A/N: Hey guys! I know I shouldn't be starting a new story, but I've temporarily lost motivation to work on the other two, and this idea wouldn't leave me alone. I will eventually get back to the other ones. This fic will have chapters that alternate between high school and the future. The high school chapters will be angsty-ish, whereas the future chapters will be quite fluffy, I promise.

This is an AU fic (because I don't like a lot of what the Glee writers come up with), so in this case that means Sam does not live in a motel, nor does he move away to become a stripper. Quinn never got pregnant, so there is no Beth. Brittany and Santana have not slept together yet (story begins towards the end of their sophomore year).

I hope you'll enjoy this first chapter, please let me know what you think!

Brittany tried to hold back a growl, coming from somewhere deep down in her throat. She couldn't stand seeing that piece of scum's hands on Santana. Her Santana. Being in love with the most popular girl in the school was very frustrating.

She had been in love with Santana all her life. They had been nothing but best friends all their lives. Preschool had been okay, as far as Brittany could remember, but trouble had started in kindergarten.

"I like your new sweatshirt, Britt!" Santana exclaimed. Brittany found herself blushing furiously, and unsuccessfully tried to gather enough nerve to tell Santana that she liked her dress. She looked like a princess in it, Brittany thought.

Instead she started to tell Santana about the convincing she had had to do before her mom had let her have the pokemon sweatshirt, since it was technically a boys' shirt. Santana was giggling along, listening intently, when Noah Puckerman came up to them.

"Hey Santana," he said, somewhat shyly, "me and my mom made cookies, and I brought you some, do you want them?" Santana smiled the sweet smile that was usually reserved for Brittany. She clapped her hands in excitement before answering: "off course, thank you Noah!" She turned back to Brittany and said "see you later, Britty!" before following Noah to some other corner of the playground.

Brittany scuffed her pink tennis shoes over the ground in frustration. "Darn it," she thought, "why would Santana want to sit with a boy instead of with me?"

Brittany had been dealing with variations of that kind of situation ever since. She had been able to deal with it by reassuring herself that she was still the most important person in Santana's life, that she would never trust any of those boys the way she trusted Brittany. But lately she wasn't so sure anymore.

Sam Evans was quickly becoming the bane of her existence. Santana had started dating him to hurt Quinn, but now, a couple of weeks later, it seemed that she was actually starting to like him! Brittany had never really believed this would ever happen, even though Puck had been warning her for years.

Nothing he had ever said, however, had prepared her for the moment she first witnessed Santana blushing and giggling when Sam brought her yet another stupid present (blushing! And giggling!).

At night Brittany used to lull herself asleep with images of Santana in a white dress, of Santana with her belly full and round, of Santana singing little dark-haired kids to sleep. Now she had nightmares about those same things, but Sam was in the background of every scene.

Sam kissed Santana on the cheek a final time, before turning away to make his way to class – Brittany really didn't understand why Santana was so infatuated with him, he didn't even bother walking her to class!

However, his departure meant that Santana finally remembered Brittany's existence. Unfortunately, all they had left time for was some gushing about Sam on Santana's part. Before they knew it, they were at Santana's classroom door, and they had to say goodbye.

Brittany continued on to her own class room, contemplating different ways in which she could kill Sam and get away with it.

The worst part was that since Santana had started seeing Sam, she seemed happier than she had in a long time. Brittany never really understood what happened behind the closed doors of the Lopez mansion, but she knew it wasn't all good. Even though they had been friends since forever, Brittany had rarely spent any time at Santana's house at all. They always hung out at Brittany's, not in the least because Brittany's mom much preferred it that way.

Santana was often gloomy or withdrawn without explanation. At other times, she was mean and bitchy seemingly without reason. Brittany knew that her behavior had deeper roots, but she had yet to figure out what those roots were. And now she had to confess that Sam seemed to make Santana happier than anybody else had managed to.

School was finally over, and Brittany made her way to her car by herself. She used to always take Santana to and from school – Santana's parents hadn't allowed her to get her license yet – but recently Sam had taken over that responsibility.

This new arrangement was, to Brittany, the worst part about Sam and Santana's relationship. Their car rides had often been the most fun part of Brittany's day, and on top of that, Santana would usually hang out at Brittany's house for a couple of hours before Brittany took her home. Now Brittany could only assume that Santana hung out with Sam after school.

She hated to admit it, but she was quite lonely these days. Sure, she was almost as close to Puck as she was to Santana, but ever since he had started dating Quinn – seriously this time – he hadn't had much time for her anymore either.

Without noticing it, she had reached her house, so she pulled into her driveway and got out. Her mom always said it was a miracle Brittany never got into any accidents considering how absent minded she was, but Brittany had a natural talent for anything concerning vehicles, so she pretty much drove around Lima subconsciously.

She got in and kissed her mom on the cheek. "Hey honey, how was school?" Her mom asked, interested as always. Brittany couldn't bring herself to do more than shrug her shoulders in response. She grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and said "I'm gonna go upstairs, okay, I've got tons of homework."

Brittany's mom didn't respond but watched her daughter's sagged shoulders, and hoped Santana would soon become a regular visitor again, as she couldn't bare seeing her oldest child so unhappy.