Beyblade Transcendent Legacy:

Chapter 1: Risen from the Ashes

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"Go Dragoon!"

"Attack, Strata Dragoon!"

A purple and a white top with red and blue highlights then collided with successful strikes, causing some clashes before both of them hit each other in a struggle. The white top was owned by a teenager, whose age from what could be told was 17, he wore a red jacket with a yellow t-shirt, a red and blue cap, and blue jeans with a pair of red and blue sneakers to finish his outfit. The opponent with the purple top was a boy a with a sleeveless shirt and a pair of teal pants that had one of the leggings torn off. If you couldn't tell, they were Daichi and Tyson.

"Heh, alright Dragoon! Time to wrap this up!"

"Bring it on Tyson! Strata Dragoon, Final Attack!"

The beyblades then separated for a brief second before colliding again, both of them sent off into a random direction as they both stopped spinning. As they landed on the ground, the two of them smirked at each other. Suddenly, 3 other guys walked into the room.

"Wow guys, it's not even the next tournament yet, and you two are going at it like it's the finals!"

The three members of the G-Revolution, or Bladebreakers, Kai, Max, and Ray were all standing there, smiling at them, meanwhile, Tyson just chuckled in amusement.

"Heh heh, any blader has to be ready for anything!"

Ray then spoke up.

"Yeah, but if you guys keep going at it like this, you won't have any energy for the tournament."

"Yeah, right. Besides, we have plenty of time before the tournament!"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that."

As they heard the voice, they saw a man with spiky blue hair with a black leather jacket, and a pair of jeans.

"Hiro, why do you say that?"

A boy with brown hair, a green short sleeve dress shirt and a pair of dark green shorts then came in as well, holding a laptop above his head.

"There's a live stream for the tournament announcement!"


Hiro just answered plainly to the question of Tyson's.

"That's why."

The laptop was set in front of the seven, making them show an older gentleman with a bald head, and a white mustache. A pair of glasses rested on his nose, along with a fancy suit for the occasion.

"It's Mr. Dickenson!"

The group hushed as the older chairman spoke.

"And I know how patiently the fans have been waiting for a new time for a tournament, but quite frankly, with what I have had planned for the year when the construction would be done for the BBA, I thought, 'why not create one of the most shocking tournaments this year?' It was then I decided that there wouldn't be any more stadiums that could hold such power, and we shall be using one of our largest ideas yet, an entire mile square of random terrain!"

Tyson and his friends awed, Kai just shrugging it off before the man on screen started speaking again.

"It's will be similar to the stadium at the finals of last year's tournament, so the power is free to move anywhere! Now, for the teams, I decided that there will be a limit to how many can blade on a team, compared to the previous years."

The entire crowd gasped, quite shocked at his announcement. The group watching via laptop was also shocked.

"What? Does that mean that one of us has to leave the group?!"

Hiro then just reluctantly nodded.

"It's going to the way teams will be built."

Back in conference room, Mr. Dickenson was trying to calm the crowd down.

"I said it would be shocking would it not? This is how it will work, on each team, there will be 3 main beybladers, nothing more. You are allowed to have a substitute on each team for if something comes up, but that's it. In conclusion, there will be a maximum of four members on each team. I do realize this will split teams up, especially the world known G-Revolution, or Bladebreakers, but this gives opportunities for each member to work with different members of other teams to create stronger combinations and cooperation, as they will work with someone else."

The group was still in a quiet ruckus, but the bladebreakers were still in awe.

"Now, there will be a worldwide elimination tournament to decide the teams that will compete in this year. There can be as many teams as they want in each country. Points will be counted in every battle for every team that decides to join in the elimination tournament. At the end of a four day period, the top twenty teams with the highest scores shall advance into the next round, which is where the real competition will begin! Good luck to all the beybladers, the elimination tournament will begin within in a week's time."

As the older gentleman left the podium, the seven were staring at the screen, wondering what was going to happen. Kai then started walking out the door.

"Uh, Kai?!"

"I'm leaving."

The group was a bit shocked at what he had said.

"Say what?!"

"You heard him, a team can only have a maximum of four, and in that case, I elect myself to leave the team."

Tyson then just smirked.

"Heh, looks like you still want another rematch huh?"

Kai just smirked a bit arrogantly.

"Think you're tough? Prove it to me when we get there."

