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Normal POV

Tokyo, Saturday, 15th of September, 12:30 am.

Amu smiled at Tadase as she marched to the top of the aisle, where he and the priest were waiting for her so they would pledge their marriage vows. She bit her lip, feeling anxious and nervous. Was this going to be okay? Did she love Tadase? Did she really want to marry him? All the questions she didn't know their answers.

She merely said yes because of her mother, who had thought that her daughter had failed her, being 27 yet not able to catch a man's attention on her own. But perhaps, she thought, that she loved Tadase. But she knew that she could love him just as she loved her ex.

"Would you, Hinamori Amu, accept Tadase as your husband?"The priest finally asked, all eyes turned to her, and Tadase was smiling encouraging her.

"I-I do."She heard sighs of relief, for the guests thought that she would say 'I don't.' Because they noticed her hesitation, even thought Tadase didn't.


She inwardly groaned as she sat next to her younger sister, Ami, who had came that day as her older sister's bride's maid, she was wearing a strapless knee-length blue dress. Ami was a college student, even so she was engaged, which her mother was pretty happy about it. Amu sat forward and took a tiny sip from her glass as she watched the room falling silent when Tadase stood up to speak.

He started by thanking the guests for coming, and then he talked about their first meeting, their early days of relationship, before launching into a romantic and heartfelt account of his feelings for Amu, a speech that had nearly every woman in this room in tears. And then he ended his speech by commenting on the bride's maids dresses, he called them beautiful which made some of them squeal in delight.

No matter she wished the wedding would be called off, or there would be a last minute hitch, she had seen with her own eyes that there was no going back, and every time a small, romantic moment would happen between them, she thought of him, and only him, which made her realize that she still loved him. All she could do was to try to forget him, and to force herself to fall for Tadase instead.

A pawn, it made her feel as if he was a pawn in her hands, simply a toy.


Tokyo, Wednesday 22th of October 9:30 am.

"You have forgotten right?"Her best friend, Yaya asked.

"What?"Asked Amu absentmindedly, as her hand moved the pile of paper on her desk around, where on earth was that file?

"It's my birthday today!"Her friend pouted. "Don't tell me you forgot to get me a gift?"

"I'm sorry Yaya," Amu said, "I was busy."

"Then, you have to treat me to a strawberry cake today!" Yaya exclaimed happily.

"That's fine with me."Amu smiled. Chance!

She couldn't tolerate it. The pain of him leaving her 2 years ago had returned once again, when she had thought that she had finally moved on, just being with Tadase reminded her of the days they spent together as a couple, all the kisses they shared, all the moments they spent together, it all hurt.


"I'm home."Amu called out.

"Welcome back," Tadase said. "did you have fun?"

"Of course I did."She giggled. He kissed her on the cheek, making her blush slightly.

"I've made chicken curry for dinner," He said. "Do you want to eat now?"

"I prefer having dinner later."She smiled at him. "Thank you, dear."
That sentence alone was enough to make him happy, he cupped her cheeks, and pecked her on the lips, before going to the kitchen.

Amu sighed as she walked to their bedroom, she went to close the curtains, when she looked out of the window to see a certain blue she hasn't seen in a long time.

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