Nothing to it, now then…"

He went over to Roosevelt who was looking with fear, and helped him back into his wheelchair.

"There you go, your President-ness," The Doctor smiled, patting him on the shoulder, "Sorry about that. Your current Chief of Security here in the White House was actually an alien escapee. A Xanarpi to be precise, very nasty shape-shifters. Oh! Do you know he was going to use this building as a giant wi-fi antenna to light the entire planet up and make it into a new sun?"

He stopped and looked at Roosevelt who shook his head from side-to-side, nervously.

"Well, it's nothing to worry about. Because...we have him trapped inside this little crystal! So you owe us now. I don't suppose, however, you've seen a little key here, have you?"

Later in The TARDIS...

"So then," The Doctor declared, as he flipped some random switches on the TARDIS control panel, "Where to next, Ponds?"

"How about an 'Amy and Rory don't get killed planet?'" Amy asked, sarcastically.

"Got it!" The Doctor declared, as he set the panel, "I know just the place. You two will love it!"

As the Doctor pulled the lever on the control panel, however, the TARDIS began shaking violently. This wasn't the normal kind of violent shaking that the TARDIS usually gave them, though. This one was far more ruthless as The Doctor, Amy, and Rory were thrown from one side to the next within each passing second. And each time they were thrown, the more they seemed to loose their footing until finally, on the fifth lurch to the right, the three were sent to the ground hard.

"Doctor?!" Amy declared as she and Rory grabbed onto the TARDIS rails, as the Doctor did the same from his side, "What's happening?!"

"I don't know!" Responded honestly as the three travelers pulled themselves back up against the violent shaking of The TARDIS, "I just set it for New York City in the present, and now it seems like The TARDIS control has got a mind of its own!"

"Somebody's controlling the TARDIS remotely?" Rory asked as he held his wife's hand tightly while The Doctor made his way back over to The TARDIS control.

"No, Rory!" The Doctor responded as a burst of sparks scattered around everywhere, "But it might as well be."

Quickly working, The Doctor began flipping a series of switches and items on the Control Panel until the TARDIS gave one last big lurch to the right and finally stopped.

The Doctor and his companions took a moment to catch their breaths, and then surveyed the interior of the TARDIS, praying that whatever happened had stopped and nothing else would bother them.

"Ok." Rory finally spoke, "Where are we?!"

"Have no idea." The Doctor admitted, trying to look at the TARDIS viewer monitor, only to get static, "Shall we have a look outside?"


Amy silently pushed the door open and walked outside to discover they were in a room full of strange robotic-like creatures. The robots almost looked like mannequins and had a visor-like device over their eyes.

Amy stepped out followed by her husband and then The Doctor.

"Doctor?" She asked, confused, "Where are we?"

"Well," The Doctor said, taking out his sonic screwdriver and looking around, "I was hoping for Times Square. They got a brilliant new arcade there. I love arcades. If I'm not mistaking, this should be the new laser tag they've put up now."

Just then, The Doctor looked at his sonic screwdriver, and frowned.

"Ah." The Doctor declared, "Except maybe it isn't."

"What?!" A voice called out.

The three turned to see three new guests enter through two large metallic doors. The three new arrivials were each wearing a weird uniform that seemed like a combination of a green-white-and-purple spacesuit/jumpsuit. The uniformed people also seemed to be a motley bunch of species that The Doctor had not yet encountered before from the looks of it.

There was a woman with light-blue skin and blue eyes with red hair almost as bright as Amy's. There was an extremely large-looking alien with red skin scaly skin who looked like he could be a red-skinned version of Dorium Maldovar. Finally, the last one was actually a short-stubby robot with a floating cylinder head inside that had circular flashlight-like eyes.

"Scratch that." The Doctor corrected, "It DEFFIENTLY isn't New York City."



Back over the orbit of Pollist Prime, The Dalek and Superior Beings ships were still hovering over the planet. Inside one of The Dalek ships, while a crew of Daleks piloted the ship, most of the others were assigned to the brig to watch over the prisoners they had captured. Normally, The Daleks would've had them exterminated by now, but they had something big planned so they had to play along with the Superior Beings as their logic told them until the logic dictated otherwise.

As The Daleks moved around the cages containing the prisioners, the victims inside huddled together in horror and fear. They had no idea who or what this new race was, but one thing was for certain; this was far worse than anything The Galaxy had seen before.

One of the children started crying as the child's mother held him tight and looked at The Daleks.

"What do you want from us?!" She cried.

The closest Dalek who was passing by them stopped and turned to speak to them.

"You will be hun-ted." The Dalek explained in its usual awfully-pitch-toned voice.

"What?!" The Mother asked.

"You will be taken back to our com-pan-ions plan-et where you will be hun-ted, and eventually ex-ter-mi-nat-ed."

"Exterminated by who?!" The Mother asked now filled with even more fear for her family and the people who were now prisoners also.

The Dalek moved closer, eying the inferior species with it's viewer.

"By…us." The Dalek said.


So that's Chapter One folks! How are The Daleks here? What is their reason for teaming up with The Superior Beings to kidnap people and have them hunted? How is it that The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are now suddenly in Buzz's world? And can they stop this new threat? All that and more will be answered in the upcoming chapters! Until then, reviews appreciated! Oh, and happy birthday, Rurrlock! ;)