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The Two Champions


Stupid Potter.

It was all his fault. All of it! If he'd just… just… just let that damned ritual be finished properly in that stupid graveyard, if he'd never run away to Thedas, or wherever the hell it was, if he hadn't learned how to fight and learned how to… how to…

...how to kill his father…

Draco Malfoy shook the thoughts off and continued walking. This wasn't where he was supposed to have ended up. He was supposed to get a job with the Ministry, bought with his father's influence. He was supposed to graduate from Hogwarts and live as a king under the Dark Lord's new regime and… and… and that hadn't happened, had it? And it was all Potter's fault!

That was why he'd come. He'd had to. Potter had ruined his life, and then had fucked off to Outrealm where nobody could touch him. Well, Malfoy had done his best to let it go. His mother had begged him, but four years after all of their dreams had collapsed, he'd given up. He'd decided that he was going to go after Potter and, if nothing else, he was going to make the bastard pay for killing his father.

He should have wound up in Kirkwall. That's how transportation between the realms worked, after all. He should have ended up in exactly the same city that Potter had. Not… here, wherever here was.

He could here shouting and, as little interest as he had in figuring out what whoever it was wanted, he didn't have anywhere else to go. The whole building seemed old and drafty and just… strange. And he felt like he'd been walking forever. And, besides, he would need allies if he were planning on going after Potter. Investigating probably wasn't the worst idea he'd ever had...

So when he heard an old woman shouting "Someone, help me," he couldn't help but follow the voice.

He opened a door and frowned. There was a woman wearing a truly ridiculous costume, being held up by creepy, glowing red light. An utterly hideous person was standing there with a glowing green orb, that appeared to be doing something with her life force. "What's going on here?" Draco asked, not entirely sure which side he was on but having the feeling that he should probably pick one.

The old woman, who was clearly more clever than Draco would have given her credit for given her silly costume, used the distraction of his entrance to knock the glowing green ball from the creepy man's hand. Draco, who had once been a Seeker (even if Potter had always been the better one), couldn't stop himself from catching it when it rolled in his direction.

He felt a searing pain that travelled all the way up his arm. A look of horror dawned on the disfigured man's face, and then everything went black.

A/N: No, I'm not actually making this into a full story. But if anyone's curious, I totally imagine that Draco would wind up with The Iron Bull. I think he's the only one who could handle him.