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Rima's POV

Tokyo, Wednesday 22th of October 7:30

The annoying voice of our neighbour woke me up, I glanced at the clock to see that it was 7:30, which meant that I was late! I should have woke up 15 minutes earlier. I had a quick shower, put on my business suit and had a piece of bread for breakfast. Mother wasn't home, which meant that I couldn't use her car.

If the Mercedes was here, then I would drive till work, take the bus from there to the airport, and travel to Hokkaido on an airplane. But I was late, which meant there's only one way possible to go to work.

I had to go to the train station.

Despite my spiky heels, and slim-fitting pencil skirt, I had no choice but to run for it, an extremely awkward run, which no doubt made me look as if I was competing in a three-legged race. I'm so not going to miss this. I told myself, if I missed the train today, I would be in a trouble, a huge trouble.

Luckily, I already had a travel-pass, and once inside the train station, I scurried through the barrier and breathed a huge sigh of relief to find that the train was still at the platform. Just in time.

Breathing heavily as a result of my sprint, I made my way to the train and entered just a few seconds before the double door shut and nearly caught the hem of my shirt in progress, I managed to pull it inside. The person behind me hadn't been fast enough and, as the train pulled off, I felt for the unlucky commuter who should undoubtedly have to wait some time for the next train.

I shrugged it off and repositioned my handbag on my shoulder. Life was sad!

Hokkaido , Wednesday 22th of October 10:35

We have just arrived to Hokkaido, the company took care of the cost of the airplane, so I didn't have to pay about 26,000 yen, on the first class. When I reached work, it was 8:20, I took the bus (that was undoubtedly waiting for me) to the airport, it took 15 minutes of my time. Then I waited for 20 minutes till the airplane departed, and then we reached Hokkaido at 10:25.

I will be spending the night in a 4 star hotel called Sapporo Aspen Hotel (A\N: I do not own!) in the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido, it's a beautiful city. And everything was paid by the company. Working there has it's benefits.

The meeting didn't start yet, since I came a bit earlier and some company owners didn't arrive, yet. Sigh, I'm very nervous, I started fidgeting, all the company owners around were male, I was the only female here. Some of the men were staring at me in a perverted way, which made me wish the meeting would end faster.

I have to wait, just for a few hours, and then I would get promoted. I will get a car, a sports car maybe, a cosy apartment, a plasma TV, and many stuff, many other stuff!

I shook my head, just because my salary would rise didn't mean that I will get one million yen a month or something, how stupid can I get? But with a little help from Ayane perhaps I will at least get myself a car. Three men entered the fancy meeting room, when they sat the room suddenly became quiet.

"Let's start the meeting now."One of the men, whom I guessed was Yoshikawa Hisao said.

"We will be discussing our project for this year, we want to build an enormous theme park, but, the Yoshikawa company is currently suffering some financial problems so we can't afford the cost of the theme park. Even though we have enough money, workers and everything we can't pay for it, since we need money for our other projects and our company has some debts."Yoshikawa-san continued.

"So basically, you want us to lend you some money, right?"A man asked.

"Yes, that's what I want. The amount won't be huge but at least help a little."Yoshikawa-san said.

And that's how the meeting went on before I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. I was having a strange dream where I was feeding two kids, one had curly blonde hair, like mine, and the other had..purple hair?

"Here the train comes!" I cooed. The younger one of the kids giggled and clapped her hands.

"Mama! I'm hungry." The purple haired kid said.

"Ma-Mashiro-san, Mashiro-san." I quickly opened my eyes and re-adjusted my position. I noticed that the meeting room was nearly empty and only two men were sitting.

"Yes?" I asked carefully.

"You are fully aware that you were sleeping through the whole meeting." Yoshikawa-san said. "Right?"

I nodded my head and the other man glared at me.

"That was an irresponsible act, you are surely aware of it's consequence." He said and I nodded my head again, then I understood what he meant. I had ruined everything, I wasn't going to get promoted, instead i would get fired.

"I have informed your boss about that, he is waiting for you on the phone." He said before leaving the room, while the other man handed me the phone and left.

"Hello?" I said.

"Mashiro-san! What did I tell you!"The boss shouted. "You ruined everything."

"I'm sorry?"I said, even though I didn't sound apologetic at all. I sounded, rather angry.

"What will sorry do now?! Now the reputation of our company is going down."


"I will have to fire you for that" He sighed.

"No! Please don't."I squeaked.

"That was your last chance and you knew that!"

"Just give me another chance I promise I won't do it again."

"I'm sorry, you have two options."

"Which are?"

"Either you get fired, which won't make some other companies hire you, or you resign."

"I will resign then."I said quietly.

"Good luck."He said before ending the call, I threw the phone on the floor, and stomped out of the room. I didn't notice the man behind me until he pulled my arm.

"Mashiro-san, I have an offer for you." The man said after releasing me.

"What do you want?" My voice came in a harsh tone. He flinched slightly and I smirked.

"My offer is very simple, you see."He said. "If you marry me, you won't need to work and you will be rich."

