Chapter 3: All Across the Nation

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Max then started backing up a bit, the orange haired glasses wearing girl walking slowly towards him and Mariam.

"Who is this? I never heard from you that you would bring a girl with you!"

"Wait, I thought Mom was supposed to pick me up, where is she?"

"Forget about that Max!"

This snapped him out of his wandering eyes, causing him to be pressed up against a nearby pillar, only to have their chests in close proximity with each other.

"Why is she here?"

Before Max could answer, Miriam then quickly separated themselves.

"Hey, let's not get into any sort of fight. I'm sorry that we've never been introduced! I'm Miriam of the Saint Sheilds, and I'll be beyblading on Max's team."

With a smile, she stuck her hand out towards Emily, hanging in the air, waiting for her to return the handshake.

"I'm Emily, and I'M, going to be the one who beyblades on his team. You're not part of the All-Starz, and you don't really belong after that whole incident three years ago with the bladebreakers, so you can just leave."

Max then saw the serious gleam in Miriam's eyes.

"Uh oh."

"Ok, that is just low, Emily."

"You would know low wouldn't you Sharky?"

"Oh, THAT'S IT!"

As Max struggled to watch the commotion that was going to throw down in the middle of the airport, he spotted a younger girl with blonde hair in two small pigtails. She was then approached by him, a hand then ruffling the girl's hair.

"Hey, I don't think you introduced this girl yet. Who's this cutie?"

The small girl then mumbled, before speaking clearly again.


While the two older girls argued, something started vibrating in Max's pocket.



The teenager then recognized the voice on the other side of the line.

"Oh hey Mom! What's going on? Emily's here to pick me up right?"

Beyblade HQ Laboratories - American Division:

"Emily? Max, I never told Emily what airport you were at. I only sent the boys to get you, so why is Emily there?"

"Are you sure, cause she's here and- hey! Give it back!"

As the mother pulled her phone away from her ear because of some clattering on the other line, a different voice was heard instead of his.

"Sorry Julie, but I don't need your guardian signs."

After that sentence, the phone hung up, leaving the monotone. At that moment, a few older men that were close to Julie's age then walked into the room through the automatic sliding doors.

"Hey Julie, we couldn't find the airport address that you gave Emily. Do you know where he is?"

She just stood there in shock, staring at the cell phone.

"I think my assistant kidnapped my son."

Soviet Russia:

It was already nighttime in the area, and everyone had fallen asleep…except for two individuals. In a warehouse near a destroyed rock were the sounds of clashing metal. Deep breaths were heard in this same warehouse. Another grinding noise was heard as two tops then collided.

"Dran…ZER! Attack!"

The blue top then smash attacked the black one, sending it back towards the feet of another.

"Black Dranzer…"

The Black top then sped up, pushing back the blue one again, until they both crashed into a nearby crate, causing both of them to stop spinning. The breaths then stopped only for a moment, before they then dropped to their knees.

Kai had removed his jacket and scarf, only leaving his t-shirt, and sweat and cuts on his face and body.

Lita on the other hand was also sweating, making her once fanned out hair droop, where a part of her face was covered by her hair. Her scarf was removed, and she was only left in a white tube top along with her dress.

"I'm not done."

They then struggled to move, only for them to lose all their energy and collapse on the floor, their hands over each other's, as they were about to reach their beyblades.

White Tiger Village:

"Concentrate…let the body and soul empty itself…"

A gentle breeze blew over the terrain, a few leaves caught within it, gliding above their heads. When one of the leaves landed near the ground, a pair of yellow eyes snapped open, a loud kiai heard from him.


A silver flashing streak then sped past him, slicing a bamboo target clean in half.


A roar then was heard from the spinning blade, before it went around in a 180 degree turn, leaping at an even higher target, smashing it to pieces.

"There, those are some good smash attacks."

"But is it enough?"

He instantly turned around, jumping into the air at a height that was up to the blade in the trees.


After sending a fist down, his beyblade followed in a neon green spark, before its impact into the ground raised a couple pillars around it, barrier formation, where a black and a purple beyblade were sent back from hitting the rocks.

"Sorry, but your surprise attacks won't work on me guys!"

The two armored ninjas then fell from their hiding places, onto the ground, holding their pose.


Ray just chuckled at the two, before he leaped forwards.

"Well, class is in session Mako!"

Sending a mighty roundhouse kick at the purple armored ninja, his beyblade followed suit, swerving at the sides before speeding for a direct attack.

"Ha! HI-YA!"

Using his arm, he blocked the kick in a matter of seconds, before following up with a hold on the same leg, before throwing him towards a nearby tree, in which the two beyblades collided, some sparks flying off, before the purple blade circled around Driger and sent him towards Ray.

"Good, but not good enough!"

"Then let's test that theory!"

A fist that could have the sheer velocity to smash bricks then was aimed at Ray. Luckily, the white Tiger ducked under it quickly, sending a strong kick into the older gray ninja's front, sending him back, and his beyblade to a farther area of the forest.

