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Brittany was lying on her bed. She was trying halfheartedly to do her math homework, but she really couldn't care less about school on a good today, so it was more of an admittedly lame attempt to distract herself from her Santana-thoughts.

Needless to say, she was getting nowhere. Just as she was contemplating the inutility of math skills, her phone rang. She was surprised to see a number flash across the screen that she didn't recognize. Usually she would only expect calls from Puck or Mike. Or Santana. Until recently.

She answered with a curious hello. "Brittany?" Brittany would recognize that voice anywhere. It was Santana. And she couldn't just identify her voice, she could also tell that the girl was distressed.

She sat up a little straighter on her bed. "What's the matter, San? Are you okay? Why aren't you using your own phone? Where are you?" Brittany knew that the best way to get Santana to talk was to not bombard her with a ton of questions, but she just couldn't contain herself, she was already sick with worry. Santana never didn't have her phone, it used to annoy Brittany to no end how attached the girl was to it, so she figured something had to be wrong for her to be calling her with somebody else's phone. To even be calling her to begin with. They hadn't talked outside of school for weeks.

Sobbing was all she got as an answer, and she was getting frustrated now, because she was so worried. "Santana, what the hell is going on?" She half-yelled, sounding a lot angrier than she had meant to. She heard a sharp intake of breath before the call was ended. Damn it, she had scared Santana off.

She had no clue what she was supposed to do now. She knew Santana was in some kind of trouble, so she definitely couldn't just pretend that the phone call hadn't happened. However, she had also no clue as to how to figure out where Santana was.

After lashing out against the boxing ball she had in her room for about ten minutes, she finally thought of the obvious and called the number Santana had used back. She silently prayed for her to pick up.

"Hello?" a female voice asked. It wasn't Santana's voice however. Now what? "Hi," she started off hesitantly, "uhm, a couple of minutes ago a girl called me using your phone, do you know where she is, or how she is doing?" There, that was quite good, she thought. Short and to the point, unlike the downpour of questions she had aimed at Santana earlier.

"I don't know where she went", the gentle voice answered, "but she was really upset. She asked me if she could use my phone because she forgot hers at home, but I don't know, I got the feeling she wasn't telling me everything. She seemed scared."

"Then what happened?" Brittany asked. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip absent-mindedly. She had been chewing on it out of nervousness, and it had started bleeding.

"She made a short call, I don't know what she said, because she walked out of earshot, and then she gave the phone back to me. I think she had started crying, because she seemed embarrassed. Then she just ran away."

"And where were you?" Brittany inquired. "I was outside of Breadsticks, just walking to my car."

"Okay, thank you so much," Brittany said, ready to disconnect the call. "Wait," the lady said, "I'm sorry I didn't do anything else, I mean it was pretty obvious something was going on, but after she made the call, she just disappeared, and I thought about going after her, but I thought it was none of my business, but I shouldn't have let her go, 'cause she was really young and" Brittany interrupted her rambling. "It's okay," she said softly, "I'm glad you gave her your phone."

They hung up, and Brittany made her way downstairs. Now to convince her mom that something was wrong … "Hey mom," she began, "Santana just called me. She was really upset." Her mom looked at her carefully, wondering where this was going. Brittany hadn't mentioned Santana for several weeks now, and it was clearly a sensitive subject. She waited for Brittany to continue.

"Mom, she's out there somewhere and I don't know where. She doesn't have her phone, she used somebody else's and you know Santana always has her phone!"

Brittany's mom sighed, knowing it was true. "So know what?" she asked, "I'm guessing you want to go look for her?" "Yes mom, please let me go, I just know that something is really wrong!"

"All right, but I want you to go pick up Mike or Puck first, so you're not by yourself." Brittany agreed, quickly deciding to drive past Mike's house, because she knew Santana didn't like Puck, and she didn't want San to have to deal with him if Brittany found her.

She grabbed her car keys and put on a jacket, cold air biting her unwelcomingly. She called Mike before she got in her car to let him know she was on her way. Brittany could tell he was very confused, but she loved him for not questioning her and assuring her he would be ready to go when she got there.

By the time she got to Mike's house her mind was going in overdrive, worrying about where she had to go look for Santana. Once she had managed to more or less explain to Mike what was really going on, he took over driving, so she could focus on coming up with possible spots Santana could be hiding out in.

Brittany's first thought was that she would have gone to Sam's house, but then again, why wouldn't she just have done that straight away, instead of going to Breadsticks first, and using a stranger's phone to call Brittany, not Sam.

They drove past Breadsticks, not seeing anybody. Next up was Quinn's house; even though Brittany highly doubted Santana would go to Quinn – they hadn't really gotten along for like a year now – and even though Brittany herself didn't really want to involve Quinn in this whole ordeal, she still wanted to exclude the possibility. Quinn wasn't home, which was sort of a relief to Brittany, and Santana was nowhere to be seen either.

After driving by the strip mall where the Lima Bean was, Brittany was getting desperate. She was assuming Santana was on foot, she couldn't have gotten very far, could she? Finally it hit her, the park! Her and Santana had spent so much time there, Brittany was sure it held nothing but good memories for her friend. She told Mike to turn the car, and crossed her fingers. Please let her be there, and be okay, she thought.