Ray then walked next to Kai, having the same face as him.

"I'm with you Kai, I would like to have a rematch with you and Tyson as well."

Max just sighed, moving next to Ray.

"My mom could use another blader on her team. I'm going too, you know how much I like a good rematch!"

Tyson just smiled at his friends.

"Alright, till we meet in the beystadium."

He then stuck a fist out within his collective of friends. The other three joined in, making their fists connect with each other's knuckles.


As they separated, Max just nodded to each of his friends, the three of them going their separate ways. Kenny was the first to speak to Tyson.

"Are you ok with this? You know when-"

"I know what happened last year Kenny."

This caught Kenny off guard, Tyson turning around and smirking back at him.

"They left, but it feels exciting that I get to face them in the tournament again."

Daichi then chuckled, sprinting to the side of Tyson.

"So, how about a battle then Tyson?! I ain't leaving the team and I need a rematch!"

Tyson smirked arrogantly, pulling his beyblade and launcher out, Daichi doing the same.

"Um…I'd actually like to battle Tyson right now."

The two of them stopped, seeing a spiky haired teal haired boy with red vest, white dress shirt and a pair of gray trousers on, holding a string bag.


The boy then nodded, smirking at him.

"In the flesh."

Tyson then ran up to him, bumping knuckles as they got to each other.

"Heh heh, long time no see Zeo!"

Daichi, the curious boy that he is, went up to Tyson and Zeo, looking at Zeo weirdly.

"Hey Tyson, who's this Zeo kid?"

The two looked at Daichi, before explaining the character to him.

"Zeo's an old friend that me and the rest of the team met about three years ago."

Tyson then turned back to the teal haired boy.

"But more on that later, what are you doing here?"

"Well, I was hoping that I could join the team Tyson."

Tyson was thrown a bit off.

"Seriously!? That would be awesome! We haven't bladed together in a long time! But first, how about that rematch?"

Zeo just smirked, both of them going to a dish that was nearest to them.

"Alright Tyson, prepare to see what me and Cerberus can do!"

"You kept the beyblade?!"

Zeo casually just took out his yellow tri-ring beyblade, looking quite content with it.

"I've learned how the two of us could work as a team. So now its power is controlled and we can beat anyone!"

The two smirked, readying their launchers for battle.

"3, 2, 1!"

The two of them launched their beyblades at the same time, both yelling the same thing.

"Let it rip!"

As the beyblades hit the dish, the two of them started colliding with successful strikes each time.

"Dragoon Metal Storm attack!"

The white beyblade then went behind and attacked the yellow one, causing Cerberus to go up against one of the sides of the dish.

"Cerberus, don't give up and attack!"

Cerberus then quickly slid down the side, hitting Dragoon back with equal force, before going on a combo streak against him as well.

"Oh man, you have gotten good Zeo, but I'm not out yet! Go Dragoon!"

Dragoon then started stopped the next blow, grinding the blow back at Cerberus, creating a struggle for power.

"Cerberus, counterattack!"

The yellow beyblade separated from the struggle, sending the white beyblade back.

"Now you've gone for it!"


As the white beyblade fell back against the dish, it then ricocheted off the rebound, sending his attack into a downward strike onto his opponent.

"Wow, nice, but not good enough! Cerberus!"

The yellow beyblade stopped, wobbling a little from the hit.

"Dragoon, keep up the attack!"

"Cerberus, hold it out!"

The two then started started colliding against each other once again in successful strikes, Kenny on the sidelines analyzing the battle.

"This battle is incredible! I can't believe the fact that Zeo is able to match up with Tyson this easily!"

Hiro watched his little brother fight onwards, smirking.

"Looks like he'll be vital to our team as well."

The beyblades then separated again, before grinding against each other once for the second time.

"Dragoon Metal Storm! Full Power Attack!"

"Cerberus! Full Power Strike!"

The two then both slid up the ring, both of them concentrating a light within the beyblades.

"Attack now!"

The two then rushed at full force, striking each other with a powerful blow, both of them in the dish wobbling, more on Cerberus' side than Dragoon's.

"This is it! Dragoon! Ultimate Evolution Storm Attack!"

The beyblade then jumped into the air, creating a giant wind storm, diving towards Cerberus, summoning Dragoon, which showed him going through a storm about to attack.

