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In Love and War

Winter looked at her hands and back to the shadows as she realised what this meant. Whatever energy she had was lethal to them.

She looked to Donna's still form and sadness washed over her; Donna didn't deserve this. She deserved to live her life, start a family and grow old with them.

Instead, she was dead.

One Hour Earlier

"Hurry – back to the TARDIS!" The Doctor yelled as he ran through the wood, Kieran and Winter following closely behind him. They weren't far away, the Doctor could sense t he TARDIS, but those creatures were gaining on them too quickly for his liking.

They finally reached the door and the Doctor pushed it open and ran Donna to the medical bay. He placed her in the Zero Room and began monitoring her.

"Is she going to be okay?" Winter asked quietly. He didn't answer her. "Doctor?"

"I don't know!" He yelled at her. She took a step back in shock at his tine. The Doctor noticed and felt guilty. He hadn't meant to shout at her.

There was a clang and a yelp from outside the room and Winter paused. The Doctor wasn't going to move if he didn't have to because Donna was I danger so she went outside to find out what had happened. "It is bigger on the inside!" She said momentarily shocked by the TARDIS.

Winter smiled at her. She understood now why the Doctor loved seeing the first impressions; it was wonderful seeing the amazement and disbelief of someone.

"I didn't mean to break it - " she was holding a small metal object; the springs had come out of the top and it bounced around like a jack-in-the-box. Winter smiled and took the device out of Keiran's hands.

"It's fine. It was probably already broken to be honest." She placed it on the side.

The shock of seeing the TARDIS had worn off and Kieran suddenly began sobbing. She tried to stop, she really did. At least now her sister was at rest. But that was her sister – the only family she had left and now Kieran was all alone.

Winter understood though she didn't know what to do. Donna was far better at comforting people than she was; she had never been the most compassionate of people in the world.

Nevertheless, she took Kieran to the kitchen and made her a herbal tea. Kieran took it cautiously and took a sip. It was odd tasting, not like the beverages they had on Solaria but it reminded her somewhat of the fruit teas her mother used to make.

Remembering her mother only brought a fresh on a fresh set of tears and Winter bit her lip. Taking the tea out of Kieran's hands she embraced the woman, offering her some comfort. It seemed to help after a while because the sobs turned into sniffles.

"I'm sorry I ruined your shirt." She said. Winter waved it away. "Is your friend going to be okay?" She asked.

"I don't know. The Doctor is doing everything he can to help Donna but…" She sighed. "Would you mind if I went to check on her?"

"Of course! I shouldn't have taken up your time when you too are worried about your friend. Please, see her."

"Are you sure? I won't leave if you don't want me to." Kieran gave her a thin, watery smile.

"I will be fine. Please." Winter nodded and made her way to the Zero room. The Doctor wasn't in the room so she walked in; it would be best not to talk to him she thought.

She found Donna linked to a monitor that measured her heart rate, her blood levels and her brain waves. How she knew what they were she didn't know. Most of what the scans were telling her made no sense but she'd never seen this machinery before either so it made sense.

She walked around to where Donna was lying and placed a hand on her shoulder. She knew Donna was one of the Doctor's favourite companions; she would always hold a special place in his heart – or that was what Eleven had told her.

So she understood why he was upset over Donna and that was fair enough.

Though the instinctual, bonded part was hurt at the way the Doctor had spoken to her. She understood Donna meant a lot – she did. But shouldn't she as well?

"You do." Winter jumped, shocked at hearing the Doctor's voice. "I shouldn't have shouted. I'm sorry."

She looked at him. "You don't have to say you're sorry. I know you are." She said. Now that she had opened herself up to the Doctor more, she could feel him sometimes, when there were strong emotions.

He looked so sad. "I promised you I wouldn't – wouldn't talk like that, treat you like that." He whispered.

"You were worried. You love Donna. I get it." She bit her lip and looked back at Donna. "Is she going to be okay?"

The Doctor nodded. "Yes. Whatever they were they messed with her oestrogen levels. That's what they must live on. That's why they only take children."

"Good." He agreed with the thought. "But how do we stop them?"

"I don't know." It took Winter a moment to understand what he had just told her. Because this was the Doctor; the one man who had seen more of the world than anyone throughout history.


"I don't know. I haven't come across them before – ever. I don't know their weaknesses, I don't even know their names!" He shouted. He closed his eyes tightly, he was doing it again.

