Eilonwy allowed herself a triumphant smile. All of the years of planning and stupendous amount of hard work and determination had finally come to fruition. She observed the scene below her with unholy delight. Her throne of bone and ebony loomed over a vast circular chamber dressed in the finest polished stone. Her banner adorned the walls and huge carpet covered the floor. The carpet was of a russet purple that she had made from the royal cloth from "King" Arthur's court. She closed her eyes and paused in brief annoyance as thunderous roar rocked her temples. What on earth was taking that stupid dragon to kill her? She looked down into the chamber more closely and narrowed her eyes in mounting fury. Shruikan; the dragon that took her years to locate and even longer to summon, the dragon that required an unprecedented amount of concentration to control, the dragon who required light magic simply to survive in this world, the dragon who laid waste to Camelot and easily consumed the wise and powerful Merlin, was now being beaten by a frail old woman. Eilonwy grasped the hilt of Excalibur as several memories began coursing through her mind.

The first thing she remembered was her hatred, that festering parasite that ate away at her very being. Everywhere she went, she heard tales of other princesses and other women of great virtue and strength. Never was there any talk of her. Not even in her own kingdom. She remembered the many days she put into perfecting her magical skills and how she used them to protect her kingdom from evil. All she ever received in return was an empty thanks and a veiled comparison to another one of those women. She remembered the day her father told her that if she did not prove herself a capable ruler, then she would be denounced and stripped of her throne. When she asked how she could prove herself worthy, her father retorted that she should travel to see Cinderella's kingdom. Perhaps then she would see how dismal a princess she makes when a common servant girl can rule with more poise than she. Eilonwy recognized that as the day where she would never again face the world of light.

Eilonwy remembered how she turned to the dark arts and relished in how easy it came to her. She found tome after tome of various evil spells that allowed her to crush all those who dared to ignore her. She unleashed a great darkness upon her kingdom soon afterwards and killed anyone who refused to serve her. Well, them and her family. She soon traveled to the lair of the Horned King and stole his powers and life force for her own. She then unlocked the power of the infamous Black Cauldron with ease and rose an army of the dead more powerful than anything the Horned King could accomplish. This army stole the life force of anyone they touched and could summon shadow demons at will. As she dominated her kingdom she had realized that it wasn't enough. Her land alone would not enough to sate the burning hatred that now coursed through her veins. The root of it all lie in those women Eilonwy could never match up to, until now. Now they all would pay the ultimate price for the years of torment she endured. She would take everything from them.

Eilonwy had spent nearly six months devising a plan in order to dominate the other realms. She had soon realized that though she was powerful, she would need to be even more powerful to successfully lead a campaign of this magnitude and win. She had heard rumor of a young boy attaining his throne by wielding a sword of immeasurable power. Rumor also spoke of a wise and powerful magician that served the boy. Eilonwy knew the sword would be the perfect instrument to lead her army with and besides, she wanted a bigger army anyways. With her dominion over the dead, every soldier killed, was hers by default. But the matter of the magician had concerned her immensely. Powerful though she was, she had known from firsthand experience how powerful the magic of light could be, especially when protecting something you care for. She had hated to admit it, but she needed help. She set herself in establishing her rule in her realm and searching for the perfect instrument to begin her war. After two long years, she stumbled across a book called Domia abr Wyrda, which detailed the events of a world called Alagaesia. The book spoke of a giant dragon named Shruikan and how the very mention of his name made people quake in fear. Eilonwy then had gone about summoning the dragon, for who better to bear her on her campaign than a dragon whose name was a source of fear and reverence? She had summoned the great beast and it instantly began rampaging. Eilonwy was dismayed to see that the creature's mind had been twisted beyond repair and all he wanted to do was destroy everything in its path until he passed into the void. She had to use every spell of control and coercion to calm the creature into submission.

She finally had her help but it came at an unusual price. The creature fed on light magic for substance rather than food. She had hazarded a guess that it was due to her summoning him from another world. Either way, until she could find a source, she would have to feed it what little light magic she had left. She remembered arriving in the kingdom of Camelot and engaging the realm in battle. The warriors had fought bravely but in vain. Between her army and her dragon, there was none that stand in her way. Merlin had been a slight bother though. It took the combined might her magic and Shruikan's otherworldly strength to overwhelm the magician. She had been supremely pleased to see that Merlin's magic would sustain Shruikan for several days. She had then gone to wrest the magic sword known as Excalibur from the "King". The boy was anything but. A scrawny teenager barely touching the cusp of manhood. He fought fiercely but was defeated very quickly. In exchange for his magician's life, she had the "King" Arthur, send for a being, said to be more powerful than even Merlin. Cinderella's fairy godmother. Her magic was known to be one of the strongest sources of light magic anywhere. It was also fitting because her father had once compared her to Cinderella. What a perfect second strike. As for Merlin and Arthur, she had Shruikan dispose of both of them. They had outlived their usefulness.

Eilonwy had spent the next several days establishing her rule in Camelot and preparing her castle for the arrival of the fairy godmother. She snickered as the memory of twenty minutes ago when the fairy godmother appeared and how Shruikan had attacked her without preamble. Impertinent as it was of the dragon, it saved her from having to deliver a long winded speech as to what she planned to do. She snapped out of her jaunt through her memories and found that Shruikan had been bound with several thick vines. The Fairy Godmother was standing with her back against the wall. Her left hand clutched a wound on her abdomen that was bleeding profusely while her right bore her magic wand, which glowed with ominous fury. Eilonwy heaved a heavy sigh when she saw the fairy had finally noticed her. Now she was going to have to speak, curses.

"Who are you?!" the Fairy Godmother demanded. "What have you done to this poor creature? To this land?"

"I am Queen Eilonwy." Eilonwy would no longer refer to herself as a princess. She was more than any princess could ever hope to be. "I have done this because this world belongs to me. It's high time I took it. Wouldn't you agree?"

"No my dear. No I do not. I sense great darkness in you but an even greater pain. You're doing this for all the wrong reasons dear! Stop this now while you still have time!"

Eilonwy knew the fairy godmother would say something along those lines, but it did stop them from irritating her to no end. "I grow tired of your voice good fairy." Eilonwy summoned a ball of pure dark energy to her left hand and smiled. "Time to die."

"Gracious. I see you leave me no choice my dear. Hear me well, there is too much good and love in this world for you to succeed. On this day I promise you. The very people you seek to destroy shall be your undoing." The Fairy Godmother then pointed her wand at the sky. "Bibbidi, bobbidi, BOO!" In a flash of brilliant light, she was gone.

Shruikan and Eilonwy both roared with frustration and failure. Eilonwy dispersed her magic and gripped the arm rests of her throne. She knew that Fairy Godmother would not live long due to the wound she received but Eilonwy was unsure what that annoying fairy would do with the time she had left. No matter. Whatever the fairy godmother would do, it would be futile. The world was already hers. She had Excalibur, which had changed the hilt to better fit her hand and changed the blade to a deep ebony and her…lovely dragon Shruikan. There would be no one to stop her. No one to oppose her. Pity, she actually wanted a challenge. Oh well. Cinderella has a kingdom to give up.