'Bang-Bang' by Cher

Seasons came and changed the time,

And I grew up, I called him mine,

You would always laugh and say,

"remember when we used to play",

Bang bang, I shot you down,

Bang bang, you hit the ground,

Bang bang, that awful sound,

Bang bang, I used to shoot you down,

"… first day I got my license, it's the greatest day. It's also the first day I had sex." Jesse said, and she could hear Leon, Dom and Brain laughing good-naturedly. "I shit you not."

"Something about learning how to drive." Dom was saying as she rolled out from under the Corvette that she was working on while the guys lazed away. "You're a driver or you're not a driver. Up until the point you start driving is one life time and then after you start driving is another life time."

"So, who taught you to drive Letty?" Brian question when he saw her sit up and take in the four of them. Did she care that all of them were topless? Would Dom care that she cared?

"Who d'you think?" She responded, jerking her head in Dom's direction and the way her eyes lingered on him clearly made the subject of tops irrelevant.

"She was thirteen and I had to sit her on a cushion just so she could see over the wheel. And we had to sneak around cus my dad and everyone wanted to wait until she was fifteen. But she was born to be behind the wheel." Brian was glad that Dom was wearing sunglasses, it meant that while they could guess, none of them could actually see the look he was giving Letty.

"So how did you two end up together," The blond asked quickly, not because he especially wanted to know, but because he felt that unless interrupted the king of the streets might just decided to do his queen right then and there. "If you don't mind me asking."

"It's no big thing." She said with a shrug as she tucked an errant stand of hair behind an ear. "I grew up down the street and was always hanging around and then one day we just kinda –"

"She shot me." Dom dead paned his dark eyes, still hidden behind his shades, still fixed on Letty, who was trying and failing to fight a smirk.

He therefor failed to see the reaction the undercover cop had to his words. Brian's blue eyes had widened in shock and were instantly drawn to the scar he had seen on the left side of Dom's torso. It just grazed over one of his ribs and while it could have been cause by a lot of things it could also have been from a gunshot. He also recalled the gun that had been visible on the table the first time he's entered the Toretto house.

"Shit man." Jesse gasped and almost fell from the roof of the Toyota Supra as he stared in open-mouthed shock at Brian and his exclamation was enough to divert Dom and Letty from one another.

"Oh for fucks sake Brian!" Letty yelled and threw a grease rag in his direction when she saw just how pale he had turned. She also noted how he couldn't seem to keep his eyes from the scar Dom had gotton falling off of his bike aged eleven. "I was sixteen and I shot him with a water pistol. Jeeze!"

"Oh, right." The blond said, nodding as if he had known all along that they'd meant something like that. The relief in his tone however, made it clear that even if only for a moment, he'd thought they had been serious.

"Way to scare the new kid boss. We all know your lady's crazy." Leon said sniggering so much that he damn near managed to choke himself on his beer. Pity he didn't succeed.

Letty just scowled at them all in turn, Leon and Jesse sniggering, Brian still looking pale, and Dom sporting an expression that could only be called smug. Brows furrowed in disgust she vanished back under the car she'd been working on.

"Besides," Her voice echoed, sounding distorted thanks to the Corvette she was lying under and irritated because she was. "If I had really shot him, he'd be dead."

(A/N) This is not the second drabble collection I was talking about, but I can't resist these music challenge things and when this song came on the idea just came to me. The start of this is an actual deleted scene if you want to see them all topless.

Lamanth xx