"Huh! Are you serious?"
"Yes. You will live in a huge mansion, have your own car, and you will attend several parties wearing fancy dresses and jewelleries."

"That sounds nice."I replied sweetly.
"So you agree?" He asked happily.

"No."I replied coldly.

"But you just said that it sounded nice."

"But that didn't mean that I agreed." I paused. "In your dreams I will marry you, especially when you are much older than me, and, I don't even know your name."

"But why not?" He shouted. "All girls want to be rich, so why not?"

"I will only marry a man who can make me knees go weak."I snapped. "And you are disgusting."

I brushed past him and tried to stifle my laughter, the look on his face was precious!

Hokkaido-Sapporo Wednesday 22th of October 15:00

I lied on my temporary bed, I needed relaxation. I was still shocked that I was fired from the company, I thought that I would settle there. I finished writing the resignation latter half an hour ago, after having lunch, which consisted of Suppon Nabe(A\N: Japanese Turtle hot pot stew) .

I flipped my orange cell phone open, I searched through my contacts list; I needed someone to talk to. There weren't much people on my contacts list, most of them were ex co-workers. The only friend I had was Sakurai Yua. We were friends since elementary school and now she is a model, she is probably having a photo shoot right now. The only person left was Ayane, I waited for 15 seconds till she answered.

"Rima!" She exclaimed. "You didn't call in like ,forever!" I rolled my eyes.

"I was busy with work."I replied.

"What's wrong?"She asked. Shit! She must have noticed my tone.

So, I told her what happened.

"Oh, why don't you check this news paper for a job, they have plenty of good job offers there. Plus, I think it will be even better if you audition as an actress."

"Er... No thanks. I think it will be better for me to work in a company."

"Okay then..Rima, have you got a boyfriend yet?

"No, I rejected someone's offer to marry him earlier."

"Why? At least you could have gotten to know more about him then you can decide!"

"That guy was older than 40!"

"Oh! Sorry I have to close no, bye!" She ended the call quickly. I sighed and threw my mobile phone on the bed.

Hokkaido-Sapporo Wednesday 22th of October 16:00

I'm now on the airplane, I decided against leaving at night so the Murakami company booked me a flight on the first class, again. There were many business owners on the first class, men and women, the seat in front of me was empty, so was the one next to me.

I didn't mind being alone.

"Excuse me."I called the flight attendance. "Are the seats here occupied?"

"Yes, they are. But the passenger is a bit late."She replied.

"Ah ok."I replied, disappointed and then she left. A few minutes later a young man with long purple hair that reached his waist sat on the seat in front of me. He smiled at me before he grabbed a book from a small suit case.

I decided to read my gag manga which I bought yesterday, in case I got bored. I finished reading the manga quickly, and I didn't have anything to do, so I just stared at the window. Bored from seeing the same view of the clouds, so I decided to..observe the stranger in front of me.

He was good looking, he had ochre eyes, and he also looked a bit feminine, with his long purple hair. Purple is a strange colour, I've never met a person with purple hair before!

"Is something wrong?"He asked me when he noticed me staring at him. I could feel the blood rushing to my face, I immediately looked away.

"Nothing's wrong."I muttered, he chuckled.

"But you were staring at me."He smirked. I hate him already!

"I wasn't. I was just thinking."I denied.

"Thinking about how handsome I am?"He said. "Don't be embarrassed, you are not the only one!"

"I never thought you were handsome."I said coldly. "And you look gay!"

"I'm not!"He cried. "I'm perfectly straight, plus, if I was gay I wouldn't think that you were pretty, would I?"

I blushed, he was strangely straightforward, when talking to a stranger.

"You look troubled."He said suddenly, serious.

"I'm not."I lied.

"You are lying."He pointed out casually. "Have you been fired?"

"No, I wasn't."I replied. "I resigned."

"Whatever you say." He rolled his eyes and returned to read his book. It's title was 'Birds of North America' . Geez, that must have been boring!

"Isn't that boring?" I asked, starting a conversation. It's not like I wanted to talk to him, I was just bored.

"No. It's not."He replied, his gaze still fixed on the book. "In fact, this book is really interesting."

"Oh yes it is!"I replied sarcastically. "As fun as watching guys give birth! And they don't!" He frowned.

"It's not my fault that you are an idiot."He said. "You are probably just saying this because you can't understand half of it!"

"Excuse me!"I shrieked. "I'm not an idiot!"

"Yes you are!"

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are."




"No." I smirked, while he sulked, admitting his defeat.

I glanced at him once more, he was good-looking, I admit. But he looked..strange, even if he seemed carefree, he seemed troubled in his own way.

"Thanks to everyone who travelled on Japan airlines."The pilot said. The passengers started getting up and leaving.

"Well, it has been nice talking with you."He said quietly as he got up.

"Yes. Perhaps I will get to see you again, who knows!"I got my suit case and hurried to the airport, feeling quite disappointed.

Who knew, perhaps I will get to see him.


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