Chapter Two, The Aftermath Part 2.

By That Aussie Gurl


Sighing, as Callen helped his wife into the car, he knew he had an interesting night ahead of him but he knew it was worth it for the love of his life.

The whole trip home, Kensi reverted to drawing pictures on her window with her finger. Turns out drugged Kensi's favourite thing to do to amuse herself is to draw things with her finger wether the item she is drawing is imaginary or not and make sound effects to go with said item. It was quite amusing, to say the least and Callen wondered whether Kensi was like this as a child, making noises and drawing objects.

As Callen opened the car door for his wife as they arrived home, Kensi confirmed that she was still as drugged up as ever.

"I wanna pwess the dinga-donga. GGGGG…. Let mwee pwess the dinga-donga!" Kensi said, begging as she got out of the car; and her vocabulary becoming to sound more and more like a child's.

Realising what she was saying was that she wanted to press the doorbell; Callen agreed knowing there would be more harm done trying to explain to her that no one was home and they had a key anyway.

Racing up the drive way to their front door, Kensi repeatedly pressed the doorbell with a huge grin on her face. Watching her reaction, Callen couldn't help but smile at her face.

"C'mon, babe. You'll wear the doorbell out." Callen said as he took her hand after unlocking the door and lead her inside of their house.

"Ooooooo! The house is so biiiiiig! I wanna live here!" Kensi said as she stood planted on the threshold with her eyes as wide as pizza's.

"You do live here." Callen confirmed.

"Coooool." Kensi replied, still stuck in an amazed state. Callen shook his head; the things that entertained her were unbelievable in her current state.

After placing their things on the floor in the living room, Callen came back to his wife whom was still in the same position since she had entered the house. Callen smiled at the thought that all it took was a big house to, in crude terms, shut her up and calm her down.

"C'mon, Kens. Come get some rest like the doctor ordered." Callen said, snapping Kensi out of her current stare.

"NO!" Kensi replied, giggling, as she ran off down the hallway.

"Kensi! You have to rest to get better!" Callen shouted before running after her.

"I am better!" Kensi replied, poking her head around a corner with a serious facial expression.

"Rest?" Callen pleaded as he edged his way closer and closer to her, "For me?" As he said those words, he grabbed his wife around her waist.

"Let go of me!" Kensi said as she attempted to squirm her way out of his grip but it was a lost cause. Instead, she reverted to talking to him instead.

"Give me your hand." Kensi said seriously, well as seriously as someone can be when they are hyped up on drugs.

"Why?" Callen asked cautiously as he let go of her, he didn't know what to except with the new drugged Kensi.

"Just do it!" Kensi replied, getting impatient.

Sighing, Callen held out his hand just as Kensi had asked and Kensi shook his hand.

"HA! Our hands just made babies!" Kensi replied in a high, girly voice before running off down the hall.

Shaking his head, Callen ran after his wife where he found her in the living room putting on some music.

"Oooo, this is a good song!" Kensi said, as she turned up the volume to extreme levels.

"Kens! Kensi! Turn the music down!" Callen yelled over the song; Bom Bom by Sam and the Womps.

Kensi ignored her husband as she started dancing to the music.

"C'mon, G! Daaaaannnceee wiv meee!" Kensi said, her words being drawn out longer.

Callen started to shake his head but he saw the disappointment on his wife's face and her mouth starting to turn into a pout he knew he couldn't say no, and he didn't want to make her sad again so he started to dance with her.

At this sight, Kensi started giggling like a little girl – a laugh Callen could safely say he had not heard a laugh like that come out of her mouth ever!

At the end of the song, Callen's phone began to ring to interrupt his continuation of dancing.

Answering the phone, he could not hear the person on the other end,

"Kens, honey. Turn the music down!" Callen said to his wife whom was still very engrossed in her dancing, "Kensi! Music!" Callen continued to say to his zoned out wife.

"Bye-bye music!" Kensi said as she turned the music off and started having a spinning competition with herself.

"Callen." Callen said into his phone as he kept an eye on his currently difficult wife.

"How is she?" The voice of Sam came over his phone.

"High as a kite, more difficult than a toddler, ya know the normal." Callen said with sarcasm oozing from his voice.

The sound of Deeks and Sam chuckling came back in reply; Callen guessed that he was on loud speaker.

"Need any help?" Deeks asked as the laughing subsided.