"Mako, Mega, your skills have gotten rusty last time we bladed."

The two twin ninja like men's wrists then glowed to hues of blue/black and red/yellow, where two insignias were inscribed on them.

"Huh? What the-"

"Makendo! Ryuenjin! (Dragon Flame Blade!)"

From the purple beyblade, rose two bitbeasts. The first was majestic red and white-scaled dragon. It then roared, turning itself into a blazing inferno, where it surrounded the other bit beast, a man dressed in kendo style armor, where the flames surrounded the sword. He then ran forwards, his sword near the ground, but still in a yellow fire. At that moment, his beyblade took on the same yellow fire as it sped towards Driger.

"GRAGH! Megaro ARM! Hyouretsuzan! (Ice Fury Slash!)"

From the black beyblade, rose two more bitbeasts. The first was a chilling frosty white icy scaled dragon. It then sent tout a powerful screech, before it flew into the air, diving into the air, before solidifying into an icicle, where it showed a man similar to Makendo attempting to stab something with an icy version of his kendo stick. The beyblade then rose up, before came crashing down in a tower of ice.

"What the- Oh no! Driger!"

The two beyblades then constantly wailed on him, fire and icy slashes dancing across the surface of the Driger blade.

"Counterattack Driger!"

The gray beyblade then shoved the two away, before a green lightning struck it, along with it splitting into multiple copies of itself.


The Tiger's roar was resonated from the blade, before it went at incredible speeds, hitting his two opponents with lightning speed attack chains, before a finishing blow of an electric green strike, which had made Megaro Arm and Makendo stop spinning.

"Our beyblades…"

Ray then wiped his brow, a bit of sweat forming from the battle.

"Phew…that was a tough battle. Great going guys!"

The two just smiled back, before they disappeared into thin air. Ray was left alone, however, his thoughts were on the recent battle.

"What are those bit beasts? They never had any before…what does this mean?"

"Death Gargoyle!"

"Pierce Hedgehog!"

"Twin Eagle!"

"Rushing Boar!"

The four beyblades swerved around the ground of a bank hall, before they all managed to cause a pillar nearby to come down and block a thief's path. The thief quickly pulled out a small pistol-like launcher and beyblade, aiming it at the pillar.

"I don't have time for this!"

He shot the beyblade, where it was able to break the rock, where he started making a mad dash to the door, only for someone to land in front of him and block his exit. She was no taller than 5 foot 1, had turquoise, long hair, bright black eyes and a white one-piece dress.

"I don't think so buddy. Kid Dragoon!"

A golden beyblade then knocked the thief's blade away, before the unknown girl punched him in the face, knocking him out. A few officers then entered from the door behind her, apprehending the criminal, and taking him, and a few others that were on the floor, to a set of police cars that outside. The girl then smiled at the four beybladers that approached her, the once Barthez Battalion now reformed into the Lavalier Legion. Aaron just ruffled the shorter girl's hair.

"Good job Sydney, you got a good hit on him today."

"Just like big brother Claude taught me!"

The tallest of the group then just chuckled sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

"Aw c'mon sis, you don't have to be like that. You're a natural!"

Mathilda then saw one of the officers approaching the group, whispering into their leader's ear.

"Miguel Lavalier?"

Miguel then nodded, handing the officer the beyblade that the attacker used.

"Here you go Chief Gomez, the attacker's blade. I shall send you a full report tomorrow."

The officer then walked away, Miguel looking at his group.

"So, have we decided who shall be part of the team for the tournament?"

Aaron was about to raise his hand, but Mathilda spoke up faster than he could.

"Um…I was thinking of leaving the team."

The entire group looked at her in shock.


She slightly nodded, but started speaking again with a little more relaxation.

"I was hoping to join Julia to join her team of Female beybladers. She sent me an email yesterday about it."

Miguel then cleared his throat before he started speaking.

" sure about this Mathilda?"


The group then nodded along with him.

"Don't worry, we'll always be friends."

Miguel then took something out of his pocket, placing it firmly in her hands.

"Take good care of it."

As she looked at what it was, she just smiled back at him.

"Thanks Miguel."

Back in America:

"One room is all we need sir."

The check-in man then just oddly shrugged his shoulders before giving the key to the carrot haired girl. The blue haired and blonde girl then followed their "leader" into an elevator, with the blonde boy following behind them shortly into it.

"Girls, let's try to not fight with each other during the tournament. We're going to need some good blading relationships if we're going to have a good chance in this tournament."

As the elevator dinged, the girls didn't answer him until the carrot haired Emily opened the door to the room they were staying in. There was a single bed, along with many luxuries and an indoor beyblade dish. Max was just confused with their choice of the room.

"Where am I going to sleep? I don't really see a couch anywhere."

Emily, Miriam, and Ellen then all shoved him onto the bed, an enticing look in their eyes as they stared at him on the bed.

"Heheh…I think I'm in trouble…"

Chapter 4: The Perliminaries Start! Coming Soon, whenever.