I remember in one of the episodes Mike referred to Julie as "our (the Burners') lady", so I thought it would be sweet if she was referred to as 'his' lady at some point.

This whole story is much better if you listen to this while you read it:
/Gx-OTFOq0-Y (Mogwai - May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door)

Sometimes it's difficult to see the point in all of this.

Motor City was unusually quiet tonight, the background noises of car engines and '80s rock, other than that there was complete silence. The female Burner sat distantly, her large eyes piercing upwards, dreamily, into nothing, as she lay back against 9 Lives, her thin legs pulled up so that her knees faced upwards, skinny hands gripped over them.

Her mind wandered back to when Mike was preventing her own father from discovering she was a member of the Burners. If it wasn't for him, who knows what would've happened to her.

Who knows what would've happened if she'd told him...

It wasn't stressful - that was an understatement by this point. It wasn't as simple as it sounded; to tell your own friends, who trusted you with their lives, that their arch enemy is your own flesh and blood - your own father who raised you from birth. Maybe they would understand, maybe they would realise she didn't mean for this. But then again, maybe they would question her loyalty to the Burners. Maybe this time, they wouldn't trust her.

She sighed, her head drooping down.

Something near to everybody wishes for in life is a best friend. Anybody could make a simple acquaintance if they tried hard enough, but it takes a wise mind to identify how worthy that acquaintance is to become a friend, and even moreso to realise should they become more than that. Or, perhaps, it wasn't so difficult as they say... she had met the guys, after all. She had met Claire. Claire might've been a complete opposite to herself, but she was still a loyal friend, and always there to talk about the usual problems that needed to be discussed. That helped. There was Texas, and Dutch, and Chuck and Jacob, and...

It's strange how so many people can be in your life and yet, you still feel alone at times like these.

Her big eye lids closed slightly, shielding her hues with sadness as the longing images for the beautiful night sky flashed through her mind, projecting the stars, the moon, the planets. At least they would've kept her company right now.

In the distance she could hear footsteps coming up - probably Jacob about to tell her to head back to Deluxe and get some sleep. She kept her eyes low, her heart feeling like a rock cast in the sea. But as the footsteps neared, and eventually stopped, her body sensed the motion of a hand gesture by her right ear.

Julie looked to the side ajar, her collar covering over her mouth as she peeked up with curious kitten-like eyes.


His usual friendly face was painted, his hand out-stretched, waiting for his lady to take it.

Julie smiled. A true friend.