Zeo's eyes then widened, preparing his special attack.

"Cerberus, let's show him what we're made of! Chain Storm!"

The Cerberus then also summoned himself, showing the purple dog, with each head having a chain around its teeth, jumping up towards Dragoon.

As the attacks collided, both blades both were sent out of the ring, Cerberus no longer spinning, however, Dragoon landed on the ground spinning for a few seconds before it stopped.

"Whoa. That was wicked."

"Looks like a tie for now."

They both nodded to each other, bumping knuckles again before laughing it out. Hiro just thought to himself:

'This is going to be the most interesting tournament this year.'

Meanwhile, on an isolated island:

An isolated stranger walked around the island, stopping in front of a small hole.

The man was around 18-19, he had long red hair, icy blue eyes, and pale skin. He wore a black blazer, dark blue leather pants, and a pair of dark camouflage army boots. A strap was hung across his chest, holding a few pockets on the strap.

"Now, to tap into the powers of the inert bit beasts…"

He then found a dead end at the end of the cave, chuckling darkly.

"Well, a wall such as this doesn't stop me in the slightest."

He placed a hand on top of it, a light glowing within some of the cracks of the stones.


The wall then bursted open from the inside, a bunch of rubble left from the broken wall.

"Now, to begin the extraction!"

A single rock was left chained behind the hidden wall, glowing with various insignias.

"I shall take this-"

He took out a simple red launcher with a black insignia, aiming a small red beyblade at the rock.

"And release the hidden powers of the secondary sacred beasts!"

As his beyblade was launched towards the rock, a white beyblade came in and blocked the red beyblade from hitting the rock, sending both beyblades back to their owners.

"I don't think so."

The man turned around, facing a teenager about 16-17, he had brown spiked hair, a purple t-shirt with a black vest over his shirt, a blue scarf, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black leather shoes. A pair of sunglasses also sat on his face.

"Grgh, stay out of my way Keegan!"

"Like I will, there is no way am I letting you release them!"

"This is none of your business Keegan!"

Keegan then growled under his breath, preparing to launch his beyblade.

"You're just looking for more trouble from me aren't you? Fine, I will accept your challenge for now…OR NOT!"

A small whir was heard, Keegan able to catch a red beyblade bouncing off the walls towards the rock.

"Grgh, no you don't!"

The red beyblade then was about to collide with the rock, however, the white beyblade then sent the other to the wall. However, the impact sent both beyblades towards the chained stone.


"Looks like, YOU FAILED!"

As the chains broke and the stone was sent to the ground, a bright light was shining, sending many lights into the roof of the cave, breaking through the top and spreading into different directions.

"It, it, no!"

The older man laughed to the sky maniacally, his body taking on a dangerously red glow.

"Bow before the powers…OF THE BLOODY DEVIL MS!"

A red light then came from the sky, striking the red beyblade, changing its structure and look along with adding some gray in the attack ring, along with giving it a bit beast.

"I…I won't let you go any further with this! Attack!"

The white beyblade then quickly struck the red beyblade with repeated strikes, however a red aura protected the same red and black beyblade, sending the white one back quite far each time it tried to hit it.

"Why aren't my attacks doing anything?"

"Bloody Devil…ATTACK!"

Bloody Devil then shot forward, smashing the white beyblade back.


Suddenly, a yellow light then shot from the light sky, striking the white beyblade, changing its structure to the similar red and black beyblade, but it was yellow.

"Is this?"

While Keegan was distracted, the Bloody Devil then started accelerating towards Keegan's blade.

"Now to finish you off!"

Keegan's eyes widened, creating a yellow aura around his body.

"Shining God MS!"

The gold aura then transferred into the beyblade, creating an explosion that leveled the area, making the Bloody Devil stop spinning.


The yellow aura then died down, ending the spinning of the sun colored beyblade.

"You stop right now, and there won't be any consequences."

Suddenly, the dark aura surrounded the Bloody Devil and his owner, teleporting out of the island. Keegan looked towards the sky, holding his new beyblade.

"When I find you…you're going down…Clause."

With the end of this episode, a new tournament style is revealed, the bladebreakers split hoping for their rematch with Tyson, Zeo Returns, and two new beybladers join the fray from an isolated island! What will be the upset? Find out next time, on Beyblade Transcendent Legacy!