"Someone must do." Winter encouraged. "Someone here in Soleria must know something about them." The Doctor didn't answer. He didn't even look at her. He was the reason Donna was here – he should have just listened to her when she said they should stay in the TARDIS.

He had been selfish – he hadn't cared about Winter's well-being enough to just listen to the woman that understood her. Why hadn't he done that?

"Doctor someone out there will know. We just have to find them." She said gently to him.

"I think I know someone who will." Winter's head snapped towards the voice from the doorway. "The – the Royal family have every happening in Soleria since it began. If anyone knows anything about these creatures it'll be them."

The Doctor still didn't move so Winter moved to him.

"Doctor, please." She stood in front of him; his brown eyes fixed on hers and placed her hands on either side of his face. "Please Theta." She whispered.

His eyes focused and he took a shuddering breath. She knew his nickname – something so few did anymore. It was the only reminder he needed; she was his bond-mate. She needed him.

He grasped her hand in his and gave her a small smile. "Alright." He said. She smiled. "Alright."

He sprung into action, keeping hold of Winter's hand as he ran to the console and began typing on coordinates. The familiar whirring and rumbling movement happened within seconds and Kieran and Winter held on to the railing tightly.

As soon as they stopped the Doctor ran outside the doors. They followed carefully and heard the Doctor bargaining with someone. "It's important!" He was shouting at a guard who's weapon was pointed at him.

Winter placed a barrier between the weapon and the Doctor – it was barely visible, even to her, but she could see the vibrating particles around the Doctor. He looked at it seeing it too, then turned to her and smiled.

Kieran stood next to the Doctor and began speaking to the guards. They seemed to recognise her because soon they were leading the way through the palace.

"Do you work in the palace?" Winter asked.

Kieran nodded. "I am a tailor for the Queen. I have been for many years, the Queen trusts me." Winter nodded, accepting the answer. It was helpful that Keiran knew the Queen personally because it would make this all so much faster.

She watched the guards walk towards what she assumed would be the thrown room and wondered why they weren't walking faster. There were lives at stake. The Doctor seemed to be thinking the same thing because he was anxious and walking quickly behind the guards.

They approached a set of large golden double doors, behind which held the Monarch of Solaria. Both the guards and Kieran bowed their heads, sinking to their feet immediately upon entering the room.

"Rise," a strong voice commanded. Donna looked at the queen and noticed with interest that she wasn't the pale peach tone the others were. Instead, her humanoid features had a distinct orange tint to it. It reminded Donna of someone who had gotten the wrong colour spray tan and immediately bit back a snort. Now wasn't the time.

"I did not call for you Kieran." The Queen said, her eyes roaming the humans before her. She searched for their intentions and saw no harm in their eyes, but there was panic.

"I apologise your Highness, but it is a matter of extreme importance. We have discovered the beings taking the children and they are soon coming to the city."

"What?" The Queen asked in alarm. "Explain, quickly!"

The Doctor took over from Kieran knowing the Solarian wouldn't be able to explain properly. "Your Highness these creatures feed off what your people call Femilite – produced only in children. They are coming for the rest of them and then I can only guess that once they've taken all they can, they will move on to another planet."

The Queen looked at the Doctor in horror. "We cannot let that happen." She said vehemently.

"I agree. That is why I ask if I can use your tombs. They may hold a key piece of information that will help me stop them."

"Why would you find them in our tombs?" She asked. "It is only the history of Soleria held within them."

"Because they mentioned they had been sleeping for thousands of years." Before the Queen could answer, there was a loud shout and an clang that came from outside the thrown room.

"I said don't touch me!" They heard Donna's voice. Seconds later she was being pulled into the thrown room and dropped down besides the Winter. Winter grabbed, her, holding her up and blocking the guards from touching her again.

"What is the meaning of this?" The Queen asked.

"She's with us you Highness." Winter quickly interjected. "We left her in the Doctor's space ship to recover after being attacked by the beings. She must have woken up."

"She attacked us." Said one of the guards.

"I told you not to touch me. That's violating my personal space buddy." Donna bit back. The Queen raised her hand and the guard – who was about to complain – paused.

"She will be let go." The Queen said. The guard mumbled and then moved away from Donna angrily. He despised the tiny human – she was trouble and had made him look like a fool in front of his Queen.

