Chapter Two, The Aftermath Part 1.

By That Aussie Gurl


The three men looked at each other. They realised they now had a high, child-like Kensi on their hands. And by the looks of things, she wasn't going to make things easy.

A couple of hours later, the doctors finally released Kensi into Callen's care and she was allowed to go home.

As Callen pushed Kensi out of the hospital in a wheelchair with Deeks walking alongside her as Sam went to get the car, they realised Kensi was not getting any better. No, in fact, she was getting worse.

"Shaggy! Shaggy! Look! Butterflies! And they have wings!" Kensi said enthusiastically as she pointed to a random place in the sky where there were no butterflies what so ever.

"That's great, Kens." Deeks replied, giving a look to Callen as Sam pulled up with the car.

"Hey guys, need a lift?" Sam asked with a twinkle in his eye as he got out of the car.

"Defiantly!" Callen replied as he crouched down in front of the wheelchair to get the delusional Kensi Blye's attention whom was drawing pictures in the sky with her finger making sound effects to go with her actions, "Kens, baby. Time to go, okay?"

"Okay." Kensi replied as she enthuastically nodded her head in agreement before starting to get up from her wheelchair with the help of her husband.

Callen helped Kensi into the back of the car, put her seatbelt on and climbed in next to her as Sam and Deeks occupied the two front seats.

"Oooooo" Kensi started making noises as the car drove away from the hospital as she pointed to imaginary objects out of her window. "Muscles is driving." Kensi said in a deep voice and posing in a muscular position before she went back to make noises and making shapes with her fingers.

Kensi continued with her 'little game' for the rest of the trip back to OSP that seemed to keep her entertained. Once they parked the car, Callen helped Kensi inside as she was like a drunk on her feet (more like not on her feet that is) that acted like a five year old.

"G! G! Look! The birdies! They are going tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet." Kensi said in a high voice as she stood up and started flapping her arms as she ran around the bull pen continuing to make bird noises.

"Kens, Kens. Sweetie. You wanna sit down, huh?" Callen asked, trying to get his wife to sit down and rest like the doctor had ordered.

"No 'coz birdies don't sit, they flyyyyy!" Kensi replied indignantly whilst continuing to be a bird.

"Humour me?" Callen pleadingly, as he put his hands on Kensi's shoulders to make her stand still for a couple of moments.

"I'm not funny." Kensi replied seriously, well as serious as a drunk five year old can be that is.

"Mr. Callen, Mr. Hanna and Mr. Deeks. A word?" Hetty called from the edge of the bullpen before turning and heading back to her office.

"Sit." Callen said as he lead Kensi by her shoulders onto his chair and made her sit down, "Stay. Good girl." Callen instructed with a wink and a kiss on her forehead before turning and following Deeks and Sam out of the bullpen and towards Hetty's office.

"Watcha need Hetty?" Callen asked as he stepped into her office and stood beside Sam.

"Latest on the case?" Hetty asked, taking a sip of her tea.

"Um… All men excluding the boss were apprehended with lethal action. The boss was apprehended and taken to the LAPD for prosecution. He confessed everything." Sam accounted for their Operations Manager.

"And Kensi?" Hetty questioned, placing her tea cup down and looking at her team, one by one.

"Highly drugged. She is like a drunk five year old. Should only last a couple days and then she will have a severe hangover for the following couple days and then she should be as good as new." Callen summarised.

"Hmm.. Good. I except paperwork from you three by the time you leave tonight." Hetty said as she nodded to dismiss them from her presence. "Oh, and gentlemen. Keep an eye on her. We don't want her more injured than she already is."

The three men nodded their head in agreement as they turned away and walked back towards their drunk sister/wife. As they walked into the bullpen, the stopped suddenly when they saw Kensi. Kensi was spinning on Callen's chair squealing in pleasure of getting really giddy.

"Oh wow." Deeks commented at the sight of his partner.

"Good luck with her tonight!" Sam said smirking as he walked to his desk to start the paperwork Hetty wanted.

"Gee, thanks guys! You really are helpful!" Callen said as he walked towards his wife's desk and sat down in her chair as she was still entertaining herself on his chair by getting giddy.

"G. You so pretty, like a pony." Kensi exclaimed as she stopped spinning and stood up, swaying on her feet from being so dizzy, "So pretty." Kensi kept muttering as she starting stroking his hair and making horse noises.

"Honey, you feeling okay?" Callen asked as he looked up at her as she continued to stroke his head and make horses.

Suddenly, Kensi stopped and looked towards her partner; Deeks.

"SHAGGY!" Kensi yelled as she started to walk towards him.

"Oh boy." Deeks muttered before putting down his pen and looking up at his partner, "Yes, princess?"

"I want a Scooby snack!" Kensi said with a massive pout on her face and her arms were crossed across her body.

"Scooby ate them all, I don't have any left. Sorry Kens." Deeks replied.

"But I WANT some, Shaggyyyy!" Kensi said, whining.

Deeks looked towards Callen with a questioning glance, unsure of what to do.

"Baby, come here." Callen said, putting down his pen and pushing his chair away from the desk as he mouthed to Deeks; "You could have just bought her a cookie!"

As Kensi turned away from Deeks to walk towards Callen, she suddenly felt really dizzy and started to sway where she stood.

"Kensi? Kens? You okay?" Callen asked, his voice filled with worry as he saw his wife sway on her feet. Quickly, he stood up and raced to her side to steady her. He felt her lean against him and noticed he was now supporting her more than she was supporting herself, "Woah, Kens. Kensi? Baby? Can you hear me?" Callen continued to ask as he started to lead her to her chair with Deeks and Sam following in toe.

"Mmm" Kensi mumbled as she sat down in her chair.

As Callen sat Kensi down, he checked her temperature and pupils to make sure she was alright.

"Kens, you still feeling dizzy?" Callen asked, as he finished up checking her for anything wrong.

"Mmm.." Kensi mumbled before looking up at her husband, "G? Why are you an avatar?"

"Okay, babe. We are going to go home, you need to rest." Callen said as stood up and pulled her up with him and supported the still dizzy women.

"Mr. Callen." Hetty said, suddenly appearing in the bullpen.

"Hetty." Callen replied stopping at the sound of her voice.

"Going home?"

"Yeah, she needs her rest."

"Hmm. Wise choice. In that case, your paperwork is due tomorrow. Keep her safe and check in later." Hetty said as she turned and went to walk out of the bullpen she continued, "Mr. Deeks, Mr. Hanna, I still expect your paperwork on my desk by 5 o'clock, sharp."

Callen smirked at the two before continuing out of the bullpen with Kensi supported against him.

"Have fun boys!" Callen said over his shoulder as he walked out of OSP and towards his car.

Sighing, as Callen helped his wife into the car, he knew he had an interesting night ahead of him but he knew it was worth it for the love of his life.


"Give me your hand." Kensi said seriously, well as seriously as someone can be when they are hyped up on drugs.

"Why?" Callen asked cautiously. He didn't know what to except with the new drugged Kensi.

"Just do it!" Kensi replied, getting impatient.

Sighing, Callen held out his hand just as Kensi had asked and Kensi shook his hand.

"HA! Our hands just made babies!" Kensi replied in a high, girly voice.

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