Beyblade Transcendent Legacy:

Chapter 2: Assemble, New Division!

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Tokyo, Japan:

Max Tate stared intently at his beyblade as it was running from a series of test beyblades that he launched previously.

"Alright Draciel! Defensive maneuver!"

As his beyblade stopped, it then turned around in a u-turn, hitting the rest of the test beyblades into the air.

"Alright! That's it, now to-"

Suddenly, a sharp snap was heard, a beyblade whirring in the background, making him react as quickly as possible.

"Draciel, Defensive maneuver number 2!"

Draciel then started glowing white for a few seconds, blocking the beyblade that was going to attack him.

"Well, looks like you can't seem to take surprises now can you?"

As Max heard the voice, all he saw was a cloaked beyblader with long blue hair that was in a high ponytail, and jade green eyes.

"Wait a second, I know you! You're-"

The blader then smirked under the cloak, giving a command.

"Sharkrash attack!"

The blue beyblade suddenly took Draciel off guard, sending it back and causing it to lose its spin, however he paid no attention and just smiled back.

"Long time no see, Miriam."

The cloak then came off, revealing a somewhat traditional dress, making Max blush a little from her appearance.

"It has been, hasn't it Max?"

The both of them then shared a small laugh, picking up their beyblades and conversing with each other. Max eventually pulled a question out.

"So, do your teammates know that you left Saint Shields?"

She then rubbed her hand against the back of her head while laughing nervously.

A young teenager, with spiked gray and red hair, who was about 16, was yelling at his comrades.

"What do you mean Miriam left two days ago?!"

"Let's just say they did."

They both then sat down, looking at the sky from the porch of Max's Dad's shop.

"So, why did you come out all this way Miriam?"

"Well, why else wouldn't you see one of your friends since three years ago?"

They both shared a small chuckle, Max looking at his beyblade.

"Yeah, it has been. You know, I missed ya for quite a while."

Miriam then started having a little blush, a bit surprised at his reaction.

"I…I feel the same."

Max then just sighed, making her a little worried.

"Problem is that I'm going back to America to see my mom. She needs me for her team, you know, with the tournament coming up."

Miriam then placed a hand over her mouth, seeming to restrict her from saying something.



After a few minutes of contemplating, she then released her hand over her mouth and released everything that she wanted to say.

"I want to be on a team with you!"

This had shocked Max, along with Miriam, where the both of them were blushing.


"I take your silence as a no?"

Max then shook the cobwebs out of his head, grabbing focus of reality again.

"No, I…sure!"

Miriam then brightened up, standing up to give him a small hug.

"Thanks Max, you're a great friend!"

Max then realized something.

"Wait a second, you just hugged me."


"You usually never do hug me. And you're not usually this nice either."

Miriam then just had a tick mark.

"Well what are you implying?"

"I, uh, er…nothing?"

"Well it better be."

"I think…I got something to…brb!"

Max then went inside his house, running into a bathroom and closing the door while his head sunk into both arms.

"Oh geez, what did I just do?"

White Tiger Village, China:

Ray was on a small raft; his back was laid across the raft, staring at the sky.

"Ah, it feels good to be back here…"

As the raft came to a stop, his attention focused to who was in front of him.


Ray then smiled at the two people in front of him.

"Miriah! Lee! So good to see you guys again!"

The two males exchanged a fist-bump while the female feline had latched herself onto his arm.

"Oh Ray, it's good to have you back on the team!"

Ray's eyes then opened widely.

"But wait, doesn't that mean…we have to split up White Tigers?"

Lee then sadly nodded.

"That means if you join our team, we have to discard a member, leaving a total of four beybladers."

Suddenly, a voice called out to the three of them.

"Uh, you're forgetting about me guys? That's just hurtful!"

They looked up, seeing a shorter beyblader with a greek style toga, along with red track pants on a tree branch. A mask covered his eyes.


The younger teen then leaped off the branch, landing perfectly next to them while removing his mask.

"In the flesh, I can help you guys with your team shortage problem, Lee, Ray, and Miriah can blade on one team as White Tiger X-2, while me, Kevin and Gary all blade as White Tiger X-1!"

Lee then snapped at him.

"Hey! Why is your Team X-1?!"

Mystel just raised his hands in defense, not wishing to start something.

"Hey, alright, if you want, YOU can be X-1."

Lee then calmed down a little.

"Well that solves it a little bit."

Miriah then snuggled into Ray's arm.

"Then it's settled!"

Ray then just cjuckled a little, thinking to himself.

'This is going to be an awesome year.'

"Hey, I'm sure you wouldn't mind if we joined your teams, right?"

From behind them, two men were standing in the same pose, arms crossed. They both had a sort of skin tight body suit, both consisting of knee high boots and large gloves, the only thing separating their appearance is their colors.

"H-hey guys!"