"What do you propose we do Doctor?" She asked.

"I landed the TARDIS here the same time we began looking for the children and Marae." Kieran held back the tears that were threatening to escape. Now was not the time and Marae wouldn't have wanted her to breakdown. Not when so much was at stake.

"Right now we have an hour before they leave for the city gates. We need to hurry." The Doctor urged.

The Queen nodded. "Follow me." The guards went to move with her but she raised a hand and they stood still. "Care for these woman." She said, motioning to Donna. They nodded, but the first guard did so begrudgingly.

Winter watched the Doctor leave with the Queen and turned to Donna. "Wow, you fall asleep and you miss everything huh?" She asked, plastering a fake smile on her face.

Donna noticed but didn't say anything. She knew Winter was worried. She had a good heart. "So what do we do now?" Winter sighed. What were they supposed to do for an hour?

"I don't know."

They sat in silence for a while before Donna looked at Winter again. "Can I ask you a question?" Winter motioned for her to go ahead.

"When I first met you, you were so mad at the Doctor. And then then we found you at The Library and he changed. What did he do? What happened?" Winter smiled at the question. That seemed like so long ago but it hadn't even been a month had it?

"Has the Doctor told you what he is?" She asked.

"A Timelord?"

"Yep. I met the Doctor when I was thirteen, then at twenty-two then I finally went travelling with him at twenty-six. He – he was a different man back then, well in the future."

She stopped when Donna looked confused. "Basically, the first time the Doctor met me, he already knew who he was. The first time I met him, I knew who he was but he didn't know me." She nodded, understanding.

"Anyway, we travelled, got into trouble, ran – a lot. Then one day he took me to a planet and we were blessed. Something started changing for me – I began to fall in love with him. Really I was already half there but the blessing just exaggerated it. But it wasn't stable. I think what's supposed to happen is that once the bond becomes stable, any version of the Doctor will recognise me as a bondmate.

"But I was separated form my version and found my way to this one. He didn't trust me and I suppose I didn't give him much incentive to do so. I was a girl with weird, unexplainable powers and I knew a lot about him."

Donna looked at Winter and took a hold of her hand. Winter smiled gratefully and then carried on with her story. "Something bad happened; another Timelord tried to take over the world. You'd know him as Harold Saxon."

"The Priminister?" Donna asked, shocked. Winter nodded. "Flippin' hell."

Winter laughed at Donna's reaction. She was a good person.

"Yeah well he tired to take over the world. He trapped me, tortured me and so many others. So when the time came, I let him die. The Doctor was furious at me -"

"Why?" She asked.

Winter frowned. "Can you imagine being the last human on earth, finding another – someone who was like family to you, then watching as someone stands by and lets them die? He was heartbroken and – he said things, thing that hurt even more than they should of because of the bond.

"I got bitter – and I also had a parasite in my head. I still do."


"It's called a Weeping Angel. It feeds of time energy but it's in my head and whenever I got too mad I would loose control of it. That happened a couple of time before I developed something to stop it. But the Angel amplified the anger so every time I saw the Doctor, I wanted to kill him.

"I had the anger of the Angel – who still wants revenge because the Doctor stopped its entire species - and my own. I was unstable. But then the Doctor realised who I was to him and he began helping me stabilise the bond. That's why things have been different. He's accepting me more."

Donna was speechless for a good two minutes before she spoke again. "Shit you've been through a lot." She whispered.

"Yeah." There was no point denying it because it was true.

"He does care about you." Donna said to her. "I mean I don't know how your…bond works but I can tell."

She nodded. "I know. I can feel it."

Donna waited for a second, another question in her mind. "So do you feel everything?"

"Not really, just strong emotions or if he wants me to feel something." Winter told her.

"Do you feel it when he's practically PMSing?" Winter snorted in laughter. Donna started laughing with her. "It's true. He has these moods and he acts like a teenage girl."

They were laughing so hard that Winter couldn't breathe. She was gasping for air as she straightened up, using the throne to hold herself up.

"Oh – you know how to cheer a girl up don't you?"

"I have a knack for it." She said, still gasping for air. She was glad that she could play a small part in making Winter feel better. Now that Donna knew what she had gone through she didn't think that it was right. Winter couldn't be older that 27 and she had gone through so much. Too much.