Looking back over to Kensi who was still (somehow) spinning in circles with a high giggle coming from her mouth.

"I think we'll be alright. She should hit the wall soon and hopefully sleep off the 'hangover'." Callen replied, metaphorically crossing his fingers that her reaction to the drug will pass quickly so they can get back to normal. It hurt him to see her in pain, although the pain is not revealing himself yet, he knew it was coming and that thought alone hurt him.

"Let us know if you need us at all, we are only a call away." Sam said for both himself and Deeks.

"Thanks guys, talk to you later." Callen said as he hung up and turned his attention back to now an extremely dizzy Kensi.

"Woah, Kens. You dizzy?" Callen asked, as he put his phone back into his pocket and walked over to Kensi.

"Hehehehe, nooo!" Kensi replied with a lop-sided grin and a very girly giggle as she struggled to stay upright, "You look so funny GGGGGG!" Kensi said as she lapsed into another fit of very girly giggles.

"Hun, deep breaths. You need to calm down." Callen instructed, worried about his over-excitable wife.

At saying that, Kensi started to take deep breaths. Deep breaths. Over- exaggerated deep breaths. So exaggerated that Callen thought she would hyperventilate and pass out.

"Look, G! Ima fishy!" Kensi said in a deep, manly voice as she continued to huff whilst sticking out her chest.

All of a sudden Kensi fell to the ground and lay on her back with her arms and legs shaking like crazy in the air. In a high pitched voice, Kensi explained:

"Now I'm a dead ant! Oh. Oh. Oh no! I'm dyyyyyiiiiinnnnngggggg!" Before letting her arms and legs drop and her tongue come out of her mouth in a 'dead ant' face.

Callen just stood in amazement at his wife. He couldn't believe it. Although it was kinda funny he was more shocked at the sudden change in his wife. A change he had not experienced with her before and to be honest it was freaking him out!

Kensi then proceeded to get up and start reciting, along with the actions of course, the shark song.

"Baby shark. Do Do Do Do Do, baby shark Do Do Do Do Do Do, baby shark Do Do Do Do Do Do, baby shark."

"Kens? Really? You know I hate that song! Kensi!" Callen whined, he seriously hated that song! It was bad enough the first time Kensi showed it to him when a little boy she had been looking after in protective custody showed it to her. She then realised what a great punishment it is for her husband and proceeded to play it non-stop whenever she was unhappy with him, which quite frankly was a lot! Hey, so he's not the perfect husband? Who is?

"LOST AN ARM! DO DO DO DO DO DO! LOST AN ARM! DO DO DO DO DO DO! LOST AN ARM! DO DO DO DO DO DO! LOST AN ARM!" Kensi continued to scream as she over enthuastically did the actions.

"Please, Kens! For my sanity?" Callen begged. He couldn't believe it! He was begging to his drugged up wife!


"I'll do anything! C'mon babe! Give your hubby a break!"


"Oh, man. For everything I am doing for you! Please! Just this one plead!" Callen kept saying, trying to bargain with her but he had a slight suspicion that she actually couldn't hear him. Well, that or she was just purposely ignoring him.

"GOING TO SEE JESUS! DO DO DO DO DO DO! SEE JESUS! DO DO DO DO DO DO! SEE JESUS! DO DO DO DO DO DO! SEE JESUS!" Kensi finished before starting to swim like a shark, well, her 'drunken' impression of it that is.

Callen just stood there shaking his head. He was scraping the barrel, metaphorically speaking, on ideas on how to get her to rest and comply with the doctor's orders.

As he was watching his wife swim like a shark he saw her suddenly drop onto the ground and not get up.

"Kens!" Callen called as he ran over to where she was lying on the floor, "Kensi!" He tried again, shaking her a little. Just as he was about to call the ambulance, he heard little snores coming from her mouth. It was then that he realised that she had finally hit the wall and had fallen asleep.

"Took you long enough!" Callen muttered as he carefully picked up his wife and carried her upstairs to their bedroom where he proceeded to remove her shoes and get her into her PJ's before tucking her into bed.

"Goodnight beautiful! I love you, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite." Callen whispered as he kissed her on the forehead and quietly walked out of their bedroom. He knew when she woke up she would have a killer headache and other hangover symptoms but she was his wife and he was her husband and together they would get through the consequences of the mission because he loved her and that's what they do.

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