Moscow, Russia, 9:39 am

A man then emerged from the side of the plane, a string bag and storage bag in his hands. As he walked off to the middle of the airport, he opened u a small cage inside the luggage disposal. He simply opened it, letting out a few cats from the confining satchel. They simply mewed in delight, although shivered, quickly moving next to the man's leg.

"Russia. This is where I feel at home the most. Nothing can make it wrong."

As he walked out of the airport with his cats and into the streets, he heard a few noises coming towards him.

"Those are…"

He then took out a launcher from his string bag, attaching his beyblade into it.

"Let it rip!"

As he said it, the blade flew out, colliding with three different beyblades, two of them being blue while the other was black.

"Dranzer attack!"

His beyblade then smashed into all three of his opponents, sending them back while they lost a bit of spin.

"Show yourselves!"

As he said that, two beybladers walked out of the alleyways that were seen, while the third one fell from the sky and landed on her two feet.

The beyblader on the left of him was pale, having a large black winter coat, a pair of thick pants, along with some navy green army boots. His eyes were an icy blue, and his spiked up hair was a light shade of gray.

The one on the right was older gentleman, having a bit of armored shoulder pads, his stomach was covered by a set of scale mail. Underneath the armor of his was a military jacket, and he wore a pair of simple black slacks. His hair was a firery red, along with his eyes.

The final person was a teenage woman in the middle, looking about seventeen. She had a black scarf, coming down to a tight black dress, white long sleeved jacket stopping above her stomach, black high heels, gray eyes, and a combination of long black and silver hair fanned out.

Kai shown a little bit of visible irritation. This caused the paler one to smirk arrogantly.

"Well, this is the power of Kai Hiwatari? Then this will be cakewalk!"

The darker blue beyblade then charged straight for Kai's HMS beyblade. Kai just simply grunted. The man in the armor then realized something.

"Sir Chills, it's a trap!"


Dranzer MS then slightly shifted to the side, avoiding the attack, before hitting the darker blue beyblade away with ease.

"Hey! What was that?!"

The older man sighed.

"Well, that was disastrous. Let me try this then!"

His beyblade then zoomed forward, hitting the HMS beyblade around for a bit.

"Now, the final blow!"

Kai just smirked, throwing his arm to the side.


Dranzer moved back from the hit, easily maneuvering for a counterstrike, knocking the other beyblade far.

"Oh no!"

Kai then just grinned.

"Now, I believe you have some sort of business with me. Let's move on! Dranzer Metal Spiral!"

Dranzer's cry could be heard, the beyblade seeming to get faster in a way, before charging straight for the black beyblade. The girl just stood her ground.

"Black Dranzer Metal Spiral, Attack!"

Kai was just surprised.

"N-No way!"

A more distorted cry of Dranzer could be heard, her beyblade and her body receiving a dark aura around them. Kai just scowled as Black Dranzer stood its ground.

"Who are you?! How can you control the Power of Black Dranzer?! Only I can control it's mighty strength!"

The girl then just simply gave him a blunt response.

"My name is Lita, and you are a disgrace to wield the Black Dranzer! That is why I am here to battle you!"

The black beyblade then followed up with a combination of strikes.

"Black Dranzer wants its revenge against you for abandoning its power! Rising from the ashes of the defeat that you gave Brooklyn, it has revived itself in this form to destroy you!"

Black Dranzer MS then smashed itself into Dranzer MS.

"And now to finish you and for it to claim it's revenge!"

Kai just scowled at Lita.

"You think it's that powerful huh? Then, ALLOW ME TO DISPROVE THAT THEORY!"

Dranzer then managed to force the Black Dranzer beyblade back.

"Black Dranzer, you may have been the strongest bit-beast in the world, but your power is in the wrong hands. I will surpass the Black Dranzer, and then you're next Tyson! This is the power of how evolved my Dranzer is!"

Dranzer MS barely managed to get up, smash attacking Black Dranzer MS.

"Supreme Spiral Fireball!"

Lita just growled, sending Black Dranzer to attack.

"Black Dranzer, Black Magma Spiral!"

The two beyblades were then lit in a blue and black hue respectively, before charging at each other.


The two then crashed, creating some sparks between them. Chills was shocked at the development.

"Wow, she's giving it all and not backing down Caliburn!"

The other man just nodded.

"Very true, but it looks like Sir Hitawari isn't one to stop at any time either!"

Suddenly, a giant pillar of flame arose from the middle of where they were.

Farther down in Russia:

A man with an orange and blue battle jacket saw the pillar of flames from a distance. He just clenched his teeth, managing to pull out a small smirk, a small beyblade in his hand shining.


Meanwhile, in France:

A man with purple hair, a battle jacket, and a pair of green sweats stood next to a table. At the table were three other men.

One had red spiky hair, a blue headband, a grey vest, and a pair of blue jeans. The other wore a red and yellow long sleeved shirt, along with a pair of cargo pants. The final one had green hair, a blue beret, a white jacket, and a pair of white track pants.

These guys respectively were Robert, Johnny, Enrique, and Oliver.

"Now, we shall come out on top. Are you three ready?"