But maybe that was the price to pay for travelling with the Doctor.

Winter giggled again before suddenly straightening up. She was looking out of the window and saw a shudder.

She turned to where she had seen the movement and gasped.

They were approaching the walls of the city travelling at alarming speeds. She could see the shadows sweep through the forest, even now not paying the slightest mind to anything in their way.


The Doctor had been searching through the tombs of Solaria for the last thirty minutes and he hadn't found anything remotely close to what he had seen in the forest. He was getting frustrated.

"Don't you know anything about these creatures?" He asked the Queen but she shook her head.

"I've not come across anything like this in my reign. Solaria has been a peaceful nation for thousands of years. If such creatures existed, they were during the Forgotten Years.

The Dcotor sighed in frustration. That would not help him. They needed every piece of information they had on these creatures.

Winter looked at her hands and back to the shadows as she realised what this meant. Whatever energy she had was lethal to them.

She looked to Donna's still form and sadness washed over her; Donna didn't deserve this. She deserved to live her life, start a family and grow old with them.

Instead, she was dead.

Anger filled her to the core as she thought about the life the Scuri had taken from Donna. They would not be allowed to get away with it. They had crossed the line and now there would be no mercy, not matter what the Doctor said.

Winter raised her hand and a light sheen of gold encompassed the Scuri. She could see their corpse like bodies crash against the barrier and as they did, they hissed and jumped back in pain.

She smiled a cold smile. They learnt fast. Nevertheless, they would not survive the night.

She closed her eyes and began pulling her powers from her core. She could feel them fighting to say in her body. She could feel the Angel struggle against her cage to leave her mind.

She could feel herself weakening but she continued. The barrier around the Scuri turned from the opaque sheen to a solid gold cage. Inhuman shrieks of pain were the only thing to escape it.

"Winter, no!" She heard the Doctor shout from behind her. She turned to look at him and gave him a cold stare.

"Donna is dead. Children are dead. They can not be allowed to live." She didn't recognise her voice; it was cold and detached.

"You're going to kill yourself. Winter stop!" She could feel him; she could feel the earth, the trees, the wind moving through them. The insects crawling beneath her feet; their tiny bodies carrying so much more than their weight, giving out small ripple like vibrations around them.

She could feel the world spinning on its axes – being pulled towards their sun by its gravity, hurtling through space at speeds she wasn't familiar with. It was odd and dizzying.

She had never felt so much all at once.

She couldn't handle it.

Her body to small, her brain too simple to even begin to transmit anything.

Her pulse raced through her body, beating too quickly to count. It felt like the thrumming of birds' wings.

One – two – one – two – one –two – one – two – three – one – two – three –

The Doctor was running towards her. She felt the vibrations in the ground. He would stop her and that couldn't happen.

She blinked and another golden barrier flew up around the Doctor, stopping him in his tracks.

He hit it and stopped. Horror filled him as he saw Winter open her eyes to reveal a dull greyish gold and he knew what it meant. Winter was pulling every part of her power into this because she didn't know how not to.

He banged on the barrier and it rippled beneath his fists but didn't move. It was steady.

"Stop! Winter stop!" He pleaded but she ignored him.

Winter felt the energy build up in her and formed it into a tight ball. With one last push, she shoved the energy out of her and flung it towards the barrier.

A blinding flash of gold was accompanied by one final wail that split through the air and was heard from miles around. When it disappeared, there was nothing but a oozing black circle that began to spread out like pus from a boil.

Winter all but managed to stop herself from collapsing on the ground but she wasn't finished. Donna was still dead but she was going to change that. Because if she could take life then what was to stop her from giving it back to such a deserving woman?

She dragged herself next to Donna's fallen body and placed her hands on her heart. Somehow she found one more particle of energy within her and she drew it out painstakingly into her hands.

It struggled and fought against the string looped around it but it slowly came along. It was different, this piece of energy; something about it seemed…so much more to Winter and as she let it out of her, she felt something break and trickle through, beginning to fill her with new, foreign but comforting energy.

Donna gasped awake as life flooded through her and began to breathe heavily. Her eyes were blurry but they soon focused on a pale, white haired, white-lipped woman. It took her a moment to recognise that it was Winter who sat in front of her but when she did, she gasped again. She felt as cold as ice.

And then she collapsed.

