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Word Prompt: Glaze

Plot Generator—Binding Blurb: In 500 words or fewer, write a blurb or a short entry about staying true to yourself.

"Okay, Bella's turn."

Bella draws a card, checks to see where her token is on the board, and reads the question. "What is the most terrible act of cruelty? Oh, that's a downer."

She shoves the card back into the deck as everyone writes their response. The papers get passed to Vic who taps them against the table, scrunching up her nose and reading aloud. "Your choices are: Number one – killing. Number two – forcing someone to listen to Kid Rock. Three – animal abuse. Four – calling a woman fat. Five – to take life. And finally – eating all the Mac n' Cheese and not buying more."

"That one is you, Vic."

"No comment," she says into the mouth of her beer, draining it and plunking it back down.

Bella looks around the table, tapping the pads of her fingers against her mouth. "Kid Rock, that's got to be Laurie. I think Angie would say animal abuse, so I'm going her on that one. What were the rest of them?"

She leans forward, her ponytail swishing over one shoulder. Victoria repeats the remaining options.

"So I'm left with James and Jake and Edward. Well. I think Jake said it's cruel to call a woman fat. He's sensitive like that. And then killing … maybe, is James? Wait – no. Okay – yeah. Killing is James and taking life is Edward. How'd I do."

"Terrible. You got your husband wrong, first of all. You mixed him up with mine. Mine is the sensitive one, apparently." She hands Jake back his paper. "He said killing. Yeah, killing might be slightly more heinous than insulting a woman's body."

Jake doesn't laugh, doesn't smile. Edward notices his eyes glaze, just slightly, before he turns them down to look at his phone. Edward returns his attention to Bella, seated next to her husband, her face turned towards him. Her brows have come together in the middle.

"You got everyone else correct. That's four." Vic moves Bella's piece for her, the look on her face suggesting she senses the worry emanating from her best friend.

These people are very attuned to each other, Edward observes.

"Be right back, anyone else need another beer?"

Edward puts his hand up, as does Jess, who then tucks it back down to cover a stifled yawn.

Bella pushes back from the table to help Victoria, saying, "It's your turn, Laurie. Go ahead and draw. We'll think while we're up."

Laurie flicks her blonde hair back and pulls a card. "Orange question. If you wanted to be a real 'turn-off' on a first date, what would you do?"

"I hope Bella writes show up. After that last question. Jeez."

"Thanks, Vic."

"Just keeping it real, bro."

Laughter rings out from the kitchen as Bella pushes Victoria into the wall, skimming inside the back of her pants for her undies. Gripping them she tells everyone to look away as she gives Vic a wedgie. Victoria thanks her, tells her it's just what she's always wanted, and walks awkwardly back to the table without digging her underwear out of her ass.

Everyone laughs, including Edward.