Even tho all I have is my phone I felt this was way more important than any frustration I felt by having to post from my phone.

Hello, I normally don't do these sorts of things, but this is important. We need to get 100,000 votes on a petition to help stop the government from shutting down sites like this one and we only have until March 19th 2014 to do it. They're calling it "the Next Great Copyright Act", and it's bad news, on several fronts in my opinion. Anyway, to sign the petition to help stop it, search 'SOPA 2014' and you'll find it, or remove the spaces from this: petitions. whitehouse. gov /p etition/ stop-sopa-2014 /q0Vkk0Zr it will take you there. You'll need to sign up, but it's pretty easy. I'll be removing this message on March 20th. Thank you. Your writer, ShatteredDragon