"WINTER!" The Doctor yelled. He banged against the gold barrier one more time and it shattered around him like broken glass. He ran to Winter and secured his arms around her.

"Come one, come one, come on." He growled as he searched for a pulse but there was nothing.

Wake up Winter, wake up. Please. Wake up. The thoughts went round and round his head as he hoped, wished, prayed to any and all gods that could hear him to bring her back.

He wanted to transfer his regeneration energy to her – it would help to heal her but he couldn't. She wasn't a Timelord.

He wanted to cry, to scream and yell.

To plead, to demand.

To fight every planet, to give up anything or anyone so that he would be able to see her forest green eyes again.

But no bargain he made to the universe changed anything. Winter still lay on the black ground and the Doctor refused to move.

Not even when Donna cane to him with food did he move from her side. He wouldn't even look at her. The irrational part of his mind yelled that Donna was the reason his mate was dead.

She had been the last thing Winter had touched before she dropped.

Donna, sensing the change in the Doctor's demeanour fled the site. She was confused. No one had told her what had happened. One minute she was awake, and the next she was waking up on the ground with black goo not far away from her.

"What happened?" She asked the Queen. "How did she-" Donna choked on the word. It didn't seem possible; Winter was too durable, too wilful to die.

"I don't know. No one of us has ever seen something like what happened tonight. But you shouldn't feel guilty; she gave her life for someone she cared deeply about." Donna frowned.

"You don't mean…" Queen Della looked at her oddly. "She didn't – not for me?"

The Queen watched as Donna gasped and placed a pale hand on her mouth and understood. Sacrifice was not a common thing on Earth. Men and women were more interested in keeping themselves alive.

"Winter's death was her own choice." She said gently, placing a hand on Donna's arm.

"She shouldn't have done it for me. I didn't deserve it." Donna was crying now, large sobs that wracked her body uncontrollably.

The Queen brought her close in an embrace. "You are a special being Donna Noble. The universe has need of you yet."

For some odd reason Donna believed the Queen but she didn't want to. If the universe wanted her alive then it would sacrifice anyone to keep it that way.


The Doctor hadn't moved once he'd brought Winter's body into the TARDIS. He almost laughed at the flux of emotions that he had felt over the last couple of hours. It seemed humans were right about something: the stages of grief.

Only there would be no acceptance for him.

This was it. His bondmate was dead and he was sure the closest he would feel to 'acceptance' would be being able to sleep at night. He was sure that he would soon descend into madness because that was what was supposed to happen wasn't it?

He had heard the stories - everyone had. The few Timelords that had been given the gift of a bondmate had lived happily if their love was alive. But if they died, they would slowly fall into madness that nothing short of death could prevent.

In fact, he was sure it was already happening because he could hear Winter's thoughts buzzing around his head. They weren't clear but they sounded very much like her.

If he focused enough he could almost hear what the voice was saying. Hurts. Help.

The Doctor's eyes moved over Winter's body taking in her appearance. There was something off. He felt the unnatural heat only moments before her skin began to glow a brilliant gold.

"No - that can't - it's impossible." The Doctor muttered before the gold energy began spreading throughout her body. His eyes shifted quickly over her and then he ran.

If Winter was regenerating - if that was what this was - then he didn't know how powerful the backlash of the energy would be. True it wouldn't be a danger to him but to Donna - he closed the doors to the Zero Room tightly and stood closer to Winter than he should have.

He could tell this was going to be a big regeneration from the amount of energy covering her but it wasn't doing what it usually would do.

Instead of exploding outwards, the regeneration energy was turning inwards focusing on what the Doctor recognised to be where a Timelord's right heart would be.

The room was now too bright to see anything and the Doctor had to shield his eyes. He could see through his eyelids the bright yellow and it went on for exactly 2 minutes and 46 seconds before the light faded.

When it did he opened his eyes to see a completely new woman on the table.

He ran back to her side. "Winter." He called out to her but there was no response. He placed his hands on either side of her temple. Winter. He called again through the Psychic link. He could hear the imprint of her mind at the back of his.

He felt her double pulse through her skin.

He could feel the difference in temperature because her hands were warm to touch, not excessively hot as they once had been.

He felt her mind expand past the human barriers she'd once had.

He felt all this in the two seconds it took for her to open her eyes and stare back at him. Doctor. She whispered back.

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