Cursing hearts

I was getting ready to go to my best friend, Tricia's sleepover. I grabbed my pj's and brushed my teeth. She was cooking breakfast, so I didn't have to worry about that. I put on a purple tank top and black jeans, topped with my leather jacket. I fix my purple quills quickly then put in a hair band. Perfect.

I rush outside and it was freezing, but she only lived a block away. As I was walking I noticed I had 17 messages from my boyfriend- sadly- Miles the fox. I loved him and all, but he hurts me. Not mentally, but physically, he slaps me, punches me and even worse…Rapes me.

I read the text, and my eyes widen in shock.

I heard you were going to Tricia's, as soon as you leave, come to my house now!- Miles

I start to tear up, but I hold them back just like I always do. Once I get to Tricia's house, I slip, but I don't fall, and when I look up I see Miles standing there holding me. I grunt and stand up straight staring at him.

"Hey babe," He says, as I let out a weak smile.

"Hi Miles," I look, looking down at my jeans.

"Well, I have to get going." Miles says, kissing my cheek and leaving without another word.

I sigh in relief then go to the door and knock. I could hear giggling through the door until Tricia opens it.

"Hello?" She asks, then see's me and her eyes go bright and wide.

"Oh my god! Did you know Shadow the hedgehog is going to our school! I hate that we are going to be grade nines…It sucks." She rambles on as I roll my eyes.

"Cool." I say, in a annoyed tone, as I see her eyes tear up.

"I'm sorry, I'm just excited that I might finally get a boyfriend…" She says, going in as I see a couple of my friends sitting in the living room. Knux, Rouge, Cream, Amy, Mina, Cherry, Maria, Blaze and some girl I believe is named Katelyn.

"It's ok." I say, as I sit beside Amy who was giggling still.

"Let's start the sleepover!" I love sleepovers, but the worst thing, is if you have girly friends all you do is dress up, gossip, giggle and fan girl over boys.

"First…Truth or dare." Amy says, smiling at the rest of us.

"Ok! I'll start! Cream truth or dare?" Tricia says, as Cream start thinking.

"Truth." Cream finally says, as Tricia giggles.

"Do you like anyone Cream?" Tricia asks grinning, as all of us laugh.

"Y-yeah." Cream says, her whole face flushed red.

We continue laughing as Cream says, "Ms. Breanna truth or dare?"

I think for a moment then say, "dare."

"I dare you to kiss someone in this room." Cream says, as I get up and kiss Cream on the cheek.

Everyone laughs then I giggle, "You didn't say where!"

After a few minutes of truth or dare, Blaze chooses makeup surprisingly and we go upstairs.

I hate makeup so all I put on is eye shadow, eyeliner, blush and mascara. Tricia puts it on me to, Amy is doing Cream's, and so on and so on.

Next we put on dresses. I pick a knee long purple dress, which has green swirls all over, and it had no sleeves. I twirl around then giggle, seeing all the other girls doing the same, and seeing my best friend fall (mostly my best friend falling though.)

I laugh, and take out my cell phone and tape my best friend who was laughing very hard. Her whole face was red, and then Cream sits on her, and Tricia tries to get her off.

After all the games we play we go downstairs to eat bacon and ham sandwiches.

I hear the doorbell ring, and I answer it, and I see Shadow standing there in front of me.