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Rima's POV

It was just like any other morning, I was greeted by a few 'good morning's from the ladies at the reception desk, the guards bowed a little as I walked past them, and some guys whistled when I leaned down to get a small paper that fell from my bag. I wasn't surprised, it always happens. I know that I'm very pretty, even though I was short for my age. When I reached my desk, I quickly sat down and switched on my computer.

"Mashiro-san!" A co-worker called. She was a tall woman 2 years older than me, she had long brown hair pulled into a bun and blue eyes.

"Yes?"I replied. I didn't bother to hide the irritated tone in my voice, I don't like being interrupted.

"The boss wants to see you."She replied and quickly resumed her paperwork.

The boss wants to see me?!

I quickly made my way to his office, many thoughts roaming in my head. What does he need me for? I knocked the door before entering and closing the door behind me.

"They told me that you want to see me."I said.

"Yes. Please sit down, Mashiro-san."He said. "You are probably wondering why I sent for you." I nodded my head.

Please let it be a promotion. Please god let it be a promotion!

"The truth is, that you are going to Hokkaido for a job."He continued and I froze.

"B-But wh-why me?" I stuttered.

"So you are saying that you don't want the job?"He asked. I quickly shook my head. "The person who was supposed to go is now sick so you are filling in his place, you will be meeting some famous and rich company owners on Wednesday. (A\N: It's Monday!) If everything goes right, you will be promoted."

I mentally danced at the thought of being promoted. This means that my salary will rise, and mother would be proud!

"However, you know what will happen if you mess up. You have to prepare very important documents for the meeting. I believe that you won't disappoint me." He smiled. I nodded.

"You are now dismissed!"

It was now half past six, I was walking home. I didn't want to work over time today, since I feared that mother would return early. Mother and I live in a small house in an almost empty street. There weren't much people who like this area, since it was rather dangerous at night. I live alone with mother since my father left us, then my older sister Ayane left our house because she got tired of mother and started her career as a model, she sends us 20,000 yen every month since she knows that mother doesn't get much money.

And now I work in a boring office to feed myself! Do you know why?

Because mother pays for men to keep her company!


When I reached home I saw mother's black Mercedes parked beside the house.

Uh oh! This is bad!

I found the door open so I walked slowly, trying not to wake up my mother(if she was awake) but I was unfortunate.

"You are really late!"She shouted at me.

"I'm sorry. I had to work over time today."I lied smoothly. The truth is that I stopped by a café to have a strawberry tart since it's been a long time since I had one.

"Sorry won't cut it!"She slapped me. "I'm hungry! Go and make me something."

I muttered a silent curse as I walked to our small kitchen, there weren't enough ingredients to cook a proper dinner, so I just made some instant noodles.

"I don't want to have trash for dinner."She said when I served her the noodles.

"There aren't enough ingredients to make something else."I replied in a rude tone, but she let it go.

"Then go shopping! You lazy damn child."She shouted. "Ayane is better than you."

There she goes again, comparing me to Aya-nee. Since we were small, our parents would compare me to her, I understood that they love her more than me. And sometime I think that they don't love me at all.

Ayane wouldn't get such bad marks!

Ayane would never get into childish fights!

Ayane wouldn't burn the food.

That's why I hate Ayane. It's not her fault that my parents love her more, but if she didn't get better marks or anything of that sort, they wouldn't love her that much. Or maybe they would T_T

I grabbed my purse, took my mom's car key and immediately got out, it was hot outside, that was why I didn't bother to put on a jacket. I decided to drive all the way to the farthest super market possible. The farthest I go, the more time I spend out of the house.

Away from that woman.

Sometimes I wonder why I still live with her, but deep inside, I know why.

I know that woman too much, if she was left alone she would break, there would be nobody to take care of her, and she might end up stealing then going to jail!

And besides, I can't buy a house for my own, especially with the amount of money I had! I know that my job is well paid and such...

But I'm a failure.

My clumsiness has caused many disasters, I've once poured hot coffee on my boss, and I've been nearly fired for it! That was why I was worried about my job...

If I didn't do well then I would be fired, and I certainly don't want that to happen.

I bumped into somebody when I entered the supermarket. He looked about my age, he had amber eyes (exactly like mine O.O) and spiky red hair.

"I'm sorry."He said as he helped get up.

"It's okay."I replied, brushing the dirt off my clothes.

I finished shopping after half an hour, and then I returned home, cooked dinner and went to sleep.

I have many documents to prepare for tomorrow!

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