They all nodded, cheering at the same time.



A boy and a girl were going their separate ways, both smiling.

"See ya around Raul."

"Good luck in the tournament…"

On a roof, a man with a black sleeveless shirt, black khakis, and a pair of fingerless black gloves stood there with a smirk on his face.

"That's one recruit."

The Arctic Circle:

The same teenager from before, Keegan, was in a small little hideout within the tough conditions of the snowstorm. Three other people were there with him.

The first one was a teenager with a red cloak around his body. He had a sword on his hip, black hair, tied into a ponytail, and a pair of sandals.

Beside him was a smaller boy, who had a blue hair mushroom cut, and a gi sort of outfit that covered his stomach and legs, and a pair of sandals were also there. However, a jacket, mostly yellow like his gi, covered his body.

The final boy was blond, also had a ponytail, had an orange sleeveless shirt, black track pants, and a pair of rollerblades. He then slipped on an orange jacket to protect himself from the cold.

Finally, Keegan spoke to the three.

"With the power of the inert beasts released, I'm going to need some help. With the tournament coming up, I decided to find the three unused characters within the manga and bring them to the tournament. Let's start with introductions, I'm Keegan."

The one with the cloak then spoke.

"I'm Kennosuke."

The smallest one of them then introduced himself.

"Little bro Tenmaru!"

Finally, Hikaru flashed a smirk and a thumbs up.

"And I'm Hikaru!"

"Now that intros are out of the way, I shall require your assistance. The bit beasts that Clause released have now been a part of some beyblades within the tournament. I need to defeat him in order to remerge with him, return the bit beasts to their original forms before he unleashes the forbidden power, and purify his beyblade. Now, you three, from what I hear, are some strong bladers. Think you can handle it?"

They all nodded.

"Whatever challenge comes, we shall help to conquer."

"Me and big bro will definitely help!"

"A samurai never backs down from a task. Let us win."

Keegan then smiled at the three guys, before they all placed their beyblades in.

"Team Transcendent!"

Japan, Granger Residence:

"You're leaving again?!"

Tyson and his brother Hiro were staring at each other intently.

"Consider this Tyson. If I was there as your coach the entire time, you wouldn't be able to mature. Prove to me you can be a powerful beyblader and leader."

"But you already have left the team once for BEGA, don't do it again!"

"That is not your choosing. It was mine."

He then started walking out of the building.

"Hold on for one second Hiro!"

A wind then sped up, leaving the younger adult to shield his eyes.

"Darn it!"

As the wind cleared, he was able to have the ability to see again. His brother was nowhere to be seen.

"…looks like I'm captain again, this means more responsibilities as champ, and not even you will get in my way Hiro!"

Suddenly, a voice was heard from behind him.

"Tyson, who exactly are you talking to?"

Tyson then awkwardly looked behind him, quite shocked and embarrassed to see Hilary giggling at him. He just shrugged it off, laughing with the girl. Suddenly, he heard something near the front of his house.


As he and Hilary opened the door, he found Zeo with a few cases of luggage.

"Uh…sorry to ask this at the most sudden Tyson, but is it ok if me and my father slept here for a while, you know, till the tournament?"

Tyson just sweatdropped.

"Well, considering the room three people already take, it's kinda hard…"

Suddenly, an older man with a japanese gi uniform then popped behind him.

"Little dude, we have plenty of room! It's called accommodation ya hear? So Zeo, we've got a largest space in the dojo for ya, and you bet your beyblades that you have a spot for sleeping!"

As the older man rambled and continued to guide Zeo towards the main part of the dojo, Tyson just sweatdropped, walking outside and sat on the porch of the dojo's courtyard.

"Aw man. Everyone's gone already, and now it's once back to only a few of us on G-Revolution. There's Daichi and Kenny, being awesome bladers, but Zeo was pretty tough back then. I don't know what the chance of us winning the title of world champ again is!"


Tyson saw Zeo behind him.

"Oh, I didn't mean to-"

"Don't worry about it Tyson."

The android boy then sat next to Tyson on the porch, looking to the skies.

"It doesn't affect me. I know I'm not the most durable blader, seeing even I have some limitations. But…things have changed. I know the limits and my body has been able to go over them time and time again. I can outlast almost anything!"

Tyson then smirked.

"That's the spirit of a champion, and I should know it! Let's go again right now, we could use the practice."

They both then got into the yard, ready to launch.

"On my mark Tyson!"

"Bring it Zeo!"


A few days later, New York City:

"Aw man, I really never have been to America for a long time…"

The blonde teenage boy and the blue haired teenager exited the side of a plane, looking around the area.

"Now, my mom said that she would get someone from PBB All-Starz to pick us up. I just don't know who it will be."

Max and Miriam then walked out to the waiting area of the airport, instantly confronted by a familiar face to Max.

"Well, this is what caused your delay?"

The blonde was a bit intimidated, looking at the woman in front of her, who had a very tight scowl on her face.